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Last resort, p.29
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       Last Resort, p.29

           Jill Sanders
Chapter Fourteen

  When she reached for him, he knew she wanted speed. Why had he never realized that she had been avoiding intimacy? Oh, sure, they’d had sex plenty of times, but he realized he hadn’t shown her true tenderness and that’s what he wanted to give her now.

  He knew it was going to kill him, going so slow, but he was willing to suffer if it meant showing her how he felt.

  Gathering her up, he carried her towards the bedroom. He smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. When she started to object, he took her lips again in a slow kiss that caused him to stop in the hallway. His arms shook with desire, and he tried to keep himself in check and slow himself down.

  When they finally made it into the bedroom, he slid her down until she stood in front of him. His hands ran over her subtle curves until she moaned and started tugging at his shirt and jeans.

  Taking her hands in his, he backed her up until her knees hit the bed. “I’m going to make love to you all night,” he whispered into her ear.

  Her head fell back as her eyes closed. Bending down, he placed soft kisses along the column of her neck, running his lips over her heated skin until he felt tiny bumps rise all over her skin.

  “Please, Luke.” She tossed her head back up and grabbed his hair.

  How could he have known that driving her crazy with tenderness would only make him want to show her more? He smiled at her and stepped back, shaking his head.

  “My way, remember? Remove your clothes for me.” When she started to yank the top over her head, he stopped her. “No, slowly.”

  She groaned and shut her eyes. “You’re killing me.” He smiled and when she just looked at him, he could see the desire burning in those clear eyes.

  “Do it,” he said quietly. She began to move, taking her shirt up inch by inch, exposing the soft skin underneath. He watched in amazement as her breasts came into view. His breath hitched and lodged in his chest.

  “You are beautiful beyond words.” He took a step closer, but she shook her head.

  “I’m not done.” She smiled and, at that moment, he realized he’d lost control of the situation. She slowly started to pull her skirt down her legs in an erotic striptease. Next, she slid her bra straps down her shoulders and then reached around and unhooked it, tossing it on the floor beside him. Her smile grew as she cupped herself, moaning and tilting her head back as she ran her fingers over her skin.

  “Tell me how it feels,” he said, staring at her, watching her every move. He realized he would have gladly done anything for her at that moment. All she needed to do was ask.

  “Soft.” She smiled at him. “Warm,” she moaned.

  He watched as she slowly moved a hand down her ribs and her flat stomach until she reached her silk panties.

  “Yes,” he moaned, “touch yourself.”

  She looked into his eyes and nodded to him. “You’re turn.”

  Now it was him who was rushing to remove his clothes.

  “No,” she broke in, “slowly.”

  His fingers shook as he flipped open button after button. It was driving him mad watching her fingers run over her skin. When she started to peel off her panties, he stood in front of her with only his socks and boxers on.

  “Wait.” She held up her hands and nodded to him. “Your turn.”

  “What?” He blinked a few times.

  She ran her hands over her chest. “Now you.”

  He chuckled. “Somehow I don’t think it has the same effect.”

  “For you, maybe.” She smiled.

  He shrugged his shoulder and ran his hands over his chest, following her motions. When she reached her sex, he smiled. “This I can do.” He dropped his boxers and heard her breath catch.

  “Beautiful,” she whispered.

  He stepped closer to her, reaching out for her. He cupped her face in his hands as he laid his lips gently on hers. “So soft,” he said as he ran his hands down her sides. “You smell like flowers and taste like honey,” he moaned as he ran his mouth over her skin.

  Slowly, he laid her back on the bed until she looked up at him, her gray eyes going darker. “Cassey…” He felt the words clog in his throat. Instead of speaking, he moved above her as her hands reached for him.

  “I know.” She closed her eyes and he thought he saw a tear roll from the corner of her eye to the mattress below.

  After torturing himself by running his hands slowly over her, he slid into her, and said the words he’d been wanting to tell her.

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