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Good Morning Sir
Good Morning Sir


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

  Thank You for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favourite authorized retailer.

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  I am trying to show a mirror to ourselves through some crispy talks and some imaginary stories.

  All the stories narrated in this book are products of my bloody head’s imagination. If however, any character resembles with any living or dead persons, it is cheer coincidence only. I also apologize, if I hurt somebody’s sentiment unknowingly by writing these simple stories to stress upon my philosophy of life.

  Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.


  Chapter I: On Saying Good Morning

  Never ever force anybody to address you sir, if he or she does not want to address you sir. Why I am saying this?

  Read this story, you are intelligent enough to know.

  Mr. X, Y and Z were three batch mates of a reputed company and joined their company on the same day. However, on the basis of the first interview, Mr. X became the senior most at the time of posting. In due course of time, they became good friends. Life was going on as usual for all the three for next twenty years.

  Among the three, Mr. X was extremely vocal in airing his views which sometimes made him unpopular among the seniors despite of his intelligence and workaholic nature. However, he was extremely popular among the juniors for his helping attitude and timely advices whenever they approach.

  For airing his views for the right cause made him so un-popular among the seniors, after twenty years of service, Mr. X failed to get a regular promotion whereas both Mr. Y and Z got their promotions superseding Mr. X.

  After that promotion, friendship between Mr. X and Y remained same but Mr. Z, who happened to be the junior-most among them prior to the last promotion behaved differently. After his promotion, he stopped any non-official and non-formal meeting with Mr. X.

  Finally, one day Mr. Z conveyed to Mr. X through a much junior officer that Mr. X should show respect to Mr. Z as his senior then onwards at any formal official meeting.

  Mr. X got the message and followed Mr. Z’s order in letter and spirit. How?

  He started to show proper respect (?) to Mr. Z at any place at any time. Whenever Mr. X met Mr. Z, he immediately used to stand up from the Chair, bow him and wish him ‘Good morning/ good afternoon/ etc. Sir.’

  Mr. Z became very happy thinking that he was able to show one of the most arrogant officers his proper place. He enjoyed every bit of time he spent with Mr. X. Mr. X’s good morning and good afternoon had so much soothing effect on him that, he used to look forward his meeting with Mr. X on any official forum. His (Mr. X’s) yes sir, yes sir became a music to his ears in any formal meeting. During that period, Mr. Z used to relish his position like never before.

  One fine morning, Mr. X and Y were discussing some personal matters in Mr. Y’s chamber. During that time, Mr. Z also made a crash door entry to Mr. Y’s chamber.

  Mr. X stood up immediately, bowed to him and said, ‘Good morning Sir.’

  Mr. Y was surprised to see his funny style of saying good morning to a friend of twenty odd years. Mr. Y asked Mr. X, ‘Why you are behaving like this, you ba--d?’

  Mr. X smiled sarcastically and replied, “Now a days, I say –‘Good Morning Sir’ to everybody; even to the street dogs, as I do not know when and how one will bite (me) from behind. Now a days, I have a feeling that everyone holding some power can backstab me. That is why I respect all the seniors and powerful by buttering their feet. Nobody looks at company’s interest. Everybody counts how many times your junior says, ‘Good morning your highness.’ Now I also become very intelligent.”

  Mr. Z felt a pain of a strong virtual slap on his face.

  To add salt to his (Mr. Z) injury (hurting ego), Mr. X told Mr. Y, ‘Whenever any dog in the street forced me to show respect, fearing an impending bite, I always show respect to him as per the way he desires. When I utter good morning, I actually mean, you ba—d you deserve a kick on your butt, but alas I have to say good morning to a ba—d who may not know even who was his father.’

  With a pause he said again, ‘However, when I say good morning to Mr. Z, I actually mean it. After all, I always show my sincere respect to all the deserving persons irrespective of what they demand and what they deserve.’

  Mr. Z could not find appropriate words to counter the remarks of Mr. X. Only he could manage a smile on a crying face.

  Now you also understand why Mr. X did not get his promotion!

  However, the bottom lines are:

  Always remember that every ‘good morning’ is not necessarily as good it sounds! Every good morning may mean ‘go to hell, you ba—d’. Therefore never force anyone to say ‘good morning’ against his or her will. After all, indifference attitude of a person is always better than the hidden curse, coated with a ‘good morning sir’. Always remember if you deserve a ‘good morning sir/ madam’ from anyone, you will definitely get it with or without any demand from your side. Always respect the will of the other person irrespective of his seniority and social standing compared to you.

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