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       Thrown by a Curve, p.34

         Part #5 of Play by Play series by Jaci Burton
Page 34

  Author: Jaci Burton

  “How’s it going with the two of you?”

  Alicia took a sip of wine and smiled at Liz. “Garrett’s shoulder is doing good. He’s starting to throw pitches. ”

  Liz slanted her a look. “Nice evasion, but you know that wasn’t what I was asking. ”

  She hadn’t thought it would work, but it was worth a try. “I don’t know how it happened. ”

  “I do. You’re hot, and so is he. It’s Chemistry 101, honey. ”

  “It shouldn’t have happened at all. He needs to be concentrating on his recovery, not on sex. ”

  Liz snorted. “Sex is great for recovery. All that blood churning through his veins. You’re the expert. A player in a good mood is not a bad thing, is it? I mean, a lot of his recovery is mental, isn’t it?”

  “That’s true, but his cock has nothing to do with his shoulder. ”

  “Oh, come on, Alicia. If you’re keeping him content in the sack, he’s relaxed and more apt to work harder on his rehab. He’s less tense since you’ve been having sex with him, isn’t he?”

  Alicia narrowed her gaze at Liz. She was right on in that department. “Well, who made you such a fucking expert on all things sports medicine?”

  Liz laughed. “Honey, I don’t know a goddamn thing about sports medicine. But I know a lot about sex and how to keep my man relaxed and happy. And when he’s relaxed and happy, he plays great fucking baseball. So quit second-guessing your every move with Garrett, and enjoy what’s happening between the two of you. ”

  Alicia lifted the wine bottle and refilled her glass and Liz’s. “Has anyone ever told you how smart you are?”

  “Not nearly often enough. ” Liz lifted her glass and clinked it against Alicia’s.

  Maybe Liz was right and their relationship was good for Garrett’s recovery. She’d told him at the very beginning to get out of his head. When he wasn’t so focused on his shoulder and every step in the process, she could make inroads with his rehab.

  What better way to do that than with sex?

  A definite benefit—to both of them. Because there was no downside to having sex with Garrett.


  * * *

  THEY HAD DINNER AND GREAT CONVERSATION, AND Alicia spent the evening not worrying about anything for a change. Apparently, Garrett chilled, too, because when he came inside after being with Gavin, he put his arm around her. He even kissed her in front of her cousin, which she thought was more than a little monumental.

  She supposed she could even call this evening a date. They laughed, had drinks, talked baseball, and she couldn’t remember seeing Garrett this relaxed. He’d stuck close to her all night, touching her in small ways that made her stomach ripple with desire. He’d trail his fingers down the side of her neck or rub his thumb over the back of her hand, all seemingly innocent gestures that fired up her nerve endings and made her wish they were alone so she could touch him in intimate ways and make him feel half the things she was feeling.

  “What are you doing?” she asked him at one point in the evening when he laid his hand against the small of her back, his fingers creeping dangerously low to her butt. She kept her voice at a low whisper, so Gavin and Liz couldn’t hear

  He gave her a sexy, innocent smile and an “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about” as a response.

  She had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing to her. In return, she draped her hand over the top of his thigh, letting her fingers dangle ever so close to his cock. Then she drummed her fingers while she carried on a conversation with Liz. When she looked up at Garrett, he glared at her.

  Ha. Payback.

  By the time they left Gavin and Liz’s, she was a bundle of taut tension. Garrett might appear to be unruffled as he leaned back in the seat as he drove, but she was strung up with the need to get him naked and climb all over him.

  He knew it, too. She could tell from the lazy sweep of his fingers down her leg to his relaxed posture in his seat. He was smug and confident, and he knew exactly what he’d been doing to her all night—driving her right to the brink.

  She wasn’t about to let him know she was ready to explode. She’d just look out the window and pretend everything was fine.

  Until his fingers started a slow trek up her thigh, raising her dress.

  She snapped her gaze to his and pulled the hem of her dress down. “What do you think you’re doing?”

  Giving her an innocent look, he said, “Me? I’m just touching you. I like touching you. Do you want me to stop?”

  “Yes. No. Yes. I don’t know. ”

  He cocked a brow. “Care to clarify?”

  “You were driving me crazy all night. ”

  “Was I?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Yeah, well, you were doing the same to me. ”

  It was good to know she’d had some effect on him. “I like you touching me. ”

  “Then let me, Alicia. Lean your seat back. Spread your legs. ”

  She looked outside. “We’re in the car, Garrett. You’re driving. ”

  “On a two-lane road. It’s late, and there are hardly any cars. Trust me to protect you. ”

  She did trust him. Arousal beat a hot pulse between her legs.

  “Alicia. Let me touch you. ”

  “You should focus on the road. ”

  His lips curved. “I can do both. ”

  She sucked in a breath. She’d just bet he could. “How about I watch the road for you?”

  “You won’t be watching the road. You’ll be concentrating on what I’m doing. ”

  “Is that a challenge?”

  He gave a quick, wicked smile, but to his credit, he kept his eyes on the road.

  “Lean your seat back, Alicia. ”

  She tilted the seat back and spread her legs, chewing her lip the entire time.

  “Lift your dress so I can see what you’re wearing underneath. ”

  She drew her dress up, revealing the hot pink underwear she’d worn to match the pale pink and white sundress she had on.

  “Sexy. ” And that was the only look he gave her. Eyes on the road, his fingers crept over her thigh and between her legs, causing a shock of pleasure when he cupped her sex. She melted against him, arching toward his searching fingers.

  “This makes me hard, Alicia, makes me think about all the things I want to do to you when we get back to the house. ”

  The outline of his erection was visible against his jeans. “I want to touch you. ”

  He shook his head. “No. I want to make you come. Just relax. ”

  She let out a shaky breath and half turned toward him, giving him better access. He took advantage, sliding his hand down into the silk, touching her bare skin.

  She moaned and gripped his wrist as he found her clit, then slid his fingers lower, teasing her pussy. She didn’t know if it was being in the car, the idea of this being so public, but she was throbbing, her clit tingling with pulses of need.

  “You’re wet, babe,” he said, taking a quick glance at her. The hunger in his eyes undid her as he swirled her moisture over her clit. “I’m going to make you come. ”

  “Yes,” she said, sliding her hand over his, helping him get her there. She pressed down on his hand and shoved his fingers deeper inside her. “Harder. ”

  She swallowed, her throat dry as he increased the pressure. She couldn’t control the desire now, and didn’t care who might be watching. She undulated against the most exquisite sensations as she shattered against his hand with a loud cry.

  “Oh, yeah,” she heard him say, but she was lost, bucking against his fingers as she came in wild, seemingly endless bursts that left her hot and shaking. It was only after the trembling stopped that Garrett removed his hand.

  And when he licked his fingers one by one, she shuddered, hoping they’d be back at the house in a hurry.

  “Glad you ke
pt your eyes on the road the whole time,” he teased.

  She realized Godzilla could have stepped out of the ocean and onto the road in front of them and she’d have been totally oblivious to it. She smoothed her dress down over her legs. “Okay, I might have been a little distracted. ”

  He cocked a grin. “Just the way I like you. ”

  Now it was her turn. She leaned over and laid her hand on his thigh, wanting to make sure his erection didn’t go anywhere. His jaw clenched as he drove the rest of the way back to the house.

  By the time he pulled into the driveway, his clamped jaw had worked itself into a decided twitch. She was rather proud of that, because he’d driven her absolutely out of her mind with pleasure, so she felt obliged to return the favor. Her fingers danced over his fully hard cock, and if he hadn’t been driving, she’d have unzipped him and would’ve stroked or sucked him. But she did prefer he pay some attention to the road, so this tease was enough torture for him.

  She gave him points for being a very good driver.

  He opened her car door and pulled her out, pressing her against the side of the car to fit his lips to hers and grab a handful of her ass.

  She was more than ready for him, and when he scooted her across the car to lay her flat on the warm hood, pressing his hot, hard body against her, she was sure he was ready to take her right there, his body surging against hers.

  Not that she’d object—much. She flattened her palms against his chest and gave him a little push. “Shouldn’t we take this inside?”

  He pressed a kiss against her jaw. “Not sure I can wait that long. ”

  She loved that he wanted her that much. The feeling was mutual, and if they hadn’t left the porch light on and it wasn’t so brightly lit out here, she might just consider it, because he was rubbing his hard cock against her sex. A few more minutes of that and she’d be ready to explode.

  Fortunately, he pulled her up and nearly dragged her to the front door.

  They didn’t make it far inside, though, because as soon as he shut the front door, he drew her to the floor, pulling her down on top of him. She landed with her skirt over her hips. Garrett took advantage, slipping his hand into her panties to roam over her bare butt.

  “I’ve been wanting to get my hands on your naked ass all night. ”

  She lifted up, resting her hands on his chest. “We should get into bed so I can touch you. ”

  He shook his head. “It’s too far into the bedroom. Touch me here. ”

  “Get undressed. ”

  He half rose, and within a couple of seconds, his shirt was off, exposing his well-sculpted abs. She splayed her hands across them then leaned over him to press a kiss to his nipples.

  He gave her a look. “That’s not where I want your mouth, Alicia. ”

  “Really. ” She kissed his neck. “Here?”

  “A little lower. ”

  She slid her tongue down to his rib cage and moved along his stomach. “How about here?”

  “You’re getting a little closer. Keep going. ”

  When she laid her hand on his cock, he tensed. “Yeah. There. With your mouth. ”

  She loved that he had no problem telling her what he wanted. And how he wanted it. She popped the button on his pants and slowly drew the zipper down. He kicked off his shoes, and she lifted off him momentarily so he could shove his pants off, freeing his cock for her to grasp in her hands.

  He was naked now, and she gloried in just looking at him. She always loved seeing him naked, being able to run her hands over his magnificent body, which she did now, snaking her hands up his abs and over his chest.

  “Now you. ”

  She pulled her sundress over her head, leaving her in her underwear, which she took care of by standing and straddling him. She popped the clasp on her bra, removed it, and cast it aside, then shimmied her panties down her thighs.

  Garrett grasped her ankles while she stepped out of her panties and threw them in the pile.
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