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       Charlie and Me, p.3

           Jarrett Yap
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the moonlight. Light snow falling adds to the atmosphere as we stood under the street light. It could only look like a scene out of a romantic movie. That night, I felt like life could not get any better.

  The Fight

  I would like to believe that a couple, who had never fought, could never truly understand each other. For it is in anger that our true colors show. As much as I regret that day, I was thankful for it, for without it, we would not have come to where we are today.

  It was a crucial time for me as we are to prepare our annual reports and present them to our boss. Those who performed could actually be offered a raise. I, for one, had been eyeing for the raise for quite a while. I mean, how could I move on in life with my current salary? I worked hard day and night. I’ve been missing out on sleep and relied heavily on my coffee every morning. All I had in mind was, at least there’s food on Chuck’s bowl and my work. Target, target, target. Reports, reports, reports. Those were the things that occupied my mind.

  It was a Saturday morning when it happened. Charlie had an off day and decided to pay me a visit at home. As she entered, I was fixed on my laptop, ignoring her. Or at least that’s what I remembered, or what she told me. Surprised at the condition of the house, Charlie began cleaning the house as I sat there, eyes on my laptop. The next thing I know, Charlie came up to me with a stern look on her face.

  “Were you even listening to me?” she huffed.

  “What?” I turned to her, a blank look plastered on my face.

  “You apartment, can you at least keep it clean?” she said.

  “I’m sorry” I apologized and went straight back to my laptop.

  Charlie just walked away with a sigh.

  This cycle went on not once, not twice, but a couple of times. It was the same pattern until one day; the pattern was a little different. This time, instead of walking away with a sigh, she slammed the coffee beside me.

  “You know what. This is not working out.” She almost screamed.

  “What’s not working out? Can’t you see that I’m busy.” I brushed her off.

  “Your priorities are all over the place. Chuck is uncared for, your apartment is all messy. And you, you’re all messy. What has gotten into you?!” Charlie shouted.

  “Who do you think I’m doing this for? With this measly salary, how do you expect me to take care of things in the future?” I said.

  “What’s the point of a future when you’re losing your present? You know what, I’m leaving. This is pointless. And here, here are your keys! I’m taking Chuck with me. I can’t see him suffering here with you.” Charlie said as she took her bag, lay down my apartment keys, grabbed Chuck and stomped out the door.

  I rolled my eyes and the next thing I know, my hand swung, hit the cup of coffee and now, the coffee is all over the floor.

  The Reconciliation

  A few days passed and guilt had finally taken over. What have I done? Overwhelmed by guilt, I could only lie in bed, beating myself up. I’ve lost Charlie, the only one around that actually cared for me. I’ve lost Chuck.

  I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to make things right. I didn’t know if she would take me back, but it was worth a shot. I cleaned up my act. I began with cleaning the house up. Maybe that would ease my guilt a little. As I cleaned my room, I found the card Charlie gave me on our 5th month together. There, she wrote a reply to a vow I sent her. As I read her card, I began to tear. Sniffling, I walked to the bathroom and got cleaned up. The next thing I know, I was running out of my house and I stopped by the florist.

  My heart raced as I waiting in front of Charlie’s house. Will she take me back? Will she reject me? My heart was confused, but I knew I had to do it. A few hours passed and Charlie was nowhere to be seen. As far as I knew, she was not on call that day. Her house was dark as the sun set shows that she’s not at home. Where could she be?

  Hours passed and I felt like I was on the verge of giving up. There I sat, on the steps, looking at my watch as a shadow blocked the street lamp light. I looked up to find Charlie, looking at me.

  “What are you doing here?” she said, her face, annoyed by my very presence.

  I stood up, heart racing in fear and guilt.

  “I’m… I’m sorry.” I uttered.

  “Whatever.” She said as she shoved me aside.

  “To hold you when you laugh, to hold you when you cry” I said.

  “To love you till I could no longer see you” she whispered.

  “And beyond.” I continued.

  She turned around. A drop of tear fell through her face.

  “I’m sorry for the times I upset you. For the time I did not care. And most of all, I’m sorry I did not run after you.” I said.

  Charlie leaned forward and whispered, “Forgiven” and kissed me on the cheek.

  There, we reconciled and it was there, a new chapter began. One we promised to talk it out, for we vowed to love each other, till death, and beyond.

  The Proposal

  Charlie and I had been together for almost 5 years now. I knew it was time to move one. It was that night that I planned the biggest thing that could happen to me. It was our 5th anniversary and I wanted to make it special. Under the guise of it being our 5th anniversary, I told Charlie I had a surprise for her.

  Fortunately, she played along as I placed the blindfold on her as she entered my car. (Yes, by that time, I had my raise and I’ve gotten a car myself) She questioned a lot but I kept telling her it’s a surprise. After about half an hour, we’ve reached our destination. As I opened the door and she took my hand, gentle breeze swept our faces, bringing the scent of the ocean we both enjoy.

  “Are we at the beach?” Charlie asked.

  I took off her blindfold. Charlie covered her mouth in shock. Lined in a pathway, were our friends, all dressed in white. In the first row, Katie and her husband, Ross handed us white heart shaped balloons. As we walked past them, the line of friends holding candles led to a heart shaped arrangement of candles. As we stood in the middle of the heart, I got on one knee and uttered the question that a man should only utter to his only one, the most important question of all.

  “Charlotte Reina Willows, will you take me, Schuyler Abernathy Lee, to be your husband?”

  Covering her mouth in shock and disbelief, Charlie could only nod as she stretched out her hand for me to put the ring on her finger. I put the ring on her finger and as we embraced each other, our friends walked over, with applause and cheering that could cause a ruckus through the night.

  That was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. That was how I met the love of my life. I know they said that there will be a lot of ups and downs that will await us, but with Charlie by my side, I know we can sail through storms and conquer mountains.

  To be continued…

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