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Metamorphosis of daffadowndilly

  Metamorphosis of


  Selected poems

  by J.B. Klimko

  Love being

  Love, the secret garden of our being,

  Where living teaches us relating.

  A simplistic pleasure of connecting,

  Beyond trying or impressing,

  Love beyond the making.

  It's a self reflecting source

  Of vulnerability and surrounding.

  In the face of the unknown

  Being is

  The most timeless force of love.

  Love unknown

  Stranger to myself I shall never know

  The source of your smile, let alone your soul.

  I touch your heart and I see what you feel.

  I know what's certain, but I can't be sure what's real.

  Love reduced to a word, poetry to a form.

  Through obscure concepts, from nothing, you become.

  Love making

  I'm running my fingers

  Down her silky hair.

  The rhythm of our breathing softens

  Through the air we share.

  We inhale as one

  And exhale as none,

  We dissolve

  In each other's arms.

  Love is being made

  As we lay

  Outside of time.

  Pasing Time

  Time passes too fast

  On these morning sheets of white.

  I'm half awake, wrapped up in your soft hands.


  Somewhere else

  Gently tickling our senses, the sound of rain.

  But for us, it couldn't matter less.

  Then I snooze again

  Mesmerised by your embrace

  And I sink into your?inviting?chest,

  Dreams are still awake

  And I wish

  That time could also rest.


  Language was his only home.

  Mine, at times. But thoughts

  Always and love occasionally, too.

  Wind carries ? ? my lost hope.


  I speak my truth and you speak yours.

  Our worlds;

  So different, when we both are wrong.

  Certain words

  (And the power that they hold)

  Bring us back to the smallness of

  Our grey forgotten places?.

  I don't look back;

  Past is far beyond what is

  Home is my old belief.

  Full moon

  It has been a tough day,

  Long past midnight and I'm still awake.

  The neighbour's dog frantically

  Barks at the moon, which tonight

  Is so bright and full.

  If only I

  Didn't say these mean?words,

  And let my anger off the leash

  I could sleep

  With you tonight; you in mine

  Or I in your fragile arms;

  Feel the breath on the back of my head

  And know

  That the moon tonight

  Is not alone.

  Wrong things

  I keep saying

  Wrong things to her.

  One moment of ill-attention

  Outside of my intention

  Quickly results

  In me hurting her. Then I'm sorry

  But it's too late.

  She walks away, goes early to bed

  And I'm left alone.

  Our closeness

  Becomes my wrongness

  So I'm waiting for another day;

  There's little harm that time can't repair.

  The sun comes down and up and once again

  We are held

  Lovingly, in each other's space.

  The love story

  So the story goes;

  He enters the room; happy her, happy him.

  Coffee is almost ready (a delightful morning brew).

  She suggests to turn the telly on

  But he's fed up with the box,

  A view he doesn't hide.

  Things change.

  She was so happy before

  So how could he come

  And with one sentence destroy

  This perfect morning, their peace and love?

  Only if he was not

  So negative, then she wouldn't be

  So annoyed.

  The end of the story.

  You make me

  I'm lost to the point

  Where denying us

  Is the only freedom that I have

  (which is none).

  The hardest truth to know

  Is that the more I love, the more

  I'm scared ? ?of losing you.

  I used to see this dependency as weakness

  But now, after years of resistance,

  I'm?finally learning to?let go,

  To die in your arms and be reborn,

  All in a flicker of shared breaths.

  And even though there're times

  When I'd like to run from you and hide,

  I know I can't, because we share this life.

  You make me

  And we are one.

  I'd rather die young

  I'm scared of getting old,

  And suffering for no gain at all

  Waiting for death

  Too slow to approach.

  I'm scared of dying on my own,

  I'd rather die before;

  In the prime of my life,

  With beauty and purpose

  Filling up my heart.

  May it be a surprise,

  May I smile and feel alive,

  Be complete and awake,

  The magic of the moment;

  May I fall in love with death.


  Habitually I get out of bed,

  Brush my teeth,

  Habitually I kiss

  Her dry morning lips and welcome myself.

  Then I eat, habitually too

  And I live each day,

  Monday through Sunday,

  Without ever asking why

  Until surprised?

  I die.

  And the world

  Suddenly becomes

  So new, un-habitually so.


  A fear of loneliness penetrates my cells.

  Space irrelevant and time

  So merciless.

  Unlike material things,

  Only dreams allow the choice

  To set me free and to fulfil the most isolating wish;

  To live

  But not to feel.

  Eternal death that never rests,

  Knowledge brings dividing lies

  And only fools admit they know,

  Gone for good, far reaching truth of doubt.

  Dying man

  A dying man once told me

  'Life is unfair', by life meaning death.

  Nothing is more fair, I thought

  As I looked deeply into his fading eyes,

  Feeling deceptively immortal.

  Bars and walls

  Two men locked against their will

  Prisoners of life in two tiny cells;

  Bare walls and bars,

  Small thoughts and unreliable hopes.

  One man prays every single day

  Talks to the God and expects

  To find his peace and sanity,

  Right outside of himself.

  The other man counts ever single brick,

  He wants to know, understand and be familiar with

  Those enclosing walls, for
it is his world.

  Firing squad

  A young man about to be shot

  By a firing squad.

  Sentenced by a martial court,

  His crime: love.

  The executioner asks for his final words,

  But there's not much to say

  So the young man is given

  His?last cigarette?to smoke.

  Probably feeling that one day we all be dead

  They treat him like another man,

  A living being still stands in front of them.

  But time has no mercy

  And in just a minute or two on his pale?face

  They'll place a dark hood;

  With his back against the wooden pole,

  He will be shot

  And forgotten a rabid dog.


  I feel so fragile

  Like a baby bird;

  Unable to fly,

  Unable to escape,

  Dependent on others,

  Deprived of a choice,


  Scared of the world.

  Yet I trust that one day

  I will spread my wings

  And learn how to fly.

  I will chase the wind

  And kiss the sky.

  Wet and cold

  It's an early morning, outside wet and cold.

  Even my dog glued to the carpet

  Refuses to go for a walk

  But we must

  Face the day

  With a smile and a brave face.

  We must show them

  That, regardless of it all, we can thrive

  Persevere and walk

  Through the struggles of our life.

  Prayer to self

  Love thyself, my dear;

  Knowledge is for fools

  Who strive

  To be better than they are.

  Relax your stride and feel each step,

  Hear the whisper of your soft care,

  And each day speak to yourself

  The amorous words you already know.

  Acceptance grows on its fertile soil.

  And know

  Nothing other than

  To love thyself.

  Hold me tight

  Hold me tight, please.

  Embrace me close

  When I'm quick and intense

  Or dull and long.

  As good as you can,

  Hold me tight.

  Do not throw me out, push away, ignore or curse.

  Please, just hold me tight;

  For I'm your fear,

  I'm your dearest pain.

  So hold me tight and be with me, my friend.

  Walk away

  Just walk away.

  From the voice in your head,

  Calling your name

  Just ignore it and be yourself.

  Walk into a foreign peaceful space.

  Do it,

  Only step by step.

  Even if

  That voice brings you down

  And tells you the lies that you always trust,

  Just walk away, and remember:

  It's not your voice

  Inside your head.

  May I

  May I sleep while I'm awake,

  Be as real as I am fake,

  May I hold and let it go,

  May I be?what I'm not,

  Be as open as I'm closed,

  Choose the obvious, know the choice,

  Look at us?and cry with joy,

  Build the trust that?I destroy.

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