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The bachelor auction, p.12
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       The Bachelor Auction, p.12

           J. C. Reed
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“That’s nice. At least we can share a BBQ plate and get the beer thrown in for free,” I muttered. “That is, if we don’t get involved in a bar brawl.” Or catch hepatitis, I added mentally.

  I had taken a shaky step forward when his arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close, towering over me.

  “Relax, Laurie. No one’s going to bite you,” he said with a glimmer in his eyes. “Unless you ask nicely, in which case, make sure to ask me first.”

  His hot breath brushed my earlobe, cutting off my air supply and sending an electric frisson of excitement down my spine. From so close, he smelled amazing, of aftershave and something else. Something dark and earthy and way too sexy.

  I pressed my handbag harder against my chest, ready to sling it over my shoulder and put some space between us, but his arm released me, and he stepped aside.

  Opening the door to the bar, he motioned for me to enter.

  “Ladies first.”

  **End of excerpt**

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  Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for all their support.

  Thank you to my readers. You are the reason why I write down the stories in my mind.

  And most importantly, I want to thank God. It’s wonderful to serve God who keeps all of his promises. His promises are always unchanging and are what gives me strength and courage, the inspiration to write, and the guidance to overcome the ups and downs of an author’s path.


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  J. C. Reed, The Bachelor Auction



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