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Beautiful distraction, p.43
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       Beautiful Distraction, p.43

           J. C. Reed
We chatted for a few more minutes, during which Emma introduced me to my working schedule before she returned to the reception desk. At eight-thirty, the hall began to fill with people. Some walked past, ignoring me. Others peered in to introduce themselves, eyeing me up and down as though to determine whether I was fit for the job. These were the big players in real estate. While the prospect of meeting them had scared me two weeks ago, I found them no more intimidating than Sylvie’s hair stylist, who kept pursing his lips in sheer horror every time he caught a glimpse of my unruly locks.

  By nine a.m. the soothing background music was replaced with the shrill ringing of phones. I began to skim through Jett’s meeting schedule for the day, officially starting my first day of work at Mayfield Realties as Jett’s personal assistant, when a tall figure appeared at the periphery of my vision.

  “Brooke, a word please.”

  My head snapped sharply in Jett’s direction, and my heart jumped into my throat.

  Holy cow.

  He was steaming hot. With that disheveled bedhead, broad shoulders, strong chest, and moss-green gaze of his—he belonged on the front page of a fashion magazine. He was dressed in a black well-tailored business suit, white shirt, and a black silk tie. His trademark upper button was undone, allowing a glimpse of bronze, smooth skin. Skin I had licked and trailed with my fingertips all the way down his smooth torso to the narrow line of dark hair that—

  “Brooke?” His tone was detached, but the flicker in his eyes betrayed his amusement.

  He knew I found him attractive, and he made no secret of it. Damn him and his inflated ego. Somewhere in the back of my mind, it registered that I was still staring. But as much as I tried, I couldn’t peel my eyes off him. The way his slacks rode low on his hips, emphasizing a bulge and strong quadriceps, reminded me I had rode on those thighs merely twelve hours ago. I could still taste his skin on my lips as we moved in perfect unison. Damn! Why couldn’t I get the picture of him naked out of my head?

  “You want me to come to your office?” Stupid question since he’d already said so.

  He nodded slowly. “Only if you don’t mind.”

  “Okay.” I jumped to my feet and wiped my clammy hands on the front of my skirt nervously. Jett held the door open and motioned me to walk past, not moving an inch. I squeezed myself between his towering body and the hard doorframe, my ass brushing the front of his slacks, sending my dirty mind into a frenzy.

  “This space is crammed. No wonder people can’t wait to get the hell out of here for an early release,” Jett whispered.

  My gaze flew up to meet his. His poker face was still in place, but his eyes seemed to poke fun at me.

  “I like crammed places,” I muttered through gritted teeth, and headed down the corridor into what I hoped was the right direction.

  “Shame,” Jett whispered behind me.

  Trying my hardest to ignore my acute awareness of him, I inhaled a sharp breath and held it as I slowly counted to five. It was my way to keep my calm in the face of a storm, only this storm was raging right inside my panties.

  “Next door to your right,” Jett said.

  Even without his instructions, I would have been able to distinguish his office from his co-workers because it was the only one boasting blinds that were half-drawn.

  Amazed by the design, I stepped into the large room and stopped to admire his workspace. His office resembled the one in his house in Bellagio, minus the mountain views, expensive art, and personal touch. A polished wood desk and swivel chair were set up in front of the window overlooking New York’s skyscrapers. To my right was a huge sofa in chocolate brown leather and a glass table. To my left was a closed door that blended in seamlessly with the light gray wall. Two large palm trees and a minibar gave the impression of a laid-back attitude which, given Jett’s reputation, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  “You don’t work here very often, do you?” I turned to face Jett and instantly regretted it. My statement sounded like he didn’t work at all. The same thought probably crossed his mind, and his green eyes immediately darkened. An instant later, it was gone and his lips stretched into a hint of a smile.

  “What gives me away?”

  Swallowing past the sudden need in my throat, I pointed around me. “The barely used couch. The plants someone probably picked up at Plantworks. The fact that there’s barely anything on your desk.”

  “Good observation skills, Ms. Stewart. I’m impressed.”

  His flattery shouldn’t have had the effect it had on me, and yet I found myself grinning, pleased like punch that Jett Mayfield thought I had good observation skills. “You should see what other skills I have in store,” I purred, not quite sure where I was heading with this.

  His brow quirked up, and an amused glint appeared in his eyes. “I was planning to…right after discussing new developments in the Lucazzone case. Now that you’re mentioning it, checking your skills is a priority indeed.”

  Ever so slowly, he closed the blinds and locked the door, sending my insides into a raging storm. A delicious shiver rocked my body. As our eyes connected, a heated ache began to throb between my legs.

  Sweet mercy. He wouldn’t do it here, would he?

  With measured steps he inched closer, pushing me against the hard edge of his desk. I fought for breath, suddenly panting even though he hadn’t even touched me yet.

  “We’re at work,” was the lame excuse my mind came up with.


  My pulse spiked. I brushed my hair off my face, outraged. “People could hear us.”

  “I guess we’ll have to be quiet.” Jett’s fingers trailed down my shirt to my skirt and he began to pull it up in slow motion, sending my imagination into overdrive. His hot lips moved to the soft patch of skin beneath my ear and he began to nibble gently. His deep moans resembled the soft moans suddenly escaping my mouth.

  My breath hitched in my throat as his hands cupped my ass and lifted me onto the desk. His strong thighs wedged between my legs. As he started to kiss my shoulders, the bulge in his slacks began to rub deliciously against my sensitive lust bud.

  “Jett,” I whispered. My fingers clawed at his shoulders as I pondered whether to push him away or draw him closer so he could do all the unspeakable things his eager hands promised to do.

  “You smell so good.” His hand prodded my panties and in one swift motion, he pushed them aside before I could protest. I moaned when his talented fingers started to rub my clit gently until I felt my juices gathering between my legs. I wanted nothing but him and...his invasion. “So wet. I love it when you’re like this, for me,” he whispered in my ear. His deep voice quaked through me. His kiss sent another delicious pull in the deepest pits of my sex, taking my arousal to new heights. “I have a meeting in fifteen minutes. Think that’s enough time to make you come?”

  I loved it when he whispered.

  “Seriously? You think it’d take you fifteen minutes?” I laughed briefly. If he kept talking in that sexy voice of his, he’d make me come in two.

  “You’re right. That’s enough time to make you come twice.” For a brief second he lingered over my clit, and then ever so slowly he pushed a finger into me.

  Oh God.

  He inserted another finger, increasing the speed as he thrust in and out of me, while his thumb circled my pleading clit, sending new sensations through my sensitive spot. No one had ever touched me with such a rugged intensity that made me want to scream for more. My sex clenched and burned from the almost painful pleasure. His finger moved faster and harder, pushing in and out until I thought I might just pass out from the unnatural torture.

  “Please. I can’t take it.”

  Throwing my head back, my mouth searched his in the hope of finding the mercy that comes with release. Jett’s lips pulled back, unwilling to give me what I wanted. His heavy breathing matched mine as his eyes—two dark pools of devilish desire—bore into me, watching me like a hawk would watch a prey.

  “Come for m
e, baby.”

  His hot breath burned my parted lips. The pressure on my clit intensified, making me gasp from the strong waves of lust that carried my body. A hiss escaped my mouth a moment before a mind-blowing orgasm sent me into a trembling frenzy. With the last wave, I slumped against his hard body.

  “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. “I could watch you, and only you, for the rest of my life.”

  Was it the sex talking, or did he mean everything he said? I didn’t ask because the moment was magical, and it just wasn’t the right thing to say. But his words tugged at my heartstrings and overwhelmed me with a need to wrap my arms around him and keep him close forever.

  Exhausted and content, I looked up into his gaze mirroring emotions I couldn’t decipher. Warmth. Lust. Trust. Even before he unbuttoned his slacks, Jett’s wicked grin declared he wasn’t finished with me yet.

  I wet my lips nervously as he pushed his slacks down his thighs. My hand moved down his flat torso and gripped the thick base of his manhood to return the favor, when his hand stopped me. In spite of the fact that I was depleted, my heart skipped a bit as his hard shaft throbbed against my opening, demanding to be let in.

  “I don’t think I’ll be able to take more.” My eyes begged him to understand my still clenched muscles couldn’t possibly accommodate his generous size.

  However, I would be more than willing to please him in a different way.

  “You said that the last time. Yet, I still made you come,” he whispered. A dimple appeared in his right cheek as he removed my panties, leaving me exposed to the air conditioning and his appreciative gaze. “Now, bend over.”

  He pushed me forward, bending me over his desk. His rough tone left me in both fear and anticipation, eager to find out what he’d do next. His shaft found its way deep inside of me and I winced from pleasure.

  “Are you okay?” he asked, pulling out of me instantly and turning me around. “I won’t hurt you. I never would.” Deep in my heart I knew he meant every word of it.

  “Don’t stop. I want more,” I said, grinding against his hard erection. My legs parted to invite him in. I wanted him and everything he could give. His body, for now, and maybe one day his heart.

  “You were made for me, Brooke. I can’t get enough of you.” His voice was filled with rough, but his fingers were surprisingly gentle as he began to caress the nape of my neck. Once more, the slick tip parted my lips and then he was inside, filling me with inch after inch of pure gloriousness as the strong ridges heated up my core. His mouth stifled my delighted scream, his tongue imitating the thrusts of his hips. The intoxicating scent of our lovemaking hit my nostrils and blurred my vision as the telltale pull of another approaching orgasm gathered deep in my belly.

  My nails raked the hard muscles of his chest, pleading with him to hurry his speed, to take me harder. As though he could sense the urgency building up inside me, Jett cupped my ass and lifted me off the desk, allowing him deeper access as he began to thrust with so much force I could feel him in the most secret recesses of my sex. A delicious jolt of pain shot through me, followed by a surge of hot pleasure, and a moan escaped my parted lips.

  The room began to shift before me. My tongue flicked over my parched lips as my brain fought to stay focused. I couldn’t be coming again, not when his fingers had just made me climax, and yet I knew I was close. So very close. And judging from the way his shaft twitched against my entrance so was he.

  “You’re perfect,” Jett whispered.

  Biting my lip, I whimpered and fought back my sharp cries of ecstasy. “Oh, god.”

  “This is where you belong, sweaty and panting in my arms.” His green gaze misted and his plunges slowed down. I knew what was coming even before his hips undulated against mine, and he pulled out.

  “Ready, baby?” His lips captured mine in a deep kiss. He brushed the engorged tip, now slick with our moisture, over my sensitive bud, before plunging back in, sending me off the edge into another mind-blowing climax. With my name on his lips, his shaft tore into me, prolonging the pleasure, as he released shot after shot of moisture deep inside of me.

  Eventually, he pulled my shivering body into his arms and engaged my lips in a slow, lingering kiss.

  Wow, best sex ever.

  “You’re so damn sexy, Brooke. I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

  There, he said it again. And this time after sex, meaning there had to be some truth to it. The earnestness in Jett’s stunning eyes made me flush with pleasure. “I’d love that,” I whispered, unable to contain my enthusiasm at the sheer prospect of having him in my bed forever and ever.

  His damp skin felt hot under my fingertips and as my sense of reality returned, I wondered how the heck we could possibly hide the physical signs of our lovemaking from our coworkers.

  With a sigh I peeled myself off his glorious body and pulled on my panties. I straightened my skirt as my gaze remained glued to his sturdy chest. He was stunning. In spite of the soreness between my legs, I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist if he desired another round. “Oh god. You’re probably late for your meeting.”

  He glanced at his watch with an amused glint in his eyes. “We’re right on time.”

  “People will be able to tell.”

  “So?” His grin widened at my horrified expression.

  “Are you kidding me?”

  “Brooke.” His long fingers clasped my chin and pushed up until I was forced to meet his electrifying gaze. “I don’t intend to keep us a secret for much longer. But you’re right. The boss fucking the personal assistant during working hours isn’t going to boost work morale, so let’s freshen up. Want a quick shower?” He winked toward the door I had spied earlier.

  “You have your own bathroom?” Why wasn’t I surprised?

  “I’m the boss,” he said sheepishly. “I can have whatever I want.” His palm slapped my backside in case I failed to catch on to the not so subtle meaning of his words. Grinning, I rolled my eyes in mock annoyance.

  “You wish.”

  His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him, my back rubbing down the front of his slacks. “Such a shame we don’t have time. I’d love to give this glorious ass of yours a good spanking.” The dangerous undertones of his deep voice hit a note with me and I found my nipples straining against the silky fabric of my bra.

  I groaned, irritated with myself.


  How the hell could he possibly have such an effect on me? It wasn’t natural.

  “You know who could really use a spanking? Your inflated ego.”

  “You didn’t just say that, Brooke. I warned you, baby. I might need to cancel that meeting after all.”

  Laughing, I dodged his grip and shot for the bathroom, praying the sexy warning in his voice was nothing but a joke. Knowing Jett Mayfield’s ego and his fondness of keeping a to-do list, he wouldn’t forget. Secretly, I hoped I’d soon get what he thought I deserved.

  Say tonight.

  I was screwed.


  And the sad thing about it was that I couldn’t wait. For him. For what he had to offer. For the way he made me feel. I loved every minute we spent together.


  I spent my first official day at Mayfield Realties following Jett in and out of meetings, redirecting countless phone calls, and spurning at least twice that many, while familiarizing myself with Jett’s important accounts. Everyone’s eyes had been on the boss’s new personal assistant, so naturally he kept his hands off me. By the end of the day, I had barely had time to look at the newest developments in the Lucazzone case. I wanted to tackle the case because the sooner I was finished, the more I could prove that I deserved this position, and that Jett had made the right decision by hiring me.

  Although I loved spending time with him, I was thankful when Jett announced he’d be caught in an early business dinner, and would have to leave now to make it on time across town in the late afternoon traffic.
  After kissing me goodbye, he promised to text as soon as dinner was finished. I grabbed another cup of coffee, spent a few minutes chatting with Emma, and then returned to my office and the file waiting on my desk. I took a sip of my coffee, ready to get engrossed in my first multi-million dollar project, when a red stamp caught my attention. I almost spit out my coffee as I read the two words in capital letters: UNDER OFFER.

  The old man had finally decided to sell. My gaze fell on the price.

  Forty million.

  Holy shit.

  Twenty million more than planned.

  Luxury estates weren’t my specialty field, but even I could see the estate wasn’t worth it. The company would make a loss so big it could swallow up Alaska. Why would Jett take such a risk? I took a deep breath to steady the nervous flutter in my stomach.

  It might not be my job to advise him on how to conduct business, but I sure wouldn’t shut up and let him make such a brainless move. The contracts weren’t signed yet, so we could still get out of it. Ignoring the incoming call, I picked up my cell and speed-dialed Jett’s number. He picked up on the first ring.

  “Hey, pretty. What’s up?”

  Taking a deep breath, I mentally prepared my words. He was a successful business mogul who’d take crap from no one. After pondering for two seconds, I decided being direct and to the point was the best way to go. “I just had a look at the Lucazzone file and while I see the estate’s potential, I feel it’s my duty to tell you that the price is too high.”

  Silence, then, “Brooke, the decision has been made. Leave it at that.” His tone was sharp, leaving no room for discussion.

  “But—” I brushed my hair off my face. This was the real Jett Mayfield. The one that did as he pleased. But hadn’t he said he hired me for my attitude? And did he not tell me he believed in me and in my talents? Wasn’t that the reason why he entrusted me with the case in the first place? “It’s too much, Jett. You’ll be in the red. Trust me on this one.”

  He let out an annoyed sigh. “We need to get this deal, no matter what.”

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