Chronicles of Time: Book 1

      J. C. Allen
Chronicles of Time:  Book 1

Imagine… What would you do if you found the key to a time machine? A twelve-year-old girl on her way home from swim practice, did just that. With her family and friends, she must solve riddles and travel back through history to find missing pieces of the time machine in order to save the world in the future.Will they have enough time?Betrayed - Alternate Ending gives Brook the chance to retaliate against her antagonists from the popular novel Betrayed. This is not a stand-alone publication, but starts at Chapter 49 of the novel Betrayed and then takes the tale in a new direction, with an entirely different ending. Written especially for readers of Betrayed, this alternate ending explodes with drama and suspense, and contains scenes not included in the original novel. To understand and appreciate Betrayed - Alternate Ending, the original novel must be read beforehand. Summary: After being abused for several days, Brook escapes into the snowy wilderness, where her captors assume she will perish. Then their victim shows up on the news months later, very much alive. They don't intend for her to stay that way. "I loved the original novel, but the alternate ending blew me away!" ~Randi Canning, Reviewer

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