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Destined to play, p.3
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       Destined to Play, p.3

           Indigo Bloome
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  With that Jeremy plants a kiss on my cheek, releases my hands and waves goodbye. I am so deeply embarrassed that I sink as low as I can into the seat, not willing to make eye contact with anyone. As I move my feet, I notice my bag resting underneath the same seat I had been delivered to. Nothing like advance planning.

  I can’t concentrate one bit on the lecture. Instead I am fully preoccupied, focusing on firstly, avoiding Jeremy and secondly, revenge. How dare he do that to me? I scribble a note to a friend asking if I could have her notes for the rest of the lecture. I decide making an early escape would be the safest option, just in case he was serious about

  ‘picking me up’ afterwards. Fifteen minutes before the end, I slide out of my seat as discreetly as possible. I move silently toward the back door. As I walk out and glance around the empty hallway, I secretly congratulate myself for out-manoeuvring Jeremy. I start walking determinedly down the corridor, furious with him, absolutely steaming. As I gather speed and lengthen my stride, my legs suddenly fall from underneath me so fast it temporarily winds me.

  ‘What the —’ I exclaim.

  ‘Hey, gorgeous, you didn’t really think I’d fall for that, did you?’

  Jeremy scoops me up into exactly the same position as before. Where the hell did he come from? He carries me by the ankles, over his shoulders all the way to the cafeteria.

  Blokes are clapping and cheering all the way, congratulating him for being a real man. I am seething, to say the least. He deposits me on a chair and holds me with a firm grip around my shoulders and wrists. He knows too well I will run the second he lets go of me. I stare scathingly at his mates positioned around the table, all with smirks on their faces though their eyes pretend to look elsewhere around the room. Patrick and Neil arrive and place a tray in front of me — presumably my lunch has been pre-ordered so Jeremy has no reason to take his hands off me. Their smirks leave me with no doubt they think this situation is highly amusing. He senses me waiting for any opportunity.

  ‘Don’t try it, AB, it will only get worse for you very quickly.’

  ‘And exactly how long do you think you can keep this up, Jeremy?’ My voice is icy.

  ‘Exactly the same amount of time it takes for you to keep your word, my friend,’ he states. And damn it, he is true to his word.

  This ‘carry on’ continues for the rest of the day. Eventually the thought of being hauled like a sack of potatoes and deposited into my last tutorial for the day and favourite subject, ‘The psychology of sensation and perception’, is too much for me, given it is a small class of twelve.

  ‘Okay, enough, Jeremy. No more. I have learnt my lesson. You win.’ He places me gently on the ground, the right way up.

  ‘I’m so pleased you have come to your senses, AB. I’m sure you didn’t want to experience what I had planned for you tonight.’

  ‘God, you are a relentless force!’

  ‘Not to be reckoned with I agree, although I’d rather define it as “persistent when required”.’

  ‘Whatever, I just need to get to class.’ I try to fob him off.

  ‘You’re sure you don’t need a lift? My legs move faster than yours.’ The smile on his face is so cheeky I can’t help but laugh at his cuteness even though I’m trying hard to appear disgruntled.

  ‘Very funny indeed. Goodbye!’

  The memory is so clear, so strong, it’s as if it had only happened yesterday. Where did that come from? I haven’t thought about anything like that in years, decades even. I shake my head in an attempt to dislodge the past from my thoughts and remove any potential significance it may hold.

  ‘Do you think you might be ready any time soon?’

  ‘Yes, absolutely.’ Relief rushes over me. He didn’t mention anything about my promise, thank goodness. I quickly scoop all the packaging together into one of the bags and carefully place the lids back on the jars. I’m particularly careful with the perfume as the scent is truly gorgeous and I’d love to take it home with me.

  ‘I’ll just dry my hair and be out in a minute.’ I locate the hair dryer, flip my hair over my head and quickly blow-dry the damper parts underneath. It is wavier than usual, but I decide to leave it out anyway, hanging just below my shoulder blades. My face and body are glowing and I can’t help but smile back at the person grinning at me in the mirror. Nothing like a five-star hotel, French champagne, an orgasm sent from heaven in a luxurious bath and every beauty product under the sun to make a woman feel utterly pampered, at least for a while. I grab a giant, thick bathrobe (they never seem to be made for the average size woman), wrap it all around me and then some, before stepping out from my confined euphoria of the bathroom into the cool elegance of the hotel suite, and Jeremy’s arms.

  ‘You look excited,’ he says as he squeezes me tight.

  ‘I feel as guilty as sin in a wonderfully decadent way.’ I return his embrace and the passion in his eyes leaves me momentarily breathless.

  ‘Come here, you, time to feel a little more decadent. I want to show you something.’

  His arm drapes over my shoulders and he steers me quickly through the master suite and into the walk-in robe. We are like young puppies finding a basket of new toys to play with. I gasp when we come to a sudden stop. A grin explodes on his face.

  ‘I have always wanted to do this, Alex, but wasn’t brave enough at uni. Would you wear this dress for me tonight?’

  I walk over to an exquisite dress, simple, elegant, sophisticated and the most beautiful colour — deep red, blue-red. It is cut on the diagonal and across the shoulder, leaving one shoulder bare.

  ‘Jeremy, it is simply gorgeous, I’m … I’m speechless. Why are you doing all of this? I feel like I’m missing something. I don’t understand.’

  ‘There’s no need to understand. I want to do this, I’ve wanted to for a long time and now I can. Everything you need should be there to get dressed. I can’t wait to see you in it and I’m so pleased you like it. Try not to take as long as you did in the bathroom, or I’ll have to help you speed up the process,’ he says with a grin. I stand motionless, staring at him, then the dress. He slaps me lightly on my bottom to reinforce his words.

  ‘Okay, okay,’ I reply as I move into action.

  I walk over to the dress and run my fingers along the satin; it feels silky smooth and soft. I quickly remove my robe and slip the dress over my head. It slides easily over my body and I’m grateful to find it has a built-in bra that just happens to fit my bustline beautifully. It slithers along my waist with the left side of the dress cascading exquisitely down my legs before coming to a stop; just long enough to tickle my ankle. I find an accompanying box of stunning stiletto-heel shoes that I’m almost not game to try on. I haven’t worn shoes like this since my twenties and I silently wonder whether I will be able to maintain a stylish sense of balance in them.

  I have never worn such a bold colour and I stare at myself in shock. The creation is tantalising. The person in the mirror is sexy, confident, alluring. I notice an intricate, antique-style clasp on the bench so I pull my hair up into a loose chignon on the same side as my bare shoulder and clip it into place. Now the reflection in the mirror has an added dimension of unanticipated sophistication. No question about it now, I am well and truly living my version of Pretty Woman, and so far, for me at least, it is better than the original.

  I can’t remember the last time I was this dressed up — I could be walking the red carpet at the Oscars perhaps, with a little more make-up, possibly, and a professionally-coiffed hairstyle.

  After allowing myself one last look at my reflection, so glamorous I hardly recognise myself, I steady myself to walk out into the lounge room.

  Jeremy stops and turns toward me. His mouth opens as I enter the lounge room. I desperately try to be the sophisticated, confident woman in the mirror, rather than the causal, clumsy uni student he had once known, as his eyes rake in my appearance. His sharp intake of breath and the open admiration in his eyes tell me that he likes what he

  ‘Oh my … oh,’ he says slowly. ‘Oh, Alexandra, now I’m speechless, you look …

  absolutely breathtaking.’

  ‘The dress is beautiful, Jeremy. I don’t know what to say either.’

  ‘No, sweetheart, you are beautiful. The dress merely complements your best assets.’ I laugh a little apprehensively at his words as his eyes linger appreciatively on my breasts.

  ‘It does a little more than that, Jeremy, it hides all the worst … Oh, by the way, there was only one thing you forgot.’

  ‘Really?’ he asks, sounding surprised. ‘And what was that?’


  He remains expressionless.

  ‘Undies?’ I continue.

  No response.

  ‘Panties, if that is what you prefer to call them?’

  I had looked everywhere for them in the walk-in robe but they had all mysteriously vanished.

  ‘Oh, right.’ He finally seems to comprehend. ‘No, I didn’t forget them, you are wearing everything you need.’

  He turns his head, his stare penetrating my eyes.

  ‘You know I appreciate access, Alexa, at all times. Just the thought of it makes me hot.’

  He winks at me and I blush again so hard that the dress and I become indistinguishable.

  At that moment I notice several dozen roses in a vase on the table. I have never seen so many together. They are unopened and deep, blood red, exactly the same colour as the dress I am wearing. They are magnificent, each and every one of them perfect. I walk over to study them in detail and inhale their heady scent. I sense Jeremy move as he positions behind me, his breath light against my neck. I am a little taller in high heels so he conveniently doesn’t have to bend so low.

  ‘Each one of these roses represents the experiences I want to give you this weekend.

  Imagine what they will look like when they have all fully blossomed, every layer opened up.

  They are beautiful now, just as you are, Alexandra, but just imagine what they will be, as one by one they explode into their full potential.’

  His lips lightly caress the exposed nape of my neck as he speaks. Oh my goodness, his lips and his words ensure my knees almost buckle beneath me.

  My voice is slow, breathless. ‘You are certainly well on your way … I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like this before, Jeremy, ever.’

  ‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, babe.’ He instantly lightens the mood with his newly acquired, light American twang.

  ‘We need another cheers,’ he states ceremoniously and turns his back to me as he starts to concoct something set up on the buffet with some elaborate glasses and lots of ice.

  ‘Oh no, not vodka shots?’

  ‘Not quite, but good memory though. Something different this time, you’ll see.’

  The tone of Jeremy’s voice and the look in his eyes takes me directly back to one of the most playful, surprising and tantalising sexual encounters I have ever participated in and probably ever will in my lifetime …

  Jeremy and I have finally finished our mid-semester exams and we can’t wait for a night off; it feels like we have been hitting the books non-stop for the past few months. Just as we are heading out to the pub a few blocks away to meet some friends for a few ales, a cracking electrical storm hits, resulting in a thunderous downpour. Jeremy and I take one look outside before deciding against going out and settle in for a few quiet drinks and a movie at his place instead. It suits us, as we are both pretty knackered from burning the midnight oil. Although relieved that the stress of exams has passed, we haven’t built up enough sleep surplus to be in full party mode. As we settle ourselves on the lounge with cider and popcorn, Jeremy’s friend and fellow med student, Patrick, bursts through the door, dripping wet.

  ‘Mate, how’s the storm out there?’ He shouts the words over a crack of thunder that almost shakes the walls. ‘Oh, hi, Lexi, didn’t see you there. How’s things?’

  I’ve always thought Patrick is cute. He has a boyish charm, is just under six foot tall with quite a muscular build from playing rugby on the university team. And he calls me Lexi.

  ‘Hi, Pat. I’m well, thanks.’

  ‘Come in, mate. Looks like you copped it pretty bad out there, you’re saturated!’

  ‘Thanks. I was just heading to the pub to meet everyone and got caught in this. Hope you don’t mind.’

  ‘Not at all. We just decided to watch a movie, couldn’t be arsed going out in this weather so just slothing about instead.’

  After we put his stuff in the clothes dryer, he sits on the lounge with us, a white bath towel tied firmly around his hips. His tanned body looks good, tight with muscle from the many sit-ups and chin-ups and whatever else footballers do for training. Oh yes, you can call me Lexi, I muse … He opens his beer and we settle in for the movie.

  I sit at one end of the lounge with my legs draped over Jeremy’s lap and Patrick at the other. After our second round of drinks, Pat rolls up a joint. He goes to light up outside when Jeremy stops him.

  ‘No worries mate, it’s still pouring outside. Have it in here and we won’t have to stop the movie.’

  After he has a long drag, he hands it to Jeremy who also wastes no time in sending the essence of the joint directly to his lungs. He allows the impact to settle, takes a smaller drag and offers it to me. When I hesitate, Jeremy encourages me.

  ‘Go on, you’ve finished your exams, loosen up; we’re not going anywhere tonight and we have the next week off.’

  All true, so I take the joint from him and concentrate on doing it properly. It is always so embarrassing if I stuff it up; it seems everyone is willing to offer their expertise on the correct methodology for smoking a spliff. I exhale all air and slowly inhale the smoke deeply into my lungs, resisting the urge to cough and splutter it out.

  The sensation instantly goes to my brain as I continue to talk myself through the process

  — hold, hold, hold and very gently exhale. Jeremy removes the joint from my fingertips just before it falls, as my body goes momentarily limp and flops further into the corner of the lounge, feeling comfortably numb.

  I have one more drag and that’s enough for me. I’m content in my own little space for a while and I have no idea how much more the boys smoke or what they’ve been doing. My consciousness returns toward the end of the movie to see the boys lost in laughter at something. Not sure what, but it only takes me a minute before I find it hysterical as well. After the movie finishes, some music videos come on and Pat starts dancing around the room in his towel and Jeremy joins in. It is very funny to watch with the strobing lights of the TV and the sound of pelting rain in the background. At least no one would complain about the volume. Jeremy tries to get me off the lounge to dance with them but I have barricaded myself in the cushions instead.

  ‘No, you two look great up there by yourselves, let me enjoy being a voyeur.’

  This sends them into an array of ever more complicated dance manoeuvres that look completely ludicrous given the state they are in. They eventually disappear into the kitchen to return with a tray full of vodka shots. I shake my head.

  ‘Oh no, not after a spliff!’

  ‘Definitely after a spliff, Lexi, it’s the only way. After all, this is a post-exam downpour party,’ Pat declares to his own laughter and Jeremy endorses his sentiments with his own hysteria. They attempt to high five each other, but miss. This really does just keep getting funnier to watch and my stomach hurts from laughing.

  ‘Okay, Alex, down two shots now and we’ll let you stay on the lounge behind your barricade,’ Jeremy offers.

  ‘Absolutely. You can sit there like the gorgeous princess you are, in your comfy castle,’ Patrick adds.

  Pure genius — what a perfect solution. All I want at this moment is the soft comfort of the lounge and all the cushions I have collected over the course of the evening.

  ‘One?’ I should never have posed it as a question.

Two. One for Pat and one for me, then you’re safe on the lounge, for a while anyway.’

  ‘Done!’ I exclaim as if their logic makes perfect sense.


  ‘To new experiences,’ Jeremy adds, as we all connect our glasses making eye contact, as was the custom between us.

  One shot, down. Second shot, down.

  ‘Jeez, vodka is strong when you have a double shot like that.’

  Patrick hands me some lemonade to help take the burn away. ‘Very considerate of you. Thanks, Pat.’

  ‘We’re here to serve, m’lady,’ he says with a cheeky, mischievous smile as he attempts a courteous bow.

  ‘And that pleases me no end,’ I agree with a wink.

  I’m thankful they leave me to wallow in my soft, smoky, vodka haze while they continue their dancing and parading around.

  When I look around the room again, I notice Jeremy, like Patrick, is only wearing a towel low on his waist.

  ‘Do you think you belong to a male harem? Look at you both. You look hilarious.’

  They do look absurd, but as I watch them I find myself noticing more and more how their muscles move and how firm their bodies are. I flush at the thought of having them in my own personal harem.

  Then suddenly, they are either side of me on the lounge stealing all of the pillows.

  ‘What are you doing?’ I holler at them. ‘Give them back, they’re mine, you can’t, it’s not fair.’

  They think this is hysterically funny as they strip me of my pillows and I try to retrieve them.

  ‘Come on, AB, you’ve been there for ages. The pillows can’t be more important to you than us, can they? Let them go …’

  And Jeremy then plants a kiss on my lips, his tongue penetrating my mouth.

  I am a bit stunned that he would do such a thing in front of Patrick. I look toward Patrick and notice the same lust in his eyes as there is in Jeremy’s.

  I notice too late that they give each other a quick nod and before I know it, Patrick has my legs and Jeremy my upper body and they carry me towards Jeremy’s bed.

  ‘Boys!’ I’m laughing and squirming as the heavy rain continues belting down. ‘What are you doing?’

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