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The proposition, p.30
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       The Proposition, p.30

           Jessica Schlafer
Chapter 29

  Once in the bathroom, I found the bubble bath and started the water, just as I had the night before. I also found some candles and lit them, placing them around the room. I had just lowered myself into the tub and turned the water off when Nick came in.

  “Wow,” he said. “It looks great in here.”

  “Thank you,” I said, feeling a little shy.

  I knew I was still too sore and weak to make love to Nick, but I still wanted to spend this kind of time with him.

  Nick started to undress and, again, I turned away.

  “Abby? What’s wrong?”

  I turned back, sheepishly, “I don’t know, I feel like I’m invading your privacy.”

  “Abby, I want you to see me. Please don’t look away.”

  I nodded and he continued taking off his clothes. His body was amazing, from his well-formed abs, his strong biceps, his toned legs, to the small tuft of hair on his chest. He turned around and I saw his perfect ass. I also noticed the scar from where he was shot.

  “When I first met you, I thought you were so skinny,” I blurted out.

  Nick laughed, “I wear baggy clothes on purpose so people think I’m smaller. They’re less likely to be intimidated by me.”

  “You must be really missing the gym, being stranded here with me.”

  “A little I guess,” he said, sliding into the tub. “But I have a small home gym here, so I can work out when I need to.”

  “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

  “Yeah, well, I didn’t really give you the proper tour.”

  I slid over to him, putting my back against his chest, and let him close his arms around me. I sighed, “I could stay here all night.”

  “Me too.”

  “Is that scar on your side where you were shot?”


  “Did it hurt?”


  We were both silent for a few minutes.

  “How are you feeling?” he asked.

  “Right now, I’m okay. Not too much pain and the stiffness is starting to go away. My arm still hurts sometimes and of course my leg.”

  He used his leg to lift my leg out of the water. “It’s so bruised.”

  “It looks as bad as it feels, I suppose.”

  He put our legs back in the water and we sat for a minute.

  “Can I wash your hair?” he asked.

  “Um, yes.”


  He slid me forward a bit and reached back for a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and a cup. He gently cradled my head and poured water on my hair until it was completely wet. Then he used the shampoo and lathered my hair. He did it slowly and softly, taking the time to massage my scalp as he went. He poured more water on my hair. Then he added conditioner to my hair and rubbed that in.

  I moaned with pleasure.

  He used the cup to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. When he was finished, he ran his fingers through my hair, combing it.

  He started kissing me. I felt like my bones were made of jelly. At that moment, I thought I would do anything he asked me. It was the most sensual bath I had ever had in my life.

  He pulled back and turned me to face him, “Oh, Abby,” and he continued kissing me.

  I pulled myself closer to him, letting him trail kisses down my neck, to my shoulders and lower. I felt my bones turn to liquid at his touch. I craved more. Reality sunk in and I breathlessly pushed away.

  "Nick," I was panting. "I can't yet."

  Nick looked disappointed.

  "But..." I teased, reaching under the water and taking him in my hand.

  Nick flexed his hips toward me and licked his lips. He had raised himself out of the water while I continued to stroke him. He moaned, a low, throaty sound and I continued, faster and faster. Finally, I could feel that he was ready, so I took him in my mouth and finished him.

  He sank back in the tub, sated and smiling. "Abby, you..."

  I smiled.

  "When you're feeling better..."

  I laughed and slid back in to his arms.

  "The water is getting cold, isn't it?" he asked.

  "Yeah, that's why I came back to you."

  "Let's get out."

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