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           J D Ozee
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  (2nd Ed.)

  By J D Ozee

  Published by J D Ozee

  ISBN: 9781301904082

  Copyright 2013 J D Ozee


  Table of Contents


  Sky Pilot


  It’s Not Me









  Re Search











  Get Up





  Unnatural Selection

  At Last



  False Prophet





  On Earth

  Pop Quiz

  End Game



  In search of a path to take,

  Someplace where I can find

  Total body, soul, and mind,

  Harmonious and opaque.

  Everywhere I now seek

  Reminds me what I need,

  Eager my spirit is to feed,

  And prayers I need to speak.

  Give me a sign you are there

  One I can’t ignore, or

  Doubt that you really care.


  Sky Pilot

  Among them, I am small,

  So much left to understand,

  Trifle cares above them all.

  Reach out into nothingness-

  Odd sense we’re not alone,

  Need to fill the emptiness.

  Outer realm where reasons lack

  Mighty creation to behold!

  Young dreams not fade to black.



  How did it come to this?

  Everything gone that was known.

  Ravaged by sins of my own

  Ever acting without remiss.

  Isolation now my only friend

  Nestled in wounds so deep,

  Making my soul further weep,

  Yesterday without end.

  Chained to a self made fate

  Aging too fast down this stream,

  Grown weak the chance to dream,

  Eager for the key I wait.


  It’s Not me

  Time and again, we ignore the gifts,

  Having faith only in us.

  Each one sings their own chorus,

  Faulting Him for harsh downshifts.

  Always wondering aloud why me?

  Leave our own choice out of the mix,

  Looking for someone else to fix,

  Allow defects we refuse to see.

  Convinced alone in our dismay,

  Yet, He calls to us each day.



  Teasing me with slight concern

  Over all I think I want,

  Using lessons far too stern.

  Grinding me down in this cruel game

  Hard knocks the daily routine,

  Laughing at my desire to blame.

  Once, I would see a gaze sincere:

  Vanity all stripped away,

  Earnest for His presence near.



  Up to my neck in grief

  Not many more breaths to take,

  Desperate in need of new belief

  Else a coffin in my sad lake.

  Ring the bell to signal distress

  Waves almost had their way,

  A break in the hopelessness

  Taking all of the pain away.

  Excuses to live like this be gone,

  Row out to sea with Him now on.



  What will be said on my last day;

  Husband, father, and friend?

  Everyone dies alone they say,

  No one standing in the end.

  I used to think it was all good-

  Anything I wanted to do.

  Maybe living deeper, I should,

  Giving more to others too.

  One trick ponies don’t stick around

  Nor will the memories last,

  Especially when they’re under ground.



  Crashing through moral blockade

  Hot upon my trail,

  Always following unafraid.

  Shedding scales hard to do,

  Impish me wants it close,

  Need to repent to make it through.

  Give me strength to let it go;

  May my spirit be cleansed,

  Enabling new skin to brightly glow.



  Drive him to a dead end street

  Each, wanting our share,

  Victory to the best compete.

  Id the trophy there to win,

  Lost what’s left of me,

  Innocence of a time begin.

  Now the loser must console

  Make me whole again,

  Exorcise! to save this soul.



  Utter confusion brings the dawn,

  Needless shower of frets

  Blinding details of life upon,

  Easy to hedge my bets.

  Let it go I know I should,

  It’s tomorrow that worries me.

  Easy does it with Him I could,

  Feel safe in all that is He.



  Pieces from the stubborn whole

  Instilled by survival’s need,

  Even though they’ve served me well,

  Compromise now the goal.

  Hard to open up to feel

  Always the skeptic’s pose,

  Ready to let the right side rule,

  To reign in a state of heal.



  Finally, the time has come,

  Injuries hurt no more.

  Nothing else to add to sum,

  Indifferent to settle a score.

  Soon the healing to begin-

  Heartaches will fade away.

  Lost, is the desire to win,

  It’s time for a new way.

  Now the search for a real me,

  Each day a challenge will be.


  Re Search

  Distance myself from all I was

  In need of a new face,

  Scarred this one from moral flaws.

  Coveting those with careless bliss;

  Only they know the truth,

  Vainly would I once dismiss.

  Eagerly will I join their clan

  Ready to be born again,

  Yoke of doubt gone from this man.



  Tell me about a place to go

  Help for all I need,

  Energy fills the room aglow.

  Being there as time stands still

  Open doors waiting for me,

  Doubts succumb to their wills,

  Yearn at last to set me free.



  In search of something I didn’t own

  Nagging void that wouldn’t close,

  Stumbled on what was always there

  Promising me, I’m not alone.

heart now filled with grace

  Racing to flourish and grow,

  Eagerly I approach each day

  Destined for a higher place.



  Under steady pouring shame

  My conscience now soaked through,

  Born through the blood of man,

  Reprieve only in His name.

  Each day prepare again for new:

  Lucky if skies stay clear,

  Love from Him to keep me dry

  And mercy to see this through.



  Music to soothe my savage beast

  Aromatherapy for the ears,

  Grateful for melodious feast

  In vanquishing all the tears.

  Crashing through worrisome haze

  Plunging deep into my heart,

  Luminous chords light the ways

  As I reach the crucial part.

  Caress me, in my darkest hour,

  Endless healing is His power.



  Sinewy resolve for the dark

  Tempts us to derail,

  Resist the urge and need to hark,

  Each attempt to ban a fail.

  Now I fight it not alone-

  Greatest force for all to see,

  Tyrant’s last day on the throne,

  His kingdom alive in me.



  Languish in a sea of doubt

  One day into next, it bleeds.

  Sterile life a cause without;

  Taken leave of all good deeds.

  Appearing then a new sign post,

  No more guessing which way,

  Delighted by this warm new host

  Further, from myself away.

  Only now, the coast is clear

  Under wings of greatest love,

  Next to my heart I hold dear,

  Divine guidance from above.



  Searching for that solid ground

  Worst days soon behind,

  Entering in the final round.

  Earnest for sins to be atoned-

  Torture again no more,

  Settle instead for comfort zone.

  Peaceful now in thought and deed

  Object of lofty reach,

  To have all that I’ll ever need.



  Taken on a spiritual trek

  Heights unknown before,

  Evil fallen down to wreck,

  Chance for me to restore.

  Long the road has been to see;

  In spite of myself I went,

  More than this was meant to be,

  Belief, now my assent.



  Sacrifice more we should

  Lust, still blocks the way,

  Appetites can’t be withstood,

  Virtue has gone
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