Timekeepers: A Revolutionary Tale

      J. Y. Harris
Timekeepers:  A Revolutionary Tale

History is supposed to be dull. Who knew it could also be dangerous?Time-travel should be a fun adventure... right? And yet Kristen and Brad find that being stuck in the past is anything but. Scary? Duh! Confusing? Definitely. But fun? Not so much.Can the two squabbling teens work together to survive their unexpected adventure?History is supposed to be a boring snooze... except when you're thrown into it like some crazy reality show.Kristen and Brad Everheart are taking part in a Revolutionary War battle re-enactment when they suddenly and inexplicably find themselves back in 1777. They have no way of knowing what’s going on; all they can do is try to get through the day. The siblings meet Rebecca, who is on her way to deliver a message of vital importance to General Washington. They also team up with Jacob, an ancestor of one of their modern-day friends, in order to escort Rebecca back to Philadelphia. Along the way, they deal with a spymaster, colonial deserters, and British soldiers who keep getting in the way.And they still have to figure out how to get back to their own time....
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