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           Jana Leigh
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Finally Home Taming of a White Wolf

  Finally Home: Taming of a White Wolf

  Chosen Wars

  Book Three

  Author: Jana Leigh and Rose Colton

  Editor: Caroline Kirby and ML Hill

  © Copyright May 2013 JK Publishing, Inc.

  All cover art and logo © Copyright 2013 by JK Publishing, Inc.

  All rights reserved.

  Artwork by JK Publishing, Inc.

  Published by JK Publishing, Inc.

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  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales are entirely coincidental.

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  Dear Readers,

  I want to thank my friend Rose Colton for helping me write this book. As you all have noticed, I have a lot of books coming out, and without the help of my peeps, this would never have been able to get done. Running a business as well as being an author has proven to be both demanding and entertaining. I have loved every minute of this. SO please enjoy this book. I am really getting back into the writing, and you will see the Drekinn as well as my new cowboy series coming soon.

  Jana Leigh

  Table of Contents


  ~Chapter One

  ~Chapter Two

  ~Chapter Three

  ~Chapter Four

  ~Chapter Five

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  ~Chapter Thirteen

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  ~Excerpt from A Time for Change


  Roarke grinned with satisfaction as he heard the scream come from down the hall. Soon, soon he would have the answers he wanted. He turned and studied the vampire before him. "We have discovered how to make her tell us what she knows,” he said and turned toward the office door, practically rubbing his hands with anticipation. “Coming?"

  Diavolo rolled his eyes and followed Roarke down the hall to one of Roarke's torture chambers. Why he followed, he had no clue, this stupid shifter would never be able to do what he did, nor would he be able to get the information they needed. Torture was an art, one that Roarke had no clue how to do, he enjoyed it too much. Torture was about inflicting the right amount of pain and getting the information before you took the joy of killing your prey. Roarke was too uncivilized to know the difference.

  When he entered the room, he saw a woman hanging by her arms from the ceiling, naked. She was beaten to the point that he couldn't see any part of her face that wasn't swollen or bleeding, and she had various cuts along her body that were designed to not seriously injure, but make her talk. Any other time, Diavolo would have enjoyed this, probably even been the one who delivered the blows, but he was not in the mood. Cat was the only thing on his mind, and getting his bitch of a slave back where she belonged.

  Roarke nodded to a woman in the corner who Diavolo knew to be his head witch. The witch walked up to the crying, hanging woman and began to chant. The prisoner screamed and arched her back, begging the pain to stop.

  Diavolo knew how much Roarke loved watching this, as he said, uncivilized. Diavolo was going to kill the son of a bitch before he allowed the asshole to fuck up his plan. He was not in the mood to wait for all of this shit going on. His "partner" was rubbing himself through his pants and getting more excited by the moment. It was disgusting to watch and left a bad taste in his mouth. If Diavolo were in charge, he would have waited to gain any pleasure from this torture.

  Diavolo wanted answers and after waiting for so long, they were finally going to get them. Roarke may be getting off on this, but he was not, and as soon as he had the information, he was gone. There were plenty of bitches he could torture for fun, and get off with. At least until he found Cat, then he'd have a lifetime of fun. Roarke may be a sick, murdering bastard, but he was nowhere close to being as twisted as the man standing next to him was.

  The witch continued to chant while the woman screamed and pleaded for her life. Suddenly, there was a burst of light and wings sprouted out of the back of the prisoner. The witch turned to Roarke and half bowed, then turned and walked out. Roarke nodded to one of the guards and watched while the guard chose a knife from the table nearby. The guard slowly began to circle the winged prisoner.

  Diavolo looked on in disinterest. These were not schooled sadists, they were amateurs, causing too much damage too fast. It made him think more on the matter of killing these assholes and taking over. The Rogues would be run much better with him at the helm.

  "Let's try this one more time," Roarke said. "Where are they going?"

  "Please," the woman begged. "Please let me go, I know nothing.” Diavolo could barely understand what she was saying and he figured it was due to a broken jaw.

  Roarke nodded again to the guard, and his minion slowly began to lower the knife to one of her wings. He made a quick stab in one and then slowly began to slice into the other. The woman began to wail and beg him to stop. She tried to twist and turn away as she screamed in excruciating pain.

  Roarke grabbed her chin and turned it to him, "Where?"

  The woman moaned and said, "They go to the new compound. The compound of the Senate."

  "Senate? What the fuck is that?” he yelled. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath then his eyes popped open and he looked at the woman with a feral grin. "Now, you will tell me everything,” he said as he looked to the guard and nodded for him to begin again. The stupid bitch would tell him everything.


  Diavolo handed Roarke a scotch on the rocks, as he poured himself a brandy. "Well, well, this is an interesting turn of events," Diavolo said and swirled the drink in his glass looking at the man. Until just a few moments ago, Diavolo would have sworn he knew how far Roarke would go to find information on the Chosen. However, this, no this, was way beyond what he ever thought. He would have to think about this later. Roarke made too many mistakes, he liked the thrill too much, which was a trap he would never fall into. When you liked torture, you would never get the information you needed.

  Diavolo only had one obsession, and that was Cat. He wanted to find her in the worst way, it didn’t matter to him that she had found her mates, or that her blood was now tainted. No, it was more important to him that she pay for the inconvenience of making him chase her all over hell and back.

  "Yes, it could be. Do you have enough supporters over there? A place you can set up?” Roarke was holding onto his control by a thread. Diavolo could tell, and he was not going to be the one w
ho pushed him over, he wanted to live to see another day.

  According to the prisoner, the Chosen had almost pulled it off. There was another part of the prophesy they were trying to protect and of course, he had been clever enough to figure it out. Now they had to destroy it before it began.

  The Chosen was setting up in Europe. This new group was to be called the Senate and would be set up much like the New Council, where the members would all have homes on the property so they could meet. The Senate would have twelve members like the New Council, and from there, they would be able to help the American Council with the Pack, Prides, etc., here in Europe. There was something special about the females of the Senate. Diavolo and the rest of the Rogues unfortunately discovered too late because of Cat. Now they were playing catch up again, and it pissed Roarke off.

  This was unacceptable; they had to find a way to end this before it got much farther, they had to think of a way to stop this now. Roarke wasn’t going let anything stand in his way of getting what he wanted—and that was to eliminate the Chosen. Diavolo wanted Cat; the Chosen needed to be put on notice. No, they would not get away with this. This Senate couldn't be allowed to be established, Diavolo would see to that, and then he would have his prize. He would also have to reevaluate his crazy ass “partner” also; the time may be coming for a new head in this organization. First things first though.

  "I have more than enough men to begin with,” Diavolo said with an evil grin. "This will also enable me to track Cat, she has been a very naughty girl."

  "Yes, well just don't forget our primary mission, we must not let the Chosen establish their little Senate,” Roarke sneered. "Gather your men, you leave at dusk."

  Diavolo nodded and left the room as he clenched his hands at his sides, trying to prevent them from wrapping around Roarke's neck. If he didn't need the Intel that Roarke was able to get, he would've killed him long ago. After he dispatched with this so-called Senate, he would return to the States and be rid of him finally.

  Chapter One

  Orfeo, Tripp, Brin, and Dante all sat in Orfeo's office discussing the events of the last few weeks. It seemed the magical community was coming out of the woodwork faster than they expected. Although Orfeo had purchased the majority of the land that bordered his family's and had begun to build, they had to set up temporary housing in different areas for the different types of magical beings that had arrived on their doorstep.

  They certainly couldn’t put wolf shifters in the same vicinity as the felines—no one wanted to be responsible for that mess. And the Trolls were just a fucking mess to begin with. Cat and the others had a bet on how they actually mated. So far, they had only seen the male Trolls, with no females. No one wanted to ask the question to the gruff men. They were a bit scary, although, Orfeo seemed to think they were going to make excellent Warriors when they were trained.

  "For the most part, I have finished the paperwork for registration and have begun documenting the representatives from each of the clans that have shown up so far," Brin stated.

  "That's good. Cat and Jax are trying to see that everyone is comfortable or as comfortable as they can be until a more permanent housing situation can be figured out,” Orfeo stated from behind his desk.

  "Last night’s scuffle has been taken care of, the trolls have been moved to the southernmost portion of the land. In addition, I am told that Eric Sillen, the son of the leader of the Fae clan in Sweden, has arrived. He would like to speak with us as soon as possible regarding one of his members,” Dante informed them.

  The vampire thought his days of security were over when he had become a part of the Senate, how wrong he was. Dante still had to make sure that Bane was fully briefed, as he was the head of security for the Senate and head of security for the compound, along with regulating the many different species of magical creatures that have been pouring in once news went out about the Senate.

  “We will talk to him now. I don’t like the sound of this.” Orfeo frowned and looked around the room. They knew they had become part of the prophesy of the Chosen, they found hidden papers indicating somehow they were involved.

  “Is there any word from Jordan about what they have found?” Dante asked.

  The historical keeper of the Chosen was looking for why exactly they had gotten involved in this. Not that any of them cared, they wanted exactly what the New Council wanted: to reveal themselves to the humans and live free among them. Having those stupid fairytales continually being told when something could not be explained was driving Orfeo nuts. He was a bit intense, and the perfect person to lead the European Senate.

  There were too many communities across the world to get them all together and agree on what Quin and his people wanted to do. So Quin and his mates suggested they make another New Council Senate Compound in Europe, Italy to be more exact. They were encouraging magical communities coming to the compound to make a small outreach community. This allowed the New Council to see where their support was and make sure the Rogues weren’t able to destroy a community like the one they had in Ireland.

  Roarke and Diavolo were vicious, Quin and Jaden were ready to find them, kill them, and then ask questions later. However, they needed to know how many followers he had, because if they cut off the head of the organization, the tentacles would still be there.

  “I will send him in, and then we can decide what to do from there, but seriously, Diavolo will get nowhere close to Cat. He is obsessed, and Jax is at risk also, in fact, any female that we have join the Senate will have special blood. How the hell are we going to find them all before the Rogues? They could be human, shifter, anything according the new translation of the prophesy,” Orfeo said, frustrated he could not solve everything because that was the kind of man he was.

  “We need to get some help. Someone has to have a gift given to them that will help,” Brin said logically.

  “We need to talk to the heads of the clans, packs, and prides that are showing up. It is beginning to become imperative that we have some help,” Dante said calmly.

  “We should call Quin and the New Council,” Tripp said, knowing his previous Alphas would take action immediately if they asked. So far, they had allowed the Senate to try to get this all together themselves. However, there would come a time when they would need help from the New Council.

  “Make the call. Let’s hear what Eric has to say,” Orfeo said and ran a hand over his face. Long days were beginning to get to him. He wanted time with his mates, and so far, that had been very limited. It was beginning to piss him off.

  Dante stood, opened the door, and nodded.


  "So you see, we searched for days and were unable to find anything out about her whereabouts. As with all Fae, my father is able to feel each one of his children and two nights ago, he felt her death. Of this, we are certain. What we don't know is why,” Eric Sillen stated as he addressed the Senate. "We were able to track her to the States. We believe the Rouges took her there. We felt you should be warned as my father had just announced our intent to relocate here with the Senate. With all of the disappearances that have been happening throughout Europe, he felt this was the safest course of action. He sends his humblest apologies for not making this trip to explain this himself; however, he had to stay behind to console my mother as well as facilitate the upcoming move."

  "It is completely understandable, Eric. We, of course, extend our deepest condolences to you and your family at the loss of your sister. We will alert security and act accordingly,” Orfeo stated as he looked around the room. "Dante, I want you to work with Bane on finding out what you can from the Council in regards to this latest incident. We will also need to send extra security to the airstrip to meet our guests."

  Brin nodded his head. "I'll make some calls and see what I can find out also."

  After setting a time to meet the next day, Orfeo and Eric stayed behind in Orfeo's office to discuss the relocation further as the others went out in search of answers to the question t
hat was running through all of their minds. What was Roarke up to?

  Dante, Brin, and Tripp walked down the hall into an empty room. Dante exploded when he shut the door.

  “What the fuck are they up to. Killing magical beings is not going to get them what they want. They want to stop the Chosen, they want the humans to be puppets for them. How is killing, some of the strongest magical people, going to accomplish that?” Dante yelled.

  Brin put his hand on his mate’s shoulder. “We will figure this out.”

  “How many have to die at their hands. You know as well as I do the first thing you were thinking when Eric was explaining his sister’s death was that she was tortured. He is a fuckin’ prick. What if he gets Cat or Jax?” Dante continued, flinging his arms out.

  The girls had been put into self-defense training, Jax was doing amazingly well, and Cat was enjoying a little too much training with the guns. Tripp made sure he was monitoring their progress.

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