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       Made of Steel (Made of Steel Series Book 1), p.16

           Ivy Smoak

  Chapter 15


  I looked both ways and crossed the busy intersection. My last class had let out early. I wasn't supposed to meet Kins until 2, but I was pretty sure I already knew where I wanted to work.

  Looking through the windows, I could see that the diner was just as busy as it was during lunch. It was exactly the kind of place I needed to work. I would have to focus on the present in a place like this. Plus the burger I had earlier was mouthwatering. I glanced over my shoulder as I opened up the door. Why did I keep doing that? No one was following me. My heart was pounding, but it was definitely just because I was nervous about applying here. That was it. I took a deep breath as the door closed behind me.

  The same hostess from earlier today greeted me. This time I wasn't mortified and actually made eye contact with her. She had curly brown hair and looked like she was in her mid-forties or so.

  "Hi, I was wondering if I could have a job application?"

  She beamed at me. "Thank God. I was beginning to think that none of the new students were going to apply. We're still low on staff since the end of last semester. I haven't had a day off in weeks."

  I laughed. "Well, I'd love to apply."

  She handed me a sheet of paper and a pen. "Just fill this out. Do you have any experience in the food industry?"

  "Actually, I was a waitress at a diner back home." I started to fill out the form.

  "I'd say that's the perfect experience. Where are you from?"

  My heart sank. They were going to want a reference. I wasn't going to be able to put any real ones down. "North Dakota."

  "You're a long way from home."

  "Yeah." I tucked a lose strand of hair behind my ear. The blank references section stared back at me. "I'm going to have to call my old boss to see if it's okay if I use him as a reference." I gave her a small smile and handed her the paper back. So much for that.

  She glanced down at the sheet of paper. "Don't even worry about it. Luckily for you, I'm in charge of hiring. The owner is my husband," she said with a wink. "When can you start?"

  Really? "Tomorrow. I have classes in the morning and afternoon. But I could be here by four. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I can be here even earlier though if you need me."

  "Four is perfect. I'll put you down for the dinner shift tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. Wear comfortable shoes or your feet are going to be killing you by the end of the night."

  "Thank you so much."

  "Welcome to New York..." she glanced down at the paper, "Sadie. I'm Joan by the way." She shook my hand.

  "It's nice to meet you, Joan."

  "See you tomorrow." A customer just walked in, and she was back in hostess mode.

  I quickly made my way outside before she had a chance to change her mind. Maybe New York wasn't so bad. I had made a new friend. My classes seemed really interesting. And I had just landed a great job. I stopped on the sidewalk and looked across the street. The best part was that it was only a few minutes from campus. I could actually see my dorm building from the windows inside the diner. Straying much farther than that made me feel a little nauseous. I was going to stick to the people Mr. Crawford knew I didn't know. That was the safest.

  I took a deep breath and immediately regretted it. The air was stale. I noticed a pile of trash on the curb. Okay, New York wasn't perfect. But I was going to make the best of this.

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