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           Hiranya Borah
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He Got Back His Wife
He Got Back His Wife


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  It is a story of two orphans; one was adopted by a rich family and other one was adopted by a poor lady teacher. The first one became a spoilt kid and second one became a self-made man with a golden heart. They have to marry each other due to some pressing compulsions. Then the story unfolds! The story has romance and realization.

  Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.


  Chapter I: Anamika

  She is the adopted daughter of a reputed and rich doctor. Her mother is a professional photographer with a good reputation. Both earned lot of money and accumulated lot of properties; both movable and immovable as professionals. They earned lot of respects also in the city over the years. They are counted among the limited elites of the society.

  Since even after fifteen years of married life they were not blessed with any child they decided to adopt an orphan baby girl from the orphanage though many of their relatives advised them to adopt a baby from any of their close relatives. Thus, Anamika was picked up from austerity to richness by her adopted parent few years ag0 and made her own daughter.

  In due course of time she blossomed into a lovely girl with modernity in her life style. However, she was not introduced the harsh reality of life and she was even at the age of twenty, treated with kid gloves by her parents.

  As advised by the psychiatrist, she was told about her background by her adopted parent when she attained the age of fifteen or sixteen. For few days, she was very upset to know that she was an orphan or abandoned child from a poor family. But thanks to true love from her adopted parent, she forgot her past and went back to her lavish lifestyle without any remorse.

  Chapter II: Spoilt Child

  Being the only child, that too for a childless couple, she got almost everything, what a normal child only can aspire for. Wherever she puts her hand, that belongs her. She was given so much freedom, she lost herself inside the whirlpool of selfishness and lavish lifestyle without any sense of responsibility. She does not value money and she became a money spending machine only. In the true sense, she used her parent as ATM, even without any daily limit of withdrawal. As a result of that she made a host of friends who became financially dependent on her for any lavish party or for any other needs.

  She used to believe the sweet talks about her is real praise for her. But she never thought all her friends are only friends of prosperity; not a single friend she has who actually likely to stand beside her when she might need any ones’ help. Fairy tale life style was going on for this girl up to the age of twenty.

  Chapter III: First Love

  Anamika fell in love with her classmate Pankaj who is also from a rich family. Pankaj was also equally spoilt brat. However, there is a difference between their thinking about each other. Though, love of Anamika for Pankaj was pure and true, Pankaj never loved Anamika. He was interested to have physical intimacy with Anamika to fulfil his sexual desire which is not uncommon at that age for a boy from a rich family.

  One day after college, when Pankaj requested her to go for a long drive to a nearby city, Anamika never thought what was in the mind of Pankaj. She agreed to go with the dream man of her life.

  They stayed in a hotel for two hours on the way and Pankaj was able to persuade her to sleep with him. She thought physical relation is an indication of true love for each other. That was her first grave mistake in her life.

  After fulfilling his desire, from the next day, Pankaj started avoiding her. A few days later, she came to know that Pankaj left India for his study in UK.

  Chapter IV: Pregnant Without a Husband

  Anamika became pregnant due to that two hour stay at the hotel with Pankaj without any precaution on the part of Anamika. When her parent came to know about it, they immediately contacted parent of Pankaj. Both the parents were influential and both were wary about their prestige. Pankaj’s parent did not find any fault in Pankaj’s behaviour. However, they were able to come to a negotiation table, probably Pankaj’s father knowing fully well about value of the properties with Anamika’s parent and knowing well that she was the only heir of her parent’s properties.

  After a long discussion between the two families, they finally concluded that they will immediately arrange marriage for their children.

  A date for their marriage was fixed and Pankaj was told to return to Delhi two days before the date of marriage.

  Accordingly, people were invited for the D-day.

  Showing his true colour, at the last moment, Pankaj refused to come to Delhi for the marriage. In the morning of scheduled reception of their marriage, Pankaj’s father cancelled the marriage putting Anamika’s father to his knees for the first time in his successful life.

  But God has always a Plan-B.

  A few days back, accidently Anamika’s father met one young man, working as a lecturer in a college, in the chamber of his friend, who happened to be an oncologist. The young man of about twenty-eight was in dire needs of huge amount for treatment of his mother.

  Anamika’s father telephoned his oncologist friend if he could provide the contact address of the young lecturer. Within half an hour his friend provided him the mobile number of the young man.

  When he telephoned the young man to know whether he could arrange the required money or not, the young man, Vikash with a choked voice said, ‘No sir.’

  ‘But I can give the required money; obviously with some conditions.’ Anamika’s father told the boy.

  ‘Any condition sir. Can I meet you today itself? Every minute is important for me.’ He said.

  ‘For me also every minute is important. You meet me immediately.’

  Within an hour both met at Anamika’s home. Within ten minutes, Anamika’s father agreed to bear all the cost of treatment of the mother of Vikash and Vikash agreed to marry pregnant Anamika. He also agreed to treat the child of Anamika as his own child. It was also agreed that marriage would be solemnized on that day evening as per the schedule of Anamika’s marriage with Pankaj. Vikash also agreed to stay in Anamika’s home as long as she wants.

  Chapter V: Living like Husband-Wife

  After the deal was finalized, Anamika was told that marriage with Pankaj was cancelled as he was not coming for marriage. As a result of that unfortunate development, she had to marry another boy for the sake of family prestige. Initially, she refused but after lot of cajoling and scolding, she agreed to marry the boy with the condition that they would live like husband-wife in the eyes of society for some time; but otherwise live like strangers.

  With that absurd condition Anamika married that unknown person, Vikash. The guests who do not know Pankaj and Vikash could not find out that the original marriage was cancelled. However, those who know either of them, raised their eyebrows but none questioned in the midst of the actions.

  On the very first night, Anamika told her husband Vikash, ‘You have married me for money only. So never try to be my husband. My parent are old model and stereo type and that is why they agreed for our marriage to save their so-called respect in the society. I also agreed to the marriage to keep my parent’s head high in the society. Otherwise, I would not have agreed to this marriage.’

  Vikash replied with a s
mile, ‘I know that. So long you want to be with me, you can. Otherwise, I shall hand over my signed divorce paper without putting any date. You can put the date at your convenience and you can make your exit from my life at any time.’

  There was silence in the room for some time. Then Anamika break the silence, ‘Do you know, I am pregnant?’

  ‘I know.’ Vikash replied.

  ‘Oh, I see.’ Anamika understood, Vikash married her after taking a hefty amount. After a pause, she asked him with an arrogant smile in her face, ‘How much my parent has to pay for your generosity?’

  ‘At present ten lakhs. I shall take more money if needed.’ His answer made him a villain in the eyes of Anamika on her very first day of her married life.

  Without saying anything, she gestured her husband to sleep on the sofa and she turned her back to him for her sleep on the king-sized bed alone.

  Without uttering a single word, Vikash obeyed her dictum.

  Chapter VI: He Got His Wife Back

  Anamika always thinks, Vikash is nothing but a money mongering leach who is with Anamika like a limpet for her properties only. But she could not understand why her parent love her husband and dissuade her from divorcing him. She thinks, only because he saved their face before more than one thousand guests who were invited for her marriage to be solemnized with Pankaj.

  That happened two years back and she is living with Vikash as husband wife in the eyes of the society. Her son from Pankaj is already more than one year. Now she wants to get rid of Vikash. She was fed-up with the tag of a married woman. She wants freedom to mingle with other youths of her age to find someone whom she can love on a reciprocal basis. He imagined to find one life partner who would love her with or without her properties.

  However, in all negativities of Vikash, she understood him as a caring person, caring father to her son and caring son in law for her parent. But that sometimes infuriated her more and his good behaviour made him more hated person for her.

  One thing she likes about Vikash is that he never tries to behave like a husband to her and always maintain the distance they promised to each other on the very first night.

  On that particular day when Anamika came from a party with her spilt friends at half past eleven, she saw the light of her parent was on. She peeped into her room and saw Vikash was discussing with her parent something seriously. She wanted to Know what was going on.

  Vikash was telling, ‘Doctors have surrendered to the fate now. She will not survive more than two days. She wanted see Anamika and Aroo for the first and last time. I love both my mother and Anamika. I do not want to hurt either one. Will Anamika agree to visit her? I do not want to force her.’

  ‘She should. Even not as mother in law, but as a dying person, she has the right to meet someone who she loves. I shall tell her to visit tomorrow morning.’ Her father told Vikash. Her mother also nodded.

  He came out of the room and saw Anamika. He did not tell anything her and left in a huff.

  Anamika entered to her parent’s room. On seeing her, father told, ‘Probably you heard everything; your mother in law in the last stage. Tomorrow all of us are going to the hospital to meet her.’

  ‘Why should I meet her. I do not consider her as my mother in law. Even I do not consider Vikash as my husband.’

  ‘That is the tragedy my dear child. Still you are not matured enough to distinguish a gem with a piece of glass. Vikash is a gem, you will never find another gem in your life like Vikash.’

  ‘Your gem is after your property only.’ She taunted.

  ‘You do not want to know about him despite of many attempts made by your mother and me earlier. But today, you have to hear. Otherwise it will be too late for all of us. He is not after my property. He is a self-made man. He was also an orphan like you. He was not as lucky as you are. He was adopted by a poor lady school teacher; but made sure of his good education and having good culture. Now he is lecturer in a college for his outstanding results despite of all odds against him. Her mother has been suffering from cancer for last few years. He needs money for her treatment. In a sense, he sold himself to me for few lakhs for the treatment of his mother. He also agreed to marry you as he did not get love from a father and he did not want that your son also grow like him without love and affection of a father. He tolerated all the humiliation meted to him by you for the sake of your son and for her adopted poor mother. Any way I am asking you a simple question. If you get Kahinoor (famous diamond) for Rs.20 Lakh, you will feel happy or not?’

  Anamika found this question somewhat awkward at that stage, but she answered, ‘Anybody will be happy. Why you have asked this question at this juncture?’

  ‘You are wrong my child. Most of the people will doubt about the authenticity of the diamond. But when after verification of authenticity, if somebody do not realize how lucky he or she is, he or she is nothing but a stupid. If a stupid girl does not understand that, her parent should show her the light to understand that. Now hopefully you will understand what I am saying. Even if you cannot understand now, I shall rue my luck to select you as my child from among hundreds of orphaned children a few years back.’

  Anamika could not sleep whole night. She felt how small she is compared with Vikash. Vikash is a jewel in his own right and she is nothing but a pebble of on a road side.

  She looked at the sofa where Vikash was sleeping. Should she invite him to sleep with her as true husband? She went near to the sofa, she saw her husband for the first time as her husband. Her accumulated hatred for her husband for last two years, vanished from her heart. She fell in love for the second time in her life, this time with her husband. She wanted to touch his face. But something from inside obstructed her move.

  In the morning she wore a traditional sari, put a bindi, vermilion (a dot and vermilion on her forehead, Hindu married ladies use to put), put the mangal sutra given by Vikash on her marriage day and dressed her son properly without help of anybody for the first time. She was ready to go to the hospital with her husband Vikash to meet her ailing mother in law for the first time in her life.


  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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