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The proposition, p.10
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       The Proposition, p.10

           Jessica Schlafer

  Chapter 9

  The next morning we woke up to someone banging on the door.

  “Wake the fuck up.” Bang! “Wake the fuck up.” Bang! “Wake the fuck up.” Bang!

  “Fuck! It’s Dmitry,” Nick said, rolling over.

  “I’ll get it,” I said, running to the door. I whipped it open, standing in a tee shirt and panties. “What!”


  “Oh, Abby, I didn’t realize you were here,” Dmitry said.

  “Like hell,” I said. “What do you want?”

  “I needed something from Nick,” he looked over my shoulder to Nick who had appeared behind me in only his boxers. “You know why I’m here?”

  “Yeah, hang on.”

  “This is shit, I’m going back to bed,” I announced.

  “It was a pleasure to see you again, Abby. I’m looking forward to seeing you this evening.”

  I fought the urge to lift my shirt and show my ass as I made my way back to the bed. I wanted to steal Nick’s bed! I could live in it. I was sure it cost more than every piece of furniture in my apartment.

  I could hear the two men talking in the next room but I was too tired to care what they were saying, and I was soon asleep again.

  I woke up later that afternoon and Nick was gone. I got out of bed and went into the living room to look for him. There was a note on the coffee table, “Had to run an errand, be back by 2 p.m. Make yourself something to eat.”

  I made myself a sandwich and watched some tv while I waited for Nick. Sure enough, right at two o'clock, Nick came back with a suit bag.

  “Hey, sorry. I had to pick up my tux from the dry cleaners.”

  “You own a tux?”

  “Yeah, you wouldn’t believe how much I use it. It’s ridiculous.”

  “I bet.”

  “Get some clothes on. I’ll take you back to Paul’s so you can get ready for tonight.”


  I threw my pants on and Nick drove me to Paul’s. He didn’t get out when we arrived, instead just dropping me at the front door. I waved at Paul on my way up the stairs to my bedroom so I could shower and get ready for the party.

  I had a long, hot shower and had spent a long time preparing for this dinner with Merritt. Having dinner with the enemy? I didn’t know what was happening anymore.

  I was finally ready and it was about time to leave to meet Merritt. I walked down the stairs in my beautiful, new gown and shoes. I felt beautiful and by the looks I got from Nick, Paul and the two guards that were standing in the living room, I knew I looked beautiful.

  “Oh, Abby,” Nick said in awe. “You look…”

  “Beautiful,” Paul said, kissing my cheek. “Your Aunt Lynne would be so proud.”

  I could feel myself getting emotional. Aunt Lynne never got over Paul, never married, and never had kids of her own. She was like a second mother to me and we spent a lot of time together while I was growing up.

  “Thank you,” I said, waving my hand at my eyes, trying to keep the tears at bay.

  “Oh, sweetie, don’t cry,” Paul said. “I meant to say you have a fat ass just like your Aunt Lynne.”

  I laughed and playfully punched him, “If Aunt Lynne had a single ounce of fat anywhere, I never saw it.”

  “You’re right about that,” Paul laughed. “I suppose you should get going. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get to go with you, now. Everyone there will be talking about how beautiful you look.”

  “I doubt that,” I kissed his cheek and rolled my eyes. “Thank you, though, Paul.”

  I followed the guards as they went out the front door, Nick followed me, and Paul followed him. The guards drove one of the SUV’s to the front and Nick held the door for me while I climbed in. I waved to Paul again as we drove away.

  Once we had driven for a while, Nick reached over to take my hand. “Abby, you look amazing.”

  “Yeah, okay, Nick. You look amazing. I'm just the girl in the dress.”

  Nick was wearing a black, designer tuxedo. I never imagined this man, whose wardrobe consisted of jeans, tee shirts, and the occasional button down shirt, could look so good in a tuxedo. I was practically salivating.

  “Why do you always do that?” he asked.


  “Whenever someone pays you a compliment, you brush it off.”

  “I don't know, Nick. It's just something I've always done. I don't get complimented a lot, I suppose.”

  “How could you not? You're beautiful.”

  I blushed to my toes. “Thank you, Nick.”

  I noticed the driver adjust his mirror to look down my dress, “Hey, you wanna keep your eyes on the road?”

  “Sorry, Miss,” he re-adjusted the mirror.

  The other guard snickered, Nick glared.

  “They’re just boobs, I’m sure you’ve seen boobs before,” I was actually embarrassed, but I had to play like it didn’t bother me, or else it would.

  I wasn’t used to people paying attention to me like this. I really hoped they were exaggerating and no one would notice me. I was normally a wallflower. I was a writing major in college, there's no better way to avoid people than writing.

  We arrived at a small airfield where there were helicopters. I could see a small group of men standing together and I immediately picked out Merritt in a tuxedo. He still didn’t look good, he was just repulsive. I had to fight a gag at seeing him.

  We parked near the group and Nick jumped out, nodding to the other men, and opened the door for me. I stepped out and, again, the men stared.

  “My goodness, Abigail. I had not seen beauty until this day. You are stunning.” Merritt stepped forward and kissed my hand.

  “Thank you, Merritt,” was all I could manage, he sickened me.

  “Nick, you are a very lucky man.”

  “I am,” Nick said, putting his hand on my bare lower back.

  I felt myself react to his touch, even though I fought it.

  “Please, follow me, we don’t want to be late,” Merritt led us to the waiting helicopter.

  Shit! Helicopters! Seriously!?

  Nick climbed in first and held his hand for me to climb in. Merritt climbed in last, the door was closed from the outside.

  The helicopter started and we were in the air in no time. The men put on headsets to be able to communicate. I refused, vainly, because I didn’t want to ruin my hair. Nick explained on the way that we’d be flying because it was a pretty far to drive. I had a terrible fear of heights and I was afraid I would break out in a flop sweat. But, with Nick, I felt calm and even enjoyed the flight.

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