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       Queen Of Anarchy Book 1:Venomous Vengeance of Viper, p.1

           Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon
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Queen Of Anarchy Book 1:Venomous Vengeance of Viper
Queen Of Anarchy Book 1 Venomous


  Of Viper

  By Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon aka HawlSera

  Published by Jessica Nichols-Vernon at Smash Words

  Cover Artwork by NovelTeeth, his furaffinity is listed here - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/novelteeth/

  Copyright 2010-2016 Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon

  Queen Of Anarchy, All Related Characters, and Setting are owned by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon known in some circles as HawlSera

  Piracy Notice: This book is literally free, if you’ve pirated it, I highly question what you’re doing with your life. Do you just get a thrill from breaking rules, but would feel guilty if you actually took money from me?

  Contact the author at kyle.vernon@gmail.com with any questions, complaints, suggestions, fanmail, to point out typos, etc.

  It was October 27th, 2055 and all the children of White Rook, Nevada were ready for Halloween, but Viper was no child, the holiday had little meaning to her or at least, on the outside it didn't. She and her crew were meeting with a rival gang leader, "Bad Wolf", it seemed rather egotistical to her to use your own species as your codename. There was an unspoken rule about the big gang leaders using animal alias and it was considered a sign of bad attitude in most cases to use your own species, it showed that one was incapable of respecting others. Amongst the more idiotic tribes of men though this might be something of a useful trait and was to expected of a wolf anyway. Wolves were one of the two “Golden Breed” second only to Elves in their knack for having privileged lives. Everyone was meant to bow down before the wolves, this had been the case even in ancient times, though the only difference now is that society tries to pretend that things have changed and this just simply isn’t the case all while ignoring the obvious signs to the contrary. There was another reason why Viper chose the snake for her name, because after all it is rather difficult to make a gerbil sound intimidating. The bored teenager was listening to this lupine asshole yelp on and on for awhile. All a show Bad Wolf was all bark and no bite, at his heart he was another wolf with dominance issues who liked to flaunt his illusions of power in front of his boys, or so Viper believed.

  "This is going to be the easiest job we’ve ever had, and with one hell of a jackpot up for grabs! Frankly this bitch and her vermin should be lucky I even included them in it. Right men!?!" Bad Wolf screamed showing off his usual self-centered nature, not even trying to be nice to Viper, assuming that his hot-shit attitude was the only one that mattered.

  The rest of the beast people roared in agreement, at least the ones that could roar. There were a few species incapable of roaring present who merely clapped to show appreciation to Bad Wolf. Most of them were from his side of the abandoned warehouse, though there were some cheers on Viper’s side from the few shaken with fear from Bad Wolf’s powerful presence. These stopped immediately as they gained looks from their comrades, if they didn’t want to get beaten up later they’d stop. Bad Wolf’s half was enough to fill the room with sound as Viper’s gang had less than twenty members whilst the wolf had practically a small army.

  Viper was half-asleep and wishing that she was the reading kind so that she could be doing that whilst pretending to give the dog her attention. It was always like this whenever she had to meet with this assclown, which thankfully was not very often. Bad Wolf had only summoned the Viper’s Vermin gang to meet with him two other occasions. The teenage biker queen heard some horrible things about Bad Wolf and wished to distance herself from him as much as possible. The only reason she didn't blow him off this time was because of his promise to cut her crew in on the "Biggest Job Of The Year", which if it truly was as big as he said; would grant Viper’s Vermin some of the street cred that they desperately needed. Viper’s gang was often looked down upon due to its recent botching of a bank robbery, the first really big thing they tried to do, but more so because of the simple fact that it was lead by a woman. Men like to look up to powerful males, for a crook to follow a woman was not only laughable, but in the field of crime went against every natural instinct of a pack mentality. If only Bad Wolf would quit yapping and get to it.

  "Bad Wolf, are you going to howl at the moon all night? Or are you going to make with the details already?!" Viper asked, herself being a teenage purple haired (on her head anyway) gerbil dressed light in a generic dark red shirt and black jeans, topped off with a fierce leather jacket, complete with a snake wrapped around the initials initials "VV" which stood for "Viper's Vermin" sown onto said jacket in purple. The VV itself was made to look like the fangs of the snake and served as her gang's insignia.

  A similarly dressed lupine individual with the Full Moon as his insignia responded "Alright skank, here's the score. As we all know that raccoon businessman, the foreign guy, Myameta or whatever.."

  "Miyamatio Nook, also he’s not a raccoon, he’s a tanooki.” a deer buck stated, one who was wearing the full moon insignia, standing next to the big buff looking macho wolf, his moniker was Headlights. Next to the venison was a spotted skunk with gold fangs and an eye patch whose nickname was "Roadkill", Bad Wolf liked lame puns almost as much as he hated women. A rumor circulated that he originally wanted him to be called "Stank", but Roadkill objected strongly, some say that's why Roadkill had gold teeth. BW was a bit of a bitch when he didn't get his way. Others say that the name roadkill comes from surviving an attempt on his life by Bad Wolf running him over, explaining the mephit’s missing eye. Roadkill has not stated one way or another, it's possible that it was both. Though because he still has a functioning jaw and all his internal organs, he's learned that silence is just about as golden as his fangs and has not told a soul. There’s many who wonder if he can even talk in the first place.

  "I don’t give a shit! He could be a fucking talking walnut for all the fucks I give! But yeah that was his name. He's donated 5,000,000 dollars to the All Hallows Eve's ball that orphanage is throwing. A worthy contribution, this on top of all the other donations these unwanted brats have gotten means we've got us a healthy haul of cash. All we'd need is for all the big guys to make some noise outside to scare everybody, whilst Viper, Roadkill and some of the other smaller pests can sneak in through the back. It's an orphanage, they're broke, won't even have a vault. Like always I'm the top dog, so I get the biggest cut, 2,000,000, the rest of you can decide amongst yourselves. But regardless, it's a good plan. It's on Halloween, so the cops will be dealing with pranksters all night and be too slow to respond to a big heist."

  There was a thunder of applause and animal noises from Bad Wolf's side of the room, but Viper's stayed quiet, except for one of the new recruits, a chippendale who just yelled "Easy Money! Alright!"

  Bad Wolf was getting tons of praise, an Indian Gavial named Big Mouth patted him on the back and said "Great plan boss, can't wait to scare those fucking brats and give them a Halloween they’ll never forget!"

  Viper just stared at Bad Wolf for a few seconds before she finally said something "Somebody chincheck that punk for me!” Upon hearing the joyous sounds of the chippendale groaning in pain and a fist connecting with the young one’s jaw the gerbil woman continued to speak. “Bad Bitch, I knew you was an asshole, but I didn't think you were this low."

  "Don't test my patience! Most of my men just ain’t built for stealth work, outside of Roadkill here. I need your Vermin for this, it's easy cash. You aren't finding an easier buck. Take it and I just might overlook that "Bad Bitch" comment." he growled at her, snarling and snapping his jaw in a silent bark, a terrifying sight to those unused to such primal displays.

  Viper just blinked at him "That's fucked up you
can’t fucking steal from kids. Knocking over an orphanage, it just ain’t right. I know we aint Robin Hood or shit like that. But there's a line we gotta draw somewhere."

  Bad Wolf laughed for a bit "Haha, that's just what I can expect from a cunt like you. You can't see that this is a man's world and you have no business having any part of any kind of gang, let alone a biker gang. The only use for you in this world is selling your ass on the street so that men like me can fund the real work! It's a Dog Eat Dog world sweetcheeks. Runts like these abandoned kids get scraps until they can man up and take what the world ‘supposedly’ owes them by force! If a runt's got some shiny new toy, you take it away from them. Nice things are too good for ‘em! Look around sister, the only difference between us and the ferals is that we have two legs. That's it! One last chance cunt or any of you other little vermin, All Hallow’s Eve is going to be a golden night and Bad Wolf wants to make it rain."

  Viper scoffed at him, "Waste of our time" and ended it right there not wanting to drag this out further, besides if she let the full force of her feelings on his behavior get out then Bad Wolf would just point out that she was "Being emotional, just like a woman." She proceeded to immediately march out, keeping her eye on Bad Wolf in case he tried something. He's known for taking rejection poorly. Many members of her gang followed suit, a few stayed behind and discussed it amongst themselves.

  A badger stroke up an interesting conversation with a mouse boy "Bad Wolf does have a point, it would be easy money.... and we haven't been doing much in the line of.. profitable work."

  The gray mouse with whom he had been speaking stood in a red shirt and blue pants on top of that the team jacket they were all wearing nodded in agreement. He and his adopted pig brother were in the gang, well they were both adopted together really. They called themselves "Squeaker" and "Squealer". The mouse had spoken up "And that bank heist didn't blow over too well, you know they're still looking for Squealer”

  A lady raccoon named Cat stopped by them "Don't even think about! Bad Wolf's crazy, Viper would kick your ass for even thinking about this. I’m more lenient than that so I’ll give you a warning before I fuck you up, and I don’t mean with a strap-on either!" the raccoon had a reddish tint to her fur which caused many to mistake her for a red panda, but she insisted that she was a raccoon.

  The mouse, Squeaker, shook his head and chattered his teeth in a most furious manner. "My brother's on the lamb because of a failed plan of hers, so maybe I don't want to be in this gang anymore!"

  Cat rested a paw upon Squeaker’s shoulder, she wasn’t just another gang member she was also the co-leader and Viper’s girlfriend. "You're just upset. I'm sure Squealer is fine, besides you know how Bad Wolf is, you don't want to trust him especially since you're kinda small..... You know what he does to small people."

  The badger merely shook his head "But we need the money, don't we Squeaker?"

  Squeaker shrugged and looked over his shoulder "I'll think on it........"

  Bad Wolf's ears perked up, he had been listening in, being a wolf his hearing was quite sensitive. "I know you will rodent! I know you will!" and left quietly laughing to himself.

  Meanwhile Viper was off for a ride on her motorcycle to get her mind off of Bad Wolf's stupidity. She thought about ratting him out to the police, but no, that was against her code. Viper was an outlaw, a renegade, a rebel against society. To depend on pigs, no not like Squealer, for anything was laughable. Her kind knew a truth about the world, that the law must be taken into one's own paws. Order was a force that existed only to get the big wigs off. It had no real power to protect anyone. To punish, innocent or guilty, is all that it has ever lived for. Her family wanted her to be a good girl, keep her nose clean and inside of books. "Stop dressing like a slut, don't get violent men hate tomboys, keep your mind on your studies" peh, shit like that is why she became a runaway and even managed to form her own gang. The only in the area lead by a woman, the other gangs of course did not have the best reaction to this. Though it was true women were doing more and more things that were previously male exclusive these days, politicians without a Y Chromosome, at least two have been elected president, Professors from Venus, ho's instead of bro's doing some rapping, soldiers who could birth life as well as take it, and hell with the successes made only twenty years ago in genetic engineering a woman could grow up to be a man if she so pleased, unlike the old days where it was "take hormones, maybe pass". Though it seems of all these new gender bender scenarios the 21st Century had to offer. Organized crime was just not yet ready to become an equal opportunity employer, and how would it? Criminals only know how to operate on basic instinct, the driving force that kept women exclusively as breeding material. There’s no such thing as equal rights in crime, there aren’t even rights in crime. Hell many argued there weren’t really rights in life either. You earn respect through your actions and abilities, until you prove yourself you stay where the boss thinks you’ll be most useful and right off the bat it isn’t too hard for a sleazebag to think of a “fucking” one of the better uses for a woman. Not all straight men are bad, but the kind who are thugs tend to be.

  Viper's Vermin were not considered a true street gang by many, simply because they were lead by a chick, a gerbil at that! Most gangs only wanted predators to run with them and any bitches to put their tight little asses out on the street to fund projects like chop shops and drive bys through selling their bodies to any interested parties. Some gangs were smarter and realized that non-predator species, especially women, could be a little sneakier than rushing in claws out, guns blazing and thus catching people off guard. The cops won't as quickly search a woman as they would a man. All she has to do is keep any goods that needed smuggling in her bra or back pocket. Bad Wolf's "Lunar Legends", was really the only gang that viewed women as exclusively hooker material, that puppy was a known womanizer and was very openly misogynistic. Viper's gang attracted mainly rejects from other groups, there were a few who had it as their first choice, but those were primarily women who wanted to actually stick it to the man instead of having it stuck to them, of whom Viper included there were only six of. The tough image of a gangster was shown as being fairly male exclusive in the media and popular culture, ironic how society even governs the way rules are broken. But the gerbil could care less about gender roles or what some people perceive as an underworld act of feminism she was a Godless Anarchist, a Hell's Angel, a Badass Biker Queen and she loved it. The fact that she had ovaries didn't really matter to her. Her mom always discouraged her from being a tomboy, but fuck her and fuck being a girly girl. Viper lived how she pleased and didn't take any shit from anyone.

  Viper was biking through the interstate, it was that period of time where one isn't sure if it’s late at night or early in the morning. The roads were empty and barren as the cold deserts of this state of Nevada, especially this close to a major holiday. It was a place for her to think how she did so best, at 70 miles an hour with the wind running through her fur. The gerbil had a medium sized bike to accommodate for her tail, being a rodent she had a pretty big one. Luckily for Viper she was not a rat so it was not too big, but still. Her bike was a dark violet color, she had built it herself from old junk models that had been discarded. She loved to tinker, much like smashing in skulls it was one of her favorite hobbies. Which is why she had placed her hideout in the town's junkyard. Viper was finally starting to get her mind off of Big Wolf's dirty scheme when she stopped to fill her tank up at the nearest exit. Viper had been riding around a lot recently so her tank hadn't been the fullest on these mean streets.

  Viper finished filling up her motorcycle and looked through her jacket for a few bills, it was hard to think that debit cards and credit cards used to be the norm and that if the Elves hadn’t insisted upon cracking down on the advancement of science back in 2016 all money would have likely been digital by now. After finding a two fives and some change she decided to grab a coffee before hitting the road. Heading for the entrance to the
convenience store she never made it inside, everything went black right after hearing the sound a baseball bat makes when it comes in contact with a rodent’s skull.

  "Hehe, dumb bitch, you should have known better", a voice called out from the darkness as Viper, she found herself bound in a chair, her jacket and pants had been removed, today had definitely turned out to be a good day to wear white cotton panties instead of the biker thong. Her dark red shirt and panties remained on, but why? If her captor wanted to strip her, why do it halfway? This was only one of the questions she had, though not the most important. The most important being, where the hell am I? who else is here? How long was I out? What is going to happen to me? How did he know I'd be at the gas station? But these would have to wait, Viper could only listen as she was bound by rope. Being a rodent she could easily chew through it.... if her muzzle wasn't gagged. Her captor stepped forward out from the shadows revealed himself to be Bad Wolf who patted her on the head... she couldn't help but notice he wasn't wearing much in the way of clothes, only his pants, his jacket and shirt seemed to be discarded. Viper was admittedly still dizzy from the blow, but she could not think of an adequate reason why she and her captor were wearing things on opposite parts of their bodies even if she had a clear head. If she didn't both despise Bad Wolf and believed her life to be in mortal danger, Viper would have noted that he was a bit of a hunk without his shirt on. One would think he'd look messy, but his mane was actually well combed and groomed, long and flowing, he had a six pack with well toned abs, his fur was even relatively clean. Though the wolf smelled of whiskey, sweat, motor oil, and a hint of cologne oddly enough; it was enough to make one gag, but since Viper spent her days in a junkyard it wasn't anything she wasn't used to. She did smell something else unpleasant, something that smelt remotely of skunk, not spray as those were by law removed at birth, just skunk and assumed Roadkill must be nearby. Bad Wolf's golden lupine eyes stared right into Viper's purely cosmetic purple contacts as he scratched under her chin and chuckled.

  "No one says no to Bad Wolf, unless I tell them to. I thought you might let your pussy instead of your brain do the talking, so I had one of my boys put a tracker on your bike, it's a nice ride, well for crap anyway. One last chance cunt, are you and your little rag-tag group of misfits in or what?" The big bad wolf asked as he bore his large slobber covered fangs and began growling.

  Viper's head was still clearing up, but she knew she didn't want what the wolf was selling. Bad Wolf gestured to an unseen person who undid the gag around her head, when the tier got close the scent of skunk increased in strength leading Viper to work out just where Roadkill was. The second her mouth was free she spat in the wolf's eye. This action earned her a firm hard smack across the face, Viper responded by spitting again, this time it was mixed with a little bit of blood. Bad Wolf was just as strong as his big beefy arms suggested.

  "You're not afraid to hit a lady, I like that, maybe it'll actually be interesting when I kick your ass!" Viper replied smugly. Of her many talents one of them was that she was a good liar, though her face and voice didn't show it. Viper knew she held no cards in this situation, it was very possible that she was going to die here, she had no one to aid her whilst Bad Wolf had potentially had to ability to call an entire army of sharp fanged delinquents. She could be in the heart of his hideout, even if she managed to overpower Bad Wolf and Roadkill, which wasn't likely given Bad Wolf was twice her size and Roadkill could back him up, she'd have to deal with everyone else whilst half-naked and delirious from a rather serious blow to the head. Not the best of odds.

  Viper wasn't usually helpless, she knew Tae Kwan Do and was very skilled with her switchblade, but being tied up, potentially having a concussion, and outnumbered would make anyone worthless in combat. Still, even with these facts, she would not and could not give her kidnapper the satisfaction of getting her to show her fear. Bad Wolf would have just made yet another reference to her gender and given some speech about how a man could take it better.

  "I'm not afraid to do far more than that, but we both know you're not a lady, the way you parade your ass around in those tights, your matching tank top, and I've even seen you with the same tights I tore off ya, pulled down to show off your thong. It's a pretty little one too, I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard you've even got yourself a tramp stamp on the right cheek" which she did indeed have she had a tattoo on her rump of a snake eating its own tail. Though it wasn’t a tattoo so much as her fur was dyed that way, it's the only way a land mammal can get a tattoo, most of the time it’s temporary, but with what is known as Genetic Needling one can have certain parts of the fur be a different color and always grow in that color and pattern after shedding. This is what Viper did, it was expensive as hell to hire someone with a Geneedle, but all serious Lady Bikers have a tramp stamp.

  "Bad Wolf gets his way, one way or the other. I want rodents and shit to pull off the heist, someone expendable that I can pin this on if things get hairy. We both know that I've got a rapsheet longer than Great fucking Wall of Motherfucking China. If people knew I robbed a charity they'd lock me up and shove the key right up the big fat ass of the law." Bad Wolf stated, something seemed shaky about this story but the dizzy gerbil couldn’t piece together what.

  "You were going to use us? I shoulda seen that comin’... Well thanks dumbass, now I ain’t go NO reason to help you. Good job." Viper rolled her eyes "I'm not agreeing to a set up! No one is, I'd rather you kill me than agree to be your fallback bitch."

  Bad Wolf chuckled "Well that settles that, but first the rest of our business...."

  Viper blinked and froze up, staring at the lupine, she was frightened, if she weren't as hardened as she was she would have wet herself. A confirmation of what she feared, she was going to die here. This however is not why the seventeen year old blinked. No this had more to do with the fact that she was confused. Rest of their business? what was he talking about? If she was going to die, she was going to die with dignity, defiant to the last breathe. But what business could they still have? She then quickly remembered some of Bad Wolf's charges and his womanizing habits, these two things clicked and she wanted to scream, she may have a concussion, but she knew what he has in store for her.

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