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Last resort, p.19
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       Last Resort, p.19

           Jill Sanders
Chapter Nine

  The next few days, Luke spent as much time as he could with Cassey. His father kept calling him on his cell, and each time he would put him off. He’d spent most nights in her bed, so he’d canceled his hotel reservation. He thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with her and wondered how much longer it was all going to last. He knew he couldn’t put his father off much longer.

  He worked on his laptop during the day while Cassey worked. It wasn’t that he had a lot of stuff to do for Crystal Shores. To be honest, his father had put him in charge of meaningless tasks, and he was beginning to feel more like a secretary than a son and the heir to the empire.

  It was hard looking at everything Cassey had done for herself and comparing it to his life. Sure, he had a business degree where she just had some night school. But she was actually building her own empire instead of mooching off of her family. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to get out from under his family’s control.

  He’d actually started taking measures to secure his own future in the last few days. He’d been spending more time working on his own business plan than working for his father. And he didn’t care what the consequences were.

  He was punching away at his laptop and didn’t realize someone had come into the office until he cleared his throat behind him. Looking around, he saw a man in his twenties with dark hair and deep blue eyes glaring at him. He tensed.

  “Just who the hell are you and what are you doing in my sister’s place?”

  Luke relaxed a little. “You must be Marcus.” He stood and held out his hand. “I’m Luke Callaway.” He waited for the man to shake his hand, but he just continued to stand there looking at him.

  “Callaway? Crystal Shores Callaway?” Luke nodded. “You’ve answered one of my two questions.”

  Luke laughed a little. “I’m staying here for a while, with your sister.”

  “Well, why didn’t you say so?” The man took his hand and shook it. A smile crossed his face and Luke had an instant liking for him.

  “Cass didn’t mention you.” He grabbed the chair next to Luke’s, turned it backwards, and straddled it, crossing his arms over the back. “I just left her downstairs. She told me she’d bring me up some lunch. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get some, too.” Marcus smiled.

  Luke looked at the clock on his computer and sat back down. “Yeah, she usually brings it up around now. Cassey tells me you’re in the building business.”

  Marcus nodded. “Homes, businesses, you name it. You in the market for a building?”

  “Might be. I’ve been working on a business plan and have my eye on a property on the outskirts of town.”

  Marcus’ eyebrows shot up. “The fifteen acres on Mercer Street?”

  Luke nodded and smiled. “Sound like a good lot?”

  Marcus nodded. “Been thinking about what could go there for years. Would make a great place for a hotel. Is Crystal Shores looking at expanding to Surf Breeze?”

  Luke shook his head, but before he could answer, Cassey walked in with three Styrofoam boxes stacked on each other.

  They sat around the table and chatted while they ate. Marcus kept his mouth quiet about Luke’s plans, and Luke liked him even more for it. After Cassey left to head back downstairs, they finished their conversation. Luke told Marcus his plans and asked that he keep them quiet for now, at least until the ink was dry on the contracts. They shook hands and Luke knew he had taken his first step towards releasing his father’s hold on his life. Now all he had to do was head to the bank or someplace worse—his grandfather’s place.

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