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Secret seduction, p.1
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       Secret Seduction, p.1

           Jill Sanders
Secret Seduction
Secret Seduction

  ~ Secret Series ~

  Katie & Jason

  © 2013 Jill Sanders

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  To Katie life was simple. She wanted a little house in upper Boston, and four kids fathered by her best friend Jason, who she’s been infatuated with since she was eight. After a devastating family secret is exposed, all she wants now is to escape the media hype that follows her everywhere she turns. Leaving her family, friends, and Jason behind, she travels to places she’s only read about, to find a father she’s never known.

  Jason is on a mission and he’s come halfway around the world to complete it. Despite his feelings for Katie, he won’t let her resistance deter him, even if it means she’ll never trust him again. As their world spirals out of control, their relationship will be tested and changed forever. If he can keep them alive and out of harm’s way, he may have a chance to make everything right.

  Table of Contents

  Dedication 1

  Summary 2

  Chapter One 8

  Chapter Two 17

  Chapter Three 30

  Chapter Four 45

  Chapter Five 62

  Chapter Six 95

  Chapter Seven 113

  Chapter Eight 127

  Chapter Nine 140

  Chapter Ten 157

  Chapter Eleven 175

  Chapter Twelve 188

  Epilogue 202

  Secret Pleasures Preview 205

  Chapter One 210

  Other books by Jill Sanders 220

  About the Author 223




  Jill Sanders


  Katie Derby sat across from Jason and wondered why she had agreed to meet him at the coffee shop. She’d been embarrassed since Lynda’s party several weeks ago when she’d gotten drunk and admitted to him all the years she’d had secret feelings for him. Then she had topped it off with a stupid kiss. One that he had held still through, very still. It had been apparent to her that he didn’t feel the same way about her. Now she sat fidgeting with her napkin in her lap, wishing to be anywhere else on the planet.

  “It’s not that… Well, it’s just that… I had never…” He was mumbling and she could tell he was terrified. His beautiful blue eyes were searching her face.

  “Jason,” she interrupted him, trying to explain before he said something that would rip her heart out, “I don’t want you to think – well, I was very drunk. It was just a mistake. I don’t want there to be any weirdness between us.” A little part of her heart broke off and floated to the floor when he looked almost relieved.

  Before he could respond, her cell phone rang. Seeing her brother’s number, she hit ignore. Not two seconds later, she saw her father’s number and she hit ignore again.

  Looking back at Jason, she noticed the fear in his eyes and could already tell the weirdness between them had settled in. She took a deep breath, but wanted to pound her head on the table.

  “Katie, I don’t know…” Her phone rang for a third time. Looking down she saw her mother’s number.

  “I’m sorry, Jason, I better…” she nodded to her phone.

  “Sure.” He looked like he wanted to bolt for the door.

  “Hello, Mom, what’s so important?” she answered, stepping away from the table and walking towards the back of the almost empty coffee shop.

  “Katie, oh thank God you answered. I wanted to talk to you before you heard a bunch of lies from anyone else.”

  Her mother cleared her throat and then continued on. “Well, sweetie, first of all, I wanted to tell you something, because I know it’s going to come out very soon, and I thought you would want to hear the truth instead of the lies that are going around on the news, or hearing something completely false from the police.”

  Katie waited, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to interrupt her mother once she had started.

  “Twenty-six years ago, after your father and I had a huge falling out, I went to Italy to recover from the pain your father had caused, and … well… I had an affair with a man named Damiano Cardone. We had a son. I left them in Italy to come back and divorce your father, but he… well, we didn’t get a divorce. Anyway, I kept in touch with them, and in a roundabout way, Damiano and I are married. Well, that’s not the important part. Four years later I visited them and when I returned back home, I realized I was pregnant again and … well… this time I had you. Obviously it was too late to keep it from your father, since he had already found out I was pregnant. He was just so happy about it.”

  Katie felt herself starting to hyperventilate.

  “I just couldn’t break your father’s heart, so I made him believe you were his. Damiano Cardone is your biological father, honey, not Rodrick. I’m sorry I had to tell you over the…” Katie dropped her phone. Her ears were ringing and her vision grayed around the edges. Jason was beside her, yelling at her to breathe. The last thing she saw before she passed out were Jason’s blue eyes, hovering over her.

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