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           Hiranya Borah


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  He has an extraordinary power to identify his innocent victims. He has an extraordinary power to lure victims to his web. He cannot be caught as per the existing law. He is extremely powerful in his endeavor, perhaps next only to the God. How long he can play the role of unfortunate widower and social worker to lure rich vulnerable ladies to his trap?

  Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.


  Chapter I: Meeting after a Long Time

  It was a pleasant surprise for me to see Arnab after thirty years at a recent seminar on women empowerment in South East Asia. He was invited as the main guest lecturer by the organizer and I was attending the seminar as a Gender Expert from our Ministry. He was accompanied by a lady of around 25, whom I thought to be his daughter. I could recognize him because of his baby face with an obese body. He however took his time to recognize me as according to him, I had changed a lot and looked more than my actual age. Looking older than my age has been a problem for me from my childhood. My elder brother looks ten year younger than I. Therefore, I took his comments in my stride.

  'Anyway, I am extremely happy to see you today unexpectedly.' I commented.

  'Me too. Let me introduce my wife Vineeta.' I was about to faint to hear that the lovely young girl is his wife. My elder daughter might be older than her at that time.

  Somehow, composing myself and said, 'Glad to meet you madam.'

  'So I am. You can call me Vineeta.'

  'Thank you Vineeta.'

  During lunch time, I came to know that Vineeta is Arnab' seventh wife. 'What about your first six wives?'

  'First wife was divorced. My only child, a son was from her and he lives with her. All five expired within one year of marriage. Unfortunately, all died due to cancer. I am very unlucky in that sense!'

  'According to an old Indian proverb, you are a real lucky man. Every year you are getting new wife. I am dragging my life with only one wife.' I heaved a sigh.

  'It is not like that. I was very happy to be with my first wife for first ten years. Then differences cropped up between us and finally divorced. But still we are good friends.'

  'I do not know having a wife for one year is a good thing or not, but definitely an interesting one.' I commented.

  'Forget about my life. What about you?' He asked about my family life.

  'I have one wife for twenty five years, one son and two daughters. My elder daughter and son are working and my younger daughter is still in school.' I said.

  'Why there is so wide age difference between the first two and third one?' He asked.

  'At the age of thirty five, I thought I can still young to play another innings!' Both of us started laughing.

  Chapter II: His First Wife

  It was year 1988, when I last met Arnab. On that day, he was with his first wife, Purabi and I was attending a training programme organized by our department. Our training was organized at a hotel which was very near to a cinema hall where he and his wife came for a movie. On that day, he introduced his wife Purabi to me. She is an ordinary looking girl with strong feminist ideas. At that time Arnab was extremely vocal, may be today also, for women's rights. He was equally supported by his wife. On the other hand, I always advocate, right and duties should go side by side.

  We had a strong debate on the issue with the couple for half an hour. Thanks to movie time, they had to leave the place after half an hour.

  I wondered why the couple had divorced when their ideology was so similar. On the other hand, my wife and I have diametrically opposite views on most of the times, but still we are pulling our lives together for last twenty five years.

  'Can you tell me what prompted you to divorce your first wife?' I asked the question exactly not expecting a truthful answer from Arnab.

  'Somehow we could not go along further. But still we are good friends.' He reiterated his good relation with his divorced wife.

  'All the other wives, who died of cancer, are they as young as the present wife?' I was already jealous of Arnab for having such a beautiful young wife.

  'No, not all are young. Rather most of them were middle-aged. But all died within one year of our marriage.' He said.

  'That is quite strange.' I commented.

  'Yes. But so far I am concerned, it is not strange. Actually, I am doing a social service by marrying cancer patients for last ten odd years.' He said thoughtfully.

  'How?' I asked Arnab.

  Chapter III: Misusing of Power

  One day Arnab saw a middle aged lady and immediately his sixth sense alerted, this lady would die with two years due to cancer. She was known to his wife. She was a widow having a son of ten year old. He was very disturbed of the very thought of death of the ten year Old's mother.

  He discussed the matter with his wife. First she ignored what he was saying. But one phone call from her friend had changed everything about her future life.

  'Hi, Purabi, I have to tell you a bad news for all of us. Manorama, our PG classmate diagnosed breast cancer.'

  'What? When did you come to know? Only fifteen days ago, I along with my husband met her.' Purabi was horrified.

  'Only yesterday, she was informed by the doctor.' Purabi could not react further.

  In that evening, Purabi and Arnab had a long discussion on the power of Arnab's ability to identify a cancer patient before declaration by a medical practitioner.

  But next one year was a watershed in Purabi's life. Due to sympathy for Manorama, she allowed her husband to be close to Manorama. But may be over sympathetic attitude of Arnab, Manorama started loving Arnab and led to a strong marital discord between Purabi and Arnab. Their relation made a nasty turn after one year and culminated in a divorce,

  After divorcing Purabi Arnab married Manorama. Unfortunately Manorama died after nine months after their marriage. But before her death she admitted she had a most beautiful life in last nine months.

  After death of Manorama, Arnab wanted to reconcile with Purabi. Initially Purabi was reluctant to have any relation with Arnab. But again another development had an impact on Purabi. As per the will of Manorama, Arnab got 50% of her property which was whopping Rs.10 Crore. News of getting 10 crore by her ex-husband gave an idea to make money by using the extra-ordinary power of her ex-husband.

  They discussed the matter and decided to stay as friends after divorce and Arnab will marry as many as possible 'would be vulnerable and rich cancer patients' to accumulate as much as property for their only son and for their old age.

  Chapter IV: Greediness Leads to a Sinful Life

  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That happens to Arnab also. His power to identify cancer patient made him greedy, instead of real social service or service to the mankind.

  His and his partner in crime, his ex-wife modus operandi was simple. Identify a rich widow or divorcee, likely to have cancer as per his sixth sense, or already having cancer, lure her to his life by proposing to marry her. Normally, a lonely cancer patient is vulnerable for love and fell into the trap laid by the couple.

  In the process, Arnab got lot of laurel from the society and easy access to the hearts of rich vulnerable cancer patents. In the process he became rich and richer at the death of his wives one by one.

iminal conspiracy of Arnab and Purabi has not been noticed by anyone in the last ten years and they have already amassed property of more than hundred crores already.

  Chapter V: Caught in His Own Web

  He did not know, one day he would be caught as a victim of his own web. The present wife Vineeta is the only daughter of a lady of dubious character. As she grew to a lovely lady, her mother wanted to marry her to a rich old person to grab his property.

  When she met Arnab while delivering a lecture on women empowerment a year ago, she put her eyes on Arnab. She deputed her daughter to lure him by using her beauty and youthfulness.

  Arnab, though initially not interested in her, but youthful beauty was enough to attract him to her trap. For the first time he told his ex-wife a lie or a damn lie that Vineeta is going die within a year due to cancer.

  As a middle aged man, Arnab enjoyed the company of her thoroughly for first few months. But after that he developed some physical problems.

  Chapter VI: Curtain Down

  As her husband went to the most modern and expensive hospital for medical checkup, Vineeta smiled and said to herself.

  'He will be diagnosed cancer and he has to die within next six months. I did not tell anybody including my mom that I can identify a cancer patient much before he/she develops any syndrome of cancer. I am going to inherit all his properties as I shall be the only heir to his property. I have to stop his ex-wife to visit him in hospital so that he cannot give away single rupee to his ex-wife or her son.'

  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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