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       Last Resort, p.9

           Jill Sanders

  Chapter Four

  Cassey’s smile could light up a room. Luke had the feeling that she didn’t do it very often. He had talked to Wendy, trying to gain as much knowledge as he could about her. Wendy wasn’t shy when it came to talking about her boss.

  He’d found out that she had three brothers, who stopped by frequently. Marcus, the eldest, owned one of the biggest construction companies in town. Roman owned several business as well. Wendy didn’t know which ones, but she did mention he drove a new Lexus and always tipped her very well. But Cole was where it got interesting. Cole was one of the most well-known surfers out there. He was a legend, on the cover of every sports magazine and cereal box there was. Luke even thought he’d seen him in the running for man of the year on some magazine cover just last year. When Wendy talked about Cole, her voice grew soft and her eyes turned dreamy. He remembered meeting the man once, years ago, on some beach in Hawaii when Luke had been hiding from his father.

  Wendy mentioned there was a sister, but none of the others talked about her. She didn’t even know what had happened to her.

  He watched Cassey talk to the band and customers, yet he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering over her body. He knew he was in for a long night, so he cut back to sipping a tall beer. He noticed she’d had her Coke in hand for most of the night and smiled.

  When the music turned soft, he found her at a table, talking with two young couples. Walking up, he excused her and pulled her onto the dance floor. Just holding her close, smelling her sweet perfume, his mind thought of a million ways to get her upstairs. Just for a moment.

  “Any chance I can convince you to take a break?” His hands were running up and down her back as they swayed to the music.

  She looked up at him, and her crystal eyes showed him she knew exactly what he meant and wanted the same. “Half an hour.”

  “Not soon enough.” He smiled. “You smell so good.” He buried his face into her hair. “I bet you taste even better,” he whispered as he dipped and placed his lips on her soft mouth. The taste of her was something he knew he’d never forget, nor want to.

  He felt her shake slightly and pulled her tight up against him, making sure that she would feel the desire he had for her. When she moved up against him, he started shaking.

  He pulled back and looked into her eyes, noticing that they were out of focus. Her skin glowed and her lips looked darker and fuller than before.

  “Luke,” she said, her voice soft and sexy, “you make it hard for me to concentrate.”

  He chuckled. “Good.” As the music stopped, he found it hard to release his hold on her so he could step back. They stood in silence for a few seconds as the band announced that they would take a fifteen-minute break. Loud prerecorded music started pumping from the speakers and people around them started bumping to the sounds.

  He reached over and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the narrow stairs. “Perfect timing,” he whispered into her ear as he followed her up the stairs, his eyes focusing on what the tight skirt did to her backside as she walked in front of him. When they made it to her office, he pulled her in and pushed her up against the door, his mouth fused to hers.

  He felt her breath hitch as her hands grabbed his hair and held him to her mouth. Her tongue darted out, lapping at his own erotically. His hands moved quickly down from her shoulders, moving lower to rub over the soft mounds, passing her ribs until finally they rested on her hips. His fingers dug into the softness he found there until she moaned. He pushed her legs wide as he stood between those sexy boots. His fingers hoisted up the silver skirt until he found a small black patch of silk covering her. Hearing the material rip, he groaned as he found her silky skin under the soft curls that covered her sex.

  Her head fell back against the door as she gasped. Her nails dug into his shoulders as his fingers dove deeper into her moist heat.

  “More,” he growled as he took her lips again. This time the kiss was fast and a little rough. Her lips were soft under his, moving to keep up with his demands. When her fingers moved to his zipper, he felt like laughing. Yes! his mind screamed. Now, it has to be now.

  When she freed him and ran her soft hand over his sensitive skin, his eyes closed. He had a moment of clarity as he pushed away and pulled out a condom.

  “Here.” He shoved the foil package into her hand and watched as she quickly slid it on him. He didn’t wait long after she was finished. He pushed her skirt up and buried himself in her in the next second. She gasped and arched her back as he held onto her hips and started to move. With each thrust, he tried to hold onto his control, which was quickly slipping. He’d kept a tight rein on himself in the last day, but now his restraint had completely gone. How could one woman do this to him so quickly?

  He felt her inner muscles tighten around him as he leaned in and took her lips again. The soft sounds coming from her mouth caused his control to slip even more. Reaching down, he grasped her soft ass under her skirt and squeezed until he felt her convulse around him. Only then did he allow his own control to break.

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