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Dream travel, p.1
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       Dream Travel, p.1

           Janet Gillooly
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Dream Travel
Dream Travel

  by Janet Gillooly

  Chapter 1

  Jane O'Hara lived in Decatur, Alabama during her childhood but now resides in St Leonard, Maryland. She was raised in a big Catholic family however the family did not remain close like in her childhood. She now lived with her boyfriend David Shane after years of loneliness.

  She sat reflecting on her life and realized that her life had been difficult but she was looking forward to better times. David, her boyfriend was willing to support her goal of trying to become a published writer. Jane had received a Masters in Counseling Psychology but realized she had no interest in pursuing this field.

  Jane had become a devoted Catholic Christian over the years after she gave up drugs and alcohol. She spent all her time praying, writing and going to church. She did her exercise on the treadmill and she was frustrated with dieting. Jane spent many hours listening to tapes on spirituality, novels and poem s. She read a great deal of poetry. She was interested in becoming a poet and novelist.

  Jane is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and green eyes however, she has put on an additional twenty pounds which, she is u1ing to lose. Her boyfriend David is a handsome man with dark features. He is six feet two inches tall whereas, Jane is five feet, eight inches tall. David Shane is a gourmet cook and makes excellent money.

  He and Jane have a very nice garage apartment out in the country. He is a very clean man and dresses nicely. He loves Jane and eventually wants to marry her. "I wish I could have a successful career for once," Jane thought. She knew there would be many rejection letters to face from publishers, magazines and literary agents. She was hoping to find her purpose in life.

  She felt badly for not living up to her beliefs but there was no way she could not have sex before marriage. She knew people in church would consider her a hypocrite for living with her boyfriend, so she tried not to get too close with church members. Jane felt God under stood her heart and would not be so harsh as people.

  Jane felt she noticed a lot of spiritual signs, miracles and wonders that most did not notice. She felt good about her prayer life and her spiritual growth. Jane knew there was always room for improvement.

  David came home from work while Jane was writing. "Hi", he said.

  "Hi. How was work?" she said.

  "Oh, the usual."

  "I love you," she said.

  "I love you too."

  They settled down to bed, which meant no love making. Jane realized they were like an old married couple and he was usually too tired to last long. They only had sex once every three weeks . She appreciated everything else about their relationship but she just assumed the love making would not get much better.

  Jane had a few people she could talk to but most people had no interest in being bothered. Jane had experienced a lot of losses over the years. She lost her brother, dad and a son through a tubule pregnancy. She also lost a friend through cancer. Her brother died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a cracked furnace. Her dad died of a heart attack at age sixty. She did not know for sure what sex her baby was but just had a feeling. She was forty now and her circle of friends had diminished immensely.

  Jane was not much interested in pursuing any more friendships at the time since she had been hurt a lot. She got lonely sometimes but she just tried to keep busy and accept her circumstances. She would devote all her time to writing and reading since she loved to learn. She felt blessed with her life but certainly wanted to improve it.

  Jane could not remember her dreams too often but when she did they were always nightmares. Now and then she would have a spiritual dream and felt good about them. She prayed often to remember her dreams because she felt them to be of great significance.

  Jane went to listen to new authors speak at a workshop. She

  was very excited and found the authors informative. She met a woman there who was also forty, attractive and very friendly. Jane was not usually impressed with most people. She found most people to be guarded and aloof. This woman seemed different to Jane. The woman's name was Demelza Kane.

  "Hi. What did you think of the speakers?" asked Demelza .

  "They were okay," said Jane.

  "You do not seem too thrilled."

  "I just wonder if I will ever be a writer!"

  "Sure you will. Why don't we get together on a regular basis and do things together. We could help each other with our writing."

  "That would be nice. Do you have any children?"

  "No I do not but I am married."

  "I live in sin," Jane said.

  "Do you have any children Jane?"

  "No I don't."

  "Good we have a lot in common. Let’s exchange phone numbers before we leave."

  "Great," exclaimed Jane.

  The two ladies parted company. Jane felt hopeful that maybe she found a new friend that was local but did not have high expectations. She probably figured that Demelza would not really be interested in getting too close. She figured if they did get too close it would lead to fights. Jane wondered if she really would have someone to do things with since, she did most things by herself except, when her boyfriend was off from work. Now and then she got together with some of her friends but most of them were phone friends.

  Jane loved her apartment becau se they kept it clean. There were windows in all the rooms except the bathroom. She loved being surrounded by trees and the landlord took care of his lawn, which was very green. She would look out the window looking at the beauty outside while, listening to classical music. She loved all music but nothing made her soul feel rich like classical music did. Now and then she would spot wild turkeys out in the yard.

  She was a chain smoker, which always concerned her and David. She felt she needed those 'ciggs' to deal with life. Nights were hard on her sometimes because that is when she wrestled with her demons. She had always had problems going asleep early. David would fall asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. She knew it was because she had not done early hour s for a job in years. She was so grateful to just play housewife and a poor author.

  David was good to her in a lot of ways and she was gentle towards him. David would however, lose patience easily and try to blame his moods on her. She would try to calm him down when he got like this. He always felt bad when he got like that. Jane knew neither one of them were perfect but they greatly appreciated each other.Jane knew she aggravated him but always knew he really cared.

  He was her greatest confidant.

  Jane knew she was inconsiderate in ways and that she had strange habits. David wanted everything to be perfect but perfection was not Jane's main objective. Even though both of them had their problems tl1ey were the best of friends.

  Jane went asleep that night and dreamt she was in Africa taking care of some poor sick children. In her dream Mother Mary appeared, urging her to continue saving souls.

  "Do not lose faith and continue praying," Mary whispered. Jane then awoke from her dream. The dream seemed so real that she felt like she had really been to Africa. Jane had visions at times in her life when she closed her eyes but certainly not like in this dream. She wondered if Mary really was speaking to her. Jane had always felt disappointed that Mary and Jesus never appeared to her.

  Jane was sitting out in the kitchen drinking coffee when David walked out into the kitchen. "Good morning. Oh, you made coffee," David said.

  ''Yes baby," Jane said. "I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I was in Africa helping poor children and Motl1er Mary told me to continue my work. Do you think I was really there?"

  "Only in your dreams." David did not believe in such crap although he did believe in God. ''Your prayers haven't done you any good and they didn't prevent my mother from dying. My dad d
ied years ago. God isn't going to do anything for you. You have to do it


  "Oh, you of little faith."

  "Don't wear your halo too tight."

  ''You don't think anyone can have visions or travel in their dreams?" she asked.

  "No most of those people are delusional," he sarcastically


  "Oh, honey you are so negative and pessimistic. You should pray more."

  ''You're right honey."

  "I sure will be glad when we can afford to do something besides ju st errands," Jane said.

  'We will soon baby now that I am getting more hours,'' he


  David and Jane did the usual errands and chores. They spent all their time together and went to church together. The only time they were not together was when David went to the car races. He promised her that they would go somewhere on vacation some day soon.

  The phone rang and David answered it. "Hi. Yes just a

  minute .Jane you have a phone call." "Hi Demelza how are you?" "I am fine. How are you?" "I'm fine."

  'When do you want to get together?"

  "How about Monday?" Jane asked.

  "That will be fine. I will-give you a call Monday."

  "Can I tell you about a dream I had?" Jane asked. Jane took all her phone calls in the bedroom so she could talk in private.

  ''Yes, please do."

  "I dreamt that I was in Africa taking care of poor children and Mother Mary appeared to me. She told me to continue to save souls. She also told me not to lose faith and keep praying. What do you think?"

  "It sounds interesting. I am a Catholic also. Hey I think that is a good sign."

  "Do you think she really appeared to me?" Jane probably figured she didn't go to Africa.

  "I think so!I can't wait to see you Monday. I want to hear more about this dream. Ross is home so I'd better go. I'll call you Monday, " she said.

  "Great that will be fine. I'll see you on Monday,'' Jane finished. 'Who was that honey?"

  "A new friend I met at the writers workshop. I like her a lot."

  "Good honey."

  "I love talking. I think we are going to get along fine." They finished talking and hung up.

  David was already asleep for the night soJan e just lay there thinking. She wondered if she would get anywhere with her writing. She wondered if the dream meant anything. She felt hopeful and fell asleep easily.

  It was Monday and Demelza called Jane like she said she would. Jane got directions and went over to Demelza's house. Jane arrived at her new friend's house and turned off her car. The house was out in the country and a very nice home. Jane felt right at home with Demelza.

  "Hi Jane come right in. I've got lunch for us and cookies. I've made roast beef sandwiches. Is that okay?"

  "That is great. I sure love your home it is so nice!" "Thanks, I like it. Tell me more about your dream."

  Jane was looking around noticing the blue, soft looking couch in the living room and the beautiful blue shiny kitchen floor. "Oh, there isn't much to tell about the dream. I just felt like I had been there to Africa for real."

  "Don't you believe in dream travel?"

  "I don't know. I certainly know Padre Pio seemed to be able to."

  "Oh, Jane it sounds like this dream could mean something.

  Did you dream anymore last night?"

  "Not that I can remember."

  "Jane please let me know if you have anymore of those dreams. I think dreams are fascinating! Any thing can happen when you are."

  Jane seemed to sense a super spiritual glow surrounding her new friend. She seemed to believe in Jane even though she didn't know her. She was so open and free to discuss anything. Demelza was forty with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She baked cakes when she was not writing. Her husband Ross was a chemical engineer for NASA.

  "Thatis very interesting about Ross being a chemical engineer for NASA!" Jane exclaimed. "My dad use to work for NASA as a cl1emical engineer also. What a cuwinkedink!"

  "That is interesting," Demelza said. "I believe we were suppose to meet. Oh,, I do hope you like talking a lot."

  They went on talking for a couple hours. "Well I need to be going."

  "Oh, boy, you have been here two hours already. Can you imagine after we really get talking? I'll walk you out to the car."

  Jane left feeling very hopeful about her new friendship. She decided she would go home to continue writin g on her novel. God had answered her prayers again.

  Patrick O'Conner was a volunteer for the Peace Core. He had a good jo b as a manager for his dad's business, which was mostly antiques and art. His dad had acquired this bu siness through his wealth as a lawyer. Patrick also took care of collecting money for the big condominium duplex that his dad owned. Patrick acquired his wealth from his dad.

  Patrick was raised a Catholic and even though he had it easy financially, he never lacked compassion for those who did not have it so easy. He was very spiritual and at one time though t he might become a monk. Instead he did volunteer work for the Peace Corp. He did a lot for the Peace Core in the summer months. This time he was to go to Africa.

  He was raised in Dallas, Texas. This is where he and his dad lived all their life. They had a big mansion out in the country. His mom passed away when he was only ten years old. She had been killed in a tragic car accident due to a drunk.

  Patrick knew he would be going to Africa in the next two weeks. He had to get packed and be ready to leave by plane. He was really excited about going to Africa. He had been lots of places bu t he never enjoyed any place like he did in Knock, Ireland. He took the trip to Knock on his own which had nothing to do with the Corps.

  Knock was a beautifu l small town with lots of religious functions. He saw the poor there just like anywhere else. He loved the spiritual devotion of these people. He was among many tourists there. Knock is a site sanctified by the Catholics for the visions that took place tl1ere. He knew he would have to go back there to visit again.

  The plane was in the air and he was on his way to Africa. He wondered what this jou rney would bring. He felt lonely for a mate sometimes but tried to put it out of his mind.

  Jane was wondering if she would ever get to travel. She would love to go to Knock, Ireland but knew it would probably be awhile. She wanted to travel but was not crazy about planes. She hated the idea of not being able to smoke on planes.

  "Hello." said Jane answering the telephone.


  "Hello Karen." Karen was Jane's sister. Their relationship could be close at times but mostly Karen never called.

  ''Mom is having a birthda y party for Annie. She turns five Friday. We thought you would like to come."Annie was their brother 's daughter.

  ''Yes, I will be there Friday."

  ''Yes everyone will be there. I gotta go get some dinner."

  "Okay, well I'll talk to you later,"Jane said.

  "Is everyone going to be there? I just thought I would call you ."

  Jane went asleep that night and began to dream. She was in Africa again in her dreams. Mother Mary appeared to her again. "Your life will not go to waste," Mary said. "You have so much to look forward to so do not despair. I am with you always and your prayers will be rewarded greatly."

  In the dream Jane could see her so clearly. The night was cool and there was a glow that surround ed the sky. Mary was so beautiful to behold. The moon was full and she saw a red glow around it.

  Jane awoke with a creepy feeling. She felt scared in the dream and she did not know why. How could she be scared after having such a beautiful dream. She jus t laid there trying to remember her dream.

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