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           J.W. Phillips

  “I can’t compete with them.”

  “Angel, you give me a thousand times more than they can ever dream of giving anyone. There is no competition.”

  “I want to taste you?” Julie asked, and leaned up to chastely kiss his lips.

  “Do I look edible?” he replied.

  Julie started unbuttoning his shirt, and trailing a line of kisses along his breastbone. He had not expected that. He was thinking she wanted to taste his blood. She had other things on her mind.

  She pushed the shirt off his shoulders, and continued to kiss down his body. She forced him to roll over onto his back, and started to lick over each tight ripple of his stomach. When her hands found his jeans, she unsnapped them and pulled the zipper down. She trembled. He caressed her shoulder.

  “My love, you don’t have to do this.”

  She didn’t respond. She tugged his jeans down and Trucker lifted his hips enough for Julie to yank them down his legs until they were lying in a heap on the floor. Julie lightly stroked his cock. She had never seen one in person, much less, touched one. It was softer than she imagined but also hard at the same time. The feel was not what grabbed her attention. He was huge. She couldn’t wrap her hand completely around it. No way was that thing ever going to be able to fit in her. “Truck, you’re hung.”

  “I was made to fuck, not make love to sweet little virgins.” He raised her chin so she had to look at him. “I’ll go easy, baby. I won’t hurt you.”

  She nodded and begun to kiss her way up his muscular legs. “Porn star huge,” she whispered, lightly.

  He raised up on his elbows and smiled at her. “My baby watches porn?”

  She turned blood-red at the embarrassment of admitting she had occasionally watched porn. “With Tori. She finds it appealing,” Julie whispered and held her head down as she slowly started to stroke her hand up and down his already harden cock.

  “My Angel watches porn. Anything else you enjoy doing with Tori while you watched this porn?” he asked and tried to laugh but the feel of her hand running down his cock made it hard to think of anything else.

  She shook her head and lowered it until her mouth hovered over his penis. Sliding him in her mouth until the head of his cock brushed the back of her throat, she peeked up at him.

  “Fuck, Angel,” Trucker breathed unsteadily. “Fuck.” He tugged at her hair, only making Julie more determine to drive him crazy.

  She flicked her tongue over the sensitive flesh of the tip of his impressive penis. His body started trembling under her touch. She paused. “It hurts. My touch hurts.” She felt tears form. “You can’t enjoy me because it hurts.”

  Trucker clasped his hands around her shoulders and drug her up his hard body. “No baby, it feels perfect. Too damn perfect. It doesn’t hurt because . . .”

  “I’m sinning.”

  “No baby, that’s not it . . . My body registers you as mine. I’m trying everything possible not to rip your throat open and bond with you, here and now.”

  Julie was the one who suddenly couldn’t stop trembling. He held her tight against him. “As much as this is the greatest moment of my life, I need to get you home before we both do something we regret.” He kissed the top of her head as she buried her face onto his chest. “Just a few more days, and if you still want this, I won’t stop either one of us.”


  Once they were finally in the comfort of her home, they snuggled on the couch and watched the game with her dad. Julie’s body was still in hyper-mode from what had transpired that day in Trucker’s room. Every time he moved, her body jumped in anticipation. Trucker acted oblivious to the fact she had his dick shoved in her mouth earlier. Instead he seemed to have had a heavy heart. My sweet monster, you are so temperamental. What could be bothering you now? She combed her fingers through his hair. Don’t think, just enjoy being together.

  It got late and as much as Julie wanted the day to never end, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She kissed him good night and bypassed a bath. She couldn’t deny the call of her bed any longer. She curled around her pillow and laid there going over everything in her head. She felt Trucker’s cool body slide in the bed next to her. Julie’s leg wrapped around his as their bodies molded into one.

  “Please, make love to me,” Julie said as a tear slid down her cheek. She wasn’t sure why but she needed to feel him consume her. The last few days, she wanted to crawl under his skin and become one with him. The thought he didn’t feel the same placed a small crack in her oversensitive heart.

  “Angel, don’t,” he whispered and traced over the shell of her ear with his nose. “I want too,” he said and pushed his hard-on against the crack of her ass. “I’ve been so fucking hard since this afternoon, it hurts. Not tonight. I want you to have a clear head when I make you mine forever.”

  “Please,” she pleaded and rubbed her ass against his manhood.

  “As much as I love you being my little sex kitten, I know right now what you crave is not sex but my blood.”

  “What,” Julie squealed as she rolled over to look at him.

  “Think about it, baby, when did you become so desperate to sleep with me?”

  She shrugged her left shoulder.

  “After you tasted my blood. You want this as much as me, and sweet Angel, as soon as this weekend is over, I will gladly give it to you. Now give me your bracelet,” he said and held his hands out, wiggling his fingers.

  She didn’t question him, simply unsnapped it and placed it in his hand.

  “My love, sleep, and remember I will always love you.”

  As she drifted off into dreamland, she felt his breath getting hotter on her face.

  “I’m sorry, I have no choice,” he whispered so softly into her ear, and kissed the corner of her mouth. “I love you more than you can imagine,” were the last words she heard.

  Chapter 18

  Julie awoke in a cornfield, unsure of how she even found herself there. Her last memory was of Trucker holding her in bed. But if this was a dream, it was unlike any she’d ever had before. Her dreams were usually in the abstract. Not this one, if it was even a dream at all. Every surface felt life-like, her emotions were on edge, it was almost too real. She walked along a row of corn stalks realizing it was a maze. She was lost. Every corner she made only brought more twist and turns. She felt alone, when suddenly she turned and came upon their secret pond. The wind blew, pushing flowers petals throughout the air. She could smell his distinguished scent as if he were breathing the very air she was inhaling. The sounds of wildlife filled the meadow. A deer nudged her back with its nose. The wind came to a sudden stop as the animals ran from some unseen predator. Her fairytale vanished. She saw him, stepping out from the shadows. His size distorted. He was larger than his normal six foot five frame. His shirt was unbuttoned and flapped in the wind to make room for his bulging chest muscles. The snap on his painfully tight pants was undone. He was beautiful. She slowly walked to him. His face was exquisite but hard. The crease between his eyes was deep. His perfectly shaped lips were twisted. His skin shined like an incandescent pearl, and was alive with a thousand swirling veins. She reached out for his hand. He harshly wrapped his hand around hers. Hate, pain, and anger washed over her, smothering her with despair. The fire in her stomach churned. Darkness twisted through her veins like acid. She wanted to claw them out as the pain seared her body, anything to ease the torment. She hadn’t known such misery could exist. She wanted to protect her mind, reject the pain, but her heart needed to be with him. She held his hand in hers and traced the crawling veins with her fingertips. The heat from his skin burned through her. She started turning his hand over to examine the beauty of his skin. The closer she got to him the more her stomach burned. She felt as if she would self-combust any moment. She needed to feel that misery, wanted to feel his anguish. She closed the gap between them, touching his body with hers. The electrical sparks coming off of him was maddening. She put her head on his chest.

/>   Julie heard a loud, ear piercing scream. The sound was coming from her, but she couldn’t seem to stop it. She writhed and fell from the bed to the floor. Her body was suffering and felt like it was going to explode. She couldn’t open her eyes as hot hands restrained her. Until, she heard the smooth lyrical voice of Larry Castleman. Evil itself was holding her down.

  “Julie, it’s over. You’re awake now.” His voice was calming, but the blackness kept sweeping over her body, wave after wave of pain.

  “No,” Julie screamed in the most agonizing voice. The pain was unreal. It felt as if she was being burned alive. The price of sin was high, and her kind-hearted monster carried it with him every day.

  “Don’t embrace the pain, it’s not meant for you. You’re just a human, let it go,” Larry said, almost too calmly.

  “It hurts,” she screamed.

  “I know. Trucker will be here as soon as he can.” The sound of his name brought another wave of fire that seared through her. The screaming that escaped her throat was piercing. She didn’t even recognize her own voice.

  “Sweetie, it’ll be okay,” came from a new voice. It was the voice of his wonderful mother, Catherine. Although it was comforting that Catherine was there, Julie’s body and mind were so overwhelmed with misery she could do nothing but lay there with Larry’s burning hands trying to hold her.

  “Get the hell off her.” Julie heard her monster. She felt herself being pulled up to Trucker’s scorching body. Trucker rocked her in an unwavering embrace. “Julie, it’s over . . . I love you, Angel. Come back to me.”

  The tears, his tears were cooling her body. The pain slowly subsided. She heard them talking, but couldn’t make out any words.

  “Trucker,” slipped from her lips.

  “Yes, Angel.”

  She was slowly coming back to reality, and pulled at his shirt trying to sit up. The button from his shirt popped off into her hand. The shirt he was wearing in her dream.

  “It really was you?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

  “Yeah, that’s the real me.” The regret in his voice sent another wave of fire through her body. Her body went numb, and everything went black.

  Her next memory was the most agonizing sound, his snarl, a deep, wild roar that rang with fury.

  “She’s coming to, baby,” Catherine said reassuring Trucker.

  “Son, your mom went through this. Catherine will be there for her.” Larry’s voice was still calm and smooth. Trucker’s growl was louder and more menacing.

  “Stop,” Julie heard herself scream, but she was still unaware of speaking. Trucker’s hand went to her face. The heat from his skin was blistering. She flinched thinking about the searing inferno burning in her mind.

  “Shush, it’ll be okay. Open your eyes and look at me.”

  She slowly opened her eyes. He tried to smile, but the effort was useless. She twirled the button in her hand.

  “What was that? My dream was it real?”

  “If I feed from you while you’re sleeping I can enter your mind,” Trucker explained. Julie gripped her neck. The bite was still fresh. He didn’t close it because his demon side liked to see her marked. “You can never truly accept me until you knew what is inside of me. That’s me, Angel.”

  Julie shook her head, forcibly. If that was part of him, the other part had to be stronger to overcome such overwhelming misery. She tried to sit up, but Trucker held her close and tight to his body.

  “Rest baby, everything will be fine.”

  “Where were you? When I woke up? Why were you not with me?”

  “I’ll never completely turn around you. Never.”

  Julie looked away, so not to stare into his haunting eyes. She noticed her bedding torn to shreds.

  “My sheets,” she gasped.

  “It’s okay. Your mind tried to escape. The pain was not meant for you. It was too much.” He kissed her hair. She inspected her room again. How am I going to explain this to my mom? She thought of her parents sleeping in the next room over.

  “My parents,” she shrieked.

  “They’re at work. I knew they both would be working today. You needed us to be with you when you woke up. Mom has someone bringing you a matching comforter and sheets right now.”

  “Sweetie, do you want me to stay or do you want to be alone with Trucker?” Catherine asked. Julie wanted her to stay, but if she told her to stay Trucker’s heartache would be too much for Julie.

  “How can you take it, the pain?” she quietly asked him.

  “It’s not easy, but I don’t have a choice. I was born with it.” The look in his eyes was almost reverent. She knew even with his skin blazing, he wouldn’t hurt her.

  “I want to be with my Trucker,” Julie told Catherine.

  They didn’t understand exactly what she meant. There was Trucker, the man who could go either way; than her Trucker, the sweet, erratic, loving prince.

  “I’m leaving with Larry. Honey, if you need me for anything, I’m always just a phone call away.”

  “Thank you.” Julie looked over at Catherine, that’s when she saw him, Trucker’s father, Larry. His cold sinister eyes pierced through her. She glared into the eyes of the pain that was trying to overtake her body. She could feel herself shaking and pushed her body into Trucker’s. Even though, he thought he was the cold wind in her life. He was actually her shelter.

  “Mom, can you help her get a bath first? Her parents will think I tried to kill her if they were to see her like this.”

  “Of course, sweetie,” she answered.

  Trucker picked Julie up and followed his mother to her little bathroom. He held her close to his body as his mom ran the water for a bath. Taking in Julie’s face, he knew that no matter what they demanded, he could never hurt her again. Of all the misery he had experienced in his short life seeing her hurt was the worst. He slowly lowered her feet to the ground, unsure if she could even stand.

  “I’m going to help clean up your room, Angel.” He kissed her. The love flowing off his lips was unmistakable.

  Catherine put her arms around Julie’s waist helping her stand.

  “I’ll be right outside the door.” Let me know when you’re finished,” Catherine said then kissed her forehead. The same love she felt from Trucker’s lips now came from Catherine’s.

  “Thanks,” Julie whispered as Catherine slipped out of the room. She perched on the side of the tub and slowly removed her pajamas surprised at how sore she was. It took all her strength to kick each leg over in the tub. Sliding down in the bath, Julie realized how cold she was when the warmth of the water wrapped around her. She let the water pool over her for the longest time, before she finally climbed out of the tub and sat on a bench in front of the bathroom counter. She started shivering as the tiredness and soreness overwhelmed her.

  The reflection in the mirror was alarming. Her body was covered in red blotches. She had gashes across her face and arms where she had clawed at herself. Her eyes were almost swollen shut. Her skin was pale and ghostly. She looked like a monster, only now she knew monsters were beautiful. She spotted a new pair of pajamas. She was so tired she didn’t even care where they came from. After slipping them on, she called for Catherine. Who came in but didn’t speak. She simply picked up a brush and started to comb Julie’s hair.

  “Ms. Catherine?” Julie asked.

  “What, sweetie?”

  “What are you going to tell my mother?”

  “That Trucker found you burning up with fever and called me to come help take care of you.” She smiled her loving, caring smile. “Sweetie, I know all this is hard, but you needed to feel what is in him, and what he fights every second of the day. Sin always comes with a high cost, and he carries that cost with him always.” Her expression got distant. “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever seen him go through. He loves you so much.”

  “Will you stay, please?” Julie shivered. The fire in her had been replaced with ice. She needed their warmth around her.

  Catherine opened the bathroom door, and Trucker was standing there. He carried Julie to the bedroom, which was already back to normal. Right down to a new comforter that was an exact replica of the one that had been destroyed.

  “Can I lay down on the couch?” Julie asked. “I need a change in scenery.”

  “Anything.” He leaned in to kiss her. She felt his hot breath on her face, but he stopped himself. He yanked the ‘new’ comforter off her bed, stuck it under his arms, and cradled Julie in his other arm. He carried her down the stairs and placed her on the couch. Sitting down on the very end, he pulled her over in his arms and spread the comforter over them. The ice in her veins was slowly melting in his hot embrace.

  “I got the bathroom cleaned.” Catherine said as she walked in and sat down in the recliner on the opposite side of the living room.

  “Thank you,” Julie said, barely able to speak.

  “Julie, please don’t thank us today.” Trucker sounded irritated.

  Julie felt his blazing skin and knew how close he was to turning. She kept her mouth shut and snuggled up close to him. They held onto each other as the football game played on the TV.

  Julie watched his mother as she scrutinized them. The love and worry in her eyes were unfathomable. If a love as great as hers could not save her son, how could Julie?

  “What’s in your hand?” Trucker asked, curiously.

  He eyed her hand where she was still clutching the button from his shirt. She didn’t answer him. She rubbed the button off the shirt of her monster. It was then that she noticed he had on a new button up shirt. She never realized until that moment, she had never seen him in a t-shirt. He had to always be ready for his other side, his demonic side, to take over.

  “Julie, what’s in your hand?” he asked, louder and more demanding.

  “Trucker, I need it,” she answered. She did need it, to remember the pain, remember what she was saving him from.

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