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         Part #1 of Captive Films series by Jillian Dodd
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Captive Films: Season 1.1

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  Author's Note

  Riley: Paris

  Keatyn: Paris

  Riley: L.A.

  Ariela: Connecticut

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  About the Author

  Copyright 2014 by Jillian Dodd

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted, downloaded, distributed, stored in or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, without express permission of the author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  Jillian Dodd Inc.

  ISBN: 978-1-940652-31-3

  The Captive Films serial is meant to be enjoyed like it was your favorite TV series.

  Releasing each week, this season contains 6 episodes.

  And, just like a TV series, it will be up to the readers how many seasons the show goes on.

  So tune in and enjoy this week's drama.

  And be sure to join the discussion each week on Facebook and Twitter using #CaptiveFilms


  Tuesday, September 23rd

  Movie Premiere - Paris


  I adjust my tie in the mirror, mute my cell phone, and check my watch again. "Are you almost ready, Sh--" Shit, what the fuck is her name? Shell--something. Shell--y, Mi--chelle, Ra--chelle? No. I'm pretty sure it's Shelly, but I decide to go with Shell, just to be safe. "--ell?"

  "I just need a few more seconds! It's not my fault you kept me in bed for so long, daddy," her voice shrills.

  Which is such a lie, it's totally her fault.

  She was impressed with our beautiful Parisian hotel suite and decided to show her appreciation by sucking my dick then riding me like a cowgirl.

  At the time, I didn't care if I was a little late but, now, as my arrival time looms, I'm getting irritated.

  I'm Riley Johnson.

  I've got it all.

  Brand new jet. Exotic cars. Luxury penthouse. Black card. A different aspiring actress--or two--in my bed every night.

  I run Captive Films.

  Where we leave you begging for more.

  Or, maybe that's just me.

  My life is perfect.

  No relationships. No distractions.

  I'm all business.

  Even with the girls I date.

  And by date, I mean fuck.

  Because that's all it is to me.

  I've never been much of a rule follower, except for the one I made for myself a long time ago.

  No love. Just sex.

  And never more than forty-eight hours with the same girl.

  With the flight from L.A. to Paris, I'm nearing sixteen hours with Shelly.

  I wait another ten minutes before giving up. "If you don't come out now, I'm leaving without you."

  She pops open the bathroom door and smiles at me. "Looking this good takes time."

  And, I will admit, she looks damn good.

  Her long, red silky dress, with the dangerously plunging neckline barely containing her double D's, is hugging all her curves. Yes, I made a good choice.

  We met a couple days ago at one of the clubs I like to frequent when I mentioned to my friend, movie star Knox Daniels, that'd I'd be in Paris for The Keatyn Chronicles Trilogy movie premiere this week.

  She slid her ample ass next to me on the couch and told me she would go with me.

  I laughed at her, honestly.

  I was planning to be here stag because after the premiere I'm attending a fashion show. One of Keatyn's little sisters, who at sixteen isn't so little anymore, will be walking the catwalk. And then it's to a party filled with some of my favorite kind of people.


  "What do you think?" she asks, spinning in a circle that causes a boob to pop out of her dress.

  "Didn't you tape those things in?" I ask, horrified. "That can't happen on the red carpet."

  Keatyn would kill me.

  Shell-whatever looks down and goes, "Whoopsie!" She shoves the offending boob back in place while chomping on a piece of gum.

  Okay, so maybe she wasn't the best choice.

  "Spit out the gum," I say.

  She slides up to me and cups the front of my pants with her hand. "Why? Is there something you'd rather I have in my mouth?"

  "Maybe in the limo," I tell her and drag her out to the waiting car.

  Once we're tucked into the backseat, she reminds me why I brought her.

  With her very talented mouth.

  We survive the red carpet walk and subsequent interviews without any nipple slips. After joining Keatyn and Aiden, her long time beau, we are seated in the ornate theater.

  The Keatyn Chronicles movies are about Keatyn Douglas' real life, when at seventeen, the daughter of famous actress Abby Johnston, was almost kidnapped by a stalker and was sent to an East Coast boarding school--under an assumed name--for her safety. Since the boarding school is where Keatyn and I became friends, I get to see some of my own life unfolding on the screen before me. I watch the day we met. It was Eastbrooke's New Student Orientation. I was sitting next to Dallas McMahon, who is now Captive Films' Chief Legal Counsel and a partial owner. We were already checking her out before she marched in our direction. With her long blonde hair, tan skin, and killer body, it's safe to assume all the guys were doing the same. It shocked the hell out of us when she marched up the bleachers--wearing a dress and cowboy boots--and sat down between us.

  I chuckle watching the three of us sneaking out of our dorms after curfew to smoke and talk.

  Then I get lost in the rest of the movie.

  Keatyn showing up at my dorm room in tears when my older brother, Dawson, dumped her for his ex-girlfriend.

  The three of us shooting a naughty music video to get back at him.

  And, then, the part I can't bear to watch.

  If only I could turn off my ears, then I wouldn't have to relive how crazy I was about Ariela Ross.

  In this scene, we're in my dorm room.

  I keep telling Keatyn how pretty Ariela is. How I'm scared to text her after hanging out with her the night before. Keatyn telling me she thought she had a boyfriend at home, but I didn't care. I was here. He wasn't. And I was freaking Riley Johnson. She was so pretty. A cheerleader with dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes, and a perfect body.

  I had no idea at the time that I would fall totally and completely in love with her.

  Or that she would break my heart.

  Thank god, that's not in the movie. It was bad enough that I included a photo at the end showing the real Keatyn and Aiden with the cast and crew of A Day at the Lake 2. Keatyn's stalker was obsessed with her mom's first movie, the cult classic, A Day at the Lake. Because of Keatyn's resemblance to her mother, he wanted to remake it with Keatyn. And while you'd have to watch the movie or read the books we just released to understand it all, Keatyn managed to pull off a hostile takeover of the stalker's movie production company. At seventeen, she was named Chairman of the Board of what would become Captive Films.

  It's hard to believe that my career as a director, producer, and CEO started with a friendship and a music video. The naughty video we did to make my brother mad turned out so well that when Keatyn's childhood friend, Damian Moran, needed a music video made in a few days, she suggested me. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but went with my gut. That video, and the fact that
Keatyn looked damn hot in it, took his band, Twisted Dreams, to the top of the charts and I went on to produce many more videos. The summer before our senior year, Keatyn and I teamed up to make our first movie, the remake of A Day at the Lake that Captive Films owned the rights to. With Keatyn's connections, her acting ability, and my direction, we had our company's first hit.

  In the eleven years since then, Keatyn's become one of today's hottest actresses and together we've built Captive Films into what it is now. A multi-billion dollar company.

  Keatyn is sitting in front of me with Aiden. Her head is on his shoulder and, knowing her, she's crying as she relives their love story.

  Little does she know, he's going to ask her to marry him tonight.


  Movie Premiere - Paris


  Aiden puts his hand on my knee and whispers to me as The End rolls across the movie screen in front of us. "It's really hard to believe we've been together for over ten years."

  I give him a kiss thinking how crazy it is that a silly wish I made on the moon led me to the love of my life. It's even crazier to think we just watched the story of that love on the big screen with other people portraying us.

  The audience is clapping and cheering for their favorite characters as the credits scroll across the screen.

  I think the audience feels the same way we do.

  We can't believe it's over.

  It feels like an era has ended. Three movies in three and half years.

  All produced by Riley and me.

  And all based on my life.

  The biggest cheers, though, are saved for the actors who played Keatyn and Aiden.

  I clap loudly and whistle, thrilled at how much everyone loves them together. In the first movie, most viewers were torn between all the cute boys. It's kind of funny to me that most moviegoers didn't realize it was based on a real life couple. They've been heating up social media sites and online forums claiming that if Keatyn didn't choose Aiden they would all die. Millions wore four-leaf clover T-shirts and tweeted #ifly. It's hard to believe his simple sweet gestures of giving me a four-leaf clover for luck before my dance team tryouts and texting me ifly--which stands for I fucking love you--have affected so many people.

  Next on the screen is a musical montage of our real life together. Although I wasn't sure about including shots of us, Riley offered me two options. He was either going to make up a happily ever after for the movie, or I was going to show that the real Keatyn and Aiden got one of their own. He said people would love the movie's ending, where I took Aiden to see the land I bought him when I thought I wouldn't survive my showdown with the stalker. The deed was supposed to go to him along with a note that told him how I felt--after I died. He had told me about his dream to own a vineyard that would produce a wine dedicated to raising money for worthy charities. I wanted him to live out that dream, with or without me. But I survived. And I took him up on the hill overlooking the ocean on one side and the rows of grapes on the other and gave it to him myself. We were both crying when he said that we were going to build our mansion of love in this very spot. I laughed and told him that was good, because I brought the dirt. You'd have to see the movie to understand, but--long story, short--the dirt symbolized building a strong foundation for our relationship. That was the last scene in the movie, and it really was the perfect happy ending.

  But Riley felt that the audience would want more. They'd want to know if our love, that seemed so strong at eighteen, survived. He threatened to add a scene where a college-aged Aiden asks Keatyn to marry him.

  Aiden put his foot down, since we aren't engaged in real life.

  We've been together since the dirt scene.

  There is no relationship status.

  We just are.

  And we're happy.

  And that's all that matters.

  At least, it did.

  Until this morning.

  When a little pink line appeared on a stick.

  One little pink line that's going to change both our lives.

  Suddenly, I want what we keep saying we're too busy for. The fairytale wedding. The ribbons blowing in the trees. Twinkle lights to dance under.

  We settled, instead, on a photo montage of our real life together. Showing that we are still together. Still living our happily ever after.

  Photos of us flash by on the screen.

  Being crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

  Aiden being silly and carrying me over the threshold of our senior prom.

  Aiden scooping me up into his arms and twirling me around on our high school graduation day.

  Us with the cast and crew who worked on A Day at the Lake 2.

  Aiden escorting me to the Academy Awards.

  The two of us dancing cheek-to-cheek at the lavish rock star wedding of Damian, and Aiden's sister, Peyton.

  Then there are numerous travel photos of us. We started a trend with the hashtag #SunsetSelfies and are working toward watching a million sunsets together.

  "What'd ya think?" Riley asks as I stand up.

  I turn around and hug him, ignoring the blonde attached to his side.

  "I know I fought you on adding the parts from your and Aiden's point of view. But, you were right. The car chase scene where you and Aiden crashed into the stalker's van after he kidnapped me and Dallas was amazing." I hug him again as my eyes tear up. "I'll never be able to repay either of you for rescuing us."

  "Baby, I need to pee," the blonde says, at a totally inappropriate time.

  "So, go," Riley says, shrugging her off. "It should have been amazing. We used a lot of my actual footage from that day--digitally enhanced, of course."

  "And, more importantly," Aiden adds, teasingly, "I didn't have to sacrifice another Maserati. So, Boots, I hate to break up the trip down memory lane, but we need to head out."

  I swoon when he calls me Boots. It's what he called me before he knew my name.

  I glance at his watch. "We have plenty of time before the fashion show. Speaking of memory lane," I say to Riley. "I was surprised to see you added a photo with Ariela in it. Maybe you should call her sometime. See how she's doing. It'd be nice to see you with the same girl more than once. I swear you must have a stable of blondes hidden behind your penthouse."

  "No fucking way," he replies. "I'm perfectly happy with Shelly."

  I bite my lip, holding back a smile.

  "What?" he asks.

  "Her name is Shelby."

  He rolls his eyes. "Whatever. Close enough."

  The actors who played Keatyn and Aiden join us. We all congratulate them on another success, and I give them huge hugs.

  I watch Riley pat Aiden on the back and say something discreetly to him.

  "All right," Aiden says to me, "we have to get going."

  I take his hand. "You and Riley looked sneaky. What's going on?"

  "Nothing," he says, dragging me toward the exit.

  "I heard him say something about luck."

  "Oh, he just said with any luck, he'd accidentally lose Shelby somewhere between the premiere and the party so he could hang with all the models."

  "Are there any models left that he hasn't already dated? Or any aspiring actresses? I wish he'd aim a little higher, age-wise. Maybe find someone who's already successful. Maybe I should set him up with--"

  "Riley doesn't want strings. Ariela broke his heart when she wouldn't come to California with him after graduation."

  "Did you talk to him about it? I was shocked he added that photo of the cast party. They looked so in love."

  "I tried to talk to him, but he just turned it around and gave me shit."

  "About what?"

  "Us. He said I couldn't give relationship advice until I'd put a ring on it."

  "You did put a ring on it," I say, holding out the vintage diamond and emerald four-leaf clover ring he gave me years ago. "That's all we've ever needed."

  I realize I've been silly. We don't need a piece of pape
r to tell us we're in love. We can have a baby and not be married. Our love is all that matters. It's all that's ever mattered.

  The corners of Aiden's beautiful mouth turn down for a second. I'm about to ask him why, but am interrupted by him telling my bodyguard that we're going straight to the car and not stopping for autographs.

  Which is weird, because he's always so supportive.

  As he drags me toward the car, I'm trying to at least wave to all the fans yelling my name.

  "Stop rushing me, Aiden. You're starting to piss me off."

  When the limo door shuts behind us, he gives me a hard kiss, which manages to both cool down my temper and heat up my insides at the same time. He still gets me as worked up as he did the day I met him. It was my first day at boarding school, when I decided to stop scripting out my life and do something crazy. I ran down a hill wearing a dress and cowboy boots, interrupting a shirts vs skins boys' soccer game, stole the ball, dribbled it down the field, and kicked it past the goalie's head. A goalie so beautiful I immediately nicknamed him the God of All Hotties.

  And have been in love with him ever since.

  He looks so handsome tonight. His dark blonde hair, those gorgeous green eyes, the sexy freckle on his cheek, a dark suit perfectly tailored to highlight his tall, lean body.

  I move my hands to the front of his pants, forgetting I'm mad and thinking about the hotness behind his zipper, when his phone rings.

  He checks the display and hands it to me. "It's Dallas. I'm sure he wants to talk to you."

  "Hey, Dallas," I say.

  "Riley's predicting box office success."

  "He always does."

  "What do you think?"

  "I think I agree with him. Releasing the full three-movie version was brilliant."

  "Wait. Did I hear that right? Is this history in the making? Did you just admit to being wrong?"

  "Yes, I said it. You'll be busy adding up the money. How's RiAnne feeling? Baby five cooperating?"

  "I can't tell you how many times this week she's said she needs this baby out of her. She's pouting because we couldn't come to Paris with y'all, and now she's craving macaroons."

  "Are you getting her some?"

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