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The proposition, p.15
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       The Proposition, p.15

           Jessica Schlafer

  Chapter 14

  I felt a presence behind me, so I leaned into it, thinking it was Nick.

  "I knew you were down," came the voice.

  I whirled around and came face to face with Ben.

  "What do you want?" I asked.

  "The same thing, I've wanted since that day in the mall," he stroked his finger along the line of my shirt.

  I jerked backward and slapped his hand away. "Leave me alone."

  He reached up and grabbed me by my hair.

  Why do guys always grab you by the hair?

  "You little slut. Come on, Nick'll be happy to share you."

  "Let go," I screamed, trying to dislodge his hand from my hair.

  He dragged me off the dance floor, toward a door in a dark corner.

  "Stop fighting, bitch, or I'll give you something to scream about."

  I tried to stop fighting, but I was suddenly very scared. Ben kicked a door open that led down a hallway. I started screaming and kicking. I was trying anything, as he dragged me, to get his hand out of my hair. I noticed security cameras and prayed that they were on.

  "Please, Ben, no," I sobbed.

  "Oh sweetie, you're gonna love this."

  He kicked open another door and dragged me into a dark room. I put my foot on the doorjamb as he dragged me in, hoping that it would slow him down enough to loosen his grip. By this time, I didn't care if he pulled out a clump of my hair. Ben flicked on a light switch and threw me into a desk.

  "Scream as loud as you want," he sneered, locking the door.

  I picked up a stapler from the desk and smashed him in the face with it, trying to push past him and out the door. As I tried to get past him, he tackled me around my waist and pushed me to the ground. He pinned me down, straddling me at my waist. My shirt had slid down, leaving me almost fully exposed.

  "Oh, Abby, delicious, sweet Abby."

  I screamed and kicked as violently as I could. I'm not a small woman and I go to the gym regularly, so I tried to put up as much of a fight as I could. I heard my phone ring in my purse.

  "Oh, that must be lover boy," he said, kicking my purse toward the door. "Too bad you're busy," he laughed.

  I spit in his face and he backhanded me across my face. I screamed and he hit me on the other side of the face. I could taste blood.

  "Now are you gonna shut the fuck up?" I nodded. He licked his lips. "Oh Abby, we're gonna have so much fun," he said as he licked the entire right side of my face.

  I wanted to vomit. I tried to vomit. Nothing would happen. I was crying and I was pretty sure I was bleeding.

  Ben started to unbuckle his belt while he was holding my hands down with one of his own hands. I was starting to lose all the fight in my body. I had all but given up when I heard my phone beep three times and saw the door behind Ben burst open and Nick and Dmitry come through the door.

  "Holy fuck," Nick said, grabbing Ben by the back of his neck and pulling him to his feet.

  Nick shoved Ben behind him, to Dmitry, who pinned him to the wall with a gun.

  "Abby! Oh, my God," Nick said, kneeling beside me. "Are you okay?"

  All I could do was cry. Nick picked me up, placed me in a chair, and turned to Ben.

  "You are an even bigger fool that I gave you credit for," Nick said.

  "Fuck you," Ben spit at him.

  "Right, fuck me. Looks to me like you were trying to fuck her, no matter what she had to say about it," Nick said, punching him once in the stomach.

  Dmitry didn't let up on Ben, holding him in place while Nick punched him repeatedly.

  Merritt walked in. "Good evening, Nick. Dmitry. Ms. Abigail, oh no.” He turned on Ben, who was still struggling against Dmitry. “What have you done?”

  “It wasn’t my fault. She was rubbing up against me. She wanted it,” Ben said.

  “Bull shit,” Nick shouted, launching himself across the room.

  Nick had Ben on the ground and was pummeling him. Ben was bleeding and screaming for Nick to stop.

  I was screaming and shaking, I felt like I was on the verge of fainting.

  “Nick, that will be enough,” Merritt said, putting a hand on Nick’s shoulder.

  Nick immediately backed off and stood on his feet. “Baby, come on. I’m taking you home.”

  He reached down and took my hand, helping me to my feet. When he saw the state I was in, he picked me up and carried me out the door. Before the door shut, I heard Merritt say to Ben, “You were warned about this. I sure hope it was worth it.”

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