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           J.W. Phillips

  Julie felt the edge to his movements. Trucker wasn’t use to being gentle and loving. His usual philosophy was to conquer and devour but Julie was not his usual conquest; she was special. She was his. For the first time ever, he cared about someone else’s pleasure more than his own. “So sweet, my Angel. You’ve ruined me.”

  Julie’s eyes rolled back as he rubbed his nose against her clitoris and worked his fingers deep into her. Julie felt as if she would combust at any moment.

  “So tight,” he said as he plunge two fingers deep inside of her.

  She cried out, “It’s too much.”

  “It has to fit, my love,” he whispered. “I need to know that I’ll be capable of fitting.” He grided his oversized cock against her leg. Damn, he was built like a bull. He continue caressing the opening of her body with feather-light touches. He crawl back up, covering his body with hers, but not before flicking his tongue over her hardened nipples. His wings formed a shield around them, making her feel safe and cherished.

  Julie stretched her fingers through the thick strands of his hair. Lifting her leg, she threw it over the back of the couch, opening herself further to him. “Don’t stop. Touch me,” she grasped in a breathy tone.

  “I’m not, Angel.” Trucker kissed back down her midsection. “I’ll never stop touching you.” Trucker pushed three long, large fingers inside her. “Does my Angel like this?”

  She purred again, causing him to work his fingers harder. She worked her hips, riding his fingers. His thumb pressed against her clitoris, massaging it with every plunge of his fingertips. He was worshipping her body.

  At the point of her release, Trucker’s lips parted over the throbbing vein in her groin. The moment his teeth sunk in, Julie’s entire body felt as if it was floating in the most pleasurable bliss. She arched her back, her eyes rolled back in her head as a rush of adrenaline washed over her body. Climaxing violently, she didn’t believe that another person could had given her that amount of gratification. The delicate tissue of her sex rippled along Trucker’s knowledgeable and wicked fingers. He curved his hand around her groin and rubbed in a way that kept her coming.

  After moments of quivering around his fingers, he rose back up and kissed her. She involuntarily licked his lips, savoring her taste on them. His eyes stared into hers as she started to come down from an unbelievable orgasms. Her heart swelled as if she lived and breathed to have him look at her.

  “My beautiful soul, I’ve never needed anything like I need you, but not tonight. Not until you know everything,” Trucker said and pushed up off her body. “Damn, Angel, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful,” he uttered as he raked his eyes over her exposed body. He cupped his hand around her aroused breast. “You were made for me. Even your breast perfectly fits in the palm of my hand.” He gave her another soft kiss. “You’re my mate. I love you.” He slowly stroked her cheek then helped her sit up.

  “What do you mean I’m your mate?” she asked and adjusted the bathing suit to cover herself. Her legs were still trembling and groin quivering, and she wondered how Trucker could be so calm and cool after everything they had just experience. Oh yeah, this is nothing new to him.

  He sat down beside her, and pulled her as close to him as she could get. “Angel, my kind can’t love like humans.” He interlaced his fingers through hers.

  “You love?” She interrupted. She hated for him to classify himself with them. He was special and belonged to no group. “I know that was not as special to you, but I felt the love you have for me.”

  “Not special.” He raised her chin with his thumb and forefinger. “To be able to touch you like that, have you open yourself up to me, nothing could be more special.” He lightly kissed the tip of her nose. “My human side loves you more than I ever dreamed possible, but my demon side has claimed you. We mate. It’s instant and never changing. When we see our mate, there’s a pull in us. We are drawn to them. Baby, we mate with the perfect person for us. You’re everything I want and need, and I can’t change my feelings about you.” He pulled her firmly in his lap and kissed along her jawbone. “I don’t understand it myself. We usually mate with our own kind, maybe a guardian, or it’s rare but my kind has mated with an angel.” He buried his face in her hair. “But never a human, I guess I’m more unique than they imagined.”

  “It’s always been you too,” Julie whispered.

  “Uh,” Trucker said.

  “You know when we first kissed I told you that I’ve never kissed anyone before?”

  “Yes, are you telling me now you lied?”

  “No, I’m not. It’s just I’ve been on dates with other guys.” She hesitated as he dug his nails into her side. She caressed his face to relieve the discomfort that flowed from his unbelievably beautiful eyes. “Usually only one date, but I’ve had my chances to kiss. Had a few even be pushy about it,” Julie explain. Trucker growled at her remark. “But it never felt right, it felt wrong, because they weren’t you. It has always been you. I think I’ve loved you since I first met you.”

  “You ran from me.”

  “Because I was scared. Not only of you, but the feelings you stirred in me.”

  “I love you, Angel, forever.”

  “What’s not to love?”

  “I agree.”

  “But the term mate, it sounds so animalistic.” She scrunched up her nose.

  “How about my everything then?”

  She turned so their faces touched, and stroked his cheek with her nose. He was more than unique, he was more than special, and she loved the idea that he felt that way about her.

  “I’m stuck with you.” She made a silly face, but the concept was thrilling to her.

  “Yeah.” He winkled his nose.

  “So, you promised me some fun.” She got up and pulled at him.

  Julie bounced from foot to foot. Trucker caressed her thigh. Her skin was still flushed and warm. He knew the world viewed her as below average, but that was because they couldn’t see how special she really was. Knowing, he got to experience that with her was the highlight of his short life. Trucker smiled, knowing everyone there that night would be able to smell him on her, and be fully aware he got to experience her body. He was not sure what his life held, hell what the next few days held, but he did know she had compassed every inch of his being and he would never let her go.

  Trucker re-button the shirt she was wearing, needing out of that room. The smell of sex combined with Julie was almost too much for his resolve to handle. He took her hand and led her to the backyard.

  When he opened the French doors leading to the patio, the cold air hit her bare skin. Goosebumps covered her as she cuddled into his hot steaming body. For once the heat pouring off his skin was relaxing. He walked her over to the cliffs by the pool.

  “I’m not getting in there.” She pointed over to the pool, shaking her head.

  He gave her an amused little chuckle. “No, up there.” He pointed to the top of the cliffs. It was about thirty feet to the top, but on the top sat a hot tub. She could see the steam pouring out of the tub, clouding the sky. In his accelerated speed, he had her thrown over his shoulders. After a quick but firm pat on her bottom, he took one smooth almost motionless leap. It was all in slow motion, she could make out every detail of his magnificent gardens. He slowly pulled her down his chest until he cradled her like a baby. He kissed her nose and landed gently in the hot tub. The landing was so soft and smooth she never felt it, just the warm water wrapping around them.

  “You can fly?” Julie asked and protectively wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

  “Just a very good jumper.” He ran the tips of his finger across her collarbone before placing a kiss on her shoulder.

  “How?” she asked and trembled.

  “One of those little tricks I have up my sleeve.”

  “Trying to show off?”

  “Proving I can protect you.”

  “I already know you can protect me.” She laid over on him to tak
e in his aroma. She couldn’t be happier for the moment, but she also knew that their future was the complete unknown.

  “Truck, I want to be stuck with you, but it’s all still too much. I’m just eighteen.”

  He traced his fingertips across her cheek, and down her neck. “Babe, we have a lifetime. I’m in no hurry. I’ve still got law school in my future,” he said.

  She never wanted to be anywhere more then she wanted to be with him right then and there. She simply wished she could understand what all life had in store for them.

  Chapter 17

  After their leisurely dip in the hot tub, Catherine helped Julie get ready. Catherine was the epitome of elegance in an off the shoulder black gown. The dress was form fitting and draped to her toes, slightly flaring at the bottom.

  “Be still, it’s like working on a wiggle worm,” Catherine said.

  Julie sat fidgeting at his mother’s large lavish vanity. It was covered with more paraphernalia than the local beauty shop.

  “I’m glad we wear the same size. I didn’t have time to go shopping.” Catherine fluffed the sleeves of the soft pale pink cocktail dress that she had given Julie to slip on. It was exquisite. The dress fell to Julie’s knees and was covered with individually placed incandescent beads. It perfectly fit every curve Julie didn’t even know she had. Julie knew Trucker’s mind was somewhere else, when he failed to even comment on her appearance.

  “Truck, what’s wrong?” Julie asked.

  Trucker knelt down beside her and took her trembling hands in his. “There is going to be a lot of us there tonight. Some you might know from elsewhere. Some you will never want to see again. But no matter what, don’t think for one second that you’re not my main focus.”

  Julie fingered the wisp of hair falling down over his forehead and wrapped her hand around his jaw. “I got it,” she responded cheerfully, no need to let him know how scary it was going to be for her. His doubtful expression and cynical eyes let her know she was not fooling him. He bent over to kiss her forehead lightly, so as not to mess up his mother’s flawless make-up job.

  Trucker left, against his better judgment, to change into his suit for the evening. When his dad walked into the room, Julie wished they would’ve listen to him and let him stay. Larry came over, seized Julie’s hand, and helped her to her feet. He twirled her around as he grazed her back with the tips of his fingers. He laughed a laugh so menacing, her mind fought to reject it.

  “Innocent little thing,” Larry said in a smooth voice. Julie tried to smile. His nostrils enlarged as he sniffed the air around them. “Someone had a good time. Trucker got you off, but I don’t smell him.”

  “Larry, please. You promised you would be good,” Catherine said.

  Larry turned to his wife. His eyes soften, his jaw relaxed, even a dimple appeared on his face. He indeed had a soft spot for Catherine. “I will.” He glanced back at Julie but still spoke to Catherine. “I hope you’ve been teaching her well.”

  “Yes, she knows what’s at stake,” Catherine answered in a soft, shy voice.

  “Good.” He turned his attention back to Julie and smiled. “One last thing, do you know the consequences for betrayal?”

  “Get your damn hands off her,” Trucker’s voice boomed as he walked in the door.

  “Pardon me, son. I was trying to welcome this lovely lady to our family.” His voice was so soothing; it could have easily been a voice from a voice over artist.

  Trucker was at Julie’s side, holding her so tight she had to bite her lip not to yelp in pain.

  “Son, calm down. I’m good with this.” He gestured between Trucker and Julie. “It’s the other guest you need to worry about.”

  “I am.” His voice was placid.

  Julie wondered what thoughts he was hiding behind the cold stare on his composed face. Trucker gave her a squeeze, letting Julie know his only concern was her. She wanted to calm him, but didn’t know how. She finally noticed Trucker’s clothes. He had on a double-breasted suit. It was tailored to his toned and muscular body. The idea a man that perfect was fighting to be with her gave her more than enough confidence to face whatever might happen.

  They followed Larry down the long hallway that held those pictures that foretold so many secrets to the man holding her hand. Julie suddenly realized how much she was shaking. She drew closer to Trucker to steady herself.

  “We’ll be in a public restaurant. I’ve got more than enough faith in you, baby,” Trucker whispered in Julie’s ear.

  “Let’s just go before I realize what I’m truly getting myself into.”

  Larry’s head turned at her response. He seemed pleased. I don’t care what you like, but I do care for your son. I just wish you would go away and get out of his life.

  She was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. It was The Chop House. They took the back entrance. Julie wondered how many unsuspecting people were sitting and eating with their family while all of Hell was meeting in the back room. They were escorted into a very private dining room. There was no doubt that every waiter there knew who they were and what they were there for.

  “You’ll be fine. Angel.” He paused and leaned into her hair, inhaling. “I need for you to do this. For me.”

  The doors flung open, every hair follicle on her body immediately stood at attention, and Julie’s heart skipped. She was greeted instantly by Todd who offered her a bouquet of roses.

  “Don’t take them,” Trucker whispered.

  Julie glanced back and saw they were crawling with bugs. She flinched and clutched onto Trucker’s jacket sleeve. She took in the room around her. It was full. The males were all muscular and elegantly built like Trucker. Every girl there was stunning, and had their eyes on Trucker. Whether they had a man on their arm or not, they made it clear that they were available for him, rousing feelings of jealousy and possessiveness in Julie. Luckily, Trucker seemed blind to them all. She spotted Tracey, Courtney’s lifelong best friend in the crowd. She had been in Julie’s class since Kindergarten.

  “Psst.” Julie jerked Trucker’s sleeve and cupped her hand around his ear to whisper to him.

  “That’s Tracey.”

  “Baby, we’re everywhere. Evil never rest,” Trucker explained.

  A man stepped in front of her. He grasped her hand and brought it to his lips, gently brushing his lips against her knuckles. He had the same unnatural beauty as the rest of the men in the room. His hair was light, possibly bleached. His eyes were an odd green color and were very cold.

  “Eddie,” Trucker hissed.

  The man’s head automatically lowered. A man whose mannerism screamed superiority, an arrogant and self-assured man was showing submission to a teenage boy. Julie glanced up at Trucker’s face. He had never appeared harder and more dominant than he did at that moment. It left no question to her mind; Trucker topped this man in every way.

  “Julie, this is Eddie.” Trucker nuzzled his nose in Julie’s hair.

  “I’m Emily’s dad. You have met Emily, haven’t you?” he asked. “After all, she’s Trucker’s,” he added with a smirk.

  She is Trucker’s, but I don’t want to share.

  “Yes, sir,” Julie answered in a trembling voice without thinking as Trucker squeezed her side.

  Trucker’s hand grazed down her arm. For the first time, she felt the same heinous feelings emanating from Trucker that she’d often felt coming from his father. She shook her head. She would not go there. Trucker locked eyes with her for a moment before releasing her hand. As he copied his father’s lead and kissed both Emily and Dianne, Emily’s mother, on the cheek when they joined Eddie, Julie reminded herself to breathe. They all turned their heads when Julie let out an audible gasp. Julie had known she would have to face Emily, but she hadn’t prepared herself for the horrible feelings that jolted through her at the site of Trucker’s lips on Emily’s cheek.

  “Oh, please, don’t faint. We don’t bite.” Emily snarled. “Well, most of us don’t.”

e whole room laughed, even Trucker. Julie was furious, not that they had laughed at her but that Trucker did.

  Taking a seat at the head table, Trucker placed Julie protectively between him and Catherine. Julie gazed around the table seeing unbelievable beauty and elegance, but also great evil. She could feel the maliciousness in the air. See the hate rolling out of their remarkable eyes. Emily got up from her seat and moved to sit just to the left of Trucker. Trucker took Julie’s hand as always but then turned and showered all his attention on Emily. For the rest of the evening, Julie had a front row seat to the back of Trucker’s head. She watched as Emily stroked her hand up and down Trucker’s arm repeatedly. Julie started fidgeting with the hem of her dress to pass time. From time to time, she would run her fingers along the crease of Trucker’s pants leg trying to get his attention. He would squeeze her hand, but never looked at her. Every time Trucker would laugh, Julie squirmed in her chair. The more time that passed, the more she fumed. She was ready to scream when Trucker finally turned to her with a smile.

  “Ready to go, my love?” Trucker asked.

  Julie glared at him, but managed a quick nod.

  “Let me tell my dad and Eddie bye. Then I’ll drive you home.”

  Julie didn’t respond. She was about to shove her seat back when she felt a tap on the shoulder.

  “This is not over,” Emily whispered in her ear.

  The site that greeted Julie, surprised her. She was looking eye to eye with herself. Emily had changed her shape to be a carbon copy of Julie. “This is how Trucker likes me to look when we’re together.” She smirked as she spun around giving Julie the full view of her powers. “My touch doesn’t hurt,” she added.

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