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           Jaimie Roberts
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  Jaimie Roberts



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  I can taste and smell the bourbon on his breath as he lazily spreads kisses to my lips, along my jawline, and down towards my neck. I can feel the slight buzz of my own alcohol coursing through my veins as I lie here with him on top of me, digging something alien and never before felt between my legs. I feel lightheaded. I’m not drunk; I just feel the nice, tipsy effects of the two shots I had at the bar tonight.

  With a heady moan coming from above me, I try to blank out all sounds and feelings. I don’t want to be here with this stranger, but circumstances have forced me here.

  He forced me here.

  My virtue and free will have both been promised to one man. I don’t even want to think about this man, but I can’t stop myself from reaching out to him whenever he beckons. I have known him for six years, and for the last couple of those, my woman parts have responded to the idea of entertaining his sick, twisted desire for me.

  I shouldn’t be here with this stranger.

  I don’t want to be here with this stranger.

  Even so, my stubborn mind has brought me here to this seedy hotel with its fluorescent lights, outdated bed sheets, and creaky bed. My heart wants to tell this man to stop, but my mind urges me to defy the man who put me here. If I can do this, then I’ll hate him even more. It’s his fault I ran away. It’s his fault I went to a bar. And it’s his fault I’m currently lying here, letting a strange man feel his way up my legs.

  “Your legs feel so smooth and silky soft. I can’t wait to find out what your pussy feels like.”

  Panic resonates inside of me. I don’t want to lose my virginity like this. Furthermore, I know it will hurt. This man—Ben or Brandon or whatever the hell his name is—doesn’t know I’m a virgin. I deliberately left that part out. I must admit … when he kissed me at the bar, some sparks did fly, but now that I’m here, all I want to do is run. Run as far away as possible from my parents and from this whole situation.

  From him.

  “Are you ready for me, baby?” he whispers in my ear as he kisses his way up to my lips.

  I nod shakily as words get stuck in my head. My heart is screaming, “No!” but my mind is freezing me—locking me in place. “Just get this over and done with!” it bellows.

  The stranger shifts off of me momentarily to reach for a condom in his jeans pocket. I still have my summer dress on, but it’s now rising up around my hips. Sheer panic spikes again when he starts to pull my panties slowly down my legs. He’s doing it for effect, and it is certainly having an impact on me. It’s just not having the effect he’s aiming for.

  As he discards my panties, he hovers over me with a smile before looking down between my legs. I see the gleam in his eyes as he licks his lips. “Such a beautiful pussy,” he purrs as he starts to unbutton his jeans.

  Panic is escalating to sheer terror. Seeing him undoing his jeans has my fear level creeping up exponentially. My mind is now in tune with my heart. I don’t want this.

  I don’t want this.

  And yet, I’m frozen. I can’t move. Time seems to be standing still. As he undoes one button, the next one follows with agonising slowness.

  I don’t want this.

  My heart thumps against my chest as tears start to well in my eyes. The stranger looks at me, cocking his head with a frown. He has noticed my distress and is about to say something when …


  The door is busted open, and in comes my saviour and personal predator—combined into one fucked up package.


  He pauses momentarily, taking in the sight of me on the bed—almost in tears—with this man in between my legs. His face scowls into nothing but evil. Nothing but hate. His dark eyes are scanning the scene in front of him, but then they widen as he finds my panties discarded on the floor next to the bed. His broad, muscular chest expands before he rushes towards the stranger on top of me.

  “What the fuck?!” the stranger shouts. As soon as the words come out, he’s off me like a shot and being thrown up against the wall.

  Drake ignores the man and turns to me. “Did he rape you?”

  I wince at his words, but find the courage in my voice. “No! I wanted it!” I scream, finally defying this man in the worst way possible.

  “Then, why were you fucking crying?”

  I don’t answer him. Instead, I turn my head away from him in defiance. It’s only when I hear the stranger’s strangled cry that I turn back to him. “Stop, Drake! You’re going to kill him!”

  With gritted teeth, he motions to his men. In no time at all, two of them grab me by the arms and hold me in place. “Drake, what are you doing?!”

  He ignores me. All of his attention at the moment is focused on this stranger, who Drake’s currently holding by the neck. “One question,” he barks into his face. The stranger’s eyes dart around in fear as his face starts to turn blue from the pressure on his neck. “Did you fuck her?”

  The man’s eyes grow wider still as he tries to speak, but can’t get the words out. Instead, he shakes his head vehemently as if trying to appease Drake.

  Drake looks deep into his eyes like he’s trying to sense whether or not he’s telling the truth. Once he gets what he’s after, he reaches into the waistband of his trousers, pulls his gun out, and shoots him in the head.

  I scream, but my cries are soon restricted by the big, beefy hand covering my mouth. Tears pool in my eyes as I try to make sense of the scene in front of me. This stranger—this random, innocent stranger—is dead because of me.

  I scream into the man’s hand. A mixture of anger and remorse is eating away at my insides. Drake snaps his head back to me, and there’s fire in his eyes. “Do you see what you fucking did? Why do you defy me, Evelyn? Why?!” Suddenly, he storms towards me, grabbing my neck and squeezing a little. My eyes widen in response as a differen
t type of fear creeps up my spine. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. Don’t ever think you can get away with this without there being some sort of repercussion. I was going to take it slow, but your actions tonight have forced me to decide on a different course. Just remember something, Evelyn. You did this. Not me. You.”

  What does that mean?

  I have no time to dwell on this as he pushes himself off of me with a huff and angrily orders two of his men in the room to take care of the stranger. I watch in horror as they drag his lifeless body away. Drake watches it too before turning his attention back to me.

  Our eyes lock, and that same spell he is so adept at casting on me comes bursting through me like a tidal wave. I don’t want it to come, but he forces his way through me with a crash.


  That’s all I can see in his eyes as he stares at me. For a moment, my eyes drift down at his reaction. I feel… What is this feeling? Regret?

  My eyes meet his again, showing him the remorse I feel. Again, my heart wants to give in to him, but my head is trying to outwit my heart. This time, my heart is winning.

  Gritting his teeth, he shakes his head from side to side, but doesn’t utter the words that are so painfully itching to get through. Instead, he just stands there—all six-foot-seven of him with his impressive chest showing through a tight navy v-necked t-shirt. He wears his jeans low at the hips with a bulky belt strapped around them. He’s still surveying me. Still staring at me with those light caramel eyes of his. They seem to be burning their way into my soul—deeper than ever. I don’t want him to affect me, but he does. He coaches it out of me. In fact, he commands it.

  And just like that, he finally breaks his spell, motioning to the men to move me. They immediately comply with his commands, hoisting me up from the bed and pushing me out of the hotel room. As I step out, I look around to see if anyone has come out of their rooms to watch the commotion, but there’s not a soul to be seen. This doesn’t surprise me. Drake is well known around these parts, and people wisely leave him alone to do whatever the hell he pleases. Even the police know not to be anywhere near wherever the great Drake Salvatore conducts his business. Everyone knows whatever he deals in isn’t legal, but everyone also chooses to look the other way.

  No one wants to save me.

  I can’t be saved.

  As the men pin my wrists behind my back, I’m carefully pushed down the stairs and into a waiting limousine. I frown, wondering why his chosen method of transport tonight is this one.

  In no time at all, I find out why.

  As I push myself towards the other end of the seat—as far away from where he will sit as possible—Drake joins me, and his door is quickly shut behind him. He’s still wearing that same look of anger and disappointment on his face as he clocks me cowering in the far corner.

  “Up,” he commands to his driver. “Drive home, but don’t fucking disturb us until I tell you to.”

  “Yes, sir,” the driver says before putting up the visor.

  I feel when the car starts to move and can see Drake studying me again. He inhales sharp breaths. It’s almost as if he’s trying to calm himself.

  Then, he notices it. “Where’s your ring?”

  I don’t say anything, but my eyes betray me. They land on my bag that was thrown in before me. Drake’s eyes travel to where I’m looking, and I watch as he opens my bag and combs through it a few seconds before pulling the ring out.

  He motions to my hand. “Give me your fucking hand, and don’t make me ask you again.”

  He’s so mad that I immediately bend to his will. With a shaky hand, I guide it towards his where he shoves the ring back on my finger. “I don’t ever want to see that off of your hand again.” He glares back up at me before inhaling sharply. “Was he telling the truth?”

  I try pulling my legs up in front of me, but my dress rises up too high. I notice Drake looking, so I purposefully place my legs down and try to straighten my dress.

  In an instant, Drake yanks my legs down, pulling them apart so he can get in between them. Feeling my stubbornness creep back up again, I hiss and buck underneath him, trying to get him off me. It’s no use. He’s too strong. Instead, he pins my arms above my head and catches my eyes again.

  “I asked you a fucking question.”

  Feeling angry, I blurt out, “No. He was lying. He had already fucked me. We were just about to get to round two when you so rudely interrupted us.”

  Feeling his grip tighten, he growls down at me. “Is that so?”

  “Yes!” I seethe. He can tell I’m lying, but doesn’t call me out on it.

  “I will have to find out for myself then, won’t I?”

  My eyes widen. I’m about to ask what that means when it becomes painfully obvious as he starts unbuttoning his jeans. Shaking my head violently, my voice trembles. “I didn’t mean it. I was lying. I’m sorry. Please don’t do this.”

  Like a bolt of lightning, he hitches up my dress, and I feel when he positions his cock at my entrance. “Why do you disobey me at every turn? I have been waiting a millennium to get in between these silky thighs of yours, but you constantly want to fight me. Don’t you ever defy me again, Evelyn. And don’t ever deny me what is rightfully mine.”

  With a growl, he pushes forward and the sting burns like a motherfucker. “No!” I cry as he pushes in even more. Bit by agonising bit, he gets deeper and deeper inside of me. Taking my innocence in the most fucked up, unromantic way possible. I want to scream at him. I want to fight him. But the only thing I can concentrate on is how much this fucking hurts. How on earth can anyone get enjoyment out of this? It kills.

  Opening my mouth to sob, Drake captures it with his mouth. He darts his tongue in, coaxing me to open up to him. Slowly, as if knowing this is hurting, he starts moving in and out of me with unhurried thrusts.

  He moans on top of me, letting me hear how much he’s enjoying this. I don’t want to be pleased by this, but somehow that sensation washes over me. The pain subsides, but doesn’t fully go away. It dials down to an acceptable throb—one which I welcome.

  Breaking our kiss, Drake looks me in the eye with a brand new expression. His eyes are hooded, telling me how much he’s enjoying being inside of me. I don’t want the pleasure to come, but somehow, it does. The pain is still there, but he’s coaxing me to enjoy it.

  Now, he’s commanding me.

  “I didn’t want it to be like this,” he said with a strained voice. “Just remember, you did this, Evelyn. You did this. You made me do this.” And with a laboured moan in his voice, his movements become faster … more uncontrollable. “Fuck, Evelyn, you feel better than I ever imagined. I’m never letting you go.”

  With that last sentence swimming in my head, he pushes faster, grunting and nibbling at the side of my neck. I lie there, trying not to feel the pain and also trying not to feel the pleasure. It’s no use. Both come crashing down on me, urging me to feel every single bit of him.

  “Oh, Jesus! Evelyn, I’m going to come!” He screams as he groans out one more time before I feel something shooting inside of me.

  It’s over.

  I’m no longer a virgin.

  I lost it to this tyrant of a man—one who has been waiting for me for six years. One who I have defied for the last four.

  But, it was all my fault. Drake has made sure of that. I could have complied, but I went behind his back. Now, I have paid in the worst way possible. My punishment is now complete.

  As I feel Drake’s breathing calming, he pulls his head up to look into my eyes again, and all I can think about are the words that stuck to me when I was thirteen.“Just remember one thing for me, Evelyn. No matter what I do, I am not a monster.”

  He lied. Of course he’s a monster. I may have known this day would come, but he never gave me a chance to be ready for it. He just took it instead.

  He swipes my hair back gently with this fingers and gazes longingly inside my eyes. “Who do you be
long to?” When I don’t answer straight away, he tugs at my hair, making me yelp. “Who do you belong to?”

  “You,” I answer with a quivering voice. “You, Drake.”

  He smiles at my answer, but then, as quickly as it comes, it vanishes. “It’s going to take a while for me to get over your betrayal tonight. I’m not going to trust you for a while. I’m going to need to keep a very close eye on you. Do you hear me?” He tugs at my hair again, so I obediently nod my head. “Good. Now, isn’t there something you want to say to me?”

  I know exactly what he wants to hear, so I robotically reply, “I’m so sorry. I promise not to do it again.”

  Having gotten what he’s after, Drake nods his head and lifts his weight off of me. He slowly pulls his cock out of me, making me wince as he does. “Sorry,” he offers. “You will be sore for a little while, but it will pass. The next time will be much better. I promise.”

  Slight fear from knowing this creeps up my spine. But also mixed with it is a sick, twisted expectation of the next time. I don’t want him anywhere near me after that, but he also seems to command that I do.

  Staring down, a big smile lights up his face as he strokes his finger along his shaft. I can see the traces of blood all over him as he pulls his finger up for me to see. “Look at this. This is what I’ve been dreaming of. You’re all mine now, Evelyn.”

  My name dances on the tip of his tongue as he places his finger inside of his mouth and tastes my blood. “Hmm,” he moans, closing his eyes. “The taste of your innocence is the sweetest fucking taste on earth.” He crawls towards me, and I try to crawl back, but I have nowhere to go. “Do you know how much it turns me on to know that your pure blood is coating my dick? Best. Fucking. Feeling. Ever.” He grabs my hair again, pulling my head back. As soon as he’s done this, his tongue is forcing its way into my mouth. Once he breaks free, he stares at me again with those hooded eyes. I don’t want them to turn me on, but they force their way through me.

  “You’re mine now—all mine.” Without warning, he enters me again, and my mind is awash with so many feelings and emotions. Desire, hatred, longing, anger, bliss, pain, yearning, and rage. I don’t want them to come, but they do.

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