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           Jack Canfield
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Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

  “What a delightful treat! Take a break to read a few stories from Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul. It will add more joy and love to your day.”

  Gladys Knight

  singer, entertainer

  “At last, a Chicken Soup for women! It touched all of my emotions—I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. Thank you for touching my female soul.”

  Olivia Newton-John


  “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul is a fabulous collection of inspiring stories for women. What a phenomenal way to connect with other women! This book will definitely move your heart and uplift your spirit!”

  Ann W. Richards

  former governor of Texas

  “As women, we give so much of our hearts and souls to others. Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul will fill you back up again with love, joy and inspiration, and help you celebrate your magical female spirit.”

  Barbara DeAngelis

  author, Real Moments

  “It is not very often that one reads a book that entertains, uplifts and moves one to tears. Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul is one of those books. I highly recommend it.”

  Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

  author, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and

  End the Struggle and Dance with Life

  “I loved Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul—this edition of the Chicken Soup books has particularly touched me! Please keep writing more, as I’ve grown to depend on these books throughout all of my many hours on airplanes!”

  Daisy Fuentes

  model, actress, spokesperson

  “These stories remind us what it truly means to be a woman or girl in today’s complex world—to have the personal courage, self-esteem and mentors who will inspire us to reach our dreams. Every busy working woman should take a few minutes out of her day to read these stories. They will refresh, inspire and bring balance to the day!”

  Leslie Smith

  executive director, National Association for Female

  Executives Women’s Foundation

  “This serving of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul has the power to heal the common cold of the human heart.”

  Margareta Arvidsson Cederroth

  former Miss Universe

  “This beautiful collection of stories proclaims the richness of a tapestry of experience woven from the lives of women. These stories are refreshing and insightful; they help us become more self-aware and see with greater clarity those simple things that give meaning to our lives.”

  Ellen Greene

  classics professor, University of Oklahoma

  “Reading Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul is an invitation to connect with what is best about our lives— faith, hope, charity and love. I’ll take two helpings please—one for me and one for a friend!”

  Susan B. Wilson




  101 Stories to

  Open the Hearts and Rekindle

  the Spirits of Women

  Jack Canfield

  Mark Victor Hansen

  Jennifer Read Hawthorne

  Marci Shimoff

  Health Communications, Inc.

  Deerfield Beach, Florida

  Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

  Chicken soup for the woman’s soul: 101 stories to open the hearts and rekindle the spirits of women / [compiled by] Jack Canfield et al.

  p. cm.

  eISBN-13: 978-0-7573-9737-0 (ebook) eISBN-10: 0-7573-9737-9 (ebook)

  1. Women—Conduct of life—Anecdotes. I. Canfield, Jack (date).

  BJ1610.C522 1996 96-24700

  158’.12—dc20 CIP

  © 1996 John T. Canfield and Hansen and Hansen LLC

  All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of the publisher.

  HCI, its logos and marks are trademarks of Health Communications, Inc.

  Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

  3201 S.W. 15th Street

  Deerfield Beach, FL 33442–8190


  Cover re-design by Lawna Patterson Oldfield

  Phenomenal Woman

  Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.

  I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size

  But when I start to tell them,

  They think I’m telling lies.

  I say,

  It’s in the reach of my arms,

  The span of my hips,

  The stride of my step,

  The curl of my lips.

  I’m a woman


  Phenomenal woman,

  That’s me.

  I walk into a room

  Just as cool as you please,

  And to a man,

  The fellows stand or

  Fall down on their knees.

  Then they swarm around me,

  A hive of honey bees.

  I say,

  It’s the fire in my eyes,

  And the flash of my teeth,

  The swing in my waist,

  And the joy in my feet.

  I’m a woman


  Phenomenal woman,

  That’s me.

  Men themselves have wondered

  What they see in me.

  They try so much

  But they can’t touch

  My inner mystery.

  When I try to show them

  They say they can’t see.

  I say,

  It’s in the arch of my back,

  The sun of my smile,

  The ride of my breasts,

  The grace of my style.

  I’m a woman


  Phenomenal woman,

  That’s me.

  Now you understand

  Just why my head’s not bowed.

  I don’t shout or jump about

  Or have to talk real loud.

  When you see me passing

  It ought to make you proud.

  I say,

  It’s in the click of my heels,

  The bend of my hair,

  The palm of my hand,

  The need for my care.

  ’Cause I’m a woman


  Phenomenal woman,

  That’s me.

  Maya Angelou

  With love we dedicate this book to

  the 2.9 billion phenomenal women of the world.

  May these stories touch your hearts

  and inspire your souls.

  We also dedicate this book to our parents,

  Ellen Taylor and Fred Angelis, Una and Paul Hansen,

  Maureen and Brooks Read, and Louise and

  Marcus Shimoff, for the extraordinary gifts of

  love and life you have given us.



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  More Chicken Soup?

  Supporting Women of the World

  Who Is Jack Canfield?

  Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

  Who Is Jennifer Read Hawthorne?

  Who Is Marci Shimoff?




  Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul has taken more than a year to write, compile and edit. It has been a true labor of love for all of us. One of the greatest joys in creating this book has been working with people who gave this project not just their time and attention, but their hearts and souls as well. We would like to thank the following people for their dedication and contributions, without which this book could not have been created:

  Our families, who have given us love and support throughout this project, and have been chicken soup for our souls!

  Dan Hawthorne, for always believing in us and in the importance of this project. Dan, thank you for helping us to keep our perspective and take ourselves lightly. We deeply appreciate your love and wonderful sense of humor!

  Rusty Hoffman, for his unconditional love, his extraordinary support, his huge heart and his Internet expertise. Rusty, thank you for continually reminding us to enjoy the moment. You are a true saint!

  Maureen H. Read, for reading and giving us feedback on hundreds of stories, and for always being there and cheering us on. We love you!

  Louise and Marcus Shimoff, for their eternal support and love. We thank you for your constant willingness to research anything we needed, and for being one of our best sources of stories. We love you!

  Elinor Hall, who assisted in every aspect of this project, from managing the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul office to doing research and providing emotional support. No job was too big or too small, and we thank you for your love, your friendship and your bliss—we couldn’t have done it without you!

  Ron Hall, for his unbounded consciousness, vision and love.

  Carol Kline, for her great skill in reading and researching hundreds of stories, and for interviewing several women and writing their important stories for inclusion in the book. Carol, we are so grateful for your constant love and friendship.

  Joanna Cox, for countless hours spent typing the preliminary manuscript and for always being there for us with infinite patience. We loved your steadying influence, and we loved working with you!

  Nancy Berg and Eileen Lawrence, for their first-class job of editing numerous stories for us. We deeply appreciate the way you were able to capture the essence of Chicken Soup for the Soul in the stories you worked on.

  Dan Clark, for sharing many of his stories and for working long and late hours editing stories to enable us to meet our deadlines.

  Suzanne Lawlor, for her research and her generous heart. K. Bernard, Bobby Roth, Susan Shatkin, Emily Sledge and Mary Zeilbeck for their editing assistance.

  Peter Vegso and Gary Seidler at Health Communications, Inc., for believing in this book from the moment it was proposed, and for getting it into the hands of milli
ons of readers. Thank you, Peter and Gary!

  Christine Belleris, Matthew Diener and Mark Colucci, our editors at Health Communications, Inc., for their generous efforts in bringing this book to its high state of excellence.

  Kim Weiss and Arielle Ford for their brilliant public relations efforts.

  Patty Aubery and Nancy Mitchell, coauthors of Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, who guided us through the process of creating this book and never wavered in their encouragement and inspiration. Patty, thank you for always being there with answers and understanding. Nancy, thank you for an out standing job obtaining the permissions for the stories in this book.

  Heather McNamara, for editing and preparing the final manuscript with such ease, talent and clarity. We deeply appreciate your patience and your valuable suggestions. You are a joy to work with!

  Veronica Valenzuela and Julie Knapp, for helping in Jack’s office to make sure everything ran smoothly.

  Rosalie Miller (Auntie Ro), who nourished us with her food and her love in the final weeks of preparing the manuscript.

  Barry Spilchuk, for sharing with us stories, cartoons, quotes—and cookies when needed. Barry, we greatly appreciate your encouragement and your sense of humor!

  Mark Tucker, for telling his audiences across the country about this book. His efforts resulted in hundreds of stories being contributed.

  Recie Mobley, Diane Montgomery and Jenny Bryson, for putting out a call for stories to the professional speakers in their companies.

  Mavis Cordero and Women Inc., for supporting our project and inviting us to participate in their New York conference for women, “Uncommon Women on Common Ground.”

  Dan Fields, Elaine Glusac, Joann Landreth and Sheryl Vestal, for featuring Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul in their publications.

  Bonnie Bartlett and Elizabeth Caulder, for their enthusiastic support, and for spreading the word about our call for stories.

  Aliza Sherman of Cybergirl Internet Media, for designing our Web page and getting us onto the Internet.

  The following people, who completed the monumental task of reading the preliminary manuscript of the book, helped us make the final selections and made invaluable comments on how to improve the book: Patty Aubery, Kim Banks, Christine Belleris, Pamela Bice, Laura Chitty, Lane Cole, Debbie Davis, Linda Lowe DeGraaff, Pam Finger, Elinor Hall, Jean Hammond, Stephany Harward, Amy Hawthorne, Rachel Jorgensen, Kimberly Kirberger, Robin Kotok, Nancy Leahy, Jeanette Lisefski, Priscilla Lynch, Teresa Lynch, Barbara McLoughlin, Karen McLoughlin, Heather McNamara, Barbara McQuaide, Jackie Miller, Nancy Mitchell, Cindy Palajac, Debra Halperin Poneman, Maureen H. Read, Wendy Read, Carol Richter, Loren Rose, Marjorie E. Rose, Heather Sanders, Wendy Sheets, Louise and Marcus Shimoff, Carolyn Strickland, Paula Thomas, Debra Way and Kim Wiele. We truly thank you for your heroic contribution!

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