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Made of steel (made of s.., p.13
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       Made of Steel (Made of Steel Series Book 1), p.13

           Ivy Smoak
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  Chapter 13


  "But the back row is where all the fun is," Kins protested.

  "And the front row is where all the learning is." I may have been a new person, but it didn't mean I couldn't still love school. I sat down before she could somehow manage to convince me to go to the very back of the huge lecture hall.

  "You're ridiculous, you do realize that, right?" She sat down next to me. "We're the only people in the front row."

  "That's because there's still fifteen minutes until class starts."

  She laughed. "I don't even think I need an RA. You'll be the one keeping me in line."

  "Is he really that handsome? You haven't stopped talking about him since last night."

  "You'll see. He had this kind of bad boy vibe, which I am definitely into. I bet he rides a motorcycle. Wouldn't that be hot?"

  "I guess."

  "You guess? Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle? It's like the epitome of romance."

  "No, I haven't. What kind of romances are you into, anyway?"

  "The sexy kind."

  I laughed. "And you thought I was the ridiculous one? Oh, shhh, here's the professor."

  "I didn't even say anything."

  But my mind was already tuned to my first college class. I had been dreaming of college for as long as I could remember. It had always been the ultimate escape from my life. No, this wasn't my first choice of schools. But I was definitely going to make the most of this opportunity.

  The sociology professor introduced himself, handed out a syllabus, and immediately dismissed us with a reading assignment.

  Kins leaned on the arm rest and whispered, "I'm glad we sat in the front row for that riveting lecture."

  "It'll be better next time." I put my blank notebook back into my backpack and zipped it closed.

  "Mhm. My last class ends at 2. Want to meet on the Green and then we can find a perfect place for your services?"

  "You do realize that makes it sound weird, right? I just want a normal job. Like at a coffee shop or something."

  "Right, right. I guess we'll see what happens. I will see you at 2. Don't be late because I hate standing alone."

  "I won't be late. Have fun sitting in the back row of your next class."

  She smiled. "I absolutely will."

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