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       Last Resort, p.3

           Jill Sanders
“Is she dead?” a deep voice said above her.

  “She looks dead. Poke her,” another one said.

  “I’m not going to poke her. Remember what happened the last time we woke her up?” the first voice said again.

  “That’s because you dumped a bucket of cold water on her head.”

  “It was your idea.” There was a deep chuckle.

  Cassey rolled over and covered her ears with her pillow as an argument ensued.

  “Enough!” She sat up and looked into three gorgeous faces hovering above her. “How did you get in here?” She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned.

  “You forgot to lock the front door.” Marcus, the leader of the pack, spoke first. His smile was contagious as his dark hair fell over his eyes.

  “You look like hell,” Cole said. His blond hair was long and his blue eyes sparkled with humor.

  “Shut up. Don’t pester her,” Roman said as he sat next to her. Roman had always been the sensitive one. His dark hair was neatly trimmed; his eyes were dark and had always been full of love. “Isn’t it obvious? She’s just tired. We should probably get to work and let her rest.” He patted her hand.

  Cassey sank back on her pillows and listened to her brothers start to argue again.

  “Suits me,” Marcus said, smiling. “More donuts for us.” He turned to go.

  “Donuts?” Cassey sat up again. “There wouldn’t happen to be a raspberry-filled one in there?”

  “Two,” Marcus said, holding out a box from her favorite bakery, which was only a few doors down.

  “I’m up…if you have—” She didn’t even finish before Cole held out a tray of four cups of coffee.

  “You three are saints,” she said, moving slowly as she got out of bed. Every muscle in her body ached. Cole handed her a double-chocolate-chip Frappuccino and she took a sip and smiled. Then Marcus handed her a jelly-filled donut and her life was complete.

  They sat out on the patio table as they ate their fatty breakfast and talked about the plans for the day. She knew her brothers would be there for her until the job was done. And they would work just as hard as she would, which made her love them even more.

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