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Have You Ever Met The God

  Have you ever met the God?


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah

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  Preface: Have you ever met the God?

  We always aspire to meet the God in our life time. Many saints claim that they were able to feel the presence of God through meditation and through pure sacrifices. Main hurdle in our life is our ego to feel the presence of God. In the title poem I want to tell my readers unless we get rid of our ego of being superior to others, we shall not be able to feel the essence of Almighty. But it is not that simple! In the poem, the protagonist heard the inner voice of himself and finally able to feel the essence of true happiness.

  The other eight poems are based on contemporary situations of our daily social lives and social relations. Some of them are on serious issues and some are written on lighter vein. I hope my readers will like the compilation.


  Delhi Winter

  In a winter of Delhi,

  An old man with scanty cloths;

  Tried to say something to me;

  Forcing his eyes to open for few moments for him!

  Me too tried to hear

  The feeble voice not interested to be coming out;

  From his toothless mouth!

  Do not worry,

  I am not asking any money from you!

  He assured me,

  Knowing the apathy of common people

  In donating money to a poor person like him!

  Can you say something;

  Which inspires me to live for another day?

  Can you say something;

  Which gives me warmth in this winter?

  Can you say something:

  Which gives me happiness for a while?

  The old man whispered to me;

  With almost in an un-audible voice.

  I thought for a moment;

  Then I smiled to him and said;

  I love you Grandpa!

  I care for you!

  I want your advices;

  Which are emanating from your vast experiences!

  The old man smiled back to me;

  And then vanished to the thin air!!!!!


  My friend was suffering from evening syndrome;

  He saw everything blurred

  As we experience after four to five pegs of whisky!

  He started opening his autobiography;

  Wiping his moist eyes!

  Fifty long years on;

  I am running

  And running on a treadmill;

  With an illusion of going forward!

  Travelling by a train;

  You will feel everything is moving;

  Except you and your train;

  Nothing is actually moving;

  The teacher told the unsuspecting students!

  The teacher was wrong;

  Everything is moving except me;

  In the last fifty years!

  For me,

  Fear for the powerful;

  Fear for the seniors;

  Has not been changed,

  In the last long fifty years!

  As a young one;

  I was fearful of my father;

  Now I am fearful of my boss;

  Fearful of powerful neighbours;

  Where is the change!

  Once I had lust for a toffee,

  Then I had lust for a beautiful girl;

  And now I have for money and power;

  Where is the change!

  I used to pray God;

  Fifty years ago to get a promotion in school;

  Now I am praying for another promotion in office;

  Where is the change!

  Thirty years ago;

  I was after a girl to win her heart;

  Now I am after another girl;

  To win her heart for my son;

  Where is the change!

  Fifty years ago;

  I had to obey my Mom;

  Now I have to follow my wife and daughters;

  Where is the change!

  Nothing has changed for me;

  I am on a treadmill for last fifty years!

  With a notorious smile I said,

  Everything has changed around you;

  Your role to the society;

  Your outlook towards a girl,

  Everything has changed in the last fifty years!

  You change your glasses,

  You will see a better world around you!

  He gulped another peg of whisky;

  He could not fathom what I was saying!

  I laughed at him,

  With a venomous instinct;

  Knowing that, a very few will

  Pull out a drowning man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Have you ever met the God?

  Have you ever met the God?

  A little girl asked me.

  I said a no;

  But avoided to say a damn no;

  As I was not sure;

  Whether I had ever met!

  Do you want to meet Him?

  She asked me with a twinkle in her beautiful eyes.

  I could not resist myself;

  To meet her God or my own God!

  She took me to a high-rise;

  Pointing towards the ground;

  See the people;

  They look like ants;

  She said with a smile.

  Are you feeling great;

  Looking at the ground?

  She asked me again with a twinkle in her eyes.

  I said yes, a damn yes!

  That is the reason why you have not met the God.

  She smiled at me;

  A smile similar to the smile

  When I smile to a beggar boy on the street!

  See to the sky;

  She ordered me which I followed meekly.

  I felt myself as a non entity;

  Compared to the vast sky above me!

  Close your eyes for few minutes;

  You will meet your God;

  He will appear before you!

  Closing my eyes,

  I felt myself smaller than earlier;

  Then even smaller!

  Few minutes later,

  I became non-existent;

  I became invisible to myself!

  Suddenly a ray of light fell on me,

  That made me happy,

  Like never before!

  I looked for nothing;

  I aspired for nothing;

  I lost my identity;

  I do not know,

  How long I was in the non-existent state of mind!

  I heard the sweet voice of the little girl;

  Have you met your God?

  I said yes, a damn yes!

  Open your eyes and see below;

  She said with a voice of my mother.

  I saw below;

  I saw the people below;

  They are now as big as me!

  The little girl smiled at me;

  I know;

  You have met the God.

  He is not my God nor your God;

  He is the God;

  You have met the God!

  She whispered in my ears

  And entered to my heart like

  A soothing morning breeze!!!!!

  God sends his Messenger

  The baby girl was crying;

  Both the mothers were not ready to fe
ed her;

  Claiming both had given birth to a baby boy!

  It was a case of 1950;

  Police intervened;

  Rich man got the boy,

  Poor mother left the baby girl forever!

  Forty years later;

  History repeats itself;

  Nothing had changed at ground;

  A baby girl was abandoned due another mix-up!

  Again another mix-up in 2016;

  Another claim and counter claim;

  This time DNA test has been conducted;

  Again the rich man got the baby boy!

  The fate of the baby girl;

  Remained the same;

  She was abandoned by the disgruntled mother!

  But this time the baby girl was lucky;

  She got a messenger of God;

  He took the girl in his arms;

  Made her the richest baby girl in the world;

  Not in terms of money;

  But in terms of love and affection!!!!


  My lips are not as beautiful as the Egyptians;

  But they are always used to speak the truth!

  It is a famous dialogue of a famous film!

  It is a big industry;

  Not to facilitate for speaking the truth;

  Not to speak out your mind;

  But to make you beautiful;

  But to make you attractive!

  This is a big industry;

  Makes the ladies feel good!

  I have consumed hundred KG of colour;

  Because of different colours of your lipsticks;

  Another famous dialogue of another famous film!

  Do not be disheartened;

  I am also not that fortunate to have consumed tons of colours!

  Only a very few lucky ones can choose lipstick,

  For their wives and for their girlfriends!

  Last thirty years I have been standing outside the shops,

  Whenever my wife is choosing her lipsticks;

  Knowing well that her lipstick will never

  Ever have a food poisoning in my stomach!

  One day one young lady asked me

  Which colour of a lipstick will suit her personality.

  I was elated, at least someone thought

  I am also having a colour sense!

  I am not using lipstick for the last five years;

  After death of my husband on the boarder;

  Fighting with the enemies;

  She said with her moist eyes!

  Now my ten-year son wants

  I should also use lipstick;

  Like mothers of his peers!!!!


  Viewing a coastline from a helicopter is always fascinating;

  My friend told me with a mysterious smile!

  I have never ride on a helicopter;

  I confessed with a degree of disappointment!

  I have seen tens of coastlines across the globe;

  He boasted!

  Which one you find the best?

  I asked him with a disillusioned voice.

  Are you talking about coast lines?

  He asked me.

  Without waiting for my reply,

  You know which one is the best;

  Your hawk eyed have seen many;

  In last forty odd years!

  He teased me again with a mysterious smile!

  I said, ‘You rascal’!!!!!!!!!!

  Good for Nothing

  They accused me of good for nothing!

  As a kid when I heard in my father’s mouth;

  I was elated thinking he was praising.

  As I grew older when I often heard;

  I thought,

  My father was encouraging me for doing something!

  When my wife was hospitalized before our first issue;

  My father uttered the same sentence.

  I took that as an advice to take care of my family!

  When my father commented for the last time before his death;

  I took it as his ultimate blessing!

  When my first boss said the same about me;

  I realized, he was like my father!

  I heard this sentence from many of my bosses;

  During last thirty odd years!

  I think they are paid for that!

  When I heard in my colleagues’ utterances;

  I think they envy me!

  When I heard in my friends’ utterances;

  I appreciate thinking they will stand by me in my need!

  When I heard the same sentence from my juniors;

  I think they are frustrated.

  When I hear it from my wife;

  I understand she cares for me!

  Same sentence gives me immense pleasure;

  When I hear it from my children;

  Knowing that they love me!

  When I heard from my relatives;

  I am sure, I could not serve them properly!

  My mother?

  She never uttered that sentence;

  She knew I was the best!!!!!

  Not A Bastard

  It is a mere abuse for most of us;

  While on the street fighting for a space!

  While driving on the Indian roads;

  Its use is in abundance!

  When it is used;

  None takes it as if it should actually mean!

  What is the meaning of this?

  A small boy asked me.

  I avoided the answer by saying;

  It is nothing but a naughty boy!

  He was not convinced.

  Then why others are referred as naughty;

  And me as bastard!

  Someone told me;

  I do not have a father.

  They say, I was born;

  When my mom was gang raped by some goons!

  I said,

  My son you are not a bastard;

  All others are;

  They try to hide their shameful births!!!!!

  The ultimate

  Three ladies were sitting on a dining table

  With game plan common for them;

  To destroy a common enemy;

  A brother, a father and a husband!

  They happened to be my sister, my daughter and my wife!

  My sister opened the firing;

  Last night I saw a dream,

  Thousands of ladies waiting

  To tie rakhis on my brother’s wrist!

  I felt so bad;

  I could not sleep rest of the night!

  How strange!

  My daughter said opening another front,

  I also saw a similar dream!

  Thousands of young girls of my age were

  Queuing up to be adopted by my father as his daughters!

  I also got up in disgust!

  Could not sleep rest of the night!

  My wife was also not far behind!

  I had a very busy dream last night.

  There was a congregation of ladies;

  From age 18 to 80.

  God ordered me to find a co-wife for me;

  Giving a condition, she must have consent!

  I asked consent from each lady one by one;

  To marry my husband!

  But alas! None agreed.

  I reported back to God!

  My dear hubby got upset; cried loudly;

  That broke my early morning dream!

  How nice to see him;

  Preparing coffee for us,

  In the kitchen now!!!!!!!

  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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