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           Hiranya Borah
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Plane Crash Part-II
Plane Crash-Part-II


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  It is a small fictional story how Arun and his wife were struggling to live on a small island, without water and vegetation, after they had survived when the plane they were travelling met an accident and crashed into the ocean.

  It is a sequel to my earlier story Plane Crash. If my story resembles with some reality, it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.


  Chapter I: The Crash

  (Mr. Arun Barua along with his wife, Dipanwita were a very happy and cohesive couple of thirty years. While they were travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing after fifteen days stay in the beautiful capital city of Malaysia, most unfortunately, the Plane crashed into the mighty Ocean with more than two hundred fifty persons on the board.)

  Arun woke up to see that he was sleeping on the sand of an unknown beach embracing his wife Dipanwita. He immediately recalled that their plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing crashed into the Ocean with more than two hundred fifty persons on board. He looked at his wife and he found that though his wife was unconscious, her heart beat had not abandoned her so far. He shook his wife vigorously for two to three minutes. She also got up as if she had got up from a good sleep only.

  First both of them laughed then cried embracing each other. Due to strong sunlight, their clothes were already dried up. Both of them felt thirsty. But they could not see any sign of water. Arun told his wife, ‘If God has saved us from the air crash, he will save us also by providing water and food.’

  Within an hour, they discovered that they were washed to a small beach of a small island with a small hilltop of few metre height from the sea level, almost without any vegetation.

  As they moved forward, Dipanwita saw a dead body of a passenger. With a slim hope of his survival they shook him. But their effort did not give any result. As Arun was shaking the dead body he observed there was something in his pocket. He found two large chocolates and a small bottle of water in his pocket. As he was taking those, Dipanwita told her husband, ‘Is it right to steal food from a dead body?’

  Arun laughed and told, ‘To live we have to find few more dead bodies and find some more eatables.”

  Dipanwita could not find any words to answer. To her surprise, Arun removed the jacket of the dead body as well. Before his wife asked him, he said, ‘At night it may be very cold and we have to move to the highest point of the land mass, otherwise we may be washed away at night by high tide of the ocean.’

  As he moved on the beach, Arun heard a feeble sound of a baby from a place hidden by a sand dune. They saw a baby girl of only three to four months was crying near a lady, might be her mother, might be already dead. Their fear was correct, the lady was dead; but her baby was alive. On checking Arun found a feeding bottle in her mother’s jacket. He removed the jacked and told his wife to check the jacket and he put entire water bottle in the feeding bottle to feed the baby the water the recovered from the dead body they came across earlier. He also asked her to take the golden chain with a beautiful locket for identification of the child, in case they would be rescued.

  They found few more dead bodies with very few food articles. The food they found were not enough for even a day for two persons and the baby.

  Probably God had a different idea for them. The last dead body they found was of the pilot or of the co-pilot who had a jack knife.

  Finding the jack knife, Arun became very happy. At least with the knife he would be able to make something to catch some fish, if necessary.

  Chapter II: Stay at the hilltop

  As sun went down, both of them moved to the hill top for the night as decided by Arun. As they reached the hill top, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for them.

  Arun found a small but deep water body inside a rock; apparently, it was rain water which was not evaporated due to its narrow opening. Both of them congratulated each other as if they won a gold medal in an Olympic game.

  As dusk descended, Dipanwita fed the baby chocolate mix water and made her sleep on her lap. After taking their meal of half chocolate each and few bottles of water collected from the natural small reservoir in the rock, they tried to have a nap. They tried to cover their bodies as much as possibly by the clothes taken from the dead bodies as cold winds started to blow.

  It was a full moon night. Therefore, even after dusk they were able to see far off places without any difficulty.

  Like other normal days, Arun embraced his wife Dipanwita keeping the baby between their chests and tried for a sleep.

  But before they went to sleep, they realized the sea was coming to them ferociously as the night progressed. Some of the waves were as close as only five to ten feet away. Dipanwita praised her husband for his far-sight in taking the decision to stay at the top of the hill.

  Despite of tiredness, fear of washing away by giant waves, they could not fall asleep even after midnight.

  Chapter III: Eating of Raw Fish

  The waves started receding as the moon went down in the horizon in the late night. Then only Barua couple could sleep for some time.

  They became hungry; but did not want to finish the food they had. They wanted to rationalize the small quantity of food they collected from dead bodies, for a longer period. Arun told his wife to stay back on the hill top along with the baby girl. He covered the small water body with a jacket to reduce evaporation.

  As he explored the small island he did not find any difficulty to come for a conclusion that, if they have to stay at the island for more than three days, they would die of hunger and thirst.

  As he moved along the beach he discovered that all the dead bodies were washed away by the high tide of last night. There was no sign of the dead bodies in that morning.

  As he was to return to the hill top, he saw a large fish trying to be back to sea which was probably brought by tides to the shore. The fish was about three feet long and once it would be even in shallow water, Arun would not be able to hold. He immediately blocked its path and slashed at the neck of the fish repeatedly by his jack knife. After few odd strikes, due to heavy bleeding the fish stopped his efforts to reach water.

  After half an hour, Arun was back to the hill top with the fish. To see the fish Dipanwita had a mixed reaction. It was a food item no doubt, but how they would be able to consume it raw. By the dusk, both of them had to eat a portion of the fish as raw fish, as they had to spare the chocolate for the baby.

  Chapter IV: The Losing Health

  Both of them developed stomach (upset) problem due to consumption of unusual food. Both of them started vomiting and having loose motion. They were facing dehydration problem. Water source had also started dwindling fast.

  They were hoping they would be rescued before they were dead. They encouraged each other by saying, ‘If God has saved us from the air crash, they will be saved also by the Almighty in time.’

  Health of Dipanwita was fast deteroiting. With strong will power, Arun was able to digest some of the raw fish. Then he told his wife to take some chocolates instead of raw fish. He divided the rest of the chocolates into two parts; one for his wife and second part for the baby girl.

  They were still hoping that someone would come to rescue them.

  But there was no sign of any rescue team.

pter V: The Non-Ending Romance

  Despite of all those unfriendly situation and hostile climate on the small island, Arun’s love for Dipanwita did not diminish. Same is the case for Dipanwita. So, romance with a difference continued for them. They tried their best to give moral support to each other. On the second morning Arun asked, ‘Darling can you remember, how did we bunk our classes to see Blue Lagoon?’

  ‘Yes, but unfortunately, there is no blue lagoon here. Moreover, we are not that young!’ With a sigh Dipanwita replied.

  ‘But we are matured enough to handle the situation more efficiently. We can use every little opportunity in our favour. I am sure, some rescue team will save us before we die.’ Arun tried to boost up flagging moral of his wife.

  ‘Are you sure?’

  ‘Yes, I am hundred percent sure.’ Arun replied with apparent confidence in his voice, though he was not sure about his own statement.

  ‘I love you so much. But I want to die before you. Promise me one thing, even after my death you will try to live till rescue teams arrive and also try to save the baby girl.’ Dipanwita said.

  ‘I also want same promise from you, darling.’ Arun reciprocated.

  They embraced each other lovingly.

  Chapter VI: The Only Survivor

  But things did not happen as the couple wished. No help came on the next day also. The water in the hole on the rock almost finished on the third day morning despite of their rationing.

  All three became weaker and weaker. Sounds from their mouths became so feeble, it became almost inaudible by noon.

  Arun wanted to explore the island to find some alternative water source. But he walked two steps and sat for some rest. Looking back to his wife he saw she lied on the rock near to the child. After few minutes, he realized his wife lied on the rock without any movement for last few minutes. He came back to his wife and tried to shake her up. But he could not do so, because he was also too weak to do so.

  Gathering all his strength, Arun wanted to embrace Dipanwita for the last time to say good bye to his life partner of four decades. But his strength of his body betrayed his wish for the last time. Within few minutes, he also probably breathed his last. Two motionless bodies lied on the rock.

  It appeared, only the three-month-old baby girl was able to survive for the time being in the hostile terrain. But how long a baby could survive in the island without water and food as there was none to look after the baby. Was God smiling on the baby girl? Was she a miracle baby?

  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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