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       Luca - You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia #2), p.11

           Jaimie Roberts
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  “I think that is one thing we can agree on.” Luca laughed, and it sent shivers down my body. I loved sex with Luca, but this was what I always cherished: the way he held me like I was the only woman in the world.

  “What’s your mother’s surname?” I felt Luca stiffen immediately, and I knew I had ruined a perfect moment. I just couldn’t get what Tony told me out of my head.

  “What’s brought this on?”

  I shrugged. “Giovanni is a Belatoni, but he is also your mother’s brother. Does that mean you took on your mother’s name?” I already knew the answer, but I needed to ask without putting Tony in it.

  “I changed it once we moved. I had never been my father’s son.”

  I toyed with his hand as I played out how our conversation would go. “So, what was your father’s surname?”

  He stiffened again. “Does it matter?” I nodded, and I felt his shoulders move up and down with a sigh. “I’m ashamed to even utter the name.”

  I pulled myself out of his grip and turned to face him. “No matter what, I am yours. I could never feel ashamed of you.” I stroked his face and saw his resolve.

  “I was once a Cavelli.” The venom in that name was fierce.

  I widened my eyes as if in shock. “You’re related to Antonio?”

  Luca swore under his breath. “Only by blood. He will never be my family. I would much rather slice my own throat than admit that to be true.”

  I took his hand. “I think you and I both know that we can’t choose our family. What matters now is building our own. My girls have always been my family, but now you and your men are, too. We all belong together. First you and me, then Alessandro and Mia, and then Tony and Belinda. Even your uncle seems to be struck by the beauty of Natalie.” I chuckled, thinking I was just as struck by him as Natalie obviously was. It didn’t help that he spoke Italian to me the moment he walked in the door.

  “What are you laughing at, amore mio?”

  I shook my head. “Nothing.”

  Luca picked himself up from the bed a little, dragging me with him. “Something has amused you.”

  I bit my lip. “Why does your language sound like you’re making love no matter what you say? It just…” I shuddered with lustful thoughts, “gets to me.”

  “Ti piace quando parlo Italiano?”

  I momentarily closed my eyes. “Yes. Now, stop. I would like to get things done today, and you speaking Italian to me is just going to delay things more and more.”

  Luca smirked. “What is it that we have to do?”

  I nudged him, making him laugh. “You know I have this overbearing oaf demanding I marry him? He even wants a licence to prove he owns me.” Luca nodded triumphantly. “The licence is just a piece of paper. Paper can be ripped.”

  I squealed as Luca suddenly jolted up, threw me onto my back, and hovered over me. “No one is ripping anything of yours away from me, amore mio. I would never let that happen. Besides, it’s not about the paper. I know I own you. It’s been that way ever since I saw your photo at your aunt’s house.”

  The thought of my aunt had me up and out of Luca’s grip. “My aunt!”

  Luca smiled. “She’s fine. I spoke with her the moment I woke up.”

  I felt sad for her. “Does she know?”

  Luca looked annoyed. “I had no choice but to say something. She was asking for you. No doubt she will be here shortly.”

  I huffed my annoyance. “Then, why are you keeping me up here?”

  Luca smiled. “Well, mia bambina wanted sex. How could I refuse her?”

  I shoved him a little and got up off the bed. “Come on, tiger. Let’s get ready.”

  Luca smirked. “I’m a lion—not a tiger.”

  I rolled my eyes. “Oh, please.”

  Luca shot up from the bed and captured me by the waist. “If you keep rolling your eyes at me like that, we will never leave this room. Got it?”

  I felt the weight of him pressed to me, and my loins suddenly woke with desire. My body never seemed to know when enough was enough around this man. “I’m taking a shower,” I said breathlessly.

  Luca saw my expression, bent down, and gently nibbled on my lip. “I’ll join you.”

  I shook my head. “Please, don’t.”

  I felt Luca smile against my lips. “Why? Are you afraid I’ll attack you?”

  I shook my head again. “No. I’m afraid I may attack you.” Luca growled and suddenly smacked my bottom. “Will you stop doing that, you overbearing ape?!”

  Luca just laughed. “No, amore mio. Your ass is mine.”

  I turned, closed my eyes, and made my way to the shower. If I retorted, we would never get out of this room.

  Thankfully, I was able to shower in peace without Luca interrupting. When I was finished, Luca brushed past me—deliberately—and stepped into the shower. With a sigh, I made my way to the bedroom and looked through my wardrobe. I had an abundance of clothes to wear, but not one single thing stood out for me. In the end, I settled on some tight jeans and a blue blouse. It was still elegant, but very casual compared to what I normally wore. I was in the middle of putting on my black high heels when—thwack! A hand landed straight on my bottom. If I thought that wasn’t bad enough, Luca grabbed me and yanked me toward his groin where he proceeded to hump me like a dog. “Luca!” I reached around and smacked his flexing arm. It was difficult, though. I was laughing so hard, and Luca was pounding so violently into me that I thought I was going to shoot through the wall. “Luca!” I screamed again, as I laughed. “Luca, stop this right now!”

  Out of nowhere, Luca roared and hunched over me, pretending to be spent after coming. I smacked his arm again. “Get off me, you oaf!”

  Luca laughed, squeezed my hips, and gave me space to turn around. As I turned, his heated gaze was still placed firmly on my bottom. “You’ve got a fantastic ass, but in those jeans?” He licked his lips. “Fuck, I need you again.”

  He stepped towards me, but I placed my hand on his chest, halting him. “No, Luca. Just … no.” I gave him my best warning look before I marched towards the door.

  “You can’t go out there looking like that. I’m barely able to contain myself. What are my men going to do? No wonder they can’t do their fucking jobs properly.”

  I laughed at his absurdity. “The ability of your men has nothing to do with what I’m wearing, Luca.”

  With my hand on the door handle, I opened it and motioned for us to go outside. “I want to see my aunt, and I would like to at least call her if she’s not already here.”

  Luca sighed, giving in as he marched towards me. “You’re like a walking wet dream.”

  I chuckled a little and leant into him as we walked out into the hall. “I’m your wet dream.”

  That seemed to lighten his aggressive mood somewhat. I was still stubborn, but certainly getting used to placating him in a way that suited us both.

  As we came down the stairs hand-in-hand, Belinda appeared. “Trudy is here. She’s been anxious to see you, but she obviously didn’t want to interrupt anything.” She gave me a knowing smile, and I nodded my head.

  “Is she in my office?” She nodded, and I turned to Luca.

  He kissed my hand. “I will leave you to talk. I need to call my mother anyway.”

  I smiled, Luca left, and I made my way to my office. When I opened the door, Trudy was sitting in the chair with a glass of bourbon in her hand. She looked tired.

  “Clara, thank God. I’ve been worried sick about you.” She placed the glass on the desk and came rushing forward for a hug.

  “I’m fine, honestly. It wasn’t pleasant, but I wasn’t scared either.”

  Trudy pulled away and looked at me. “Well, you should have been. These men are dangerous. I know Luca loves you, but love can’t protect you from the outside world. You’re the only family I’ve got.”

  I nodded, stroked her arm, and led her to her chair. I sat on the desk near to her and took her hand. “Being in this type of business has a
lways carried an element of danger anyway. I’m not sure why, but sex does equal danger at times.” I frowned at my statement, but I knew it to be true. Being in the sex-selling business did carry danger with it. We had powerful men here, and for them, it was a weakness of theirs that only we saw. They went back to their lives, but there was always an element of risk that one day their secret would be revealed to the world. Men in their position could never allow that to happen.

  “I know, but this is a different sort of danger. Luca’s world is far different from ours. I knew that when I met him. At the same time, I know he loves you, and I know he will never let you go. I’m even hearing news of a wedding in Sicily.” She raised her eyebrow.

  I cleared my throat. “Yes. Luca’s mother has requested we get married over there. In fact, she was insistent.”

  Trudy huffed. “And what is it that you want?”

  I smiled. “I want to be married wherever Luca is. I don’t care where.”

  Trudy almost choked. “My, we have changed. This is a new side to my niece I never thought I would ever see.”

  We both laughed. “I guess Luca is rubbing off on me. I will never let him rule me, though. He knows it, and I know it, but it’s always nice to let him think he has the upper-hand every now and then.” I pointed at my nose and winked.

  “So, when do you go?”

  I shook my head. “I’m not sure as yet. You will be coming though… Won’t you?”

  She looked sad. “If it’s imminent, then I can’t. I have jury duty.” She rolled her eyes, but I could tell how sad she looked.

  “Can’t you somehow get out of it?”

  Trudy closed her eyes. “I tried. Believe me, I did. There’s just no getting out of these things.”

  We gave each other a sad smile, but just then, all hell broke loose outside. I jumped up, waving my hands in the air. “Is it seriously too much to ask to go a day without any drama here? It’s like watching an episode of Eastenders in this building!”

  Just as the words left my mouth, the door flew open, and in walked a heavily breathing Belinda. “Your mother’s here. Luca is trying to talk to her, but she’s insisting on talking with you.”

  I looked across at Trudy, and I saw her purse her lips in anger. I didn’t particularly want to see my mother, but the fact that everyone here had my back made me feel brave about it. Since my father’s fuck-up, I did consider the fact that my mother may one day turn up here, and I doubted it was because she wanted to share a cup of tea and a scone with her only daughter.

  “I want to see her!”

  She was just outside my door. “Clara does not want to see you.”

  “It’s okay,” I shouted.

  I only heard silence for a moment, and then my mother appeared as bold as brass. My parents really did make for an excellent couple. They seriously never thought for even a second that maybe they were the shitty parents, and I was just a normal kid trying to grow up.

  As she stared at me, her lips pursed into a hard line, and I noticed how old she had gotten since I last saw her. Her blonde hair was greying, and the lines on her face were more pronounced. She looked slim, but she was somehow smaller than I remembered too. Despite this, she did look nearly as pretty as the day my father met her. I had seen the photos, and I knew she had once been a stunning woman. It would seem my father had put a stop to that, but only to an extent.

  “Why are you intent on ruining your father’s life?” She stepped in further, and I noticed Luca was right behind her—waiting just in case she did something stupid. As she manoeuvred herself into the office, she noticed Trudy sitting in the chair. “What is she doing here?”

  I watched as her expression morphed into one filled with more hatred than I had ever seen. Seeing her like that made my blood boil. “Trudy is my aunt and a major part of my life. In fact, Trudy has been my mother since I was sixteen. She’s the only real mother I ever had.”

  My mother scowled at me and pointed her finger. “You were always an unruly child. Always wanting to get your own way. Now, look at what you’ve done. You’ve ruined your father’s life!”

  I laughed. That was rich. “He did that very much on his own. Did I tell him to pay for sex? No. He’s just a sick, twisted, hypocrite… Just like you’re being now.”

  She gasped. “How dare you speak to me like that?!” She started waving her hands about the room as her eyes darted about the place. “Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s sinful, disgusting. You’re nothing but a whore!”

  “Enough!” Luca shouted. He paced over to me and grabbed my waist. “I will not have you calling my fiancée a whore. Your daughter is doing nothing wrong here. It’s a hotel that she’s built up successfully with the help of her aunt. If you can’t be proud of her for that and you have nothing nice to say, then I suggest you leave. Your attitude is not welcome here.”

  My mother stepped forward a little. “So, now you’re getting married? God would ever allow a pairing like yours. This is a house of sin.”

  I shook my head. “It’s not a house of sin.”

  “Yes, it is!” she shouted.

  “And how do you know this?” I raised my eyebrow to her in challenge. Would she dare to admit that her husband—my father—came here and paid to have one of the best screws he’s most probably ever had in his life? I didn’t think so.

  She started getting flustered. Her cheeks were turning red. “I just know, and you know I know. Why did you do this to your father? All we ever did was try to raise you to be normal.”

  I closed my eyes in frustration. “No, all you two ever did was beat me into submitting to you and your mighty lord.” I stepped forward a little. “Tell me, Mother, what God would ever let their parents beat their daughter so badly that she was unable to lie on her back for a whole week? What God would condone those actions? If anyone is evil here… If anyone is sinful here… It’s you. You and my father.”

  She gasped, taking a step back. “You never were right in the head.”

  Luca’s grip tightened on my waist. “I will not have you speaking to Clara like that. You either leave, or I’ll have one of my men escort you out. Your choice.”

  She completely ignored Luca. “Your father has been sacked because of you!”

  I smiled. “Good. He was in the wrong profession anyway. A clown would have been a better job for him.” Everyone tried to stifle their laughter, but all failed miserably.

  My mother looked around. “This is not funny. We’ve lost everything.”

  I shrugged my shoulders. “And I should care why?”

  My mother’s face was growing redder by the second. She looked like she was about to say something, but then she shut her mouth. Eventually, she looked around and then pointed her finger back at me. “You haven’t heard the last of this.” Turning on her heels, she stormed out.

  Once out of earshot, everyone breathed out a sigh. “Well, that was fun,” Trudy sighed. “Are you not worried about what she said?”

  I turned to her. “Not really. We have contingencies in place if ever the police raid us. Let her give it her best shot. Besides, Luca and I are getting married in a few days.” I turned to Luca and smiled.

  Luca returned my smile and pulled me forward to kiss my head. “Yes, about that. When are we going?”

  I looked at everyone in the room and smiled. “How about tomorrow?”

  Seven of us arrived in Sicily the very next day, including me, Luca, Belinda, Mia, Tony, Alessandro, and Giovanni. When we arrived, the sun was shining, and it was beautiful. I didn’t realise a place could be so beautiful. Sophia and the rest of the family were expecting us, and they were apparently busy getting everything set up. Luca’s mum wanted us to be married in a church, but a church was the last place I wanted to marry after my parents drummed that life into me. Instead, I wanted to be married outside somewhere in either a beautiful garden or by the sea. Sophia was upset, and of course, I felt bad; I didn’t want to upset Luca’s mother before I had even met her. B
ut, this was our wedding, and Luca was all for marrying outside—just as long as he did get to marry me.

  “Are you ready?” I took a deep breath and nodded my head. I was about to meet my in-laws. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

  I looked around me for support and found Belinda and Mia smiling sweetly in my direction. Mia had been a little off these past couple of days, but when I asked her about it, she just clammed up. I had a feeling it had something to do with Alessandro because the tension between them was palpable.

  Just as I was thinking this, the door of Sophia’s house opened. A lady, who I assumed was Sophia, came rushing out, holding her hands in the air as she came rushing to Luca. If this was his mother, she looked beautiful. She had the same jet-black hair and the signature brown eyes that Luca possessed. She was small and petite, but she certainly looked like she had a lot of spunk.

  Pretty soon, shouts in Italian could be heard, and it was making my head spin. The more I heard Luca speak, the more I fidgeted. As Sophia gave Luca a hug, she turned her attention to me. I heard my name, but that was all I could decipher. Luca answered back, and again, my name was mentioned.

  Then, all hell broke loose. Sophia threw her hands in the air, shouting and screaming. Luca started shouting back, and all I could do was look in shock. What the hell was going on?

  After a few shouts back and forth, Sophia marched away, and that’s when Luca turned to me. He sighed heavily and grabbed my arms. “I’m so sorry for my mother’s outburst.”

  My heart was heavy. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I knew it couldn’t have been good. “What’s happening?” I urged.

  He was about to speak, but Giovanni interrupted. “She thought … or should I say assumed you were Italian.”

  I was about to ask why that made a difference, but then it hit me. Of course she would want her son to be married to a good, wholesome Italian girl. Someone who could carry on the family name. Someone with rich Italian blood in their veins. “Oh.”

  Luca looked lost. “I can fix this, amore mio. We are getting married, and my mother just has to accept my choice.”

  I looked up and into his eyes, but I felt nothing but defeated. “Do you think it would be best if we got married back in England?”

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