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       Luca - You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia #2), p.6

           Jaimie Roberts
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  She snapped her head my way with a frown. “I’m not delusional. I’m just stating a fact. Do you realise what Antonio has planned for you? If you did, then you would come to see how my being here is going to save you a lot of heartache and pain.”

  I was confused. “What do you mean? Why am I here? If he wants me dead just to get back at Luca, then why hasn’t he done it already?”

  She sat back down on the bed and started stroking my leg. “He doesn’t want you dead. He wants to hold you prisoner for as long as he can and film him doing…” She looked away in horror.

  Realising what she was getting at, I shook my head. “Rachael, no. You have to let me go.”

  “I can’t. We’re in too deep now. I agreed to this only if he didn’t do all the terrible things he was planning. I suggested that just holding you would be enough.”

  “Yes, it would be. I suppose you realise that if Luca ever finds you both that things are going to turn ugly quickly.”

  Rachael smiled. “We’ll just have to make sure it never comes to that. Antonio’s set a trap. He knows full well he’ll come looking for you. He will be so consumed with rage that he won’t think straight. It will be his biggest downfall.”

  I saw how smug she looked, and it made me want to throw up. “Why does it look like you’re happy about that?”

  Rachael looked desperate and angry. “Because he took the one thing I ever cared about away from me. Can’t you see? If we got Luca out of the picture, then we could go back to normal. You and I could be happy again.”

  Oh for fuck’s sake, I was beginning to really lose my patience with this girl. She didn’t think she was delusional, but then again, delusional people didn’t think they were.

  I fell silent for a while, trying to think of a way to turn this around in my favour. “Rachael, why don’t you let me go and let me take care of Luca? I will tell him I don’t want him anymore.”

  I watched as her lips curled up into a smile, and for a moment, I thought I had her. It wasn’t long before her face changed into something more serious. “Nice try, Clara. I’m not that stupid. You won’t be like this straight away, but I can guarantee that after spending some time with me, you will begin to change your mind. I will do my best to keep Antonio away from you. You have no idea what he has in store. It would make you sick to your stomach.”

  Rising from the bed, Rachael stepped towards the door. “What does that mean? Rachael!” Too late, she was gone. I was left on my own, stuck in a wedding dress, and sprawled across a huge bed. Life couldn’t have been peachier.

  Resigned to the fact I was there and couldn’t escape, I started to think about Luca. I wasn’t afraid of Antonio and Rachael, but I probably should have been. I just felt so angry and let down by the fact that I had done so much for Rachael just to be repaid this way. Antonio was a little arsehole with nothing but vengeance on his mind. Luca was top dog around these parts, and Antonio didn’t like it. It was almost like watching a two-year-old man throwing a tantrum.

  Thinking about Luca, I could just imagine him shouting and screaming at everyone to find me. He must be frantic. We were supposed to be getting married the next day, and it was becoming obvious that that wasn’t going to happen. There were so many questions still unanswered about his time away from me. Tony watched me like a hawk and could tell Luca everything I was doing down to how many times I filed my nails a week. With Luca, I knew nothing. I was always kept in the dark, and he always had the upper hand.

  I smiled, losing myself in my own daydream. There I was—not knowing where the hell I was—and all I could think about was Luca. I had missed him so much, and after so many weeks apart, I had only a few hours with him before being ripped apart from him again. Everyone just seemed so against us. Rachael, Antonio, Isabella. Why couldn’t they all just crawl into a hole and die together?!

  I must have spent a good hour or two stewing on those things before I eventually, through sheer boredom, closed my eyes. It wasn’t long before I zonked out again.

  Through my heavy eyelids, I could feel a hand rubbing up my leg. I moaned, wishing it would just stop, so I could go back to sleep. The rubbing continued until eventually I felt it on my breast. What the hell was going on?

  Willing my eyes to open, I found myself staring into the eyes of Antonio “The Monster” Cavelli.

  “Ah, she’s awake. I prefer to sleep with my women while they’re awake.”

  I pulled at my ropes and glared at him. “Keep your fucking hands off me.”

  Antonio just laughed. He placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a phone. He dialled a number and waited patiently until whoever was on the other line answered.

  “Luca, it’s so good of you to take my call.”

  I heard Luca shouting at him through the phone. It was too muffled to hear exactly what was being said, but I could guarantee that whatever he was saying wasn’t for the fainthearted.

  “Luca, you need to stop shouting. Remember who’s in charge here. I have a special someone lying right in front of me. She looks stunning in her wedding dress. She has that new bride, ready-to-be-fucked look about her. She looks simply delicious.”

  Sliding higher up on the bed, Antonio started sliding his hand up my dress. “Get your fucking hands off me, you greasy, slimy piece of shit!”

  Antonio winked at me with a nauseating grin. “Your girl is quite the feisty one. I shall have some fun with her. Don’t worry. She’s in good hands. I’ll make sure to take good care of her. Show her what a real man is made of.” With that said, he hung up.

  Turning back to me, Antonio smiled and crawled on top of me. I stiffened and struggled, but all that did was cause him to smile. “You know, you could make this a lot easier on yourself if you just behaved.”

  Antonio pulled himself further up, and I immediately felt his hardness digging into me. Antonio inhaled my neck and nibbled at my earlobe.

  I pulled my neck away and started struggling again. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

  “You know, you really are quite the woman. I always wondered what it was that Luca and Rachael found so interesting about you. You’re quite the stunner, yes, but what is it that they know that I don’t? Am I missing out on something? Does your pussy shoot out gold or rainbows? If so, I simply have to have a taste.”

  “I’ve never touched Rachael, so how would she know?”

  Kissing his way down my chest, I heard his pathetic growl. “That’s not what I’ve heard. She wants to keep me away from you.”

  I could feel my heart beating a million miles an hour. Where was Rachael? “Then why isn’t she here, doing just that?”

  “She went to get us all some food. I promised I wouldn’t come in here, but I guess I’m a liar. You see, I have plans for you and me. A plan to give you something that will never let you forget me.”

  Trying to push him off my body was a useless effort. Every time I tried, he just dug himself into me more and smiled.

  “What the hell are you on about? Has anyone ever said you talk shit at times? You and Rachael belong with each other.”

  Laughing hard, Antonio’s hands started to wander a little bit more. “Rachael was just a means to an end. She knew all about you, and I needed that information to get to you. I have to say, I do know a lot about you now. She won’t stop fucking talking about you. It’s rather pathetic really, but hey, I got what I wanted out of it, and she’s not a bad fuck either. I wonder what it would be like to fuck you, Clara. Maybe I should see, ha?” Getting rougher now, Antonio pulled my dress up.

  “Leave me alone!” I tried, but I knew I would ultimately fail. He had my hands tied. “Why have you got me tied up? Are you afraid I’m going to kick your arse? Why don’t you let me free, so I can at least put up a fight?”

  Antonio smiled before pressing his lips against mine. I was getting frantic by that point. I knew exactly what was coming next, and there was bugger all I could do to stop him.

  Pulling himself away, Antonio ran his hands up my thigh.
“You know, Luca will never want you once I’ve marked you. How do you think he’s going to feel about you once he knows I have had my dick in you, ha? How do you think he’s going to feel once you have my baby inside you?”

  Eyes bulging, I glared at him. Did I just hear correctly?

  “You’re fucking sick. Do you know that?”

  Antonio pushed himself off me momentarily, but only to start shedding all his clothes. All I could do was shut my eyes and pretend this wasn’t happening. I didn’t want to see him naked. I didn’t want him on top of me naked. Just the mere thought had the nausea rising in my stomach.

  Once all of his clothes were off, Antonio climbed back on top of me and started pulling up my dress. “I’m going to enjoy this. I’m going to keep you prisoner every day and fuck you senseless. Once you have my baby inside you, I shall let you go. Try getting Luca to love you then.”

  “I would rather kill myself then let your demon spawn grow inside of me.”

  Antonio just smiled and was about to rid me of my knickers when Rachael threw the door open. “Antonio, what are you doing?”

  Rolling his eyes at me, Antonio got off the bed. “She wanted me. What can I say? It was hard to resist.”

  Rachael snapped her head to me, searching my eyes for an answer. “You don’t really believe any of that bullshit, do you?”

  “What am I going to do about this now?” Antonio looked down at his erection.

  To my utter surprise—and disgust—Rachael came over to him and kissed him. “Why don’t we put on a show for Clara? You’d like that wouldn’t you, baby?”

  Antonio growled, pulling Rachael to his mouth and devouring her like she was a piece of meat. “Why can’t we involve her? We could both have our fun then.”

  Rachael pulled away and began to strip for him. “No. It will be just you and me. I can make you feel good. You know I always make you feel good.”

  I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to watch what was about to obviously happen in front of me. I had been taken and placed in front of a freak show. The both of them were equally fucked up.

  With my eyes shut, I could still hear all the moans and groans filling the room. I so wanted to shut that part away as well, but I had no choice in the matter.

  “Clara, open your fucking eyes, or I swear to God, I will slit your Aunt Trudy’s throat. Do you hear me?”

  I instantly snapped my eyes open and saw a fierce-looking Antonio hovering over Rachael. She was lying on a table—spread-eagled—for the whole world to see. She had a seductive smile playing around the corners of her mouth as she played with her nipples.

  “Oh God, baby. I love knowing that she’s watching. Do you know how much that turns me on?”

  Focusing his attention back on Rachael, he placed himself in front of her and pushed his dick inside of her. Rachael gasped, and the small smile left her lips.

  “I want her to watch me. I want her to look at me.”

  Antonio growled in my direction, “Look at her!”

  I did as instructed and looked into Rachael’s eyes. It was sickening to watch him pound himself into her, knowing she was focused on me the whole time.

  Arching her back, she played with her nipples and licked her lips. Her eyes were glazing over with lust as she moaned aloud. “She’s going to make me come quick.”

  Me? What the fuck have I got to do with this? What a sick piece of shit she was. I couldn’t wait to get my hands free, so I could strangle her scrawny little neck.

  In my disgust, I turned my head away. “Clara, look at me!” Rachael shouted. I didn’t comply. “Antonio, I’ve lost it. She needs to look at me!” Her voice was like that of a child. She was pleading like a spoilt brat.

  “Clara, what have I said? Look at her. Now!”

  Remembering what he said about my aunt, I turned my head back to her. Rachael smiled and licked her lips again.

  “Oh, that’s it, baby. I’m going to come now. Clara, baby, you’re so good. Fuck me harder … yes … harder. Just like that, baby.”

  I held on to her stare, but I wanted to vomit. I could see her eyes glazing over even more with her impending orgasm. Not once did she take her eyes off me. She was coming, and she was making damn sure I experienced every second of it.

  As her lips parted, Rachael screamed the room down with her orgasmic cries. Antonio just sped faster, and it wasn’t long before he was right there with her.

  Snapping his head towards me, Antonio smiled, pulled out of Rachael, and came all over her belly. The whole time, he stared at me as he rubbed it into her stomach. I felt sickened by the whole thing. It took every bit of willpower I had not to vomit there and then. They probably thought their show was turning me on, but that was just how sick and twisted those two were.

  Once he was happy that all was rubbed in nicely, Antonio came over to my bed and stroked my face. “Did you like that, Clara?”

  I gritted my teeth and pulled my head away in disgust. “Fuck you.”

  “You’d like me to, wouldn’t you?” He leaned forward, breathing heavily in my ear. “You missed it this time, but there will be other opportunities.” He kissed my cheek and licked my face. “Did you like seeing me come all over her? I wouldn’t do that with you, though. No, you’ll get the special treatment. I’m going to enjoy coming inside of you.” He pulled his head away and smiled as he watched me squirm. Rachael was getting dressed, so Antonio quickly followed suit. “Don’t be too long,” he said, glancing towards Rachael. “We have to eat.”

  Rachael nodded and slipped her dress over her head. Antonio was soon out the door.

  “Why do you do it?” I asked in frustration. “Why do that to yourself? Did you even want to have sex with him?”

  Putting her hands on her hips, she shook her head. “I saved you, didn’t I? If I hadn’t of gotten here when I did, the scenario would have been completely different.”

  “I know. And, I’m grateful.” I smiled at her, letting her know how grateful I truly was. No matter how much I hated her, I needed her as an ally right now. Especially after hearing the sick plans Antonio had for me.

  Rachael sat on the bed next to me and smiled. “Don’t mention it. I will do what I can—especially after that orgasm. It was the best I have ever had!”

  Trying not to be sick again, I swallowed down my bile and smiled brightly.

  I cannot fucking believe this!

  “I’ll be back in a jiffy. I just need to make us all some food. You must be starving.”

  If she only knew!

  About another hour passed before Rachael came inside with a plate of chicken and rice. She hurriedly placed it down on the table, picked up a sharp knife, and came towards me. I instantly cringed.

  “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I want to set you free for now so you can eat. Will you promise not to do anything stupid? There are others out there, Clara. There isn’t any way to escape.”

  I looked up at her, wondering whether or not she was telling the truth. The only thing I could do was nod my head. “I promise not to do anything stupid.”


  Once my hands had been cut free, I felt instant relief. Even so, it hurt at first, and I had to massage my wrists a bit before the pain subsided. Even if I had wanted to do anything stupid, my sore arms were seeing to it that I couldn’t.

  Motioning with her knife, Rachael pointed towards the table. “Come. You must eat. I should imagine you’ll need the toilet by now, too?”

  I raised myself off the bed with a nod. “Yes. That would be nice. Thank you.”

  I had to grit my teeth to be polite to this woman. All I could dream about was ramming her pretty little head into the dining table, which she had been fucked on earlier. Instead, I had to sit at the same table and eat from it!

  I got tucking in and complemented her cooking. It was tempting to spit it all in her face, but for the time being, I needed her to be on my side.

  Once finished, she motioned toward the door at the far end of the
room, so I could use the bathroom. It was a relief to get away—even if it was only for a couple of minutes. I was disappointed to find that there were no windows in there, though. It made escaping via a different location virtually impossible. I did notice another door in the room, but it was most probably a closet. There was no denying it; I was trapped, and I was truly fucked.

  After freshening myself up, I opened the bathroom door to find Rachael patiently waiting with a smile plastered on that stupid face of hers.

  “Feeling better now?”

  “Yes, thank you. Although I’m wondering if I could get changed? I don’t think I can stay in a wedding dress forever.”

  Rachael chuckled and I smiled. Playing along with this charade was extremely difficult. “I hear what you’re saying, babes. You look gorgeous in it, though. Let’s just pretend a little while longer, shall we?”

  Pretend what?

  What the hell is she on about now?

  “Can we dance? It’s tradition for the bride to have the first dance.”

  Rachael had definitely gone into the realm of One-Flew-Over-the-Cuckoo’s-Nest certifiable. I wanted to hit her so hard my palms tingled with anticipation.

  Instead, I just nodded my head and smiled. I had to put on the greatest Oscar-winning performance ever with this one. I was sure that, in time, I could wear her down until she released me.

  Coming towards me, Rachael let me lead, which was the oddest thing, considering I was the one with a wedding dress on. It felt strange, but I got into it quickly, sashaying around the bedroom floor. My God, this was getting weirder by the second.

  “You look beautiful in this dress… Absolutely stunning. I always thought you’d make a wonderful bride. White suits you.”

  “Thank you,” I replied with a smile. What else could I say?

  “It’s a pity we don’t have some champagne with which we could celebrate this evening. Still, it would be nice to hold you in my arms on our wedding night.”

  I noticeably stiffened, making Rachael look up. “Remember, if I leave you alone, he will come to you.”

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