The billionaires romance, p.2
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       The Billionaire's Romance, p.2

         Part #2 of A Winters Love series by Holly Rayner
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  “Aaron,” I whispered. He brought his head back up and returned his lips to mine. He nibbled lightly across my top lip and then the bottom and then his tongue launched another hot exploration of my mouth. The way he kissed me sent shocks of heat that went straight from my mouth down to stoke the already hot fire in my belly. My insides clenched and tightened with my longing for him.

  “Has it been long enough yet that you won’t consider me brutish if I invite you to my bedroom?”

  I laughed, I couldn’t help it. I don’t think I’d ever heard anyone use the word “brutish” in a sentence. When I finished laughing I said,

  “I’m sorry, seriously though….I would love nothing more than for you to invite me into your bedroom.”

  He smiled at me and put his arm out. I took it and he led me down the long hall and into a massively huge bedroom with a bed that was large enough for a giant. He kissed me again and led me over to the bed.

  He pushed me gently back on the bed and climbed up next to me. He cradled my face in his hands as we kissed and he turned and settled his weight on top of me a little at a time, pressing one of his legs between mine and leaving one foot against the floor, taking the brunt off of it. His pelvis pressed against mine and I could feel his desire for me literally growing. I arched my back and shifted so that my breasts crushed up against his chest. He pulled away from my lips after a bit, staring down into my eyes and smiling before once again finding the throbbing pulse in my neck. He kissed and sucked and Goosebumps rose along the hairs of my arms. I closed my eyes and memorized the feel of him, hoping that this was the start of something between us that would last forever. I knew that was what I wanted…he was all that I wanted.

  His lips brushed up from my throat to my ear and after a kiss of his hot breath there, he pushed himself back up on his elbows and said,

  “Are you sure?” I didn’t answer him, not in words anyways. I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his face back down to mine where I wanted it. I kissed him, hard, rough and urgently. He moaned into my mouth as I wrapped both of my legs around him and he threaded his long fingers through my hair and tugged on it while we kissed.

  The rest of that night was the most intimate and beautiful one that I’d ever spent. I was no virgin and it was obvious that he wasn’t either…but what happened between us to me to much greater heights than anything that I’d ever experienced before that it was like my first time all over again…done right.

  He took me home the next morning after we had breakfast together on the table the invisible housekeeper cleaned up sometime during the night or first thing in the morning…and I’m still smiling.





  Christmas was on Thursday and I was off until the following Monday. Aaron was supposed to be on an Island somewhere so technically he wasn’t expected back until after New Year’s. Throughout those four days, Aaron and I spent a lot of time together. We cooked and ate our meals together and we watched movies…it was domestic and cozy and I was still really happy. My only complaint…if I had to come up with one was that he seemed cautious about going out in public with me. We’d gone to the concert, but that had been in the middle of a crowded park with ten thousand other people. We hadn’t gone out for a meal together at all and any time I mentioned us going out to a public place he seemed hesitant. He’d either come up with something else for us to do or he’d start kissing my neck and touching me in places that completely turned off my brain. I told myself that he was reserved when I met him and I couldn’t expect that to change overnight. I would just have to be patient….

  I got a call from my friend Melissa on the Sunday night before I returned to work,

  “Hey she’s alive!” she said when I said hello.

  I laughed, “I’m sorry. I meant to call you on Christmas day. I feel so bad…I just got preoccupied….”

  “Preoccupied huh? Is that what you kids are calling it these days?”

  Laughing again I said, “Why Melissa, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

  “I’ll give it to you straight then…you had sex, I can hear it in your voice…and there are FEELINGS involved!”

  She was too funny, “Okay, I admit that I’ve been spending some time with…let’s just say THE most amazing man in the entire world.”

  Melissa laughed then. “I can’t wait to meet the most amazing man in the world. Are you bringing him to the party Wednesday night?”

  I hadn’t asked him yet. “Yes! I can’t wait for you to meet him,” I told her. We chatted for a while about how her and Chris’s Christmas was and what some of our other friends were up to. After I hung up I thought about the night I invited him to the restaurant and how embarrassed I’d been when he hadn’t shown up….But that was different right? We’re dating now and it would be perfectly logical to think that we’d be spending New Year’s Eve together. I just had to ask him.

  Monday we both went back to work. I didn’t see him all day and the flowers that I’d fantasized about never materialized at my work station. That was okay though, I knew that part was a fantasy. Monday evening he called me around seven p.m.

  “Hey lady, how was your first day back to work?”

  “It was good, very productive,” I told him.

  “Well, as your boss I have to say I’m happy to hear that.”

  I laughed and said, “How was yours? I’ll bet everyone was surprised to see you back so soon.”

  “Yes, I had to explain to fifty different people why I wasn’t on an Island somewhere. “

  “Hey, I wanted to ask you…my friends and I do a New Year’s party every year. This year it’s at my friend Nadine’s house. She lives in Brooklyn Heights….”

  “I’m sorry, Robyn, I can’t,” he interrupted me.

  “I’m sorry? You can’t? I hadn’t even finished asking.”

  “I know. I’m sorry. You were going to ask me to the party though, am I right?”

  “Yes. I’d really like you to go. I’d love for you to meet my friends….”

  “I can’t. Now that the executives know that I’m not out of town they’re expecting me to be at the executive party we throw every year for the shareholders. I’ve missed it every year. This year I’m in town so I have no excuses.”

  “Oh…” I paused there; it was a good opportunity for him to invite me to his party since he “can’t” come to mine. The invitation didn’t come. Instead he said, “What about if you and I have dinner the night before instead? I know it’s the day before New Year’s Eve, but what does it really matter when we celebrate it?”

  I was thinking, “Because kissing at midnight just won’t mean the same thing,” but I didn’t say it. I was still trying to be patient with him and I was still thrilled about any and all the time I was blessed enough to be able to spend with him. So what I said was, “That sounds great.”

  “Good! I’ll have Jeffrey pick you up at seven.”

  “You won’t be with him?”

  “I’ll meet you at the restaurant; I’ll probably be coming straight from work.”

  “Oh, okay.”

  “Good night, Robyn.”

  “Good night.”

  I hung up the phone that night not feeling as happy as I had been. I missed that euphoric feeling I had for the first few days. I wasn’t the type to mope though I decided that I was going to make the best of getting to spend pre-New Year’s Eve with him. I went into my closet and started planning what I would wear….


  Thankfully the work day flew by on the day of our dinner. I hadn’t seen Aaron since Sunday and I felt like I was going through withdrawals by the time seven p.m. rolled around. I was dolled up in a silver and black dress I’d bought a while back and made some upgrades to and had just finished my hair when Jeffrey knocked on the door.

  “Good Evening Miss Robin. You look very lovely tonight.”

  “Thank you Jeffrey, so do you,” I said. That
got a laugh from him. As soon as we got into the car, I tapped on the glass. He rolled the partition down and I said, “That’s better. I’ve missed you, Jeffrey, what’s new?”

  “Oh you know Miss…another day.”

  “Another dollar?” I said.

  “More like fifty cents with inflation,” he said with a grin.

  It was a nice ride to Manhattan. I really enjoyed talking to him. He told me about his life on the way to the restaurant. He said his wife was in the U.K. visiting family for Christmas. He was supposed to go but when Aaron cancelled his vacation, Jeffrey had cancelled his as well.

  “He made you cancel your vacation?”

  “No, quite the contrary,” Jeffrey said. “He urged me to go. I cancelled it, my service to Mr. Winters is important to me.”

  “That’s very admirable of you,” I told him.

  “No Miss, it’s just me doing my job. Mr. Winter’s pays me really well to do what I do for him. I feel like he needs a hundred percent of me in return.”

  “Don’t you miss your wife?” I asked him.

  “Desperately,” he said with a smile. I could see in his eyes that he really meant it.

  Aaron hadn’t told me where we were going for dinner. I wasn’t surprised when Jeffrey parked the car and helped me out to see that the place was obviously elegant and exclusive. I was surprised when I went inside to see that it was completely empty with the exception of the staff….and Aaron. The hostess led me to our table which was situated comfortably close to the fireplace. Before we got there, Aaron stood up and pulled out my chair. Once we were seated he said,

  “You look fabulous.”

  Smiling I told him the same thing that I had told Jeffrey, “Thank you, so do you.” He really did, as always. He was wearing a dark blue very well-tailored suit. His hair was stylishly mussed and he had just a touch of a five o’clock shadow. He looked so good I could have eaten him with a spoon. “So why is this place so empty? Was the health inspector here?” I asked him, jokingly.

  “I reserved it for us,” he said.

  “You did what?”

  “I reserved it.”

  “The entire restaurant? Why?”

  “Because I wanted to spend the evening alone with you.” He picked up the bottle of wine that was chilling next to our table and he poured me a flute. He poured himself some then and held up his glass, “To us,” he said with that dazzling smile.

  “To us,” I echoed. We both drank and then the waitress appeared with our food. Aaron must have pre-ordered it. That would have normally irritated me a bit…to not be allowed to order for myself…but when I looked at the plate I had to admit that he’d done a great job.

  “So tell me about your day,” I said as we ate.

  He sighed and said, “There seems to always be too much to do. The China group…Xiong are in a hurry to get our deal finalized. They found out that I didn’t go out of town and now they’re urging me into a meeting to finalize the merger. Then there’s a family business that I’m working on buying and then this party tomorrow night…I’m really sorry about that.” He did sound remorseful, but he still didn’t offer an invitation. I was going to try and not let it bother me. I’d have plenty of fun with my friends…

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