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       LUCA (You Will Be Mine) (The Sicilian Mafia Series Book 1), p.1

           Jaimie Roberts
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LUCA (You Will Be Mine) (The Sicilian Mafia Series Book 1)

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

  Copyright © 2015 Jaimie Roberts

  All rights reserved.

  ISBN: 1522835474

  ISBN-13: 978-1522835479


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  Picking up some random chick from my club, I took her to one of my many apartments. This one was reserved for one thing and one thing only: fucking.

  She was brunette, curvaceous, and had the most gorgeous tits I’d ever seen … But that wasn’t why I’d brought her here. I brought her here because I wanted to prove a point. Today was the day I laid eyes on the most beautiful angel I had ever seen. It was only a picture, but I couldn’t get her image out of my damn fucking head.

  Watching this woman strip in front of me should have been a turn-on, but she did nothing for me—not even a twitch.

  “Hmm, Luca, you’re so sexy. Let me take care of you.”

  Hovering over my cock, whoever she was started licking and sucking me hard. I was going to push her away and tell her to fuck off, but then I closed my eyes, and the image of that girl came into my head. Clara.

  Holding onto that image, I began to grow hard inside her mouth. Imagining it was Clara made my dick stiffer than it had ever been.

  Random Chick moaned her appreciation as she sucked harder. I should have fucking loved this, but all I could think about was her.

  Grabbing a condom from my bedside table, I pushed this girl off of my cock. I still wanted to prove a point. I had always loved sex. If I could just feel this random woman’s pussy, then I was sure I could forget her.

  I placed the condom on my cock and hissed when I felt the urge to fuck her raw. “Fucking sit on me—now.”

  Smiling, she did as she was told and started riding me hard. I closed my eyes again, and straight away, my mind went back to Clara.

  Why can’t I get her out of my fucking head?

  This woman’s body was perfection, and yet she was doing absolutely nothing for me. I tried grabbing her hips and gaining control as I pulled her down on top of me. Nothing—not a damn thing. She may as well have been jumping on top of my stomach instead of my cock.

  It wasn’t long, though, before her moans of pleasure echoed around the room. I knew her orgasm was coming quickly as she sped faster and moaned louder than ever before. Once her spasms died down, I shoved her off of my cock.

  “Luca, what the fuck? Baby, you’re so fucking good. Let me make you come now. I can suck you again if you want?”

  Shaking my head, I just wanted her out. “No. Just leave.”


  “No buts. Get the fuck out!”

  Grabbing her things, she stomped across the room and quickly got dressed. “Arsehole!” she shouted before slamming the door.

  Fucking hell! What was wrong with me? This Clara seems to have possessed me. No other woman has ever possessed me like this woman has. Her picture practically screamed at me to touch her … to feel her … to caress her.

  Still lying on my bed—and still hard as fuck with this condom on me—I started to touch myself. I closed my eyes, and again, straight away, her image came into my head.

  I pictured myself taking her and making her mine. The thought made my dick come to life like never before. My movements became faster and my breathing heavier as I imagined thrusting myself inside this woman I hadn’t even met … yet. It wasn’t long before I felt it: that blissful intensity permeating my whole body. That feeling which was like no other, radiating through me as I hurried to find my release.

  Seeing her through my closed eyes, I started pounding faster and harder. A sound escaped my lips as I jerked and bucked underneath my hand, thrusting my release as hard as I could into the condom.

  What the fuck was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get her out of my fucking head?

  After my breathing calmed, I took the condom off and went to have a shower. Feeling the warmth hit my skin, I closed my eyes again, and again her image filled my head.

  Slamming the wall with my fists, I came to a sudden conclusion. It was something I’d always known I was going to do—deep down—from the moment I saw that fucking picture.

  That’s why you offered Trudy a way out, you silly fuck. You knew then that you had to have her.

  I turned the shower off and grabbed my towel. The decision had been made. I was going to go to Clara Murphy, but first I wanted to see just how tough she really was.

  With my mind made up, I smiled; excitement was growing with every thought which passed through my head. I was going to go to Clara Murphy and sort out this little obsession of mine once and for all. I knew all I had to do was see her and my mind would be made up for me. I would either fuck her until she was out of my system—or I would make her mine.

  Getting dressed and ready to leave, I already knew in my subconscious what the answer was going to be.

  I’m coming to get you, Clara Murphy. So, you had better be ready for me. You will be mine, and there isn’t a damn fucking thing you can do to stop me.

  My parents had always been rich, well-respected, churchgoing pillars of the community. They were also selfish and manipulative pieces of work. My childhood was a filled with memories of nothing but pain and anguish. Everything I did was a sin. Every thought I had was a sin.

  They tried bringing me up to their standard of living, but I could never be moulded. From the time I was a little girl, I had possessed an independent streak, so it never worked. Even when my dad decided to beat some sense into me and my mother let him, I never once faltered. She would resort to reading passages from the Bible in an effort to excuse the level of abuse I was made to suffer.

  That is what brought me to the point in my life where I was completely cut off from my past and sitting in a posh office, which was situated in an actual castle. It helped that I had a very rich auntie who was willing to aid me in setting it all up.

  Trudy was a silent partner in this little venture, and although what we did was unconventional, we made lots of money doing it. At the end of the day, sex sells, and our rich clients were willing to pay top dollar for high-class girls. Sure, we have had our ups and downs, but there hasn’t been anything I couldn’t handle. For example, one situation I had to deal with resulted in me punching one of my clients.

  Well, he had tried to rough up one of my girls. I didn’t care that he had paid us lots of money or that he was a VIP. The fact remained that he had tried to rough up my girl, and that was never going happen in my house. Not ever.

  This was one of the reasons why I was sought after. I always had at least a few girls lined up, waiting to join my troops—but only the best would make it. Before joining, they would be tested and sent through rigorous checks before they could make the cut.

  Our clients underwent the same process. We only served the best—for the best. People appreciated our high standards, and they loved us because of our discretion. If anyone ever asked, this was just a hotel, and the only shenanigans that took place were done behind closed doors. We were strict, confidential, and tolerated absolutely no nonsense.

  I must admit, there was something quite rewarding about owning my own business. I knew mine was a little bit risqué, but I was still a businesswoman nonetheless. My girls were all well cared for and clean. They respected me and came to me for help when needed—which was what I was there for.

  I had a house filled with the most cherished girls, and it was because I made damn sure of it. I cared for and respected every single one of them. I offered them a roof over their heads—if they had need of it—and food on the table whilst they were there. They never wanted for anything.

  I had around forty girls on my books, and twelve of them lived with me in that grand castle of mine. God, would my parents flip if they ever saw me!

  Everything here was kitted out like a royal hotel, and I was proud of it. So was my auntie. The only major problem I was having was Luca Belatoni. He was some hotshot who had recently moved nearby from New Jersey.

  Oh was he bad news! He’d been trying—and failing—to send his little troops over here to demand money for his protection and discretion. I’d already told them a few times to go run and jump. The idiot who came for the last visit just smiled and said, “I shall pass along your request to Mr. Belatoni. No doubt, you will be hearing from him soon.”

  Three days after that visit, I still hadn’t heard from him. Hopefully, he would leave me in peace, but something was telling me that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I wasn’t going to give into bullying, though. I never had with my parents, and I never would with that arsehole.

  “Clara?” Tammy’s head peaked around the door, interrupting my thoughts.

  “Hi, Tammy. What can I do for you?”

  Tammy shuffled her way through the door and took a seat opposite my desk. “I have a problem. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I’ve met someone.” Tammy looked down at her feet.

  This would be the second girl in one month I’d lost—the second to have fallen in love. I wasn’t stupid. People could only be in this kind of game for so long. It still didn’t make it any easier when we lost one of them.

  “I can’t say I’m not disappointed. You’re one of our best, Tammy.”

  “I love you, Clara. You mean the world to me, and I’ve been trying my hardest to hold this job as long as I could, but the thing is… John’s asked me to marry him.”

  Swinging in my seat a little, I took in everything she had said. “Does John know about what you do?”

  Tammy looked down at her feet again. “No, and I don’t want him to know. I think it would cut him up pretty badly if he knew. That’s why I feel I can’t do it anymore. I want to settle down with John, and I can’t do that with a job like this.”

  “So, what have you told him?”

  “That I’m a receptionist in a hotel. That’s partly true anyway.” She smiled at that, making her teeth sparkle.

  “Okay. I appreciate you coming to tell me. You will be really missed here, but I completely understand. I just want to know one thing before you leave.”

  “What’s that?”

  “Are you happy?”

  Tammy smiled brightly. “Yes… Yes, I am.”

  “Well then, that’s the most important issue here, isn’t it?” With an air of happiness, she nodded her head. “I want to ask one thing of you, though.”

  “Anything for you, Clara.”

  “Don’t be a stranger? I would like for you to visit every now and then—tell me how you’re getting on.”

  “Sure, sure. I’d miss you too much anyway if I didn’t.”

  Rising out of my chair, Tammy did the same. I gathered her in my arms and gave her a great big hug. “You take care of yourself. And tell that fiancé of yours that if he ever hurts you, he’ll have me to answer to.”

  I heard Tammy chuckle, and then she began to sniffle a little through her tears. I pulled her away and looked deeply into her eyes. “There’s no need to cry. I will still be here—whether you leave or not.”

  “I know,” she said, wiping away her tears. “I’ll still miss you, though. You’re like a sister to me. You’re like a sister to all of the girls—well, maybe not so much to Rachael.”

  I laughed and shook my head at her. That seemed to be a constantly running joke. Rachael was bisexual, and she thought I didn’t sleep with any of the men because I was gay. A fact she brought up once when we’d had a party and she tried feeling me up. She said that I turned her on with my no-nonsense, caring attitude towards the girls and clients.

  I must admit, I was flattered as she was a very pretty lady, but I had never had feelings like that towards women. In the end, I had to let her down gently. Rachael took it on the chin, and we had been firm friends ever since. It still didn’t stop her from trying to involve me in any ménage à trois sessions whenever a client requested one. I just didn’t get involved that way. I ran the business, but I drew the line at becoming a part of that business.

  “Rachael is a lovely girl, and I’m sure she has enough fun with Louise whenever there has been a need for more than one girl. I like my men too much.”

  “I never see you with any.” Tammy frowned and sniffled some more.

  “I’m too busy looking after my family.” I smiled sweetly towards her, causing another tear to run down her face. “Now, go. Live your life and be happy.”

  I turned around at this point as the phone rang. Tammy plucked a tissue up from my desk and swiftly made her way out the door. “Clara Murphy,” I said curtly into the phone.

  “Clara, it’s Matthew Broadmore here.”

  “Good morning, Matthew. What can I do for you?”

  “I was hoping to see Tammy this evening.”

  It had started already.

  “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Matthew, but Tammy is no longer with us.”

  I heard a deep sigh. “That’s a shame. She was my favourite.”

  “I completely understand. She will be missed. I do have another girl who I think will be right up your alley.”

  “Do you mean you?” he chuckled.

  “Nice try, Matthew. You know that will never happen.”

  “I had to at least make an attempt to win you over.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

  “Anyway, getting back, I have just the girl. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Her name’s Melinda, and she’s fairly new. She took over for Wendy when she left.”

  “Okay…” I could hear him hesitating slightly.

  “Listen; come along this evening at around eight o’clock. Melinda is fully booked after. Despite being new, she has a lot of clients just dying to see her.” That got his spirits up. I could tell through the line. “If you don’t enjoy her company, I’m sure I can fix you up with someone else. I have a new opening now and will need to get right on that, but in the meantime, try Melinda and see how you get on.”

  “Sure thing. Sounds excellent. I shall see you at eight.”

  I smiled. “Excellent! I can guarantee you will like her, Matthew.”

  “And if I don’t, can I come and see you?”

  I shook my head. “Again, nice try.” I heard him chuckle, and we ended the call soon after. The minute I put the phone down, I heard a ruckus coming from outside my office. Pretty soon, my door was being forced open, and what appeared before me had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

  “I’m sorry, Clara,” Belinda—one of my girls—said. “I tried to stop him, but he was very insistent.”

  I nodded, but my eyes were still transfixed by this giant beauty before me. I didn’t know who the hell he was, but I damn sure hoped he wasn’t a new client.

  I found myself watching him with rapt appreciation as he seemed to drink me in
as much as I was him. He had dark, wavy brown hair which was slicked back with perfect precision. His olive skin seemed to glow as his caramel-coloured eyes danced over me with heated desire.

  My God, he was perfect!

  His broad shoulders and magnificent physique were commanding the room as if he was standing on a stage. Mid-ogling, I caught him licking his ever-so-pouty lips, and that one little gesture caused an ache between my legs to surface—the likes of which I had never felt before.

  I let my eyes wander so much that I eventually landed on his feet. Big feet equalled…

  I managed to eventually lift my eyes, only to find a slight smile curving up from those beautifully round pouty lips of his.

  Dammit! Did he know what I was thinking about just then?

  After another few seconds of staring at his five o’clock shadow—and wondering what it would be like to run my fingers through his hair—I finally managed to shake myself out of my stupor and clear my throat. “What can I do for you?”

  Please don’t say you’re a client!

  Walking forward, the door was shut swiftly behind him. The sexy beast smiled as he offered me his hand. “Luca Belatoni. Nice to meet you… Clara, I take it?”

  Shit, it was the life-sucking arsehole!!

  I stood firm, not once offering my hand back to him. Instead, I thought I may have given him a disgusted look.

  “Ah, I take it from that look that you are fully aware of who I am.”

  I am way too aware of you, you sexy fucking prick!

  “Yes, I am aware. I should imagine you’re also aware that I’m not one for bullying tactics.” I sat down on my chair and watched as he did the same opposite my desk.

  “And I’m sure you will become aware soon enough that I do not take no for an answer.” His eyes sparkled with a hint of lust.

  Offer him your body, and maybe he’ll leave you alone. Where in the bleedin’ hell did that thought come from?!

  I was about to make a retort when he spoke again. “Do you sleep with any of your clients?”

  My eyes widened in shock at his sudden change of subject. “That’s none of your damn business! None of what I do here is any of your business.”

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