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       Luca - You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia #2), p.1

           Jaimie Roberts
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Luca - You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia #2)

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

  Copyright © 2015 Jaimie Roberts

  All rights reserved.


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  Cefalù, Sicily, 21st June 1998

  “What is the matter, Luca? Why are you so sad?”

  Sitting next to me, Isabella took my hand and gave it a seductive stroke. She was older than I by about four years with long, flowing, dark hair and skin I wished I could lick all over.

  I had been fantasising over this girl for over a year. Too many times, I had the image of fucking her playing in my head, and too many times I got myself off because of it. She was like my constant wet dream.

  “It’s my mama and papa; they’re fighting again.”

  Cupping my face, Isabella pulled my gaze from the surrounding mountains to look at her. “Luca, I don’t like to see you sad.” My dick reacted instantly. Looking down, Isabella got a true view of what was obviously an eye-catcher for her. She smiled and looked up again. “You’re growing up into a handsome young man now. You look so big and strong.” Leisurely, she trailed her eyes over my body. “I can make you happy. Would you like me to make you happy?”

  Would I fucking ever!

  I smiled, noticing the seductive nature of her voice. “Can you?”

  Smiling back, Isabella pushed herself up from the floor and held out her hand. “Come. I know somewhere we can go.”

  Fuck me! I have just had sex for the first time ever! If it’s like that all of the time, then I need to have sex on a constant basis. Not with Isabella anymore, though—that fantasy of mine is now complete. Now that I know the basics, I’m sure I can learn more along the way with others.

  At least I made her orgasm. She said despite me being a virgin, I was well-equipped to please a woman. She paid me lots of compliments, which definitely boosted my ego. I thought I was just about ready for anybody.

  Once outside my house, I stared, wondering if I even wanted to be there. They could still be fighting, and I didn’t like it when Mama and Papa fought.

  I noticed everything was quiet, and I was just about to step inside when I caught my father sitting by the door.

  “Hello, Son.” My papa smiled and motioned for me to sit next to him. “Did you have a nice time with Isabella?”

  I frowned, noticing his cheeky grin.

  What did he know?

  “How do you know I was with Isabella?”

  Papa rocked back in his chair with a knowing smile. “I know a lot of things, Son. She’s a nice girl that Isabella. I think you would be well-suited to her.”

  I wasn’t sure what he was implying, so I shrugged my shoulders. “What are you trying to say, Papa?”

  My father took a deep breath and kept on rocking. “As you know, things have been a little difficult lately. Money is tight, and your mama keeps saying we should ask for money from her brother. I won’t take any money from that minchia.”

  I winced at the offensive name for my uncle as I sat rigid in my chair. “What has this got to do with me?”

  Papa briefly looked at me before staring ahead. “Isabella comes from a wealthy family. I know she is very fond of you—as is her family. I want you to get close to her. If you enjoy the sex, you’re already halfway there. All you need to do is try to love her, and then, when the time is right, ask her to marry you. You don’t have long to go before you can ask her. It will give you both a chance during the next few months to get to know each other. They can help us, Luca. Isabella’s father will go into business with me if it is a family-run business. We could finally get back on our feet again.”

  Unable to comprehend what my father was telling me, I stood up. “This whole thing was a setup? You’ve been sneaking around behind my back, setting up a trap with Isabella to force me into marriage?”

  I saw the rage and panic in my father as he stood up too. “Now listen, Son. Isabella likes you; she always has. I just told her to be patient for a while and act when the time was right.”

  I shook my head. “You mean act once your business failed—when you could use me as a way out. How could you?”

  Grabbing my shoulder forcefully, Papa made me look into his stern eyes. “Now, come on, Luca. We’re all men here. Didn’t you enjoy her company? You could have that all the time if you got married to her. You would both produce some good, strong grandchildren for me and your mama.”

  I shook my head in exasperation. “Papa, I’m fifteen.”

  He patted my shoulder. “I know, I know. You’re young. You want to experiment a bit—try new things. I’m not saying you have to be tied down to one girl. I’m sure you and Isabella could come to some sort of arrangement.”

  I couldn’t believe what my papa was saying. I was being forced to sleep with and marry a girl I wasn’t in love with. For me, she was just a terrible itch that needed scratching. Now that I had given myself a good scratch, I no longer wanted to return to that itch anymore. I had no plans to sleep with her ever again.

  “I’m not in love with Isabella.”

  My father chuckled and put his arm around my shoulder. “It’s not about being in love right now. That side of it will grow in time. Just enjoy yourself with Isabella. Get to know each other a little bit more. I’m sure you can learn to keep her happy.”

  I saw my papa’s smile and knew for a fact he meant sex. My own father was pimping me out at the age of fifteen! Things couldn’t have been any worse. I really wished I had kept my dick in my trousers. There was another girl I could have gone to, but I was too busy fantasising over Isabella to notice too much.

  “I’ll tell you what, Son. I’m a reasonable man. Think about it for a couple of days, and get back to me. I must tell you, though, that whatever your decision is will have a huge impact either way on our whole family. You don’t want to let your family down now, do you?” Shaking my head, I dipped it to the floor in sorrow. My father, completely oblivious to my anguish, just squeezed my shoulders. “Good. Let me know your decision soon. I’m sure you will make the right choice for all of us.”

  Wow, no pressure, Papa!

  I suddenly felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. All because I was a horny teenager who had just seen an opportunity to get his rocks off.

  My papa squeezed me in a tight embrace and sighed. “Now, go inside to your mama. I believe she has something for you to eat.”

  Glad for the getaway, I went in search of my mother. Once inside the kitchen I saw her sitting at the table with a sandwich for me. “Come, sit. You must be hungry.”

  I was before. I wasn’t so much now. Not after what my father was forcing on me.

  I tried to be as courteous as possible for Mama, so I sat down and started eating. Leaning over, my mother whispered as low as she could. “Don’t listen to what your papa says. You can’t force yourself to fall in love. When you do meet the woman of your dreams, you will have to hold on tight to her and never let go. Do you hear me?”

  I nodded my head, my heart racing a million miles an hour. “But what Papa said…”

  “Never mind what he said. I will never let any of my children marry someone they don’t want to. We’ll figure something out. I promise.”

  My mama rested her hand on mine, and it immediately put me at ease. I smiled at my mama, picked up the sandwich she had made for me, and ate it with relish.

  Two days later, I had just come back from a night out with this other girl, Rosa. I was feeling rather smug about myself for giving her what she said was the best orgasm she had ever experienced. I could get used to this. Definitely. I would have to wander around a bit more, but I was sure there would be other girls I could find.

  Smiling from ear to ear, I had just neared my house when I heard shouting and screaming. My whole body went rigid as I heard the cries from my mama.

  “Marcelo, you can’t do this to Luca. He’s just a boy. One day, he will find the love of his life, but it won’t be Isabella.”

  Further smashing ensued as my father shouted in rage, “You’ve always looked down on me ever since we got married. I tried cutting ties with your family, so I could build a life separate for us. But it was never enough, though, was it? The boy is getting married because I say he’s getting married. It could solve all our problems.”

  “But I can go to Giuseppe. He will be able to help us.”

  “I will not go to your fucking family! I refuse it. You want him looking down on me the way my wife looks down on me? I refuse it!”

  Hearing the slap, I tried to force myself not to listen. I crouched down by the wall of our house and put my hands over my ears. It was no use, though. I heard every thump and every scream from my mama. I couldn’t take it. Something inside of me was rising, and I didn’t know how I could gain control. I felt it build and build to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

  With rage coursing through my body, I suddenly realised that my father had to be stopped. I had to do something to stop him from hurting my mama.

  Forcing my shaking hands away from my ears, I stood up and ran into the kitchen where I found my papa with a belt and my mama crouching in the corner like a child. I saw the rage in my papa’s eyes, but I was past allowing that to affect me by then.

  He had to be stopped.

  Picking up the nearest thing I could find, I lunged for my father. I only wanted him to stop. I only wanted my mama safe from the monster my father was.

  Seeing the look of shock in my papa’s eyes, I looked down towards my hands and saw the blood. I had a knife, and with one solid stab to the chest, my papa stood, clutching to his wound and sinking to the floor. In his eyes, I saw the question. “Why, Son? Why?”

  Having slumped to the floor, my papa took his last breath as his eyes closed, and his life was gone forever. With shaking hands, I dropped the knife and wailed.

  “Luca! Luca, look at me!” My mama shook me until I stopped. “It is okay. You do not worry about this. Do you hear me?”

  “But … but I killed Papa.”

  Mama grabbed my shoulders and shook me again. “But you didn’t mean to. You were trying to protect me.” She looked around a moment like she was deep in thought. Her breathing was as heavy as mine. When she seemed to know what to do, she turned to me. “Listen, we have to act fast. Your brothers and sisters will be home soon from a birthday party. I will make some arrangements. Go and get a wash now and pack a few things.”

  I shook my head in shock. “But, Mama, I will go to prison.”

  Staring me dead in the eye, my mama’s voice was stern. “You will not go to prison for this. I promise you. I will make everything okay. Just do as you’re told. Go and get a wash. Now!”

  Without hesitation, I ran up the stairs and quickly washed Papa’s blood from my hands. The whole time, I was whimpering, wondering how it could have come to this.

  I was a murderer.

  I had killed my father.

  I was a killer.

  Once the blood was gone, I ripped my clothes off like they were some sort of disease. I jumped in the shower and then dressed as quickly as my body was able. I grabbed a bag as instructed and packed some clothes.

  As I ran down the stairs, I saw Mama finishing up a conversation on the phone. Once she hung up, she turned to me. “This is what is happening. You must leave this place now and go to the airport. I have a friend who will be picking you up in ten minutes. You must go with him and do everything he tells you.”

  My heart was racing a million miles an hour. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t possibly leave. “Mama, I can’t leave you.”

  She shook her head. “I will be fine, Luca, but you must leave. You must leave Cefalù now and promise me you will never return.”

  Panicking, I felt the tears slide down my face. “But, I can’t leave you.”

  Mama shook me. “You must! I will take care of everything here. I promise. For now, you must leave and promise me you will do as instructed. You must promise. If you don’t, then I will never forgive you.” I felt her words stab my heart, but I nodded my head as I let the tears slide down my face. “Good boy. Now, I must give you something before you leave.” Placing her hand inside her apron, Mama pulled out a little box. “This was your grandmother’s ring. Right before she died—God rest her soul—she gave me this ring with the specific instruction to give it to my firstborn son. You must also promise me that you will keep this close by you at all times until you meet the woman of your dreams. The woman you will love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. A woman who you feel deserves to wear this precious ring on her finger. Can you promise me that?”

  I took the ring from her hand and nodded again. My mama cradled me in her arms until the sound of a car could be heard outside.

  I was ushered out by my mother and introduced to a man I recognised from my papa’s restaurant. I looked to my mama, and she could see the worry in my face.

  “Don’t you worry, Luca. Everything will be okay. Silvestri is a good friend. He will take you to the airport. You can stay with your uncle, Giuseppe. I will be in touch soon. Just promise me that you will live your life. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. I’m so proud of you, my Luca.”

  As I hugged her closely, I let the tears flow. “I promise, Mama. I love you.”

  Mama squeezed me back with a sigh. “I love you, too.” She released me and motioned with her hand for me to leave. “Now, go. Go now, and never look back.”

  I must admit, I didn’t have many murderous thoughts. I thought I would be a rather sick individual if I did. However, on this occasion, I thought I could make an exception.

  Knowing that my fiancé was only a couple of floors above me, it seemed all-too-tempting to grab a gun and finish what Antonio Cavelli had started. My fiancé had not only lied to me; he had also betrayed me in a way that was truly unforgiveable.

  Thinking clearly, though, I began to wonder if this woman was for real. She could be anybody. Telling me she was Luca’s wife didn’t necessarily mean she was Luca’s wife.

  “I gather this must be a shock for you.”

  Sitting down in my seat and ignoring my thumping heart, I nodded. “You could say that.”

  She smoothed her luscious, silky hair and smiled at me. “So, Luca hasn’t mentioned me at all then?”

  I shook my head. “No, he hasn’t. I don’t mean to be rude, Isabella, but how do I know you are who you say you are?”

  Isabella smiled and sat in the chair opposite my desk. “I understand why you would feel this way about me, but I’m sure if you brought Tony or Alessandro up here, they woul
d be able to clear this matter up for you pretty quickly. I saw them on the way in. It was difficult sneaking past them, but I managed it. I’m so used to their tactics by now that it has become rather easy for me.”

  Picking up the phone, I did just that. “Tony, can you come to my office, please?” I heard the concern is his voice as he said yes. He could obviously tell there was something wrong.

  Isabella watched as I placed the phone back down. “I don’t know if you know this about my Luca. He can be a bit of a … handful, shall we say.” Laughing, she seductively played with her hair. I just wanted to smash her beautiful, smug face in.

  “He and I have this sort of arrangement. I don’t mind that he has other girls. In fact, I know he has other girls—plenty of them. It doesn’t bother me because they all mean very little to him. At the end of the day, he always comes home to me. You, of course, won’t be any different.”

  I really wanted to laugh. I didn’t know why, but I just felt the urge. “If this is the case, Mrs. Belatoni, then where have you been all these months? Where have you been since he was shot almost four weeks ago?”

  She smiled at me again, but I was getting tired of her bullshit very quickly. She was about to respond when Tony walked in. When he clocked who was sitting in the chair, his eyes widened like saucers. I guessed she was Luca’s wife after all.

  “Tony, how lovely to see you.” Isabella rose from her chair and gave Tony a kiss on the cheek. Tony didn’t know where to look. “Please clear this up for Miss Murphy. I don’t think she quite believes who I am to Luca.”

  Tony looked over to me, and I could see the sympathy in his eyes. I suddenly didn’t want to hear it. I just wanted to lose it, but I refused to do such a thing in front of this witch.

  Instead, I got up from my chair and raised my hand up to Tony. “There’s no need. I think I’ve seen and heard quite enough. Would you mind leaving my office now, Isabella?”

  She smiled sweetly. Her false attitude screamed at me. “Sure, I will. I would like to see Luca before I leave. Maybe I can take him home.”

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