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           Hiranya Borah
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  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  It is another small fictional story on abduction of an officer who was abducted by mistake. He was released on intervention of a friend, who happened to be a top leader of the underground outfit who engineered his abduction.

  If my story resembles with some reality, it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.


  Chapter-I: The Abduction

  As the driver negotiated the curve of the road, Kanak noticed few people brandishing sophisticated weapons covering their faces gestured the driver to stop the jeep. The jeep was at a very low speed, so driver had no problem in stopping the car. The driver was asked something in local dialect by the leader of the group. Kanak could not understand what was transpired between them. The driver put off the head light of the jeep and told Kanak, ‘Sir, they are from an underground organization (he said the name). They are going to abduct you.’

  Kanak was about to faint. He immediately recalled how his classmate friend Pradip Hazarika was killed by the same organization after abducting him from coal field while he was on duty. In that particular case, he was killed only because the organization where Pradip was working as an executive, did not give the money in time to the underground organization had demanded in lieu of his release. Kanak started sweating in the cold evening of December at a freezing temperature of 2-3 degrees.

  Kanak was shifted to another vehicle and driver was allowed to go after handing over a demand letter of a hefty amount in lieu of release of Kanak.

  They drove Kanak for an hour to reach a secluded place away from National High way. Then he was ordered to follow the leader on foot. There were another four gunmen who were following Kanak.

  Chapter-II: Why Kanak

  While walking, Kanak was wondering, why he had been abducted. He was not representing any private firm nor any ‘Ratna (jewel) PSU (Public Sector Units)’. He is a Central Government officer who was entrusted to open one office in that state for collection of socio -economic data. As none is interested to go to that state, Kanak was forced to go to that state as he hails from the neighbouring state. Having no alternative, he went to join to the state along with his pregnant wife and his daughter of one and a half year.

  After another two hours on foot, the team of gunmen and Kanak reached a camp. The camp looked like a military camp. Kanak realized, he was put in a camp or jail from where he would not be able to go back to his family without support and consent of the abductors.

  Chapter-III: Lovely Friend

  Lisa was a very beautiful girl of his college when Kanak was a student of Delhi University. His meeting with Lisa was dramatic.

  One day, when his friend Dinesh and Kanak were waiting for DTC bus at Mall Road bus stand, Lisa was also waiting for a city bus. Dinesh was very loud in his talking and used to talk in Assamese all nonsense at public places. During those days, there were very few Assamese people used to live in Delhi. Therefore, speaking confidential matters and using filthy words in public places were not forbidden by Kanak and his friends. When Dinesh was saying some forbidden words loudly, Kanak told him to keep mum as he doubted, the young lady in front of them might be from North Eastern part of India (at that time there were seven states including Assam were part of this region).

  Dinesh, looking at the girl, commented, ‘Hey do not worry. She may not be from our region. Every girl having smaller hips need not to be an Assamese girl (normally a girl from Delhi has larger hips and boobs compared to a girl from north eastern region)!’

  But unfortunately for Kanak and Dinesh, Lisa knew Assamese very well and charged Dinesh in pure Assamese, ‘You stupid guys, are coming here to study or to see anatomy of girls?’

  Kanak was a studious boy and he became very nervous on the sudden turn of the events. But Dinesh was a seasoned campaigner against such unwelcome statements from girls. He retorted, ‘My father sent me to study here so that I may get a beautiful girl as a wife. But I have changed the sequence of priorities; now I am looking for a girl and after finding a suitable girl, I shall study.’

  The young girl became furious and scolded both of them. Kanak kept mum. But Dinesh enjoyed her anger and laughed at her. Luckily for Kanak, bus arrived soon and he left the scene in a huff.

  After few days, Kanak met Lisa again when he went to girls’ hostel to meet his friend. Before his friend introduced Lisa, Lisa taunted, ‘I know he is a very good boy looking for girls’ anatomy at public places.’

  Kanak apologized for his friend’s behaviour on that day. Lisa also understood Kanak was a serious student, not like Dinesh.

  In the next few months, they became good friends. Kanak came to know her as a very strong person and having very strong view against Indian administration. Initially, Kanak argued with her. However later on she stopped discussing those issues, instead he used to talk with her on non-political issues only.

  But one day, Lisa vanished from the hostel. Kanak’s friend told him, she might have joined some underground organisation who was at logger heads with Government of India.

  Chapter-IV: Mistaken Identity

  As Kanak was provided with some snacks and tea, he saw a lady in army fatigue was discussing something intensely with Jacob. The lady was saying, ‘Jacob, you have picked up a wrong man.’

  ‘How it can be! He was picked from the right place at the right time.’ Jacob was trying to convince the lady, apparently senior to Jacob in the hierarchy of the underground organization.

  ‘He is not Kamal Borah, SDM. I know the person whom you have picked up; he is Kanak Barua, a statistician by profession. Go and confirm.’ The lady ordered him.

  ‘So, you are not Mr. Kamal Borah, SDM of ---. You are a statistician counting cows and buffaloes on the roadside and then give an estimate which none believes!’ Saying that Jacob started laughing.

  On any other day, Kanak would have retorted back. But he did not say anything to avoid any reprisal from Jacob. He replied, ‘No, I am not Kamal Borah, I am Kanak Barua. Leave me, I have a pregnant wife and a little daughter of one and half year old. If I die, they will also die out of starvation.’ Kanak pleaded to Jacob.

  With limited knowledge of statistics and office administration, Jacob knew, statisticians are the least powerful officer of the administration. He had an idea that even senior officer of statistics had no practical value in the eyes of administration and it was most unlikely that Government would loosen any string for releasing a statistician from the abductors. He thought, even if this poor fellow is killed, they might not get adequate publicity. On the other hand, his poor pregnant wife and the daughter would lose their bread winner. He knew the family of this poor fellow might be on the street as he would not leave any other amount except the meagre savings from his few years’ salary!

  Then Jacob asked, ‘Do you drink?’

  ‘No.’ Kanak replied.

  ‘That is good. With your salary, if you develop this habit, your children have to beg on the street.’ He laughed again.

  Kanak wanted to cry. He always boasted as an upright and honest officer. But he understood, he was nothing but a ‘forced honest officer’ in the eyes of the society and might be in the eyes of his friends and his own family members as well.

  The lady came to his room. ‘Kanak, can you recognize me?’

  Kanak saw a rugged lady in front o
f him. He could not recognize her immediately; but with a quick intense look, Kanak was able to recognize her. She was Lisa, once a very beautiful girl and a very close friend of him. She hugged him and assured him, ‘Do not worry. Jacob will drop you at your home tomorrow morning.’

  Lisa and Kanak talked for a long time before she said a good bye at the early in the morning.

  As a true underground leader, she warned Kanak, ‘Kanak, you are let off only because you are an honest officer and a friend of mine. But be sure, you will not tell anyone what happened after your abduction. As your driver already knew about your abduction, he is also warned well in time by my cadre not to divulge about your abduction. He has already forgotten what happened today, you will also hopefully forget everything. I know you love your family very much!’

  Before Kanak could promise, she left the room.

  In the morning, as promised by Lisa, Kanak was dropped at his residence.

  Chapter-V: Happy to Be a Statistician

  Statisticians are the most harmless and toothless creation of the Almighty. He made these professionals for public ridicules, to be humiliated by other professionals and administration on slightest pretext. Even un-educated and less educated people use to give comments on statistics. Therefore, some of these professionals try to change the work profile on one pretext or on the other. Most tragic part of the statisticians is that, they were better students in college than their masters in office or in the societies.

  But every cloud has a silver lining. At least on that day, Kanak realized, statistics profession is also not that bad; at least you and your job is nobody’s envy.

  Kanak realized, his powerless and moneyless profession saves his life, at least for that windy freezing night.

  Chapter-VI: End of an Illusion

  I did not tell anybody what happened on that night. Even I did not tell my wife, normally with whom I shared everything.

  After, one year, I was transferred from that sate and accordingly, I joined my duties at New Delhi. My life in Delhi went on smoothly and I almost forgot that windy freezing night in the hilly state of North Eastern part of our country.

  But one day, a small news item caught my attention, which says,

  ‘Lisa William, a self-styled major general of---organisation surrendered at the Eastern Command of Army HQs, located at Shillong. She cited the reason for her surrender as her disillusion with the ideology of the outfit.’

  When she was in Guwahati jail, Kanak went to meet her; after all he is alive today because of Lisa only.

  On seeing Kanak, Lisa became very happy. After talking half an hour, stipulated time given by the Jail Authority, Lisa gave the most important departing statement of her life, ‘Had I heard to the inner voice of my heart and agreed to your proposal, I would have been a good wife to you and could have led a happier life with you rest of my life!!!!!


  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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