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           Hiranya Borah
Plane Crash Part-III
Plane Crash-Part-III


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  It is the third part of a small fictional story about a couple, Arun and his wife who were struggling to live on a small island, without water and vegetation, after they had survived a plane accident. They were, along with a three-month-old baby girl, rescued by a rescue team in serious conditions. Then what happened?

  If my story resembles with some reality, it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.


  Chapter I: The Rescue Team

  (Mr. Arun Barua along with his wife, Dipanwita were a very happy and cohesive couple of thirty years. While they were travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing after fifteen days stay in the beautiful capital city of Malaysia, most unfortunately, the Plane crashed into the mighty Ocean with more than two hundred fifty persons on the board. However, the couple and a three-month-old baby girl survived the crash and landed on the beach of a small island, without water and vegetation.

  They struggled to live on the small island, without water and food; but finally, the couple had collapsed due to dehydration. However, the baby was alive at that time. In this story, you will know what happened to the baby.)

  A rescue helicopter with two occupants, Wing commander, Dr. Morgan and his associate co-pilot Rammana decided to go back to their naval base after a futile day in search of any survivor of the ill-fated Malaysian airliner. As they were turning their helicopter a flash of reflected ray caught notice of Dr. Morgan. He lowered the helicopter to focus on the article from where the reflection of light came.

  As they lowered the helicopter, they can see through the telescope two motionless adults and one very small baby with some sign of life.

  They sent the message to their base for reinforcement and alerted the medical team to be ready to attend some survivors.

  As Dr. Morgan reached the child and the motionless bodies, to his surprise he saw all the three were still alive; but the elders particularly the lady was in a critical condition.

  Preliminary medical help was provided to them immediately.

  Chapter II: Another Reprieve

  After getting a dose of saline, Arun woke up to see that he was lying on a bed of a helicopter. With a feeble voice, he asked, ‘Where is my wife and the baby?

  ‘They are also with us and they are alright. Please keep quite.’ Dr. Morgan told Arun Barua.

  After an hour, all three were admitted into the naval base hospital. Among the three, baby was in the best condition, Arun was relatively better than his wife. Actually, his wife Dipanwita was still in extremely critical condition. Doctors attending were sure about survival of Arun and the baby, but not sure about Dipanwita.

  In the next few hours, Arun gained full consciousness and was declared out of danger. On the other hand, Dipanwita was yet to gain consciousness.

  All the survivors were flown to Kuala Lumpur by special flight with all modern medical facilities. Straightway they were hospitalized in the best Government hospital of Kula Lumpur.

  The baby was identified by the locket, actually which had helped the rescue team to find their location. Father of the baby along with her grandparents reached the hospital to take care of the child. They all thanked God and Barua family for keeping their child alive till the rescue team arrived at the island. All of them prayed for recovery of Dipanwita.

  But Dipanwita did not respond to any of the treatment given to her. By the time Arun recovered substantially and he requested doctors to allow him to meet his wife, which doctors reluctantly gave.

  He saw his wife lying on the bed like a dead body. Tears were rolling out of his eyes. A few drops of tears fell on the face of Dipanwita.

  Chapter III: Miracle Do Happen

  Miracle do happen in our lives sometimes. Few drops of hot tear did miracle for Dipanwita. She showed some feeble movements in her body for the first time after her rescue. Doctors attending Dipanwita became elated to see those seemingly unimportant movements.

  In the next few days she showed lot of improvement. In the meantime, all the close family members of Arun Barua, including his sons and daughters-in-law reached Kuala Lumpur.

  Physically, Dipanwita was improving but her mental alertness did not improve considerably. Arun was all along sitting with her, without proper sleeping and food. Arun’s sons were worried about health of their father. One day with moist eyes Arun’s elder son, Pratap said to his father, ‘Papa, you are also not hundred percent fit now. Why do not take some much needed rest. If something happens to you, do you think mother will also survive. We are taking care of her. You should take care of yourself only, so that healthy mother finds her husband as healthy as earlier.’

  Though he nodded to his son’s advice, he was reluctant to take his advice. However, in the next five days, health of Dipanwita improved a lot and doctors attending her, declared her out of danger.

  Chapter IV: Loss of Memory

  As the family wanted to rejoice her recovery, they faced an unexpected reversal. Dipanwita could not recognise any of the family member, including her life partner of forty odd years and not able to talk. Initially, Arun tried to help her in recalling her memories by reminding her some memorable moments of their life. But doctors told him not force her think much and wait for natural and slow progress.

  Doctors advised Dipanwita for a CT scan. However, nothing could be diagnosed in the CT scan report. Finally, after doing MRI scanning, she was diagnosed as she had been under viral attack on her brain myelin (cover of brain) (shortly diagnosed as Encephalomyelitis) and given Methylprednisolone (a synthetic glucocorticoid or corticosteroid drug. It is used to treat conditions such as allergies, arthritis, lupus and ulcerative colitis with lot of side effects, interactions and indications.). The injection was so strong that it could be injected through saline only and should take 20-30 minutes for injecting one dose. Further, to avoid any ill effects of the medicine another 17- yes one seven, different medicines were to be given three times daily for next eight days. Canola was inserted for continuous feeding of saline (sodium nitrates/ phosphate etc). Cotton was placed on her eyes and eye drops were given so that her eyes were not damaged. Liquid food along with all oral medicines was given through a nose pipe and a catheter was used for urination.

  On 23rd day, she murmured something when Arun was alone. When Arun told the visiting doctor about that, but he did not believe it. The next day she said something which also not properly audible and again Arun told the doctor. The doctor smiled; but did not say anything. From 25th day, she started to scream and told Arun something irrelevant whenever he was alone with her. When he reported to head of the team of doctors attending her, she referred him to a psychologist. Initially, Arun thought he was sent to the doctor to discuss about his wife’s impending psychological problem, but subsequently he realized, that he was testing his mental condition only. All doctors whom he talked about uttering words by his wife, were in the opinion that Arun was so exhausted in attending his wife, he lost his mental balance (influence of hallucination).

  When on the next day, his wife uttered something Arun told his wife, ‘Why do not utter any word when someone else is also present? Doctors are thinking that I am going to be a mad man soon.’

  With a clear voice, she told Arun, ‘I rely on you only.’ Then she again
closed her eyes. Arun was in a great dilemma, whether he should tell others about her coming to sense or not. Luckily for him, on that evening, she uttered a single word in presence of their son.

  For the next two days, she spoke many words; most of them did not carry any meaning. Finally, on the 37th day she started talking meaningfully when their daughter in law told her that, how much pain Arun was taking for her. She coolly advised her to take care of Arun.

  Chapter V: A Learning

  What Arun learnt from the day of accident to total recovery of his wife:

  Always be calm. Believe in God, attending doctors and yourself. Take responsibility with conviction. Do as much as possible for your spouse whatever may the situation. Nursing by the spouse has the maximum soothing effect. Love for the spouse give confidence to the patient.

  When Dipanwita got her full sense, Arun asked, ‘Darling can you remember, what happened after you lost consciousness in the island?’

  ‘Nothing except your worrying face.’ With a smile Dipanwita replied.

  ‘Thanks to God and the rescuers and doctors with their paramedical staff; we all three of us survived!’ Arun told his wife with folded hands pointing above.

  ‘But people are saying that I am alive because of you!’ Dipanwita said coyly.

  ‘Are you sure? I do not think so.’ Arun told his wife.

  ‘But I am sure. I am alive because of your love.’ Dipanwita replied with lot of confidence in her voice. ‘Has anyone else survived the crash?’ Dipanwita asked.

  ‘Yes, the sportsman who was sitting ahead of us and the husband, who was told by his wife to go to hell.’ Arun replied with a sigh. ‘Probably our part of the aircraft was least damaged during the impact of water and the aircraft.’ Arun commented with a deep thought.

  Chapter VI: The Never-Ending Romance

  ‘I love you so much sweetheart. Again, I am praying to God, I should die in your arms only.’ Dipanwita said.

  ‘I also pray the same, darling.’ Arun reciprocated.

  The love saga goes on for ever at different parts of the world with different actors!!!!

  They embraced each other lovingly.

  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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