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Last resort, p.14
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       Last Resort, p.14

           Jill Sanders
Cassey stood in her shower and let the hot water soothe her sore muscles. She’d expected that by controlling the situation, she would have kept him at a distance. Instead, it had allowed him to get further into her head.

  She’d never meant for this relationship to be anything other than physical. She couldn’t afford to let it. After all, his family was trying to take everything she’d ever worked for. No one was ever going to make her feel inferior again. She had spent so much time training herself not to feel useless. Not that he made her feel that way, just a little frustrated. She was still unsure of Luke’s real intentions. She was enjoying the physical aspects of their relationship. Who wouldn’t? But underneath it all, there were always questions about his real motives.

  She believed him when he talked about his family, but she knew that wouldn’t stop him from fulfilling a family obligation. Especially when it meant his whole future. Knowing she had only a while longer to enjoy being with him, she was determined to make the most of every second she had. She really was enjoying playing the game.

  She sighed, remembering what they had just done, and reached for the shampoo just as the shower door opened. She stopped herself from screaming, just barely.

  He laughed and stood there naked, looking at her. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

  She shook her head. “You didn’t.” She knew it was ridiculous, but her chin went up in defense.

  He laughed again as he stepped into the shower and shut the glass door. “I bet you’ve watched Psycho too many times.”

  She shrugged her shoulders. “Who hasn’t?”

  He laughed again, taking some shampoo and dumping it on her head. Using his fingertips, he started massaging her scalp. Her eyes closed and her entire body went lax. This was her one weakness.

  “You like that, huh?” she heard him whisper next to her ear, causing goose bumps to rise up on her body.

  She nodded. “Hmmm, yes.”

  “Here…” He took her hands and placed them on the shelf in her shower. “Hold on.” Using his hands, he moved her closer to the wall, allowing himself more room behind her.

  Her eyes closed as she leaned forward. The water dripped over her shoulders and down her back as he ran his soapy hands down the same path. Finally, his fingers touched her sensitive skin, sending a shock wave up her body until her fingertips felt numb.

  He squeezed some more soap into his hand and ran it lightly over her curls until she heard the slick sound of soap mixed with her arousal.

  She felt him slide slowly into her until he was so deep that she felt his every heartbeat. She moaned as his hands ran over her breasts, and he used his fingers to pinch her nipples slightly. She felt herself building, her toes curling as her legs started shaking.

  “Go ahead,” he whispered next to her ear. “Let go.”

  She couldn’t have stopped herself if she’d wanted to. His warm mouth was next to her skin as she cried out and gripped the shelf so tight, her fingers turned white.

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