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       Thrown by a Curve, p.29

         Part #5 of Play by Play series by Jaci Burton
Page 29

  Author: Jaci Burton

  He’d call that a win. For tonight, it was good enough.




  AFTER THE PREVIOUS NIGHT’S STORM, THE DAY dawned sunny and dry, with just a hint of a cool breeze.

  Alicia figured today was a great day to play golf since she’d challenged Garrett earlier and told him she was a better-than-average golfer. Plus, it added variety to his therapy and would be a good way to work his shoulder.

  Waking up in his bed this morning had been strange. And exciting, especially the way he roused her before dawn with his hand caressing her breast and his hard cock nestled between her legs. They’d made love slow and easy, until it had become more heated, and Garrett had pulled her on top of him to finish them both off. Then they’d showered together, laughing as they washed each other, then dodged flying suds during a soap battle.

  All in all, not a bad way to start the day.

  Now, on the eighteenth hole of the golf course, she was in therapist mode, watching Garrett’s every move. His swing was easy and he hadn’t once seemed to tighten up or wince. A very good sign.

  “How are you feeling over there, champ?” she asked as he teed up.

  He shifted his gaze from the ball to her. “You trying to throw off my concentration?”

  She leaned against the shaft of her club. “You’re ten strokes ahead of me, asshole. I don’t have a chance in hell of beating you, so I don’t think distracting you is a viable strategy for me. ”

  He gave her a sexy grin, then turned and took his shot, a nice, straight arc that landed in the middle of the fairway.


  She took her tee shot, a decent one, but it had nowhere near the distance his had. They grabbed their clubs and went to find their balls.

  By the time they arrived at the putting green, she had a good opportunity to make par. Garrett was about six feet from the hole with a fair chance of hitting a birdie shot.

  Which he missed by barely an inch.

  “Fuck,” he said, then tapped his ball in for par.

  She missed hers and bogeyed the hole. “Ditto,” she said.

  They ordered lunch in the clubhouse.

  “You were right,” he said after taking a long swallow of iced tea. “You’re good. ”

  “It wasn’t even close to being my best game,” she said, taking a sip of soup, “but I haven’t played in a while. You’re good, too. How does your shoulder feel?”

  He rolled his shoulders. “Surprisingly good, considering I haven’t played golf in a couple of years. ”

  “That’s a great sign. Golf is good therapy for you, now that you’re healing so well. You should play more. ”

  He speared his salad and took a bite. “You should play with me. ”

  “You’re not good for my ego. I need to play with someone I can beat. ”

  “Wuss. Suck it up. ”

  She laughed. “Next we have to do your therapy. Then we’ll see who the real wuss is. ”

  “You’d persecute me like that after I just put my shoulder through eighteen holes of golf?”

  “It is my job, you know. ”

  “And you enjoy it so much. ”

  “I do. ”

  He gave her a mock glare over the rim of his glass. “I think there must be a little sadist in therapists. ”

  “You think?”

  She expected there to be some tension between them, uncomfortable silences. And maybe that was on her—her own fears about what she thought might happen after she slept with him.

  There was none. They’d had a fun morning and were at ease with each other.

  So much for her worries.

  When they got back to the house, she washed up and changed into her workout clothes. Garrett was in the gym when she got there, sitting on one of the benches, ice pack already on his shoulder.

  She leaned against one of the machines. “Doing my job for me now?”

  He looked down at the ice pack then back up at her, giving her a knowing smirk. “I think I’m familiar enough with the routine now. ”

  “Is that right? Maybe you don’t need me anymore. ”

  “Oh, I need you, all right. I have an ache. ”

  From the look he gave her, she knew exactly what kind of ache he was referring to, and it had nothing to do with his shoulder. Heat speared her, need coiling low in her belly. She came toward him. “Is that right? Tell me where you hurt. ”

  He put his hand between his legs. “Right here. Do you think you can do anything to make me feel better?”

  She straddled him, the hard ridge of his erection pressing up against her quivering pussy. “Oh, I can definitely make you feel better. ”

  He grasped her hips and rocked her against him, drawing her quivering pussy against his shaft. She licked her lips and laid her hands on his chest. “I could come like this,” she said, her voice lowering as desire flushed through her nerve endings.

  Garrett figured there was nothing better than a beautiful woman getting herself off on his cock. Having Alicia writhing fully clothed on his lap had gotten him from semi-hard to fully erect in a matter of seconds. He’d been thinking about her while he’d put on the ice pack. She’d looked hot today on the golf course. He’d never found golf sexy at all until he’d played with Alicia. She was competent in her swing, and it didn’t hurt that she’d worn those capri pants that showed off her toned calves. Plus, he let her walk ahead of him so he’d gotten an awesome view of her great ass as she moved with confidence through the course.

  Who knew that golf would get him hot? But having her sit on him like this was definitely melting the ice pack on his shoulder.

  He shrugged off the pack and drew Alicia against him for a kiss that rocked him all the way to his balls. She was fully into it, slipping her fingers into his scalp to tug on his hair. It gave him chills and made his cock as hard as the metal bars he lifted here in the gym.

  But then she moved away from him and dropped to her knees.

  “Slide your legs over,” she said, looking up at him.

  He sat forward and swept his legs over the side of the bench, laying his feet flat on the floor. Alicia shouldered herself between them, then tugged on his sweats, drawing them and his boxers down and off.

  His balls tightened as she grabbed hold of his cock and began to stroke it from base to tip, never once drawing her gaze away from his face. He leaned down and kissed her again, brushing his lips against hers, coaxing her to open for him. Her lips trembled, her excitement clear.

  God, that turned him on. He dipped his tongue inside, licking and tasting her until she pulled back.

  “Let me taste you,” she said, rolling her thumb over his cockhead.

  He shuddered, then leaned back and laid his palms flat on the bench, giving her access to him. He was riveted, watching her as her tongue slid between her lips. He found himself swallowing, his throat dry as he anticipated her next move.

  She licked the underside of his shaft, starting at the base until she got to the tip. Then she covered his cockhead with her lips and flicked her tongue over it.

  He couldn’t hold back the groan of sheer pleasure. He’d never felt so hard or so ready to shoot a load of come. He ached with the need for it, and when she shifted, then took him deep into her mouth, he let out a curse.

  She had him. She owned him, and he’d give her anything as long as she kept sucking him like that, bathing him with her tongue and covering his dick with her sweet, hot mouth.

  He swept her hair to one side so he could watch her cheeks hollow as she clamped her lips together and increased the pressure, bobbing up and down on his shaft until he dug his feet into the carpet and held on. Sweat beaded and rolled down his back as he thrust against her mouth.

  “I’m going to come, babe,” he said, unable to control the thrust of his hips as she sucked him fully into her mouth. “
God, you’re going to make me come. ”

  He gave her the option of pulling back, but she grasped his shaft and took him deep. Unable to hold back, he held her head and let go, bursting into her mouth as what felt like gallons of come erupted from him, making him shudder and yell out as he came.

  He was shaking as he released, and Alicia took everything from him until he collapsed forward, fisting her hair and holding on to her for what seemed like his goddamn life.

  She laid her head on his thigh and let him recover. When he could form words, all he could say was, “Christ, that was good. ”

  She tilted her head upward and licked her lips. It made his dick twitch. Damn, she made him insatiable.

  “You’re killing me, Alicia. ”

  “So, you’re saying you don’t want to lift weights now?”

  He laughed. “Uh, no. But I’d love a glass of ice water. ”

  She got up. “Me, too. I’ll go get us one. You should get dressed. ”

  Before she could get away, he grasped her wrist and pulled her into his lap for a deep kiss. “Thank you. ”

  “It was my pleasure. ”

  “Oh, your pleasure is coming. ”

  She grinned. “I’m counting on it. ”

  While he pulled his clothes back together, Alicia came back with two glasses of water and handed him one. He drank it down in about three greedy gulps while she sipped hers.

  “You really do need to do a workout, you know,” she said.

  “I know. I just need a minute to catch my breath. And I don’t know, maybe a snack. You depleted all my stores with that blow job. ”

  She snorted. “Toughen up. We’re working on your stamina, stud. ”

  “I think you’re trying to kill me. ”

  But she did relent, and they had a snack, then went to work on his therapy. He had to admit, therapy was a lot more fun after sex, though his cock kept twitching while he fantasized about all the different ways he’d like to have Alicia in the workout room. She noticed, too, shooting a glance at his crotch and lifting her gaze back to his.

  “Exercising with a hard-on doesn’t get your blood flowing to the right muscles. I need it in your shoulder—not your cock. ”

  He shrugged as he worked the pulleys. “I can’t help it. I keep thinking about bending you over the bench. Or throwing you down on the futon and fucking you. ”

  She gave him a glare, but it was only a halfhearted one. “Well, stop it. We’re in work mode now. We can have sex later. ”

  “Is this a work-reward kind of thing?”

  “Will it make you stop thinking of sex if I say yes?”

  “Maybe. It would help if I could have a little tease right now. ” He walked away from the pulleys and toward her. Alicia backed away.

  “No, Garrett. Work now. ”

  He advanced on her. “Just a little play. Then back to work. ”

  She laughed as he pressed her up against the wall. “I’m serious. ”

  “Oh, so am I. Dead serious about getting my hands down your pants and—”

  “So, is this a new form of therapy?”

  Garrett turned in a hurry, his throbbing erection dying as he faced the one person he really didn’t want to see right now.

  His agent—Victoria Baldwin.




  ALICIA WANTED TO DIE RIGHT ON THE SPOT. THE WOMAN that had come in and interrupted them was gorgeous and smartly dressed in a business suit, her brown, chin-length hair perfectly coiffed. Alicia felt at a distinct disadvantage, especially being caught by surprise.

  “Victoria,” Garrett said, obviously not shocked at all that someone had come into the house unannounced. But he did take several steps away from Alicia. “Ever think of ringing the doorbell?”

  Victoria gave them a wry smile. “I did ring the doorbell. No one answered. I saw the car and figured you might be at the beach, so I came around back. Your slider was open, so I came on in. I didn’t know you were—uh—occupied in other ways. ” She slanted that smile Alicia’s way.
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