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Love lies and other disa.., p.3
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       Love, Lies and Other Disasters, p.3

           InkSpell Publishing
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  Celina’s body slumped forward, and she rested her head on Sam’s shoulder. Pain slashed through her chest, and she clutched his hands tighter. Finally, she let everything go. Sam pulled her in a tight embrace and she felt his body shudder.

  Let Abe be safe. No matter what little chance there is, let him be safe.


  Celina stirred awake to find that the room was completely dark. Her eyes felt swollen. She felt the heavy weight around her shoulder. When she titled her head, she saw Sam with his eyes closed in sleep, on the sofa next to her.

  Abe. Was there any news? She had to find out. She extricated herself from his arms and stood up. Immediately, Sam’s eyes snapped open.

  “Any news?” he asked, sounding alert.

  “Just woke up a minute ago and wanted to make some calls.” She stumbled her way toward the opposite wall, arms extended in front of her in search of a light.

  Tracing her hands, she found it and flipped the switch on. She blinked rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the sudden flare of light. As she turned toward where Sam sat on the couch, her eyes zeroed in on something huddled on the chair at the far corner of the room, and she shrieked.

  “Hello, darling,” Abe drawled, his voice sleepy. She opened her mouth and shut it, her feet slabs of lead. She watched as his gaze flitted to where Sam sat with his mouth gaping, and then back at her. “Found you two cuddled up really sweet and thought I’d let you alone.”

  Finally, Celina unglued her feet and flew to where Abe sat. She threw herself at him, hugging him.

  “What happened, man?” Sam had shuffled his way toward them, and stood hovering above them, “We thought…we thought…”

  “Long story. But the short version, I was lucky. We got back up from the local authorities. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for them.”

  Celina cupped his face in her hands, and stared deep into those green eyes. He lifted a hand and brushed a thumb across her face, and laughed weakly.

  “If I knew I’d be receiving such a reception, I’d have made this move days ago.”

  Celina glared at him. “Don’t joke about it.” She shifted so she could position herself on his lap properly, and he winced. “You’re hurt.” Without waiting for his confirmation, she began inspecting his upper body. His pullover and t-shirt were splashed with blood. Quickly, she lifted them, and gasped, horrified at the sight before her. A long slash of red ran from just above his ribcage and down to his hip. Blood had already dried around it.

  “Hospital. Now.” She jumped to her feet and waited for him to stand.

  He shook his head. “Get the first aid box in the bathroom. It’ll do until I get there.”

  Sam cleared his throat. “I think you two have everything under control.” He turned to leave, then halted. “We’ll talk on the phone, once you two…err” he grinned mischievously.

  Celina took a step and quickly hugged him. “Thank you, Sam.”

  “Anytime, Peanut.” He kissed her on the cheek.

  Abe growled. “Leave, Sam. You are stealing my thunder.”

  Sam laughed, evidently relieved as she was. “Good to see you too, Abe,” he said and sauntered towards the door, letting himself out.

  Once she had cleaned and bandaged Abe’s wound, Celina put everything away and returned to his side.

  “We need to go to the hospital now, Abe. You need stitches, and probably a shot against tetanus.”

  He waved a hand and motioned her to sit next to him. “Come here, Celina.”

  Not needing any further invitation, she lowered herself at his side and turned to face him.

  “I don’t ever want to feel like I did those two days, Abe. So I’m going to ask you. Are you in this for real?”

  “Never been more sure of what I want. I want you.”

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  Just when she thought she had lost love, she found her heart and soul.

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