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The proposition, p.29
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       The Proposition, p.29

           Jessica Schlafer

  Chapter 28

  "We have to stop somewhere to pick up groceries, are you feeling up for that?"

  "Yeah, I'm okay. We can stop."

  "I'm gonna go to one in the next town, people'll be less likely to recognize me there."

  We went to a supermarket and picked up groceries. Nick spent hundreds of dollars on the food and supplies as if it was nothing. I was starting to get tired and I got into the SUV while Nick loaded the groceries.

  After the long drive to the cabin, I was in pain and exhausted. Nick had to help me out of the SUV and up the stairs to the bedroom.

  "Nick, I'm so sorry that..."

  "Abby," he said, sounding a little annoyed. "You're hurt. I'm not mad at you."

  "I feel bad, though."

  "Don't," he kissed me as he put me in bed. "I'll be right back up with your pain pills. I can tell you need one."

  "I do."

  He jogged down the stairs and I heard the door in the kitchen that opens to the garage open. Minutes later, I heard him come in and back up the stairs. He was lugging a box and a few bags.


  "Abby, it's okay. Here, take your pill," he handed me the pills and a bottle of water.

  "You know, you should just leave them up here, that way you won't have to go downstairs all the time to get them."

  "I could, but the next time you need them, you'll probably be downstairs."

  I laughed, "You're probably right," I took the pill and drank some water. "Are you sure I can't do something to help? I could sit by the door and hold it open for you?"

  "Nope, get some rest. It won't take me long."

  "Yes, it will! Paul had to have two of his guards help load the car."

  It was Nick's turn to laugh, "They carried one load each. I got the rest of it."

  "Oh, I didn't know. Nick, you're probably exhausted, let me help, please."

  "Abby, I'm fine. Stop arguing. Just get some rest and let me get this done."

  I laid my head back on my pillow and didn't hear anything again for a couple of hours. I woke up and it was dark and I was alone in bed. I could hear Nick moving around in the kitchen and I could smell something being cooked. I stood up slowly and made my way down the stairs.

  "Hey," I said softly. "What are you cooking?"

  "Abby, what are you doing out of bed?"

  "I just woke up and I could hear you and I smelled this. What is it? It smells delicious?"

  "Just chicken and vegetables. Nothing special. I knew you'd wake up hungry, so I thought I'd make you something."


  He pulled me toward him and while he kissed me, he backed me up the counter. He wrapped his arms around my legs and lifted me onto the counter, all the while kissing me.

  "Now," he said, pulling away and backing across the kitchen. "You're stuck there, so sit still and let me do my thing."

  "Come on! You can't leave me up here!"

  "I can and I will," he stirred something the stove. "Here, try this."

  He brought the spoon over to me and held it up for me to take a bite.

  "Oh my goodness, that's delicious," I said with food still in my mouth.

  Such a lady!

  "Thank you! I was a line cook for like four years, before I started really making money stealing cars."

  ""You're really good! God, in Boston I would eat sandwiches for weeks and then switch to salad or Ramen noodles. Anything not to cook."

  Nick laughed, "Well, I love to cook, so get used to it."

  "I love it!"

  Nick added some spices and stirred some things, then got out two plates, silverware, and glasses. He set them on the table and walked back over to me, "Do you think I can trust you if I take you off the counter?"

  "Of course you can," I said, sliding my arm around his neck.

  He reached around my waist and skillfully lifted me off the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to the table. He stood, holding me up, and kissed me while I unwrapped my legs and slid down to stand in front of him.

  "Sit down. I'll bring your food.”

  I did what I was told and waited to be served. Nick brought the food to the table and served us both. I took a big bite and was delighted in the flavors.

  “Oh Nick, this is amazing.”

  “Thank you, Abbs. It’s basically just a chicken stir-fry. I just embellished it a bit.”

  “It’s so good,” I said, between mouthfuls. “You can cook for me any day.”

  Nick laughed and we had a lovely meal, laughing and eating. When we were finished, Nick picked up the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. I was really falling for Nick. He was trying to take such good care of me.


  “Yeah, baby?”

  “I was just thinking that we could go upstairs and have another bath?”

  Nick stopped what he was doing, “You know what?” He turned to face me, “I love that idea.”

  “I’ll go up and start the water while you finish here?”

  “Okay, I’ll be right up.”

  I slowly stood and started out of the kitchen. I turned around when I got to the stairs and walked back to kiss Nick. I gave him a long, teasing kiss before I turned on my heel and said, “Don’t be long.”

  I glanced over the stairway and saw Nick standing still, apparently stunned. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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