Elder Sister

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Elder Sister
Elder Sister


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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It is a small tragic story of a P and a young doctor. The protagonist, a successful surgeon fail to reach in time for their first marriage anniversary due to an emergency operation to save a young P who was stabbed by a customer over a dispute of payment. Then what happened?
This is an imaginary story and far from reality. Any resemblance of any character is pure coincidence only.
Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Chapter I: Marriage Anniversary

Anuradha Choudhury, wife of young surgeon Dr. Devendra Choudhury became very tense as guests started coming for their first anniversary party. Her parent and her cousins along with their spouses had also arrived. Devendra’s own cousin Bikram along with his petite wife also reached the venue. But, Devendra was nowhere to be seen.
Then Anuradha’s mobile rang. It was Devendra’s receptionist, ‘Madam, Pooja speaking; Sir will be little late due to an emergency operation.’
‘Is it a VIP operation?’
‘No, madam. It is an emergency operation of a P, stabbed by a customer for trivial dispute.’ The receptionist replied.
‘What? For a P, he is not coming for our first anniversary! Give your phone to Devendra, let me talk to him.’ Anuradha became extremely angry.
‘Sorry madam, he is already inside the operation theatre. As soon as he will be out of the OT, I shall connect to you.’ The receptionist snapped the phone.
From the face of Anuradha, her father guessed something went wrong. When she told about the reason for his delay in coming, Bikram commented, ‘Devendra is yet to know, how to prioritise his works; otherwise one day he will be known as the most unsocial person in the elite group of the society in the city.’
Bikram’s comment hit Anuradha’s heart like an arrow dipped in deadly poison.
Chapter II: Almost All Had Left

When Devendra reached the venue of his anniversary party, almost all the guests left except Devendra’s in laws and Bikram’s family. As soon as he entered into the venue, his father in law pounced upon him like a tiger on a hapless deer, ‘You should have respected Anuradha’s sentiment! She is very upset at your behaviour and she is justified for being upset.’
‘I understand, I should have come for the party in time. But saving the life of someone is more important than attending a party. Anuradha is justified from her point of view.’ He was too tired to discuss the matter.
‘It is not a question of upsetting only your wife; but it is also showing disrespect to your invited esteemed guests!’ Bikram commented.
‘But all were present to look after the guests. Only I was absent that too for an emergency operation.’ Devendra tried to pacify his relatives.
‘What an emergency! To save a P, you have dishonoured the respected guests. These guests will always be with you when you need some help from them. What you will get by saving a useless P?’ Bikram showed his anger.
‘Who will help me? These respected guests are only for attending parties in jolly times. They will be the first deserters when I need them most. I still remember our childhood days; when we were poor, nobody helped us even for our education; forget about inviting us for any party.’ Devendra retorted.
Devendra’s remark reminded Bikram about something which Bikram would never like to hear in public. Devendra’s remark squeezed away all the energy of Bikram for further argument. He along with his wife left the venue in a huff.
He then looked at his father in law and told, ‘Should I tell something on these party animals?’
His father in law, smelling something unpleasant retort from his son in law preferred to keep mum.
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