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My First Love
My First Love


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah

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  First love is always memorable. But in most of the cases, the affair closes with a tragic end. In this story, it was finished before it took off. The story was based on the real experience of a friend of mine. I do not know whether, this is a story of love or just an inspirational one. Both the parties were winner in their own perspectives. None was unhappy at the end, albeit for different reasons.

  Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.


  Chapter I: She was Beautiful

  I was from a small town with a decent background. I joined one of the most reputed colleges of Assam after my tenth examination. Many times, I told about me in different stories, therefore, I want to skip some of the things about me. However, some of the things I have to repeat for the readers to know about me; the readers who dare to read my stories.

  In this story, I am a handsome boy with six feet height, muscular body and extremely fair colour. Now this might be a contradiction about me for the readers who are not first timers to tolerate all my nonsense written in forty-nine incorrigible books earlier. Anyway, you must have to agree, in a story anything can happen as per the wish of the writer. Writer has the prerogative to write anything to write and readers have the prerogative to throw his writings to the dustbin.

  With this background, let me start describing about my good qualities. I was one of the best students, in terms of tenth result, of the science stream of the college. So naturally, I had the immunity to talk on any topic (not on non-vegetarian one) with any girl of my class. Most of the teachers were also approachable for me to discuss one or the other subjects. I enjoyed the unique status of mine in the class for the whole two years’ period as a student of pre-university. To my satisfaction and to my parent’s satisfaction, I did extremely well in the twelfth examination also.

  But in the midst of all good things, I did a grave mistake. I fell in love with a girl of arts stream.

  Falling in love may not be a grave mistake in the eyes many of you. But for me it was. Before unfolding the mystery of my first love affairs, let me describe the beauty of the girl who had stolen my heart.

  In India, though racism does not exist par say, we always appreciate fair skin. Even our parents are also sometimes biased towards fairer son or daughter! However, the damsel who stole my heart was not as fair as I was. I was extremely fascinated by her eyes and her lips other than her extremely beautiful physique. Her smile used to disturb me in my day dreaming in those days.

  When I discussed the matter with my novice friends, they all encouraged me to propose her without wasting time.

  Every day when I was preparing for going to attend my college, I used to promise to myself that I would propose her in my tiffin time. When I failed to propose her at the tiffin time, I used to promise to myself to propose her in the evening after my class. But time flew without fulfilling my promise to myself.

  In the meantime, I had completed my first year without proposing her.

  Chapter II: Cousins are the Best Friends

  Irrespective of age and sex, cousins are the best friends, at least till they get married. During the summer vacation after my annual examination of class XI, my cousin came to our home for few days. She was ten year older than I, but extremely friendly to me as she did (does) not have a younger brother of her own. At that time, she was doing her Ph.D. in Sociology in Delhi University.

  Evening of the first day of her visit, she asked me, ‘Hey my duffer younger brother, can you find a lover in the college or not so far? Or still you are like an incorrigible insect inside a book?’

  ‘Didi (elder sister), I can say yes and no for the same question. It is 50% of love affair.’

  ‘What do you mean by that?’

  ‘From my side, it is 100% yes and from other side it is 0% yes. Therefore, for both of us combined, it is exactly 50%.’

  ‘Has she rejected your proposal?’

  ‘No, Didi, I am yet to propose her.’ I told her with a smile with tons of shyness.

  ‘I was not expecting more than that, stupid. Why you are not proposing her so far?’

  ‘I promise to myself every day, but as soon as I approach her, my voice eludes me!’ I confessed.

  She thought for a while and then asked for a pen and piece of paper. She scribbled something on the paper and handed over to me.

  I could read what was written with little bit of difficulty. It was written in Hindi in a poetic verse as follows:

  ‘I love you so much;

  I can leave this world for you!

  But whenever I want to bare everything before you;

  A small beautiful bird comes and eats my words!’’

  She asked me to hand over the sheet to the girl whom I love, with the assurance that she would definitely respond to my proposal.

  Chapter III: She Did Not Respond

  On the second day of opening of the college after summer vacation, I was able to hand over the sheet to my first love. She took the sheet, read it, smiled but did not say anything.

  I was impatient to know her response. But she ignored me as if she had not received anything from me. Sometimes, she ignored my very existence even!

  Even after two weeks, she did not respond to my piece of paper. For the first time, I got the pinch of rejection in the college from someone. My ego was badly hurt.

  Going to the college with head high was becoming difficult for me. I had developed a feeling that, everyone knew about the incident of handing over a sheet to that damsel and she had rejected my proposal. I had a feeling that everyone laughs at me from behind. I was depressed thinking all those things silently.

  Chapter IV: The Exposure

  In our college, attitude wise there were three categories of boys; science students: serious in nature and studious; arts students: not serious, take study casually and commerce students: in between in terms of sincerity and studiousness.

  In our times, only rich and non-serious students were able to maintain motorcycles. A few of my commerce (students) friends were in that category.

  One day when I was strolling on the street connecting my hostel and the college, thinking about the girl, three of my friends riding on motor cycles told me to accompany them to a known secluded place. I did not mind to go with them, as despite of differences in our attitude towards life, we were good friends.

  As we reached the secluded place, one of them handed over the piece of paper to me which I had given to the girl whom I used to love.

  ‘Take this piece of paper and tear it yourself.’ I was speechless.

  Then another friend told me, ‘Hiranya, you are a good boy and from a good family. Do not spoil your life after this spoiled girl. She is not a good girl and good match for you. All of us had put our hands on every part of her body many times in last few years. Even we did all dirty things with her sister also. They are from a very bad family and indulge all types of criminal activities for money.’

  My head started reeling. When they dropped me at my college hostel, I could not remember.

  Chapter V: Thanks to Her

  Whole night I could not sleep. I was thinking about her, my career, my family, my friends and my teachers. I was thinking, had the girl accepted my proposal and had
my love affair blossomed, what would happen? What my friends would have thought about me? What my teachers would have thought about me? Was she a bad girl or a good girl by heart?

  Finally, I realized she might not be good in the eyes of the society or in the eyes of my friends, but still she was carrying a heart of gold!

  On the next day morning, I thanked her for her truthfulness about herself. After knowing her and her actions on my love letter, I developed an unknown respect for her.

  In the coming days, we became good friends.

  Even now, whenever I recall my college days, I remember her as a true friend of mine. I am thankful to her because instead of doing what she had done, she could have done many things which might have serious repercussions on my career and personal life. By rejecting my proposal, she actually helped me in many ways. I do not know, where she is now, but I always pray to God, she should be happy and she should be as truthful as she was in her college days.

  I am also thankful to my friends who by demeaning themselves in the eyes of mine helped me by preventing me from entering to a hell.

  The author was a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He was presently placed at New Delhi.

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