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           Isabella Davies
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Communists in Outer Space

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  A Prophet is Born

  A False Prophet Dies

  The Cold War Ends

  The Dark War Begins

  The Space Race

  The Great Meeting

  Noah’s Ark

  Buzludzha and The Zhivkovites

  The Buzludzha Files: De-classified!


  Dr Gabriela Thirteen

  An atom is 99.999999% (recurring) empty space. If we removed all the empty space from within the human body, our entire species, that is to say every person on Earth, would now be no bigger in size than that of a single sugar cube.

  Isabella’s madness, her descent into chaos, has, as many a mortal genius would agree, given us a work of wonder. For Communists in Outer Space is so much more than a generic study of quantum or astrophysics. It is a work of pure genius, of absolute splendour. The truth is examined in magnitude. Produced whilst held in captivity, who are we to say what is fiction or what is fact? What matters is that for Isabella, here lies her truth; a truth that has inevitably cost her dearly. History is filled with those who give accounts of divine experience, a Holiness unexplained. The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), Jesus and Moses, and countless others have all heard the Divine Word of instruction, as I Gabriela too. But here, in Isabella’s own account we learn for the first time of new, undiscovered Prophets - those of the Socialists.

  Having completed her PhD ‘Psychopic Husbandry’, it may be argued that further studies into time and space travel, or telepathy and telekinesis was inevitable? Constraints and restrictions cannot be put onto the young enquiring scientist’s mind – for her mind was opened and it received, but what had it received? For here within her text, the history of Socialism is now completely re-written, the Godless Communist is now given faith – a faith and belief that their own determination to conquer destroyed. Are there Communists out there in outer-space? Are there dead souls trapped within the walls of Buzludzha? Here Isabella answers that question.


  “Litchfield 2, Litchfield 2, do you copy? Over…” “Litchfield 2, this is Michael 3, update, update, do you receive? Over…” The base station, Michael Three, had desperately, but in vain, tried to contact the Litchfield, but now, after several hours without contact, it was all to apparent that their mission had failed. Litchfield Two, a code name used for two Anarchist Stalingus agents on Earth, had vowed to destroy the regime at all cost. Had they now paid dearly with their own lives? Michael Three, an outpost of the frozen Colne-7 within the deep Marxun space-way cc14, was now helpless to act further. Without reliable agents on Earth, who would now be able to stop the Zhivkovites, the armed guerrillas and right-hand arm of the Bulgarian Socialist and Totalitarian leader Todor Zhivkov?

  Leninite had ordered the closure of the chamber, destroy if necessary, de-activate and neutralise, immediately, but contact with Earth was now over. Their Socialist revolution was failing, orders to stop de-atomisation had failed. So how? How would the Zhivkovites be stopped? Michael 3 continued to broadcast, desperately, radunas after radunas, but contact could not be re-established. Any second now they would arrive, the Socialists of Earth, free to attack and plunder. Michael 3 had issued Act 173a to decommission all receivers throughout the known galaxies, but was it too late? Had the Zhivkovite forces already transported…

  It was during the early hours of Friday morning that I first heard these voices. It doesn’t matter which Friday, and I don’t really recall a date. My medical research at the Buzludzha facility had been stopped abruptly and I was now held in captivity. It appears that I had upset someone very powerful somewhere, over something. But when you stop working, step out of the rat race, take a moment for yourself, the peace and quiet of it all, well it is only then you start to hear things. You tune into what you were previously oblivious to before. I do swear that this is what I heard, a truth sent to me from beyond. I cannot explain further. I truly can’t as I don’t understand myself,

  The medical field is easy. It’s all about substantiating fact, medical trials, the records and statistics, and fact is the most essential part of my research. Discovering the proof needed to uphold my theories, to back them up, to make them concrete, unshakeable. It was I, yes I Isabella Davies PhD, who first proved beyond all reasonable doubt that a psychopath cannot be created. Despite all of my hard work and efforts, no, it was impossible. It is purely a genetic thing, DNA undoubtedly, for psychopaths are born psychotic, and my psychopic husbandry studies and experiments were all too well documented, though they are no longer in my possession.

  Perhaps this unexplained confinement was my destiny. As others throughout time had retreated into isolation on mountains or in deep hidden caves, on sea-locked islands to find God so now it was my turn. Had I been sealed inside my own cave, a round concrete tomb? Was Buzludzha so much more than it had at first appeared? Indeed I questioned my own sanity as I’m sure Moses himself did, but that is where faith develops. You cannot prove it, but you know it to be true. I am sure there are many scientists out there who also believe: Christians, Muslims or Jews, even Buddhists and Hindus. For I too now believe. I believe in the final words of the Prophet, Dimitar Blagoev.

  I was told how loyal members of the party, only those true to Todor Zhivkov and his regime, had paid financially for the construction of Buzludzha – and this payment was a one way fare to another world, a right, now secured and guaranteed by the Communist Party. Many others, farmers and workers, had also donated, but these loyal Party members had paid substantially above this general requirement and way beyond the publicly acknowledged one leva donation for the cause: a public fundraising cover for something much more sinister. As Earth’s socialist revolution was failing and anything other than true communists were now maintaining a stranglehold on power, the Soviets and their puppets had a much greater need to fulfil – to conquer outer space.

  It was O’Neil and Richter who had discovered the bodies of the Litchfield 2. O’Neil was a Technician with responsibility for the quarter, and Richter, a Charger. The Hadron accordingly was sectioned into four parts. The quarter simply referred to the first section facing northward and a charger’s role was to input the collide-codes upon start-up. The discovery of the brutalised bodies was reported to command immediately – both Litchfield agents, Rebecca and Danny, had been severely beaten before being shot. Senior command consisted of House Marshall Villette and Commander-in Charge Heraud. Both were the sons of French Partisans, and acknowledged heroes of World War Two.

  O’Neil reported on the obvious facts of the incident and Richter was more than happy to provide witness to the day’s accounts. Undoubtedly, information had been sought from the victims before they were executed, but by whom?

  Leach was an expert radio-hand, a decoder. He had been given the task of re-establishing a link with Marxus, a link that had been unilaterally and quite intentionally cut-off by the Marxus previously. Indeed, it had been down for many years.

  It was not for him to reason why. This task he had only very recently achieved and since this time, most, if not all
of the party elite and loyal followers had entered the chamber. De-atomisation had commenced and many many thousands had by now, been coded-down. Written documentation would later emerge in China to support this fact. Yang, an eminent female astrophysicist and writer, would add in her new book, a travel guide called ‘Space-Hoppers and Inter-Stella Compression’, “It is without doubt that we have succeeded, a guide such as this will soon prove itself to be vital.”

  Daily I fell to the floor, prostrate, receiving and bearing witness to the broadcasts of Michael 3, and what I learned of the New Truths I now document for you here. For the final transmissions of Leninite have spoken to us, the work of those Great Minds, Kötter, Tager and Massmann, as they had broadcast from Michael 3, are revealed to Earth below. If you ever take time to listen, to open your heart, mind and soul, you too will hear.

  Little is known of what happened between the re-activation and de-atomisation period but folklore and belief as widely acknowledged in many Balkan households today strongly suggests that those left behind, upon realising what the Zhivkovites had achieved, completed the Litchfield mission. An old Bulgarian storyteller by the name of Hare regularly tells us, the believers amongst us, of “Communist souls now lost in space, cut-off between both worlds and forever in spiritual limbo.” As if they had all somehow transported but never arrived… The regime that was left here on Earth now brought down by the forces of freedom and democracy just a mere physical duplicate, a clone of its original human-carbon-housing, but now for all eternity drifting in purgatory through outer-space. For that is how the Psychopath is created, I am sure of it, that deep matter of atom-space, the soul removed and a human shell recreated elsewhere without it. Maybe?

  But for now let me remind you that a British film-crew recently visited the site: Garrett, Archer, Florence-Mace and Woodcock, I studied them for quite some time and they too now believe. For the film ‘Lost Contact’ does in some way I suppose, try to explore the truth. They too must have heard the voices of the lost souls of Buzludzha. I wanted to invite them downstairs for dinner, but I think Gabriela may have eaten them…

  A Prophet Is Born

  Dimitar Blagoev, a comet upon the 17th Marxus Globus, passed by a little moon hidden away in the shadows of Leninite. This was the moon of Engels. The two men, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both looked up from their books and bore witness to its splendour and magnificence. Marx turned to Engels and said “There upon your own birth star, we have found the name for our new socialist prophet.” Engels now smiling and drawing down upon his pipe, “Indeed Karl, to this I must accordingly agree.” The new messenger of the Marxus Revolutionary Committee, known locally as the Stalingus, would be known on Earth as Dimitar Blagoev. A new Socialist prophet had been born.

  Blagoev had formed the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers' Party (BSDWP) in 1894. He had known from a very early age that he was chosen. His mother and father had named him on the orders of the Stalingus, his name given by the Leninite comet. His parents had become deeply religious. They would often talk of a world beyond the stars, an unknown Galaxy not visible from Earth. It was there on Leninite that Socialism had been born. Socialism was going to feed Earth and it would save the whole Globan, the entire depths of unlimited and unchartered space. The two great leaders of this new Socialist Faith were born on Leninite. They were called Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The men were very good friends and spent most days talking, philosophising and writing together. The Stalingus, the supreme ruling party born of the Marxus Revolutionary Committee had honoured the men and their great work. The Galaxy, previously known as Arnul 4 was renamed Marxus in Marx’s honour and a small moon called Zult now known as Engels. The two men had prophesied that a Prophet would arrive on a distant planet called Earth and that he shall be called by the name of the comet. That a further false Prophet shall follow his ideals and would lead the new world on a journey of destruction - and he shall be called Stalin.

  Their home planet was renamed Leninite following the great Arnul 4 revolution, a greater improvement on the original that quite simply said Zed. The authority of the new planet was to be known as the Stalingus. The two men would often joke together, “So you get a galaxy and I get a mere moon,” Engels would say. Marx would in turn laugh, “That’s because I did all the hard work, but I accept the original idea was yours.” A system of short wave radio beamed the revolutionary message out to other worlds, bouncing off the stratosphere of one to another. It was on Earth that Blagoev’s parents heard it and awoke to its purity.

  Dimitar Blagoev was a natural teacher. His greatest speech was delivered at Shipka in the year 1891. Here the New Socialists, led by Blagoev, assembled to deliver the Sermon on The Hill. It was on this very spot that Buzludzha would later be built upon a historical peak of 1441 metres in height, set within the Central Balkan Mountains.

  His message soon spread and Socialists of the world united. Upon joining the party a strict code of honour was adopted. Not a word of the existence of Marxus would be uttered until the revolution on Earth was complete. Only then would the whole truth be told. It was generally felt that the existence of Extra-Terrestrial Beings from other worlds, even though humanoid in form, could lead to world panic and be counterproductive to revolutionary forces. All that was necessary for the capitalist forces of evil to succeed was to have the ability to dismiss the socialist voice of social justice as the words of maniacs and lunatics, those who believed in the stuff of space-ships and of space-aliens.

  Leninite was a planet in the centre of the Marxus Socialist Galaxy (MSG). A Lenuser was an inhabitant of Leninite, but for an accurate definition we need to go a little further. The first three letters derive from the planet’s true revolutionary name, Len/in/ite. A Lenuser, with the word user added is not just an inhabitant but also a user of the Socialist Doctrines. Thus a Lenuser is a user or subscriber of literal Lenin Philosophy. The ‘ite’ form is an abbreviation from original translations, a shortened form of In The End: the acknowledgement that Socialism, as a religious and political system, will eventually win over all other forms of political and economic systems – in the end.

  Of the two men, Karl Marx was always the more astute. He was the writer, the thinker, the philosopher, but it was Engels who held the power of prediction. Friedrich Engels was blessed with future sight, visions of new worlds yet to come, and it was he who had first predicted the coming of the new Prophet: a prophet who would unite all humanoids across all solar systems. Whilst Friedrich was the idea maker, Karl was most certainly the go doer of the two. He was the office administrator and secretary. The Communist Manifesto was originally called the Manifesto of the Communist Party but the two men disagreed on the latter title. It was felt that the addition of the word Party would be viewed as oppressive. In communicating their voice to worlds beyond, a more neutral title had been agreed upon. The work was published on Earth during the Earth year 1848, although it was not published as originally intended. The intention was to be one of a more philosophical and religious-based scripture, but the Earth translation, upon final publication, had become one of economic and political theory. Now becoming recognised as one of the Earth’s most influential political manuscripts, the new translation had now omitted the central character, Jesus Christ.

  The Holy Bible had originally been transmitted from Zed some two thousand years previously. This initial failed revolution and the subsequent execution of the Arnul 4 Prophet on Earth, Jesus, led the two men to rethink. Whilst Earth had received a Holy message from the now named Marxus Galaxy 100 million light years away, the essential political message had been lost. More effort was now to be placed on economic and political systems, socialism as it became to be. Religion and faith would play a much smaller part. It had never been their intention to remove Jesus Christ completely from the new publication.

  The Arnul 4 Revolution that occurred just 300 years after the publication of the first Socialist Manifesto The New Testament (a re-work of much older text known simply as The Old T
estament) had been successful. It was a revolution of heart and mind, and the inhabitants of Zed had evolved spiritually and accepted the new system of love and compassion. Not one drop of blood was spilt during that revolution. The Socialists of Zed appeared to possess a human capacity that their brothers on Earth now lacked. This would eventually result in the execution of Joseph Stalin in 1953.

  Marx and Engels had set out to present an analytical approach to the class struggle, both historical and present. The original faith-based works were now presented in a modern, understandable format, recognising the problems of capitalism and the capitalist systems of production. Marx and Engels' theories concerning the nature of society and politics were never intended to be a prediction of Communism's potential future forms on Earth as the Earth later came to know it. However, it is widely accepted by intellectuals today that the inscription by the two men inside which reads “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles," remains a verbatim translation. The following original written sentence “Go forth and spread the Prophets words” was removed. It was a book of socialist ideology; to lead the Earth to true Communism as was now enjoyed widely by the Marxus Peoples.

  Radunia was a system of short wave radio transmission the United Marxus Galaxy had used for long distance communication where long distance was considered to be anything exceeding 20 million light years away. It was known that such strong signals could be bounced off planets akin to a game of snooker. Whilst Earth could be seen and communicated with, it was at the time beyond the technology available to Leninite to develop practical travel arrangements. It was in Germany, on the Earth, a part of the new world’s zone entitled Europe, that the first Radunia signal of the new text was received.

  Hannah Habsburg-Lorraine, a German literature teacher and Jewish scholar had first started to hear voices whilst taking time for silent prayer; voices that she first documented as ‘The Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith’ in 1847. Germany at the time would not recognise the literary talents of women, let alone a Jewish woman. Therefore, much of her work was published under the pseudonym Karl Marx – the very voice she had been tuned into although in reality and unbeknown to Hannah, most historians credited the original manuscript to Friedrich Engels. This pseudonym was adopted not just to hide her own real identity, but also to disclose the true writer’s identity. This conspiracy continued well into modern Earth history when she wrote the following words under another pseudonym, Engels, “I cannot deny that both before and during my forty years of collaboration with Marx, I had a certain independent share in laying the foundations of the theory, but the greater part of its leading basic principles belongs to Marx... Marx was a genius; we others were at best, talented. Without him the theory would not be anywhere near what it is today. It therefore rightly bears his name.” Back on Leninite, the originators of the text, the real Marx and the real Engels would both chuckle over these additional words that Hannah Habsburg-Lorraine had now unilaterally added.

  At the time, broadcast from Marxus of Radunia Mind Waves was a relatively straightforward procedure. The difficulty lay in the inability of Earth to reply, hence the inevitable mis-translation of major aspects of the text. Hannah’s re-assembly of the originally transmitted work ‘Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith’ contained almost two dozen questions that helped express the ideas of both Engels and Karl Marx. ‘The Principles of Communism’ however as the major canon of Stalingus literature would not be published on Earth until much later on, at the outbreak of the World War One on Earth of 1914. The ‘Communist Manifesto’, and ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England, 1883’ were written in fact by Habsburg-Lorraine. She had compiled much of what she received (heard) into her own literary works. All of the works were originally published in German, translated from their original Aramaic origins. Aramaic, the language as used by Jesus Christ was also the original language of the Lenusers. Aramaic, with its origins in ancient Hebrew allowed Hannah to understand her voices from God with relative ease.

  ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England’ is to this day the best known of Hannah’s works. ‘Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse’ in England was her self-study of the working class of Victorian England. Much of her research was gained from the voices of Engels. She had sympathised with these voices as she had lived in Manchester, an Earth city in Northern-England, for two years between, 1842 and 1844. It was this first hand understanding of the conditions of working class Victorian life that made clear, in her mind, the truth behind the messages she had been receiving. She had by now attracted a considerable following, consisting of those who would even pretend to be Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in public, attending political rallies and repeating her words as published. The reality was that of the two body doubles, Marx was her brother Abe, and her cousin Arik that of Engels. Minutes recorded later during the Stalingus World Arena parliamentary meeting of the Leninite Star Year, 1223/56, recorded: “Members of the conference note that only one sentence of truth was ever spoken by the Earth Dictator known as Adolf Hitler, and it is this: “Communism on Earth was indeed a Jewish conspiracy”. But regarding the body doubles used within this conspiracy, that of Marx and Engels, neither men ever in reality ever possessed a beard. It would appear to us that Hannah Habsburg-Lorraine, without diverting from the fact that she had completed a heroic task, seems to also believe in the fictional character of Father Christmas. The truth was that Marxus was widely known to be a Galaxy contained only of hippies of which Marx and Engels were prime examples. Rock ‘n roll music, the expression of free love and the consumption of marijuana would not arrive on Earth until much later.

  Manchester was at the very heart of the Industrial Revolution, and Hannah compiled her self-study observation, linking these observations to her new Socialist ideals. No Lenuser had ever stepped foot onto the planet Earth and for the conspiracy to succeed, the new works had to relate to known historical events here, and obviously because of Hannah’s own Jewish origins she had decided that the original Marxus Prophet, Christ, was no longer necessary in contemporary delivery. She argued that the Industrial Revolution had had a grave negative effect on the working classes. She documented, for the first time, the mortality rates in large industrial cities, focusing on disease, which was much higher now than of their counterparts living away from the cities in the countryside. In Manchester and Liverpool, premature death from smallpox, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough increased fourfold, mortality from convulsions was ten times higher. The overall death rate of the inner cities was significantly higher than the national average. On average most adults died before reaching 39 years, compared to a lifetime expectancy of 823 years on Leninite. Continuing to write under the pseudonym Friedrich Engels, she was extremely influential with many British historians; particularly the top-tier scholars of the industrial revolution. She focused on workers' low salaries and poor living conditions. She argued that the unhealthy and unpleasant environments had made them worse off than they had been in their pre-industrial lives.

  Marxist scholars and historians were now born. The Socialist message delivered by Hannah as Marxism was now becoming a popular political Earth philosophy. ‘Das Kommunistische Manifest’ (The Revised Communist Manifesto) and ‘The Principles of Communism,’ published later in 1914, were considered to be authorised publications by the Stalingus Peoples Democratic Leadership. It was generally believed that some mis-translations could be revised after Earth’s own socialist revolution.

  It was decreed that a Prophet be born upon the crossing of three stars, and that he was to be called Dimitar Blagoev.

  A False Prophet Dies

  Dimitar Blagoev was born on Earth in the village of Zagorichani, then a region within Macedonia, now a part of Greece. At the time of the True Prophet’s birth, Macedonia remained a part of the Ottoman Empire. As a young man he was greatly influenced by the Bulgarian National Revival movement. In 1922, Blagoev wrote in his memoirs that he was born “pur
e and below the Line of Stars.” These three stars of ancient context, the Orions, passed overhead at the moment of his birth, the significance of which we will focus on in following chapters. Blagoev was educated by Bulgarian agitators in the nationalist spirit. During the Russo-Turkish War of independence he supported the Opalchentsi (volunteer combatants) and the Russian Army. He then went on to study at the Odessa Realschule from 1878 to 1880. Dimitar Blagoev became involved in many public activities. He had known of his divine birthright and true message from an early age. He had been surrounded by supporters of Hannah Habsburg-Lorraine throughout his young life: by an army of Socialist Disciples whose singular purpose was to protect the young Prophet from harm. During the 1880s he was sent to Saint Petersburg University in Russia to study the words of Marx in preparation for his chosen prophetic destination. He was a profound speaker, a just man, a pure Socialist who experimented in politics by creating the first social democratic group in Russia called the Rabochii. The Rabochii was a Leninite word somewhat confused in translation by Hannah. The word was in fact RABzeroC11, a system of inter-galactic portal delivery of human mass via a deep sleep induced stasis. But the essence of the word’s origin remained. Rabochii became a newspaper to transmit the workers voice.

  Blagoev’s close friendship with a fellow Disciple and Socialist, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in Moscow, soon drew negative attention to the pair. Dimitar Blagoev, as a foreign national, was extradited by the Russian government and returned to Bulgaria in 1885. During this point, the Buzludzha Project was well established on Leninite but years ahead of the technology available on Earth. Blagoev had shared his ideals and visions with his fellow Socialist and dear friend, Vladimir, but unbeknown to him, upon his arrival back in the Bulgaria city of Sofia, Vladimir had appointed himself to be Lenin, An Apostle of Socialism. The Stalingus authorities were powerless to intervene. In Sofia, the Prophet Dimitar had now begun to propagate his message and socialist teachings. Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Sliven, Stara Zagora and, Kazanlak, along with other cities had united and formed the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) in the July of Earth year, 1891.

  The Hannist or Marxist membership of the BSDP was initially opposed by some who were essentially opposed to forming the BSDP into a political Socialist party. In 1893 these opposing members led by Yanko Sakazov, formed the Bulgarian Social Democratic Union. The two groups reunited in 1894 in the interests of working class unity. The revolution in Bulgaria was now born as the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party (BSDWP). “It was prophesised and it will be so” read the ancient scripts of Marxus. It came to be that in 1903, the Marxists again split with the party to become known as The Narrow Socialists (officially the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers’ Party). It was in 1905 that Dimitar Blagoev translated Hannah’s re-assembly of the work ’Das Kapital’ from German into Bulgarian. Though originally translated from the ancient Aramaic of Marxus into Earth German, it was considered to be beautifully converted. The Prophet Blagoev soon started to deliver his own works, works suitable for the process of Bulgarian Marxist historiography. One was entitled ‘From the History of Socialism in Bulgaria’, published in 1906. Whilst he was busy leading the Narrow Socialists at the Balkan socialist conferences of Belgrade (1910) and Bucharest (1915) his former Russian friend was plotting against him. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who had now taken the name Lenin, was to start a revolution of his own. Lenin, took the name during an alcohol-fuelled mockery of his old friend Blagoev and his belief in a planet called Leninite beyond the stars. Lenin, along with a colleague, Leon Trotsky, would both go on to play senior roles in the Russian Revolution of October in 1917.

  This Socialist revolution had overthrown the Tsarist Provisional Government, and established the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Stalingus looked down with concern. Why had Lenin failed to follow the words of Dimitar Blagoev? What was it about the Earth’s humanoids that, just as had happened previously with the revolution of the prophet Jesus, they too would now seek to pollute the purity of the original Socialist message that was sent down to them? But there remained hope for this self-appointed apostle. Under his leadership the All-Russian Congress of Soviets nationalised the estates and former crown lands. They also legalised abortion, birth control and homosexuality. ‘No fault’ divorce was also legalised, along with universal free healthcare and free education for all although, in fact, marriage had long been dismissed as an archaic method of personal oppression back on Leninite - so no-fault divorce was quite out-dated.

  Furthermore, the ideals of world revolution in common with the message of Blagoev were supported and he proposed during 1921 a New Economic Policy, a form of state capitalism for the process of industrialisation and recovery. In 1922, Lenin joined together the territories of the Russian Empire and formed the new Soviet Union. It was at this point in time that the Stalingus leadership, having placed a new confidence in the small, then quite unknown upstart Lenin, realised that they had backed the wrong horse. For only 13 months after the galaxy Marxus had officially declared Lenin as a friend of Socialism, Lenin became incapacitated by a series of strokes. He died at home, in the Moscow district of Gorki on January 21, 1924. His successor would now prove to be most unpleasant.

  If the Earth’s Cold War between the two post-World War Two superpowers had begun in 1947, and had lasted until 1991, then it is here at this point of the millennium, 1924, that the Dark War had begun. Lenin had formed an alliance for world revolution with the true Prophet Dimitar Blagoev, and Russian Socialist support was needed for the scheduled Balkan uprising of 1925: an alliance for world revolution that Lenin’s replacement would now no longer honour, for after his death there was an immediate power struggle within the Soviet Union. Lenin’s close friend Leon Trotsky became the de-facto leader. Stalin, the false prophet who Lenin had disliked and distrusted now vowed to be in power, began eliminating any political opposition in his way. As Trotsky fled for his life, Stalin’s thugs soon caught up with him in political exile in Central America, killing him with a single blow of an ice-pick to his head. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili as he was known, had directly mocked the Stalingus leadership by taking the name Stalin and had declared himself to be the Only True Prophet. The entire galaxy of Marxus, united in untold grief, would now have to change its plans.

  The false prophet was born in Georgia, a country soon annexed by the Soviet Union during WW2. Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from 1924 – 1953. He had come to power in 1922 when he was appointed General Secretary of the party’s Central Committee. Following Lenin’s death, he suppressed all criticism of his leadership. Stalin had been aware of the Communist Conspiracy on Earth, but instead of embracing the philosophy he actively resisted the power and influence of the Leninites. Throughout the Dark War, he would regularly flex his muscles in the direction of Marxus. The Leninites viewed him as somewhat awkward, the spoilt-child that couldn’t be controlled. This was all to change during the later years of the Space Race.

  Under Stalin's rule, world revolution was now rejected in favour of socialism in one country. He believed that a Socialist state could operate and trade directly in association with the Capitalists. He destroyed the New Economic Policy of Lenin instigated in 1920, replacing it with a highly centralised command economy. His rule was one of industrialisation and agricultural collectivisation, seeing rapid transformation from an agrarian society into an industrial power. However he imprisoned millions of people in the process, holding them in correctional labour camps, and the disruption to food production caused the catastrophic Soviet famine of 1932–1933, and also the Holodomor famine of Ukraine. During the years 1926-1934, an estimated 10 million people starved to death, almost all of whom were peasants. He was responsible for ordering the Great Purge of the party, government, armed forces and intelligentsia. His opponents or so-called enemies of the Soviet people, were imprisoned, exiled or executed. From 1936 to 1939, the Old Bolsheviks, supporters of Trotsky and most of the Red Army Generals were convicted of plott
ing against him and killed.

  At the outbreak of WW2, August of 1939, Stalin entered into a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. The two Dictators happily carved up Eastern Europe between them, and this involved the invasion of Poland. The Nazis later violated the agreement and invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. The fascists came within miles of the two major cities of Moscow and Stalingrad. Such was Stalin’s arrogance he used the stolen Leninite name to also rename a city after his own ego. Eventually, as the Axis of Evil was defeated, the Russians drove back the Germans from the Eastern Front, and the Red Army captured Berlin in May 1945. The Soviet Union was now one of two world superpowers, the other being the United States and its Allies. The Yalta and Potsdam conferences established communist governments loyal to Joseph Stalin thus forming the Eastern Bloc. Fearing further invasion he later developed close relationships with Mao Zedong of China and Kim Il-sung of North Korea.

  The Cult of Personality was the brainchild of Stalin. Towns, villages and cities were renamed after him and the Stalin Prize and Stalin Peace Prize were also named in his honour. Grandiose titles such as ‘Coryphaeus of Science’, ‘Father of Nations’, ‘Brilliant Genius of Humanity’, ‘Great Architect of Communism’, and ‘Gardener of Human Happiness’, were all bestowed upon him, by himself. He even re-wrote Soviet text books to provide himself with a more historically correct and fundamental primary role in the success of the revolution of 1917. Statues of him greatly exaggerate his height. Evidence suggests he was only 5 feet 5 inches tall but the new statues depicted him as taller than the 6 feet 3 inches of the highest Russian Tsar, Alexander III.

  Trotsky criticised this cult of personality. He was infuriated when the new Soviet National Anthem was now to include Stalin’s name. He had been a close friend of Lenin and Lenin had informed him of the existence of the true Prophet Dimitar Blagoev. Leon Trotsky, now living in exile, had in fact signed his own death warrant when he became the only Bolshevik still living to know the truth - that Joseph Stalin was the false prophet - but by now Stalin was equipped with almost God-like qualities. He was the focus of literature, of poetry and music, and of paintings and film. His successor, Nikita Khrushchev, on the orders of Leninite, publicly denounced Stalin's personality cult, stating the original words of Marxus in unpolluted form, “It is impermissible and foreign to the spirit of Marxism-Leninism to elevate one person, to transform him into a superman possessing supernatural characteristics akin to those of a god.”

  Stalin was assassinated by Leninite agents in 1953, using new technology that was invented during the years of the Space Race. This afforded Leninite the possibility to build advanced weaponry on Earth. It was still based on information delivery only and not the transmission of physical or bodily forms. A system of de-atomisation was being developed by the Chinese to deconstruct and reconstruct humanoid atoms based on this information. The basic building blocks of life could now be separated. This was technology the Lenities already possessed and had supplied to Stalin as early on as 1944. Stalin realising the dangers, refused to develop the system beyond blueprint form. A much required de-atomisation chamber was never built at the time.

  Stalin was now paranoid. With the exception of one, Vladimir Milyutin, a former Red Army Commander who died in prison during 1937 (and of course, Joseph Stalin himself) every single surviving member of Lenin’s original Bolshevik cabinet was executed during Stalin’s Great Purge. Joseph Stalin was not going to receive any mercy from Marxus, and this he knew all too well. He tried in vain to hide his secret and prevent the new technological advances from becoming a reality. However, the one thing he couldn’t do was control the Peoples Republic of China.

  Stalin was raised within the Georgian Orthodox faith. Though he publicly claimed in office to be an atheist, it was later reported that he took Roman Catholic Mass on at least 6 occasions in secret. His position was that religion was an opiate and a pollutant of the working class that needed to be removed from healthy society to facilitate the ideals of communist society. Atheistic education took place in schools. Anti-religious propaganda was produced, the anti-religious work of public institutions was founded and discriminatory laws put in place; all to prevent faith based belief from gaining a foothold in the daily running of Soviet society. Stalin did everything possible to prevent receivers of the messages from Marxus formulating into opposing ideological systems. During the 1930s it was almost suicidal to be publicly associated with any religion. In part the early incorrect translations of Hannah Habsburg-Lorraine, in which the central figure of Communist Ideology, Jesus Christ, had been removed, could be to blame. But as Stalin had rejected the single message of universal communism and world revolution in favour of a system of communism in one country, few scholars today adhere to this view.

  Stalin and his regime were socially, morally and politically condemned following the years after his death. In the Earth year, 1956, his Stalingus appointed successor, Nikita Khrushchev, officially denounced his legacy on behalf of the True Prophet Dimitar Blagoev and the Socialist Peoples of Marxus. A process of total de-Stalinisation followed.

  The Doctors' Plot identified by Stalin during 1952 and 1953, a plot that had apparently involved several prominent medical doctors, all of whom were of Jewish ancestry, had allegedly attempted to kill him and other Soviet officials. It prevailed outside the Soviet Union that Stalin was creating this false conspiracy in order to launch a massive party purge of all Jewish members. It was nothing more than ongoing anti-Semitic provocation. It followed the 1952 show trials of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee and the secret execution of thirteen during the Night of the Murdered Poets. Stalin was aware that Marxus agents would soon arrive. Judaism was the original religion of the Marxus Peoples and its language was ancient Aramaic, the language of Christ, a Prophet and Jew. By killing and or exiling all Jewish Communists, he believed he could secure his own personal safety.

  The false prophet died on the 5th March 1953, at the age of 74, following an assassination team compounding administered on March 1st. Compounding was a process which de-atomised his respiratory system thereby causing immediate death. His personal guards thought it odd that he did not rise from bed at the usual time but having received strict orders from the known successor, Khrushchev, they were too scared to check on him and so left him alone, unattended throughout the entire day. Peter Lozgachev, the Deputy Commandant of Kuntsevo, discovered him at 10 p.m. that evening soaked in his own urine and lying on his back in the centre of the floor. He was wearing only his pyjama bottoms and a white stained vest. A terrified Lozgachev tried to communicate with him but heard in reply just the muttered, “Dzhhhhh”: Dieh-Zah-Heine, an ancient Aramaic word meaning, “The Death Squad.”

  Following his death, various conspiracy theories were born. The political memoirs of Vyacheslav Molotov, 1993, claimed that Deputy Premier Beria had boasted “I took him out.” In 2004; the American historian Jonathan Brent along with Vladimir Naumov published a book claiming that Beria, on the orders of Khrushchev, slipped an overdose of warfarin into Stalin's wine. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, a fellow Georgian, was Marshal of the Soviet Union and chief of security and secret police. He was a very good friend of a Bulgarian party official with whom he had studied at the Saint Petersburg University in Russia, a friend who went by the name, Dimitar Blagoev.

  The Cold War Ends

  The House of The Bulgarian Communist Party, a giant structure atop a mountain, was built in a quite different era. Whilst Communist ideology crumbled, she remained, patiently waiting for the day of her own re-activation. Stripped, decaying but still standing there to remind us of her power; an abandoned flying saucer, akin to something created on another planet. You would be wrong to believe so. She was created exactly where she now stands on Earth, but by utilising the technology of another planet - the planet of Leninite. Leninite is in the galaxy of Marxus, some 100 million light years away.

  As the Iron Curtain fell, Bulgaria in 1989 moved into a new era of parliamentary democracy,
but whilst they, the humans on Earth, wasted paper on their new gained and quite useless voting system, the communists were still watching. For across Marxus, there in the shadow of Engels, a small satellite moon, the planet Leninite waited patiently. Atop of that mountain back on Earth, a flying saucer, as likened to something created on another planet, was indeed a flying saucer: the original Buzludzha Earth Mother Ship.

  At Shipka Pass, she, Buzludzha, still remains, the only one to survive from of the ashes of the former Soviet Union. An abandoned concrete structure that serves today to attract Western tourists, those who arrive in droves and campaign verbally for its restoration – this amounting to 12 million pounds worth of restoration. Bulgaria as the newest and poorest member of the European Union doesn’t have the political will to do it. The European Union doesn’t have the cash even if they wanted to, but that was until recently. All previous attempts to demolish the building have failed, but at least now people are starting to ask questions. Who is keeping the structure standing? Where is the money coming from? You’d be right to ask these questions for yourself.

  Buzludzha, a Lenus word (Lenus/Humanoid inhabitant of Leninite) meaning glacially/icy) is a historical peak of 1441 metres in height set within the Central Balkan Mountains. Built there by the Bulgarian Communist regime, the structure commemorated the events of 1891 when socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled on the site, and with the Lenities of Marxus, organised the socialist movement. The Bulgarian Social Democratic Party and forerunner of the Bulgarian Communist Party was formed by humanoid-aliens. Officially it was opened in 1981, but now no longer maintained, it has fallen into disuse, the monument, abandoned and vandalised. The roof of copper stripped clean like flesh from a psychopath’s BILE; copper that served only to absorb solar rays to power a space-ship, all delivered by our very own sun.

  You, if you are an ignorant tourist, can reach Buzludzha from two sides. From the town of Gabrovo (12 miles), travelling south up through the Shipka Pass or through the village of Shipka itself travelling northward from the town of Kazanlak (9 miles). The unsuspecting traveller should take care not to go there alone, so do be careful for it is an area of strange events, unexplained sightings and countless human disappearances. A toxic, most pungent smell exists likened only to that of rotting flesh.

  The Cold War, that state of unease between West and East, that terrifying daily political and military tension that followed World War Two, was as politically bitter as the freezing, cutting Buzludzha cold. When the powers of the Western Bloc, the USA and her NATO allies, and others such as Japan looked down the barrel of warfare at the powers of the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its allies, and those other members of the Warsaw Pact) we all knew that overpowering sense of looming danger, that soon just a single shot could be responsible for the start of World War Three. Ultimately one side would lose the Cold War, but none could win the Third War. This is when the Soviets began to make their battle plans to leave.

  The start of the Cold war doesn’t really matter to us. It doesn’t make any difference or alter any outcome to this book but agreement between historians centres on 1947 – 1991. There was no large scale fighting between the two super powers, just regional wars. NATO and the Warsaw Pact flexed their muscles at each other across a very big wall. How far was each prepared to go? What would it take to press that button, to launch the nukes and destroy it all? Who would do it first? Regional wars were fought, those of North Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. But it was called the Cold War for a reason and because in reality there was no large-scale fighting between the two sides, the East and West.

  A self-proclaimed neutral bloc also arose following WW2. A non-aligned movement founded by Egypt, with India and Yugoslavia rejecting an alliance with either the East or Western bloc powers. But the temporary wartime alliance, following war with Nazi Germany, had now split the USA and USSR, turning former allies into foes. This left the two superpowers with profound economic and political divisions: the United States of America with capitalism and free elections, and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics with socialism and totalitarianism.

  Whilst the two never engaged in direct all-out warfare, both continued to arm themselves heavily in preparation for World War Three knowing that they could never recover from the mutually assured destruction of both in nuclear attacks. The people of Lenus initially stood back, watching with disbelief from across Marxus. Eventually, when it was realised that all would be lost within the new outpost, decisions were made. This Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) status was born out of a nuclear deterrent. Should either side strike first, total destruction would certainly and unequivocally follow.

  This doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, ironically and in a most perverted way, kept peace between the two. Neither could fight without destroying themselves in the process. So then followed the proxy wars across the globe, psychological warfare between differing ideologies, propaganda designed to destroy from within and espionage amass. More importantly however, the Cold War gave us the Space Race, the competition by the USA to be the first, not only in space, but to land a man-made craft on the Moon. The USSR was happy to play along with them, and still to this day they, the Russians, have never landed a craft on the moon. Why would they? They already possessed inter-galactic technology. They’ve had it since 1891.

  Dimitar Blagoev was a comet in a galaxy many, many, many miles away from us, a shooting star that every 17th Marxus Globus, passed by a little moon hidden away in the shadows of Leninite, the moon of Engels.

  Lenusers, the people of Leninite, first became concerned that their socialist vision was unobtainable with the onset of the Cuban missile crisis during October, 1962 when the whole world (Earth) waited for fifteen days on the brink of a global disaster, waiting nervously for a peaceful, political solution. This is when, the actual point in history, the Buzludzha project was first conceived.

  The Cold war, leading up to this crisis of 1962 was actually born of 1945. The USSR consolidated itself into the states of the Eastern Bloc and the United States responded with a strategy of global containment. Whilst the Communists could not be defeated, they could be prevented from extending their post-war boundaries any further. The USA provided military and financial assistance to Western Europe, even taking sides against the Communists during the Greek civil war. Forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) gave them the first major crisis between the two huge powers - the Berlin Blockade of 1948–49.

  With victory for the Communists during the Chinese civil war and outbreak of war in Korea, 1950-53, the conflict of ideology continued to expand. There was competition by both East and West over influence in Latin America and the Soviets were ordered by Leninite to brutally oppress the anti-communist revolution in Hungary of 1956. Aides to Joseph Stalin reportedly said that this was the only time they had seen the Great Dictator tremble with fear. Later, having all witnesses to this episode executed, Stalin admitted to the Politburo that he could not be viewed by Leninite to lack control. He would regain power at any cost. Thus, the Lenusers clearly had great political, financial and military sway over Earth’s Communist revolution. An inter-galactic will, unknown to NATO to exist at the time, led to further escalations: the Suez Crisis (1956), and as previously mentioned, the Berlin Crisis of 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

  The Missile Crisis of ’62 was the final straw for the Socialists. Attempts to intimidate the USA had failed and had nearly activated an all-out thermal global nuclear war. Leninite soon realised that the USA would push the button if threatened too far and instructed the Soviets to stand down on the issue. It was with this realisation that the Buzludzha Project came into being.

  The Peoples of Marxus Galaxy had no will for war, but equally had no will to be bullied into submission by Capitalists on a distant planet. Marxus Galaxy had evolved way beyond the founding ideals of Socialism, and was truly united and Communist.

  A new phase in our Earth’s history had begun and this was further
complicated by the Sino-Soviet split. Socialists on Earth no longer liked or trusted each other. US allies such as France became scared and demanded greater independence of action. The USSR had crushed the Prague Spring of 1968 with Leninite approval and had also brutally oppressed the Czechoslovakian people. Relationships between the Soviets and the Leninites was strong again and recovering. A relationship that had started to break-down following the Lenusers’ assassination of Joseph Stalin in 1953 was reinvigorated. The Vietnam War (1955–1975) had ended in the defeat of the USA and the Republic of South Vietnam. Moscow had demonstrated yet again its power and control to the Leninite authorities and both had supported the communist forces of North Vietnam.

  By the 1970s both sides of the galaxy had sought to create a more stable and predictable international and co-galactic system, inaugurating a period of détente. On Earth the USSR invited the USA to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. The USSR invited the Chinese to open up relationships with the US. Outraged by implied Earth Independence, this period of détente collapsed in 1980, the end of the decade when Leninite ordered the Soviets into a war in Afghanistan.

  The Lenusers flexed their muscles further, keeping pressure on the Soviets to maintain Communist control by shooting down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in 1983. This incident led to the NATO Able Archer 83 exercises of that same year, a ten-day NATO command exercise that started on November 2. It spanned Western Europe and centred on the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) Headquarters in Casteau, north of the city of Mons. The Able Archer 83 exercise simulated a period of conflict escalation which would culminate in the DEFense readiness CONdition DEFCON 1 – a simulated and co-ordinated NATO nuclear attack against the USSR.

  The exercise introduced unique formats of coded communication and radio silences and it involved the complete participation of the heads of all NATO governments. The simultaneous arrival of the new Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe also led members of the Soviet Politburo and military to believe that the whole exercise was an act toward war. They, the Soviet Bloc, were unclear who had started it all, the USA or its European Allies? Or was it once again, the work of the Lenusers of Marxus? Were they demonstrating that they could start the third war on Earth without firing a single shot from Marxus? Russia was now scared.

  Deteriorating relations between the USSR and USA had in fact been manipulated from Marxus. It was the closest the world had come to war since 1962. Moscow backed down again on the order of Leninite. They, the Lenusers, had again demonstrated their greater strength to that of the Socialists of Earth. With improved relations and with Leninite in firm control, the threat of nuclear war ended on November 11th 1983.

  With firm preparations in place for the Buzludzha project since 1962, the Leninites now found, to their great disapproval, that during the mid-1980s the new Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, had introduced Perestroika, a re-organisational process of 1987 following the political openness of Glasnost in 1985. Soviet involvement in Afghanistan ended without the wishes of a single government of the Marxus system, and accordingly a wave of anti-socialist revolutions on Earth now followed. Leninite stood back as it watched the Warsaw Pact regimes collapse and fall.

  Most fell peacefully except the Romanian revolution which was brutal and retaliatory. The Communists had gone and Marxus had been betrayed by its own kind – the socialists of Earth. Soviet troops did not bolster the faltering regimes and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union soon lost control of Central and Eastern Europe. Following an abortive 1991 coup attempt in Russia and the further collapse of the Socialist regimes of Mongolia, Cambodia and South Yemen, the United States remained powerful. It was now this planet’s only superpower. The Cold War was over, but unwittingly the Dark War had just begun.

  The Dark War Begins

  Russia had historical experiences of frequent invasions and the immense death toll of World War Two had exceeded 27 million. On the orders of Leninite’s highest authority, the Stalingus, the Earth’s counter equivalent, Joseph Stalin, had dominated control of the post-war Soviet Empire installing a new dictatorship of the proletariat that was controlled from across the universe. The new Socialist empire sought only to dominate the internal affairs of the countries that bordered it. Stalin created Communist training centres based on those of the Stalingus, the purpose to set up secret regimes and police forces loyal to both Moscow and Marxus. The media, especially the radio, were all controlled by Russian Agents, and the independent civic institutions such as schools and associated youth groups, the church and any oppositional political parties were outlawed and banned. Now, after all was done, Stalin wanted peace with Britain, primarily for the purpose of post-war reconstruction and economic growth.

  Different world views of a new vision for the new post-war world existed. For the Americans and Roosevelt, Stalin seemed to be a potential ally but for the British, Stalin was viewed as the greatest of threats. The Soviets already occupied most of Central and Eastern Europe and the Lenusers occupied the entire Marxus system. They too peered down on Stalin with great suspicion. The revolutions of Marxus were most successful and the Socialists had now turned their attentions toward the outer worlds of the Milky Way.

  Political differences between the two Western powers resulted in Roosevelt and Churchill negotiating several separate deals. October 1944 saw the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, travel to Moscow. He agreed to divide the region known as the Balkans into respective spheres of influence. Whilst in Yalta, Roosevelt signed a separate deal with Stalin concerning Asia having refused to support Churchill’s demand for reparations and the resolution of issues such as Poland. A general consensus on a framework for post-war settlement of Europe failed.

  In April 1945, President Roosevelt died. His successor in April of that year, Harry S. Truman, had always distrusted Stalin. An elite group of foreign policy intellectuals was formed. Churchill and Truman both fiercely opposed the Soviets' decision to prop up the Polish puppet provisional Lubin Committee whilst the true Polish government remained in exile in London. The Lubin Committee was the new Soviet government put into place in Poland by Stalin. Accordingly all relations between the Truman/Churchill alliance and the Soviets had been severed.

  The Potsdam Conference held in late July following Germany's surrender, brought to the fore serious differences concerning the future post-war political development of Germany and Central and Eastern Europe. The Lenuser government paid great attention to the words of Earth’s great post-war leaders and of their hostile intentions and entrenched positions. War with Earth was now an imminent possibility and Leninite put its full support behind the Soviets for it was at this Potsdam Conference that Truman informed Stalin that the United States had new technology within its control. This was nuclear weaponry.

  Stalin was very well informed and already aware of this but what the USA did not know in return was that the Soviets' own rival program was already firmly in place, and had been for a considerable time. He reacted calmly, smiling at Truman from across the room but looking upward toward Leninite with a sarcastic wink of eye. In fact it is correct to say that the Soviet leader was most pleased with the Americans news and urged that the Atomic Bomb be now tested on Japan.

  Just one week later the United States bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both cities on mainland Japan. Following her unconditional surrender, the Americans refused Stalin any influence within the new leadership of the Japanese Empire and accordingly Stalin protested to US officials. The Stalingus of Marxus then ordered that the post-war territories become known as the Eastern Bloc, and built for themselves a defensive line. In this way was the so-called Iron Curtain thus created.

  The Soviet Union had, with the onset of war, already laid the foundations for the Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc had been created by directly annexing several countries given to it by the Nazis under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. The new Socialist Soviet Republics had been born; they included Eastern Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, part
s of eastern Finland and quite a large part of Romania. The territories having been gained from conflict, following the break-down of relationships between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, were converted into the so-called satellite states; East Germany, the People's Republic of Poland, the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the People's Republic of Hungary, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the People's Republic of Romania and the People's Republic of Albania.

  These Soviet-allied regimes of this formidable Eastern Bloc not only reproduced Soviet command economies, they also adopted Stalin’s brutal repression techniques. The Soviet Secret Police suppressed all potential opposition to their outright control. The Red Army had now also over-run Manchuria (Asia) during the last month of the war, occupying large areas of former Korean territory, north of the 38th parallel.

  Winston Churchill had long been concerned by the enormous size of deployed Soviet forces that remained in Europe at the end of war with Nazi Germany. Stalin was, he believed, a man who could not be trusted and was most unreliable, a dictator of a brutal totalitarian regime and a Soviet military threat to free Western Europe.

  In preparation for a renewed third war, the famous Iron Curtain speech was accordingly delivered by the British PM. It was delivered to the Americans whilst in Fulton, Missouri. Churchill called for an Anglo-American alliance, united against the Soviets to oppose the so-called Iron Curtain that existed from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic. Socialist ideology was enforced within the international communist movement and tight political control maintained over all of the new Soviet satellites through co-ordination of communist parties in the Eastern Bloc. This new Communist Information Bureau, Cominform, a universal agreement set up to support all satellite members faced an embarrassing setback. This following the Tito-Stalin split in June of the same year. Stalin ordered its members to expel Yugoslavia. Although communist, Yugoslavia had adopted an aligned East versus West political stand. For the Americans witnessing this new socialist in-fighting, the priority was now containment of the USSR. The new Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and all of its satellite states were to be maintained exactly at existing borders, and this was fundamental within the Truman Doctrine. The Soviets would be allowed to go no further. In doing this and unbeknown to the USA at the time, Marxus too could go no further on Earth.

  The Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) was the Marxist-Leninist ruling party of the People's Republic of Bulgaria between 1946 until 1989. Bulgaria had ceased to be a Communist State following the fall of the Iron Curtain during the late 1980s. The Fatherland Front coalition had taken control of the country toward the end of the war in 1944. Although a workers’ socialist coalition, it was in many ways dominated by the Communist Party and jointly forged in opposition to Bulgaria's fascist-aligned Tsarist government. In conjunction with the Red Army's crossing of the Romanian – Bulgarian border, an effective coup succeeded during 1944.

  The party's origins lay in the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers' Party, known as the Tesnyatsi or Narrow Socialists. It was founded in 1903 following the political differences born of the 10th Congress of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers' Party. Dimitar Blagoev, named after a comet, had founded the BSDWP in 1894. Opposed to World War One, the party was sympathetic to the Russian October Revolution in 1917. Under his leadership, the BSDWP joined the Communist International at its outset in 1919. Later on having joined Stalin’s post World War Two 1948 - Comintern, the party became known as the Communist Party of Bulgaria.

  Georgi Dimitrov was Bulgaria’s first post-war Socialist leader from 1946. He too had also been a member of the Communist Party's Central Committee since 1919. He died suddenly in 1949. In 1938 the party had merged with the Workers' Party and later in 1948 merged again with the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers' Party. A united Bulgarian Communist Party was born.

  Dimitrov's sudden death gave way to Vulko Chervenkov, a cold-hearted Stalinist sympathiser who aimed all too eagerly to please Moscow and Leninite. He was responsible for many high-profile party expulsions, gaining great favour with the Soviet leadership in Russia and jointly the Stalingus of Marxus. He ensured the expulsion of any member suspected of being sympathetic to the Titoites following Yugoslavia’s expulsion from the Soviet alliance. He had also imprisoned suspected counter-revolutionaries and any non-party members who had sought to establish an alternative to his repressive control. Following Joseph Stalin's assassination, in 1953, Chervenkov was soon deposed by much greater forces beyond.

  Todor Zhivkov was appointed by Leninite and led the country from 1954 until 1989, up until the fall of communism. His period in office was one that afforded relative political stability for Bulgaria and an increase in overall living standards. He supported the principles of the Soviet Union and remained close to its leadership after Nikita Khrushchev was deposed by Leonid Brezhnev. But the winds of change and demand for political reform that swept across the East during 1989 had now led to Zhivkov’s resignation and much of what we now know of the existence of the Buzludzha de-atomisation files came from testaments given following his arrest.

  His leadership was followed by the liberal socialist, Petar Mladenov. It was Mladenov who on December 11th announced that the party was giving up its guaranteed right to rule. This sealed the fate for Communist rule in Bulgaria. The constitutional right of the socialists to lead was deleted forever. The communists now also denounced Marxist–Leninism as a political system of influence in the country during the spring of 1990. The Communists formally changed their party name to become the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

  It was here, at this juncture of time in modern Earth history that some hard-line Communists, unable to let go of their socialist ideals, established their own new splinter groups. Most with only a handful in membership were of no real political threat, but of these, one political party continued with the name; Bulgarian Homeland Communists Union, led by Radislav Stanus-Aleksandar. The Dark War had now begun.

  The Space Race

  Stalin’s successor within the USSR, Khrushchev, was now in power. The year was Earth: 1954. Khrushchev was a Hannaniam, a believer or subscriber to the conspiracy of Hannah. Khrushchev was a sworn-in member and a crucial part of the Stalingus inner circle of secrecy. He was in regular contact with the political agents of the Marxus Galaxy. Back in Bulgaria, the prophet’s peaceful call to revolution seemed to have failed. The first post-war Bulgarian Prime-Minister, Georgio Dimitov, had died suddenly in suspicious circumstances; his death making way for Vulko Chervenkov. Chervenkov was a ruthless Stalinist. He had admired the leadership of Joseph Stalin in Russia and sought to emulate many of his oppressive practices. It was also widely believed that Chervenkov had been involved in the sinister removal of Dimitov from office.

  Within a year of the assassination of the false prophet, Stalin, Vulko was also removed from office. The Soviet Union was now in firm control of all satellite states and with de-Stalinisation, a force akin to a run-away train, being the new ideology of the new Socialist Motherland, Bulgaria was pulled back into line. Nikita Khrushchev would ensure that the Buzludzha project would happen, that the Prophet Blagoev’s message was pure and true, and that the World Socialist Revolution was imminent. Chervenkov was given a choice: resign from office immediately or be de-atomised. Chervenkov thus accepted early retirement.

  The years 1955-1972 saw both Cold War rivals on Earth compete in a new technological war, the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (US), a war for supremacy amongst the stars. The Space Race gave the world the first artificial satellites and unmanned probes that were sent to the Moon, Venus and even Mars. It also gave us the first human space-craft that could circle the Earth in low orbit. Officially the Space Race began on August 2nd, 1955; this when the US announced it would launch its first space satellite. The USSR already possessed its own satellites and US agents (spies) had long operated behind the iron Curtain. Russia was furious at the theft of their Marxus technology and vowed that the US would fail.

nbsp; What became known as the International Geophysical Year saw the USSR’s launch of Sputnik-1 on October 4th, 1957. The US was the first superpower to land a man-made craft on the moon on July 20th, 1969. Apollo 11 witnessed the first humanoid footprint upon it. However, the USSR had no interest in ever wasting its valuable time and effort on what was described by Nikita Khrushchev as a “floating lump of compounded dust akin to a blocked American vacuum cleaner.” Khrushchev’s administration was far too pre-occupied by the receipt from outer space of further developed Marxun technologies thousands of years in advance of anything that the Capitalists had on offer. They sat back and allowed the US to waste its time, even entering into a period of relative peace and co-operative agreement under the 1972 Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Whilst the two superpowers could not be friends on Earth, this space rendezvous of 1975, saw the linking of hands in orbit of a US astronaut crew and a Soviet cosmonaut crew. The origins of the Space Race had been born out of the need for a missile-based arms race that started during World War Two. Both superpowers had captured advanced German rocket technology, along with all of the German scientific personnel who had worked on it.

  For the US, it was a race for profound propaganda purposes and pure research, but for the USSR, they were focused more on its spin-off technologies. Marxus remained 100 million light years away and humanoid travel over such a distance was beyond reach, even for the Leninites whose normal life expectancy, as we know, exceeded 800 years. Radunas technology had advanced significantly; regular broadcasts were now received by Communist networks all over the Humanoid Globe. It was the spin-offs, along with technical information supplied by their Inter-Stella comrades that could produce the much needed results; to see the completion of the blue-prints, the building of the Buzludzha project on Earth.

  The Communists still feared invasion from the US at the end of the war. There had been at least 27 million Russian casualties during World War Two. The false prophet had then gone on to execute over 21 million more during the initial period of the Dark War. For Stalingus, the message was now clear: the Earth revolution had failed. The beauty and purity of the original message given to the Prophet had now been twisted and contorted completely beyond recognition. The Socialist Motherland pleaded with Stalingus for support. The USA could not be allowed to become technologically superior or all would be lost. Though hesitant at first, Stalingus, following the Great Meeting of the Minds of The People, reluctantly agreed. The Dark War, the unspoken war between Communists on Earth who all vied for totalitarian power, continued. The Cold War between the superpowers continued, as did the new ideals of the Prophet, Dimitar Blagoev. The latter was concluded without the knowledge of either superpower. Both the USSR and the US now lived in total darkness. The Stalingus communications with Bulgaria were now shrouded in secrecy. Unbeknown to Khrushev, the USSR would no longer be given the technology needed to complete its own Buzludzha Mothership.

  The US’s air force had always been bigger than that of the USSR. Advanced American airbases were deemed to be far too near to Soviet territory. It had been Stalin, who in 1947, had ordered the development of the USSR’s first InterContinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). During the year of Stalin’s death, he had given his commander, Korolev, the go ahead to build an R-7 Semyorka Rocket. Notably its boosters still resembled those of the original German G-4. Overall however, it was a major advance on the original design and successfully flown on the 15th May, 1957. The R-7 was now the world's first fully operational ICBM. It was R-7 technology that would also be used to launch Sputnik into space, and power all other piloted Soviet aircraft.

  Korolev was all too familiar with the success of American’s von Braun's 1956 Jupiter-C test, and soon expected to get his own satellite into space. Since his R-7 was more powerful than anything else the US had at the time, he continued to take full advantage of Object D to use as his primary satellite mission. Object D was of Marxun design and would easily dwarf the American satellites. Object D had a “weight of 1,400 kilograms (3,100 lb), of which 300 kilograms (660 lb) would be composed of scientific instruments that would photograph the Earth,” Source: Stalingus 12278/366. Object D could take both radiation levels and check on the planet Earth’s magnetic field. This was to be crucial in aligning the Buzludzha Motherships with the crossing of the stars, aligning them serially with Orion as expected. Korolev failed with this mission, further angering the Stalingus authorities’. Things were not going along well with the design and overall manufacturing of the satellite to meet Marxun standards.

  Korolev was granted permission in 1957 by the USSR Council of Ministers to make a reduced capacity model: a prosteishy sputnik (PS-1), this was a simple and most basic satellite. The launch of Object D was now postponed until April 1958. The smaller satellite would not contain any of the complex instrumentation that Stalingus required for the completion of the Buzludzha project, but it did have two separate short wave radio transmitters operating on different frequencies. One was for the use of Earth whilst the other beamed out directly toward Leninite. Its orbital position allowed it to skim the surface of a moon called R12, within a star system known as Terminus 4. Now, at last, direct communication with the inhabitants of the Marxus galaxy could occur in real-time. The bouncing of radunas short wave rays, now called Radio on Earth, worked in a manner similar to the breaking of snooker balls against each other, the balls dispersing in a multitude of directions under force and bouncing back off other objects in return. Until now the Earth had been somewhat snookered.

  The successful launches of the R-7 rocket paved the way for Sputnik. In the meantime the Americans attended the International Geophysical Year Conference held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC, 1957, and published their paper “Satellite over the Planet.” The USSR now feared that von Braun might launch another Jupiter-C in-conjunction with the release of this paper. Korolev refused to be beaten and he hastened the launch of the Soviet PS-1, the simplified satellite. It was to be launched early. At exactly 10:28:34 pm Moscow Earth plus 2, on Friday October 4th 1957, the Soviet R-7 Sputnik 1 Satellite lifted off. Just a few minutes later the Sputnik had delivered the first artificial moon, a man-made satellite directly into Earth space. The name translated into English, Sputnik, simply means Fellow Traveller.

  Now it was the Americans time to be scared. Observers asked “Would the USSR now be the first superpower to put a man into space as well?” By 1959, the US had begun to realise it was running out of time. Project Mercury was way behind schedule and its planned launch date could not be met. On April 12th, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first humanoid Cosmonaut to orbit the Earth. The Soviet Union had won the Space Race. Just as Sputnik means fellow traveller, Cosmonaut means ‘Sailor of The Universe.’ When the flight was publicly announced, it was celebrated around the whole Globan as a great triumph, not just for the Communists, but for all socialists Globan-wide. Source: Stalingus 12328/671.

  The US was shocked and embarrassed to its very core. Their own space travellers, the so-called Astronauts, from the Greek meaning ‘Star Sailors’, had yet to get off the launch pad. But on May 5th, 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American in space, arriving there just three weeks after the Russian, Gagarin. He did not achieve orbit as the Russian had done so, but he was the first Earth humanoid to manually control his spacecraft's altitude and retrorocket firing systems. Gherman Titov in Vostok 2 was the first to control a manually operated spacecraft for the Soviets on 6th August 1961. A year after the Gagarin space orbit, the American John Glenn was the first American to successfully orbit Earth on February 20th, 1962 inside the Friendship 7 craft.

  The United Nations General Assembly speech of the US President John F Kennedy (September 20th, 1963) proposed that both the Soviets and the Americans join forces in their efforts to land upon the moon. Nikita Khrushchev initially rejected Kennedy's proposal but later realised that Capitalists could, he concluded, share cost benefits and some technological gains within a joint venture. As Khrushchev had rec
onsidered and was poised to accept the US Presidents offer, in November 1963 The Ark, the security wing of the Stalingus leadership, ordered the immediate elimination of, and if necessary, assassination of the US President, JF Kennedy.

  Khrushchev and Kennedy had become somewhat close during the years. Despite the horrors of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, which brought the Earth to the brink of a Nuclear War, it had also, and in many ways brought the two leaders closer together. They had to talk to each other and had to resolve their differences peacefully – for if they did not, then the end of the World was now upon us. It was Vice President Johnson who assumed the US Presidency after Kennedy's assassination. He however did not have such a good rapport with Moscow and most certainly did not trust the Soviets. Knowing that any attempt to establish dialogue with Johnson would anger the Commralienists of Leninite (a nickname built of the phrase Comrade Aliens) further and fearing his own execution, Khrushchev dropped the proposal of a joint moon programme.

  The Great Meeting

  The Great Meeting of The Minds of The People is often referred to today as simply The Buzludzha Files. It was on the Deep Space Dateidium of Marxus Globus 17/333425.16 that the meeting of all great minds was called. The future of the Globan was threatened by the behaviour of the humanoids of the Earth and urgent decisions had to be made. The Lenusers were peaceful people, their hearts full of warmth and joy, their own Socialist revolution had been won by the mind, and they were happy and content with their Socialist utopia, up, up and away beyond the stars. In contrast, planet Earth’s revolution had been one of bloodshed and suffering. Millions had died in the class struggle against Capitalism. The planetoid was now separated in two by an invisible wall referred to by the Humanoid Earthlings as the Iron Curtain. The false prophet had destroyed any hope of a peaceful world revolution and the capitalist forces were hell bent on the total destruction of the great Socialist Empire on Earth, the USSR.

  Amongst much great forward leaping technology shared with the Earth was the technology to split the atom and the process of matter de-atomisation. It had been hoped that the technology would be used for good, for the joining of the two distant Socialist Peoples; that a distance of 100 million light years would become just a mere second away; that with the completion of the Buzludzha Project the different worlds of Leninite and Earth would become as one. But the Great Council of Great Minds had its own fears and insecurities. Neither the Soviets nor the Americans could be trusted but they did all agree on one thing - only the original Prophet, the Macedonian known as Dimitar Blagoev could be trusted. He was the only True Prophet of the pure Socialist cause on Earth.

  The Great Meeting of The Minds of The People was the first emergency meeting called by the Stalingus leadership since the beautiful revolution of 96 leagues before. In Earth terms, this amounted to some 3000 years. It was 1000 years later that the United Marxus Galaxy had first broadcast short wave radunas mind waves out into the beyond in the hope that other civilisations, should they exist, would receive the message of faith. The Jesus experiment and the belief that there was only one true political system had united two thirds of the Globan already. Only the unchartered remains of the Earth star systems and the Milky Way, remained uncharted. Many Prophets on Earth had received the message but Earthling unity had failed. This was a fact that Stalingus was unaware of until late into the 20th century when spin-offs of the space age, such as satellite transmission of digital media for television broadcast, allowed the Lenusers to assess the evidence. It had appeared that the whole project had failed. One core statement; “Earthlings of The World Unite” had become “Workers of The World Unite.” A struggle of species was merely a struggle of human labour. The Vegetarian Moral Code was almost non-existent on the Earth. There had been some success; a third of the world was Socialist and in a loose kind of way this was viewed as a good start. Here, today, the decision had to be made, and the big question answered; was the Earth really worth saving at all? Communication was in real time. A mass of information and technology had been given but Communism on Earth was seen by most as failing. Here at Marxus Globas Agearian: Point 6, the Council considered that the time to pull the plug had finally arrived.

  It was the casting vote of Sector 9 that won the day for Earth. There was something inherent within the humanoid Earthling that was not compatible with other Socialists of the wider Globan, this was true. Their evolution had failed to keep pace with reality, most were carnivorous, and billions still believed in a central creator who they called God which was a belief that had killed more of Earth’s own citizens than any other revolution. But there was a much bigger concern – the matter of the ongoing Dark War. If the Socialists on Earth couldn’t even work together, then what really was the point of it all? It was this Dark War that created fear amongst the civilised Globan. The Marxus federal administration, this year being held on Leninite, had been given the task of coming to a final decision.

  The Buzludzha Project was an inter-galactic transport system. In simple terms, a long-haul flight that you had no knowledge of ever undertaking. Buzludzha Motherships, as they were known, had been installed all over the Marxus Galaxy, The Marian Galaxy, The Falling Starways and all other major Globan positions. The handful of a few unreachable outposts of humanoid civilisation that remained had included the Milky Way, and consequently the planetoid Earth. It was not until the advent of the Space Race and the appointment of Khrushchev as Soviet Leader, that the Council had even realised there was anyone out there who was actually listening, although it was acknowledged that the technology, the blue prints as it were, had already been utilised. The Stalingus had messed up in assuming that all humanoid life had evolved at an equal speed and intellectual capacity. It had assumed that any receiving mind would welcome the message. On Earth this had proved to be quite the exception.

  The casting vote to save Earth, afforded by Sector 9, was based on the original premonitions of Orion. Sector 9 and its Line Three Peoples were still deeply spiritual, and the aligning of the stars had never failed them. It was the crossing of these very same stars that had predicted the arrival of Dimitar Blagoev. The Leninite Father, Engels, had also confirmed this. Orion was the Greatest Leader of all known space time, an ancient ancestor of Engels, and the greatest thinker who had ever lived. Orion had been named after a star system; three aligned stars that were present in all galaxies. Orion 1 was known to be within the Milky Way and Orion 16 was within Marxus. It is from within the Earth’s own solar system that life had at first been formed. The solar system had been evacuated following the Great Flare of: MM224-5673zlld.12, approximately 24 billion Earth years earlier. It had always been believed that human life would soon re-evolve, following the explosion of the original sun, a sun some 90 times larger than that of the smaller one which now remains.

  The Orion Star System is found on the celestial equator of all known galaxies of Globan. It is exactly replicated in all star systems and easily recognisable as a prominent constellation. It is the most recognisable constellation within every galaxy. The name Orion comes from the figure of a hunter in early Mtihian Greekeen mythology. The Greatest mind of all time had spent his entire existence of 1,232 Earth years (13ste if measured in Lenindon of Marxus) hunting for knowledge of other life amongst the Globan. He, down through the bloodlines of all great thinkers, had passed on The Sight, eventually arriving to Engels of Leninite. Every prediction of Orion had always come true, and it was Orion who had predicted new life below Orion 1 would evolve. He had predicted that life had started there, but life would also end there.

  All Orions of all galaxies consist of Beta Orionis and Alpha Orionis constellations. They are the umbilical cord of all star systems of the Globan, holding them together as one great space expanse. It is the beta that creates a negative force, the alpha a positive, which is in fact completely opposite to what was originally believed by many great minds of the Multus Billoneum beforehand. The three stars in the middle form a unique asterism known on Earth as Orion's belt
. An Orion Nebula is located to the south, and is the closest region of unique massive star formation to Earth. This nebula is not present within the Orions of any other galaxy. Thus, the Milky Way’s own Orion 1 remains unique within the Globan. This additional Nebula star system is believed to be debris from the Great Flare.

  The Line Three Peoples of Sector 9 deeply believed in the power of the Orion to hold together the Globan, as did most Great Socialist thinkers. But of the so-named Prophet Orion, the great Mind-Father of Engels of Leninite, they held one distinct and quite separate belief from the others. The observations from Earth, the Cold War and the creation of the power vacuums of the East and Western Blocs and of superpowers with Nuclear Weapons poised to strike – didn’t look too hopeful. But if humanoid life had started on Earth (date un-known) and had later been destroyed by the Great Flare of 24 Million Earth years later, the fact that human life had re-evolved demonstrated a great power source, non-existent elsewhere within the Globan.

  The founding philosophy of the Line Threes was that they did not believe the unique and additional Nebula Star-System to be debris of the Great Flare. This theory they had always contested. They believed it to be the Orion of Life. The very origins of Globan life: ‘ori’ from the Latin ‘originem’, ‘gins’ from ‘genes’ and ‘Ori-on’, the original source of life on or from Orion. For them, the Socialist Earth Peoples Revolution was no longer the important central issue. If they wanted to kill each other all over again with a few Atom Bombs, this was their problem. The Stalingus had done its best and had no longer any moral responsibility for Earth or its people. Pulling the plug on the Earth’s Buzludzha project would halt any hope of direct inter-galactic travel from Leninite to Earth. So was the council seriously considering this? “We have for the first time in our glorious Socialist existence the opportunity to make contact with the origins of life. From Earth we can easily reach the Nebulus. We have the craft available to us this very day and can easily make such a journey. We can de-atomise and re-atomise on Earth...” Vold C.P. informed the Council, most assertively.

  Efon C.P. of Sector 67 leapt to his feet, a gesture not heard of or seen of in Council since the great plot of the Turners during the Marxus Tinanus Globus of 1187-43.221. “Brothers, Sisters, Comrades of the Council, we protest.” A shocked Vold gave way to his interruption. Efon continued, “We have had peace throughout the Marxus Galaxy, The Marian Galaxy, The Falling Starways and all other celestial outposts since the glorious revolution. I beg for the attention of the Great Meeting; I beg for the attention of the Minds of The People, for if we develop a system of atomised transportation to Earth, what guarantee do we have that they will not re-atomise back? They are not Socialists. They are failures with no hope of ever achieving Communism, and they are nothing more than a humanoid subspecies who have failed their own evolutionary existence. I beg of you, stop this.” The Moldonons of Starway Nine adding, “It’s not them you need to worry about Great Minds - what if the capitalists try to come through? What if they send one of their bombs through?”

  The debate continued and much consideration was given in regard to a mercy mission, a rescue mission of the Earth’s genuine Communists. Drik C.P. A Moldonon of Starway 2 suggested to Efon C.P. of Sector 67, “Whilst, she of Great Mind, we respect your concerns in this matter, can we not all of us use this as instrumental in an opportunity to rescue our fellow Comrades from the evils of both Earth superpowers? Did not the Prophet Dimitar Blagoev spread the divine words of Marx and Engels? The word has been delivered. Whilst we cannot directly intervene we can offer refugee status to those in need? Why...? Because we are all Socialists and Comrades, all of us, Earthling or otherwise.” The issue of intervention was still a sensitive one. The Glorious revolution was of single mind. Violence was now almost unheard of and deeply frowned upon. The peoples had united in Socialism because it was a system of beauty, of love and friendship to all humanoids. Now absent of the old systems of free-competition, the new association economical trade-way had removed all of the old conflicts and competition that had led to so much human aggression and sacrifice. Over 86 per cent of the known Globan was now united in Socialism.

  The word Communism, from the French as broadcast to Earth 1900 years after the Jesus project, literally means a social system based on collective ownership. It is based on the socio-economic system of common Globan ownership and the means of production, a system first developed some 36th Marxus Globas Eraticus ago following the strikes of the Space-Ways and Planetary Assignments Workers Union. It became prominent for its removal of a class-based system, money and the state. It is a social, economic and political ideology that stabilised social order across the known Globan although on Earth, it had evolved into nothing less than the Dark War of Socialist states with different interpretations of this ideology given to suit it seemed, any person or purpose.

  Communism, as delivered on Earth through Hannanism, was in turn directly associated with Marxism of Stalinite. The Stalingus believed themselves to be embodied with scientific socialism. According to the Great Minds, capitalism was a historical necessity. It had split the Marxus Galaxy into two different groups; the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. The proletariat had to work to survive, whilst the bourgeoisie, a minority within a ruling class had simply sat back and enjoyed the profits of the proletariat labour. It was the latter Bourgeoisie who owned the means of production, the factories and industries, wherein which the proletariat became slaves. This inevitably led to great social unrest and political and economic geographical conflict within the planets of the Marxus and later became known as the Great Class Struggle. Within the class struggle the power of each was tested with Ruling Classes pushing their own interests to the full. Eventually, and after the birth of the power-sharing autonomy, the Stalingus of Leninite, a system of public ownership and management of the means of production by society for society was established. The Great Minds had predicted through all eternity and beyond that “Socialism shall come to us and it will be fair and just.” The Father of All Prophets, Orion himself quoted, in Nexus R1 the authority’s Canon of all Great Revolutionaries. This defining communism as: “a stateless, classless and moneyless society, structured upon common ownership of the means of production.”

  All services were now to be made available on the basis of free access. As the class-struggle ended, the so-called administrative power of the state had no further relevance and disappeared from history. The collective self-management of the united Globan continued very happily without it. The problem with Earth was that the October Revolution, as led by Lenin and Trotsky, had set the conditions for Marxism on Earth in the wrong place. Though both had originally set out to follow the Prophet Dimitar Blagoev’s words, to eventually establish Socialism, and eventually Communism on Earth, it was never prophesised that this should occur at first in Russia. In fairness, the Great Meeting heard that Earth Lenin had never claimed that Socialism had been achieved; in fact he openly admitted that state capitalism was now the driving economical force. Brol. C.P. Agenda item 14443a. Brol, of the Falling Starways, was in admiration of Lenin and Trotsky’s achievements, the eminent Sister adding, “He (Lenin) also stated that socialism was eventually going to be developed, and during the last days of his life had asked for Joseph Stalin, that repugnant false prophet, to be removed from his position. Was it thus the humanoid Socialists’ fault for the failing Earth revolution, or was it caused by the direct interferences of the Capitalist powers of the West?”

  Lenin's death had indeed led to a struggle for power between several opposing Socialist factions within which, and most regrettably, Stalin had won. Stalin had now invented the term Marxism-Leninism, a so-called professed adherence to Marxism and Leninism by rule of fear. This was a most controversial terminology which described the political ideology Stalin had gone on to implement in the formation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and on a much bigger global scale, the creation of the Communist International, commonly known as the Comintern. Stali
n’s creation of a single state and socialism in one country resulted in much laughter and folly within the Great Meeting. The meeting could not come to any definite agreement. Its historians failed to advise the Council whether in fact Stalin had followed any principles of Marxus or the humanoid upstart, Lenin, at all.

  J4-Dacaus, the most prestigious of Lenuser’s historians added to the debate, “Marxism-Leninism is the creation of a single party state which has full control of the entire economy. According to this, this system of Marxism-Leninism within the Soviet Union had achieved socialism. Who can then say if it was on the way to communism? But it is true to say that the other communist tendencies of Earth disagree, some Marxist, others not. They, the opposers, claim that it had now merely transferred capitalism into the single party state’s own dirty hands. Indeed many believed that with Stalin in control, the development of true Marxism on Earth had now been halted. What I say to the Great Meeting and to the Minds of The People is this: Marxism-Leninism is neither Marxism, Leninism, nor is it the union of either. But we do know that the honourable Leon Trotsky led the struggle against it for which he paid dearly with his life. We do know that this distorted truth was made into the official ideology of the Comintern and thus exported under the guise of Marxism to all other countries. However, these receiving states did not, as we are aware now, develop communism. If I may end with this, Great Minds, the degree to which they had achieved even a basic form of socialism will be discussed for evermore.”

  The emergency meeting of The Great Meeting of The Minds of the People lasted an Earth equivalent of 19 days. The summary finding was this: That Earth’s revolution could be saved and that any emergency intervention needed to be immediate. The Soviets, as ordered by Stalingus, were now at war in Afghanistan. If Earth’s revolution was going to be saved it had to be done now before this new Earth war was lost.

  The Afghan government had secured a treaty with the USSR in December 1978, and just as any NATO member would from within the Capitalist superpower camp, it in turn allowed the Afghans to call on Soviet forces. This they had done during the spring and summer of the following year. Repeated requests for Soviet troop support were made in order to provide security and to assist in the fight against the Mujahideen rebels, a terrorist group supported and funded by the Americans and Western powers. On April 14th, 1979, a request was made for 20 helicopters with their crews, and on June 16th, a detachment of tanks followed. A request to secure the airport followed on July 7th, and in response an airborne battalion, commanded by the USSR’s Lieutenant Colonel A. Lomakin, arrived at the Bagram Air Base. These paratroopers were under the direct control of Soviet military officials and did not interfere directly in Afghan politics. Stalingus had become most concerned when some leading Earth Socialist politicians, namely Alexei Kosygin and Andrei Gromyko resisted the ordered intervention, infuriating the Marxus further. It seemed to them, though, they still remained some 100 million light years away from Earth’s own battlefields - that if the planet’s Socialist leaders were not prepared to save the Glorious Earth Revolution, why should Marxus?

  The following month, requests from Afghanistan for assistance became more demanding. They wanted much larger forces, - full Soviet Regiments - to intervene. Then in July, the Afghan government requested two motorized rifle divisions and the following day a request for an airborne division additional to all previous requests. “Despite our Socialist Brothers and Sisters begging for their (the Soviets) help,” said J4-Dacaus, “this Soviet government would not assist.” The Council fell quiet as he reiterated with just a single tear falling from his face, “This, this is why we ordered the Soviets to intervene and if they didn’t, we told them we would. Have we forgotten this already?” Accordingly the Soviet war in Afghanistan started during the Earth Month of December, 1979.

  That old informed reliable ally to the Stalingus, Nikita Khrushchev, had now passed away and this had given way to a new form of leadership within the Soviet Union, that of Leonid Brezhnev. The United Marxus Socialist Front, a galaxy thus far unknown to most, and remaining millions of light years away from Earth; a galaxy beyond the minds, the sight and sound of the everyday normal people across the Transunium, was required to flex its muscles once again.

  Noah’s Ark

  There is a reason why Buzludzha is round. There is a reason why every flying saucer ever witnessed has been round. There is a reason why the planets, moons, stars and suns are all round as well, and why great comets circumnavigate around all universes in a perfect circle. But don’t get this wrong. I, the author, ask as there is no such thing as a flying saucer, is this is just the mere mad rantings of the UFO community here on Earth? The reason they invent these fictitious alien spacecraft to us as circular in fashion is because we all share a common round ancestor – the Atom. Therefore being round is instinctive to us. We think round, hence the expression ‘thoughts going round and round inside my head’. But for the Lenusers of Marxus, being round is more complex as all de-atomisation chambers, by the very nature and law of physics, have to be round in structure. This is why Buzludzha is round. Round is in our culture and ingrained belief. You may think that this has been since the early years of the Jesus experiment and the ancient pre-Judaic stories of Noah’s Ark. A fact that we accept today is that this historical Ark was also round. But let me enlighten you further, as in actual fact, Leninite has been beaming out short wave radunas for over five millennia - did you never notice that Stonehenge and all other worldwide pre-historic stone circles are also round?

  Noah's Ark as written in ancient Marxun Aramaic, was the sailing ship born of the Genesis flood. This much historically-distorted story differs considerably from the original truth – but the essence of fact does remain. The popular myth is that God saved Noah and his family. Noah in turn then saved all the world's animals from the flood that God created to punish mankind. God is credited for giving Noah detailed instructions for building the Ark. The material used was basic, a gopher wood hull which was smeared inside and out with pitch. The blueprints also detailed three decks with internally housed compartments. The measurements were to be 300 cubits long (137.16 m, 450 ft.), 50 wide (22.86 m, 75 ft.), and 30 high (13.716 m, 45 ft.). The Ark is to have a roof and as instructed, “Finished to a cubit upward.” There was to be just one entrance on the side. (Fire exits were not required as there would be no land to evacuate onto). The biblical story goes on to describe how the Ark remained afloat throughout the duration of this apocalyptic world flood, and only after the water finally receded did the Ark come to rest on land again. The location of its landing was Mount Ararat. This story is repeated in numerous world texts including, but with variations, the Holy Quran. Here the Ark appears as Safina – “Noah's boat”.

  Hannah wasn’t the first person to get things a little wrong when translating radunas’ wave texts as historically first transmitted to Earth. The essence of the Ark story as widely accepted by scholars today is true but with two glaring errors: 1 - It was not God who had transmitted the Ark blueprints, but the Lenusers of Marxus and 2 - the Ark was in fact round and not boat shaped as we recognise traditional shipping design today. The Genesis flood was also one of many such floods of the time and was caused by Pole Shift Factothesis following the first Great Earth War. Reference to several of these disastrous floods can be found as narratives in numerous other flood stories and are born out of a variety of cultures. One of the earliest Earth records is of the Sumerian flood myth found in the Epic of Ziusudra. Earthlings generally believe that there is no scientific evidence supporting a global flood. Disbelievers of the theory referred to it as arkeology. This ignorance was often born out of the disappointment of the many expeditions that brought forth no scientific evidence. Remains of the Ark have never been found. But as to why archaeologists expect to find remains of a wooden saucer left on top of a mountain for God knows how long, is beyond the reason and rational mind of modern Lenusers today. Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis as understood today, suggests that
several geologically rapid shifts occurred to the Earth’s crust creating modern-day calamities such as floods and tectonic events. It is, however, a documented fact that our planet’s tectonic plates are shifting the poles and the axis of rotation for the Earth, but of course to nowhere near the degree caused by the first Earth World War One of 200 million BC. Today we (Earthlings) find that there is evidence of a change in axial tilt but over a much longer time-scale and does not involve relative motion spin axis. We often refer to this modern day phenomenon as true polar wander as Earth rotates with respect to a fixed spin axis. Since the destruction of Earth in its original form some 200 million years ago, a total true polar wander of only 30° has occurred. Since then, there have been no further super-rapid shifts of the Earth's poles.

  We need to understand Pole Shift Hypotheses further as it is not connected with plate tectonics, and quite separate from the Polar Shift Factothesis of Noah’s great flood. Tectonic understanding is a well-accepted geological fact as the Earth's surface consists of solid tectonic plates which move slowly over a semifluid asthenosphere or crust. Polar Shift Factothesis resulted in massive continental drift, resulting in the emerging and breaking up of continents and oceans over a relatively short period of time; some ten years. Modern day Polar Shift Factothesis refers to a process lasting hundreds of millions of years. The Great Stalingus historian J4-Dacaus does offer some guidance in saying that the First Great Earth War and Cataclysmic pole shift factothesis was caused by “human interference to the Old Earth structure.” Though we believe it to have been atomic, this is not a proven fact. But it is widely acknowledged that the geomagnetic reversal, the original reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, occurred at this point in history. It effectively switched the north and south magnetic poles around.

  Many qaudnordic millennium before the Jesus experiment, Marxus had transmitted radunas mind waves to try and educate lost or evolving planetisations with the true words and origins of life. One such broadcast was the history of Old Earth (Part 222.134.bb9) and the ‘Origins of Original Life Theory and Polar Shift Factothesis’ (First Edition). It was not until a 1872 article entitled ‘Chronologie historique des Mexicains’ by Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg appeared, that confirmation that this broadcast had ever been the case was accepted, and that it had in fact been passed down over many millennia as an oral tradition. Charles de Bourbourg was a specialist of the time in Mesoamerican codices and ancient Mexican myths. He argued that four periods of global cataclysms had occurred around 10,500 BC. Further references to Earth understanding occur in 1948 when Hugh Auchincloss Brown advanced a hypothesis of catastrophic pole shift and again in 1950 in a work called ‘Worlds in Collision’ by Immanuel Velikovsky.

  The ‘Earth's Shifting Crust’ written in 1958 by Charles Hapgood, and including a foreword by Albert Einstein, was the first authentic work to argue that, “ice mass at one or both poles over-accumulates and destabilizes Earth's rotational balance causing slippage of Earth's outer crust around the Earth's core, which retains its axial orientation.” This is what had happened following the first Great Earth War. As waters of the Great Flood had frozen, a massive tilt had occurred, tipping Earth off its natural axis.

  In Hebrew the word used to describe Noah’s Ark is ‘teba’, a reversal of ancient Maxus-Aramaic being ‘abet’. Often radunas mind-waves would arrive in reverse order having first bounced-off an alternative object of mass, such as Earth’s own moon. The origins of the word ‘abet’ derive from the word round-created, in more common usage simply referring to the atom. The Hebrew word teba occurs only twice within the Holy Bible. Initially in the Genesis flood narrative and once more in the following book of Exodus. Here it refers to the round basket into which is placed the infant child Moses. In both examples of usage, teba refers to salvation from water. More interestingly the original biblical phrase referring to the building of Noah’s Ark, “It is made of gopher wood,” contains a word that is only seen once. Gopher is a word which does not appear anywhere else within the Holy Bible. Again this is due to another translation error, known as a Hannahism. The origins of gopher wood come from ‘Noah, go for the wood’. Obviously the word would only appear once within the flood narrative and nowhere else within the complete Bible text as Noah would only be instructed to ‘go f’ wood’ just the once.

  Tradition records that Noah fed the animals by day and night and did not sleep for an entire year until land reappeared. The animals behaved with utmost goodness and did not procreate during the journey. The count of stock disembarking remained exactly equal to the number that boarded. There was only one troublesome creature aboard and that was a raven. The raven had refused to leave the Ark when Noah sent it forth to seek new land. Noah accused the animal of treachery in its intention to destroy its own race. But we know that the raven would survive, for its descendants were destined to feed the prophet known to us as Elijah upon God’s command. Also according to tradition, waste was said to be stored on the lowest of three decks. Noah, his family and the animals, known as clean beasts were housed on the second. The unclean animals and birds lived above on the third or top deck. There is a differing narrative to the story that says the waste was stored on the upmost deck, and shovelled into the sea through a trapdoor. In a version of events by the 12th-century Jewish commentator Abraham ibn Ezra, he describes the Ark as a submarine. Within this narrative the Ark was a vessel that remained below the water for 40 days, thereafter floating to the surface.

  Regardless of whatever distorted truth Earthlings read from a wide range of sources today, we do know that the Ark was round. Newly found evidence discovered in Iraq tells the story of the Ark, and it was definitely not the pointy-bowed boat of our popular imagination. It was, in fact, a giant circular reed raft consisting of the same shape and dimensions as Buzludzha in Bulgaria, and quite possibly Earth’s first pre-Great Earth War example of a de-atomiser. We think of the animals boarding two by two, but we must now also acknowledge that they went around and around inside.

  These battered Babylonian clay tablets, only translated recently during 2014, are aged about 3,700 years. They were discovered in the Middle East by Leonard Simmons, a Londoner who according to one popular English newspaper “indulged his passion for history while serving in the RAF from 1945 to 1948.” Upon Leonard’s death he passed the relics to his son, Douglas. It was Douglas who later found a rare expert who could actually translate and understand the inscriptions upon them. Irving Finkel, a British Museum expert easily translated the 60 lines of well-written uniform script. Finkel had seen dozens of ancient tablets that tell stories of The Great Flood but these tablets are the only ones ever found that describe the shape and construction of the Ark. He stated in a press interview, “In all the images ever made, people assumed the Ark was in effect, an ocean-going boat, with a pointed bow for riding the waves – so that is how they portrayed it. But the Ark didn't have to go anywhere. It just had to float, and the instructions are for a type of craft which they knew very well. It's still sometimes used in Iran and Iraq today, a type of round coracle which they would have known exactly how to use to transport animals across a river or floods.”

  The original Mesopotamian story, which later forms the account in Genesis’s Old Testament of Noah’s boat and the drowning of all other life on Earth, is now known to be of Marxine origins. This new translation tells us that God will spare only one just man and speaks directly to Atram-Hasis, a Sumerian king. Atram-Hasis much later on becomes the Noah figure in much earlier versions of the Old Testament Ark story. The tablets state; "Wall, wall! Reed wall, reed wall! Atram-Hasis, pay heed to my advice that you may live forever! Destroy your house, build a boat; despise possessions and save life! Draw out the boat that you will build with a circular design. Let its length and breadth be the same.” It goes on to command the use of plaited palm fibre, waterproofed with bitumen, before the construction of the gopher wood decks and cabins. The story concludes with the dramatic command: “When I shall have gone
into the boat, caulk the frame of the door!” This, the last words spoken of Atram-Hasis to his boat builder left to a horrific fate.

  Finkel, who was also this year the curator of the recent British Museum exhibition on ancient Babylon, has no doubt about the genuine origins of the Ark story. He adamantly states that it was during the Babylonian captivity that exiled Jews first heard and learned the story, then afterward bringing it home with them. Thereafter, with the passage of time, the story found its way into the Torah and subsequently into the first four books of the Old Testament. Biblical archaeology enthusiasts had, during the 19th century, spent massive fortunes searching for proof of the Ark and of Noah’s flood.

  Douglas Simmons said of the find, “When my dad eventually came home, he shipped a whole tea chest of this kind of stuff home – seals, tablets, bits of pottery. He would have picked them up in bazaars, or when people knew he was interested in this sort of thing, they would have brought them to him and earned a few bob.” National press went on to publish, “Simmons senior became a scenery worker at the BBC, but kept up his love of history, and was very disappointed when academics dismissed his treasures as commonplace and worthless. His son took the tablet to a British Museum open day, where Finkel, “took one look at it and nearly fell off his chair with excitement.” Simmons maintains: “It is the most extraordinary thing. You hold it in your hand, and you instantly get a feeling that you are directly connected to a very ancient past – and it gives you a shiver down your spine.” Following the publication of this book, he is not only connected to a very distant past but also to a very, very distant galaxy.

  Now that us Earthlings have understood the origins of the Biblical story of the Ark, and come to know that the Ark was round, and further understood that it was developed on the early principles of the de-atomisation chamber, we must now come to understand the atom. For without understanding how the atom builds all things, we cannot understand how to deconstruct such things. Whilst I appreciate that the mere mention of the phrase quantum mechanics may frighten some, it is essential that we overcome this, because this is the very construct nature of Buzludzha. As the author, it was my deliberate intention to name this chapter Noah’s Ark and not ‘Understanding quantum mechanics’. I’m sure you appreciate why.

  All things are made up of atoms and the atom is the smallest unit of all known chemical elements. Solids, liquids and gas; all elements are constructed of atoms. If it can be touched or smelt, seen or felt, it is made up of atoms. They are tiny, their size is typically measured in picometers, which is a trillionth of a meter. Just to get to grips with how small an atom is, consider the width of a single human hair. It is one million carbon atoms wide. Every one of them has a nucleus, and this is made up of protons and neutrons. In turn this nucleus is covered by a cloud of electrons. These electrons are held in place by an electromagnetic force. The protons and neutrons are bound together by nuclear force. The nucleus accounts for over ninety-nine percent of an atom’s actual mass. Protons have a positive electrical charge. The neutron does not have any electrical charge. In the grand scheme of things, all atoms balance out but occasionally where there is a surplus or deficit of electrons it will have what is termed an overall charge. We refer to this as an ion.

  The chemical element family of ownership is decided by the number of protons in the nucleus. For example copper contains 29 protons. The neutron count determines isotope and the electron cloud determines chemical property. This electron cloud also strongly influences the magnetic properties of the atom. Atoms attach to each other by a process known as chemical bonding to form molecules, network solids, metal alloys, crystals, and other solid solutions. We witness this bonding and of breaking in everyday life. Those physical changes we all observe in nature. Whilst we see these changes before us, we cannot explain how or why these particles behave in such a way without the use of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a science discipline developed to explain the structure and behaviour of atoms. It was the sharing of this technology that led Earth to develop the atomic bomb. Leninite had done so believing the technology would be used for good, this long before it came to fully understand the true nature of the Earthling humanoid grouping.

  But what Earth had failed to understand was that the atom was not the only basic structure in the Universe. They account for all things that can be seen and touched, yes of course they do, but they do not account for other subatomic particles - for the entire Globan contains a much larger amount of dark matter. Dark matter is not made of atoms: it is composed of Dentons. In understanding how to deconstruct such Dentons, we can completely deconstruct and reconstruct the atomic building blocks of life itself. Here and now you will rightly require me to explain this process and to detail how a Denton field can sub-atomilate the atom? But I will not. For as Marxus discovered, I too have discovered, Earth is not ready and cannot be trusted with this dark matter technology. You know all you need to know which is that, “A de-atomisation chamber was created on Earth within which all things, all elements of all matter that could be built, could now easily be taken apart.” It was so named Buzludzha.

  The process of de-atomisation to break up the subatomic matter of dentonic forms can only be accomplished utilising Sulfide mineral laser-scope with fine-pointed mill-grade Gabrielite with a repeating unit formula Tl6Ag3Cu6 (As, Sb) 9S21 – and Strunz classification 02.HD.60. The crystal symmetry triclinic pedial must not exceed a unit cell of a = 12.138 Å, b = 12.196 Å, c = 15.944 Å; α = 78.537°, β = 84.715°, γ = 60.47°; Z = 6.

  For the lay persons among us, Gabrielite is easily identified as a grey to black Crystal Habit Pseudo Hexagonal, with a triclinic crystal system and Twinning Common, with (100) as twin plane and Cleavage Perfect on {001}. Its Fracture is uneven with a Mohs scale hardness of 1.5 – 2. It has a metallic lustre with blackish red streak. The diaphaneity is opaque with a density of 5.38 g/cm3. It holds the following Birefringence: Weak 470nm R=30.53%, 546nm R=29.1%, 589nm R=27.94%, 650nm R=26.35%.

  Gabrielite is a rare thallium sulfosalt mineral and was first publicly reported in 1992, three years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its occurrence was common in the Lengenbach quarry of Binntal, a sub-district of Valais in Switzerland. Although it was named after Walter Gabriel (born 1943) who was an acclaimed Swiss mineral photographer, it is today more often associated with a religious cult (the Gabriel Sect or Gabrielites). They were prominent in the Shipka region of Bulgaria, and had also at one point in time inhabited a research facility that was located below the Buzludzha de-atomisation chamber. Locals still today refer to a strange series of murders that took place at the site during 2012. One unconfirmed rumour is that the Gabrielites adopted the name after accessing secret documents that had been stored in bunkers following the fall of Communism in 1989. Another explanation is that members follow a Prophet of God called Gabriel 13. Regardless, Gabrielite was only known to exist on planet Earth.

  Gabrielite has a pseudo-hexagonal crystal structure which is composed of parallel sheets of ditriagonalisation of hexagons, thus reducing it to P3 symmetry. According to the Great Marxun Mineralogist, Crystalist 149984C.P, Gabrielite has a 6-fold outline. Crystalist 0999332 preC.P, an esteemed colleague of the former, wrote within the text ‘De-atomisation and The Conquer of Space-Time Zen17’, that Gabrielite is part of the triclinic crystal system, of pseudo-hexagonal shape and mineral occurrences in datostractures that have only a single centre of symmetry. He concludes that “de-atomisation is not possible without the use of pure-form gabrielitetic-dentonic reversers.” Ref p.13336.b. He continued: “An atom’ is 99.999999% (recurring) empty space. If we removed all of the empty space from within the human body, the entire species, that is to say every person on their Earth, would now be no bigger in size than that of a sugar cube.” As even the biggest atom masses are way too small and light to work with, we have historically used a system of measurement referred to as a unit of moles. Using this system, all elements have the same number of atoms being roughly 6.022×1023
. Thus an element mass of 1 µ is equal to one gram. Crystalist 149984C.P’s new system of measurement, the Farage, allows us to examine empty voids or space. Using Gabrielite we can directly access dark matter as easily as if we were kneading dough to bake a loaf of fresh bread. All carbon dark matter chambers have a mass of 3µ weighing 0.0003 kg.

  Crystalist 149984C.P had no idea that his discoveries would lead to the Atomic Era/Age of 1945 on Earth. It was his system of measuring space voids in Farage’s that had directly led to the first atomic detonation of the atomic bomb Trinity. Thereafter occured disasters such as Chernobyl in Ukraine and Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, United States. For on July 16th, 1945 during the Second World War, Marxus know-how technology had been stolen by spies from the Soviets and supplied to the highest bidder; the Americans. Technology designed for the good of all mankind for the process of space and time travel, and for the creation of de-atomisation chambers, was now being used as a weapon of war. The fears of all within the United Marxun Globas was now a reality. The creation of a de-atomisation chamber on Earth could lead to the direct destruction of the entire known collective universes. The False Prophet Stalin, having ultimately paid with his own life, had so recklessly sealed Earth’s fate. The Great Memorandum of Amosaurus-kNine b434557nm would read; “Let it be known to this Great Meeting of Minds that it is unanimously agreed by all known here and representatives that we do so decide that all plans for the creation of the Buzludzha Project be sealed.” What was there to stop fascist forces on Earth from sending an atomic bomb backward through the chamber? The meeting had fallen silent – nothing. The Earth’s Communists had shown they could not be trusted, the Socialist revolution could not be saved and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan proved that the anti-communist Allied forces would use this new weapon at any cost.

  Buzludzha and The Zhivkovites

  The concept of nuclear chain de-atomisation was first transmitted to Earth as a joint hypothesis as early as 1933. It had long been known that radioactivity had huge potential as an inexhaustible source of energy. In fact Earth too had known this. Frederick Soddy and Earnest Rutherford had written as early as 1901 in Earth date that its use can “transform a desert continent, thaw the frozen poles, and make the whole Earth one smiling Garden of Eden.” It was this promise of nuclear energy to be used as global, utopian technology for the benefit of all human needs that maintained interests in Marxun transmissions. However, the final coding for de-atomisation or nuclear chain reversal was never requested because, as we have already explored, the reasons for closing the space and time travel portal were all too real. It was most regrettable that sufficient knowledge had been shared leading to the creation of the Earth’s A-Bomb, but this couldn’t be helped: it was never the initial intention. But they, the Earthlings, were now free to blow themselves and their planet into extinction if they so choose. Leninite had tried its best to save the revolution and had failed. The loss of the humans on planet Earth was acceptable as collateral damage if it meant the great Universe remain unchallenged. As Knowlaorsees of Etonia wrote, “I have lived to witness the fascists and the socialist fight to the end from afar. I have seen them develop weapons of mass destruction from technology for peace. Both are prepared to destroy their own world at any cost. I no longer see the difference between them. There are no Socialist systems remaining on Earth.” Source: 1990023acv.TH3.

  The Prophet Dimitar Blagoev had indeed been a natural teacher and it remained true to say that his greatest socialist speech of all was delivered upon Shipka in 1891. It was here that the New Socialists, led by the Prophet had assembled to deliver the Sermon on The Hill. But it was not He, as had been first decreed in prophecy by Marx and Engels many millions of light years away, but yet another. Anti-socialist corruption amongst the non-socialist regimes of the Soviet Union and satellite states within, would ensure this could never be allowed to happen. Indeed, Buzludzha would later be built upon this most historic Bulgarian peak, standing proud at 1441 metres in height and set within the Central Balkan Mountains. It would be used as a de-atomisation chamber but it would be finished by those on Earth, now completely cut-off and isolated from Marxus. After all, they thought they had all the technology needed to complete the project – why did they need the peoples of Leninite at all? Completed it was – and so named from the Turkish word buzluca (glacial peak) upon the site of the final battle of Bulgarian rebels, led by Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha against the occupying Ottoman forces of the Turkish Empire in 1868.

  Buzludzha, as a monument, was built by the communist regime to commemorate both of these events: the famous battle of the rebels in 1868 and the site where the socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev had assembled in secret to form their new socialist party later during the Earth year 1891. This monument known to the people as the Communist House, officially opened with much pomp and ceremony in 1981, a mere twenty-five years ago - but until now, its secret has never been told.

  Optimism for using nuclear power for domestic energy had emerged on Earth during the 1950s and the new atomic bomb would prove to render all conventional forms of explosive warfare quite obsolete. If energy plants reliant on traditional fossil fuels such as gas and oil could be converted to this new limitless supply, then why couldn’t Buzludzha? Secret files released only recently have proven that there are six additional sub-floors below the main open chamber - now sealed up with concrete by the Bulgarian military. Only a hand-full of people know of the existence of an unsealed secret maintenance opening – hidden within distant woodland - and I am one of those such people. I have been inside and I have seen it. The Buzludzha reactor only occupies the deepest fifth and sixth tiers as the remaining four were utilised for human de-atomisation research. In its heyday, the reactor was ignited initially using a traditional diesel generator - a Perkins 17c manufactured in the United Kingdom - still found to be of serviceable use today.

  The very idea of nuclear chain reaction, or splitting the atom, had quite a magical grip on the world during this era. Even the American car manufacturer, Ford, believed in a new revolutionary nuclear-fuelled car - a concept released to the public as early as 1958. Airplanes, submarines and ships would all be next. The US federal government spent $1.5 billion on research. However, this collective technological fantasy was very much more for the Bulgarian regime of Todor Zhivkov, who had been appointed by Leninite in 1954. He had never accepted the breaking of ties between Earth and the so-called “Communists in Outer-Space” as he had so often referred to them, and usually, as a mantra, in a most derogatory manner.

  Also released recently from government archives are a series of speeches; recordings made using stereo audio-tape (reel-to-reel). Most are of the usual as-expected propaganda mode, and several, including visual image recordings show the official public opening of the Buzludzha site. But we know for a fact today that this was all just a front as one particular recording, taken during a meeting of Bulgaria’s highest military generals and Russian Polit Bureau officials at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, during the summer of 1976, transcribes the following:

  Todor Zhivkov: “Gentlemen, Comrades, Believers, I welcome you today. We are indeed gathered at an historic point concerning the evolution of our great Socialist revolution. I have endeavoured to be fair, and many of you are *where you are because of my favour, but sadly some of you have chosen not to attend. Accordingly, their attendances will no longer be required for **any future event. It is today that our great nation embarks on an epic journey. It is my intention to relaunch the Buzludzha project. You will all be introduced to it soon.” An unidentified male in the room spoke up; “Yes, you will find all of the documents necessary and as marked, top secret, below your seats in a sealed tray. We expect you to maintain secrecy at all cost and…” (Zhivkov now interrupts). “I will make it clear to you, those that choose to view such papers can ***never speak of this, never. Any breach of security will result in certain execution. There will be no appeal.” (****Numerous voices a
re heard to agree and applause continues. Noise settles and Zhivkov continues). “If they (referring presumably but unproven to the Lenities of Marxus) believe they can stop us, they need to think again. It has arrived Comrades. We have the de-atomisation codes in our sole possession. We will survive, we will travel and we will conquer them. For they are as much an enemy to Earth as the Nazis were to our own kind here on Earth, *****we must conquer.”

  * It is possible that this phrase is referring to selective placement of key individuals at the direct instruction of Todor Zhivkov.

  ** Though uncertain, many believe that this is a coded warning, the implication that other dissenters have been executed.

  *** Most scholars agree that this also includes family members and partners and that serious consequences are further implied toward those family groupings.

  **** The only attendee whose used name can be distinctly heard is that of General Vladimir R. Ivanchev, who died in mysterious circumstances whilst on a fishing-trip vacation in Poland during the spring of 1980.
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