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Beautiful Ghost

  Beautiful Ghosts


  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah

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  I personally never believe the existence of ghost or spirit because I have never met any ghost or spirit in my 54 years life. During this 54 years I had to stay alone at guest houses, ordinary houses, open fields in rural areas, jungles, small towns, cities and metro polis, but never met a spirit or ghost. But still I enjoy in reading or hearing a ghost story. All the stories were told to me when I was a kid less than ten years of age by my relatives to deter me from going outside home at night. But at that time and today also these stories could not scare me, instead they amuse me. With that background, I wrote these stories in my own language.

  I am thankful to all my readers, family members for giving me feedback and encouragement to write something on different topics.





  My First encounter with a ghost was a very nice experience, though it became somewhat scary afterwards for few months.

  During my first posting at Giridih, in 1987-88, I used to travel from Kolkata to Giridih via Madhupur. For Giridih, a first class coach used to be attached to a train which was running between Kolkata and Delhi. The coach used to be detached at Madhupur Junction and attached to Madhupur Giridih Passenger train. The attachment detachment used to happen in the midnight as train from Kolkata used to start at 9-30 PM and reaches at Giridih at 4-30 AM. Normally, the TTE used to advise the first class passengers to bolt the coach from inside as no passenger was supposed to enter the coach till it reaches Giridih in the morning on the next day and the route was infested by antisocial elements. During my stay at Giridih for one year and two months, I had to travel by this train at least five times as our HQs was at Kolkata. In all my travels by this train, the coach was never been full and in one occasion I had to travel as the lone passenger in the coach as per the list pasted on the body of coach and the TTE also told me that I was the only passenger.

  After train started moving, bolting the coach from inside I spread my bed sheet on my seat and went to toilet. While returning from the toilet, I found that the light was on at my adjacent coupe. I tried to peep into the coupe; but before that, the door was opened by a young beautiful lady. I was surprised and suspicious also. To see my perplexed face she said in fluent English, ‘Sorry, I had to board the train at the last moment. I could not a buy a ticket also. However, I had to cough up Rs.200/- to pay to the TTE for my journey. He told me that you would be the only my co passenger.’

  ‘Ok, Madam. If you need any help, kindly let me know.’ I said to her and entered to my coupe.

  Even though, I tried to be comfortable with the situation, from inside I was little tense. I was feeling somewhat insecure thinking I might be a prey to some nefarious design from outside or might be from inside. I bolted door of my coupe and switch off the light and pretended to be asleep.

  After fifteen minutes the lady knocked at my door. Í opened the door to know what the matter was.

  She, with a red night gown, was standing before my door.

  ‘I am sorry to disturb you. Can I shift to your room? As I do not have the habit to sleep alone, I am somewhat afraid.’ She told me.

  I had to a take a quick decision, ‘If I allow her to shift to my room, I will be more vulnerable. If I do not allow, that will not ease out any of my problem.’

  I took an immediate decision. ‘Ok, Come.’

  She brought her bag to my room and arranged her seat for sleeping by spreading light blue bed sheet.

  ‘Are you in service or in business? She asked to make some conversation.

  ‘I am a Central Government employee. Presently, I am posted at Giridih.’ I also felt a little conversation would ease out our tension. ‘Are you working madam?

  ‘You can call me as Shruti. I am Shruti Dawson.’ She introduced herself. ‘I am a student of IIM, Calcutta. I am going to join as an intern at New India Mica for three months. They promised me to accommodate in their guest house.’ After her detailed introduction, I was little relieved. At least she was not from any antisocial group as her words were convincing enough to realize that she was not lying.

  ‘I am Borah. Hiranya Borah’ I also introduced myself.

  ‘You must be from Assam. I am from Ranchi. We are from Anglo Indian Community.’ She told.

  ‘Most of typical Anglo Indians community are from Bangalore/ Mangalore only. Are you originally from Ranchi’ I tried to show my knowledge.

  ‘Yes, you are right. Concentration of our community is in Karnataka. We are also basically from Karnataka only. My father is a doctor and working in Ranchi.’ She told me about her family.

  Already the atmosphere in the coupe was becoming normal. Jokingly I asked her, ‘Hopefully he is not working in the Mental Hospital.’

  ‘No, no, he is not working there. Actually he is an orthopaedics and working in the civil hospital.’ With a very sweet smile she said. ‘You have very good geographical knowledge!’

  ‘Thank you for your appreciation. But I am not that knowledgeable. Anyway, are you a doctor? I asked her.

  ‘No, I did my masters in English before I joined to IIM. Actually I am not comfortable with blood, breaking of bones, dissection etc. Further, I was bad in mathematics, so I did not take science stream.’ She explained.

  ‘Are you from science background?’ She asked me.

  ‘Yes. I did B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics as honours subject. Then I dis masters and M.Phil in statistics from Delhi University and finally landed as official statistician of Government of India. But I also like history. I always feel, I became a statistician by accident not for liking to the subject!’I told something which did not want to share with someone whom I did not know very well.

  ‘It is common thing in our country, a boy has to take a subject not because he likes it, but because of possible job opportunity. ‘She commented.

  ‘How about your family?’ I wanted to know whether she was married or not.

  She understood my underlying question. ‘No I am yet to marry. As already told my father is a doctor and my mother is a housewife. My only brother is a medical student.’ She finished her family description.

  ‘I have a wife with a little daughter who is only three months old.’ Before she asked, I told her.

  ‘She must be very cute and you love her most!’She commented.

  ‘Yes, for me she is the cutest and I love her more than anyone on the earth.’ I replied.

  Changing her topic, she said, ‘Nobody knows that I am travelling by this train. Even in Government record, I mean as per the railway record, I am not travelling by this train. If I am killed today and if my body is thrown to a gorge, my family member will never know, where and when I am killed. They will wait for me indefinitely with a slim hope that I will come back one day. Till my dead body or even skeleton is recovered, my family or friends think I might have eloped with someone.’ She sighed.

  ‘Do not worry, neither I am going to kill you nor I shall throw you to gorge. If necessary I shall drop you at your guest house. You give your father’s telephone number, I shall inform him about your where about tomorrow from my office.’ I assured her.

  ‘Thank you for your kind assurance. Now we can sleep.Do you want the light on
or off?’ She asked me.

  ‘It is up to you! I have no problem either way.’ After a hectic day, I was feeling sleepy and therefore, I want to finish our as quickly as possible with he.

  But she was no mood to let me off the hook, ‘I may again disturb you if I cannot sleep.’ This time I was little irritated, but I did not say anything.

  She did not switch off the light.

  I pretended to be asleep. From the corner of the eyes, I could see she pulled up her night gown upto her knee. I could not remove my eyes from her ivory coloured legs. The combination of her bed sheet, her gown and her ivory coloured legs was a killer one for a person who was only twenty six! What was her expected age? She must be below thirty!

  ‘How are my legs? Are they beautiful?’ She asked me as if she knew what I was thinking.

  ‘Yes, they are.’ I stammered.

  “Do you want to see more?’With a tantalizing voice she asked me.

  ‘No! Thank you, madam.’ With a determined voice I said.

  No, I do not want to say that being a good man I said that statement. I was worried, because that might lead to a situation from where I might not able to come back and then I might also be trapped. Further, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter from a beautiful wife only three months ago. Their smiling faces were flashed through my mind with a warning that I should control myself before I landed into troubled water.

  ‘Are you worried? I am not going to eat you up!’She made a venomous smile on her lips.

  ‘Yes madam, I know that, you are not going to eat me up. But, I have a wife with a little daughter who are waiting for me to come home safely. My wife has a belief that I shall never cheat her. If I cannot control at this moment, it might so happen, I shall reach a point of no return. I have to live with a guilty feeling for whole of life. So, kindly let me sleep and you also sleep.’ With a folded hand I told her.

  ‘So you are not only going to miss a golden chance to enjoy a full night journey with a beautiful girl, but also you spoiled desire of a beautiful girl for tonight. I seldom get an opportunity to spend time with a male on this train. I cannot fulfil my desire when more than one person is moving on this train.’ She said with a sigh.

  ‘I am sorry madam. I cannot betray my wife. Kindly forgive me for refusing you.’ Again I told with folded hands. ‘You kindly forgive me for looking at your legs pretending to be asleep. ‘

  Then I turned back to her and tried to sleep.

  I did not know when I fell in deep sleep. I got up from my sleep when some porters banged on my coach.

  The girl who was travelling with me was missing. But where she could go? The coach was locked from inside. After opening the door of the coach, I packed my bed sheet etc.

  While packing my luggage I found a neatly hand written letter inside a white envelope. At the place of address, it was written, ‘To, my dear co-passenger from Kolkata.’

  As I had to vacate my seat to the passengers who were to leave for Kolkata, I hurriedly put the letter into my pocket and got down from my train.

  As soon as I reached home, my wife informed me that my daughter was running with a high temperature. After taking my bath, I took her to a doctor, who gave some medicines which acted quickly to reduce her temperature. Dropping my daughter and my wife at our residence, I proceeded to the office.

  Next day when my wife handed over the envelope which was in my pocket and forgot to read, I opened the letter to read. It was very long letter. As I was going through the letter, my face turned pale. Seeing my face turned pale, my wife snatched the letter and started reading. The content of the letter was like this:

  Dear my co-passenger,

  If you find the letter in a white envelope, I am thankful to you as my soul has been freed from all earthly love, affection and revengefulness. If the colour of envelope is blue, then I have to be here for some more time, but I am still thankful to you as you have facilitated me to free myself from all earthly love, affection and revengefulness. If however, you get a black envelope, you are only lucky person to be spared by me.

  For last ten years, I am travelling everyday by this coach. Whenever, there is only one male passenger in the coach, I show my legs to him. Some of them want to see more and a very few refuse to see beyond my knees. Those who refuse to see beyond my knees, they are spared keeping a similar letter to them. Unfortunately, so far nobody got a white envelope and that is why, I am still travelling by this coach. Those who got an envelope other than white colour, have to keep their mouth shut about our meeting. If anyone dares to open his mouth to tell about our meeting, he will lose one of his sensitive organs, like eyes or tongue or ears etc.

  Those persons who wanted to see beyond my knees were shown to them the reality of that part of my body. I show them my body which was mutilated by three highly qualified animals from so called good families after committing gang rape ten years ago. My beautiful body was cut into several pieces to make it beyond recognition before they had thrown my body to a gorge. After committing the crime they got down from the train at an unscheduled stoppage. The body, rather the skeleton is still at the gorge.

  What was my fault? I was given my internship at a mica factory at Giridih. Due to short time, thanks to manual reservation system, though the bogey to Giridih was almost vacant, I was denied a valid ticket. I gave the TTE Rs.200/- to get my accommodation in the first class compartment. When I entered to the coach I found three well dressed persons sitting. Before the start of journey they were very polite. When we discussed about management of railway, I told them I did not have a valid ticket exactly same manner as I told you.

  After half an hour, I wanted go to my coupe, one of them grabbed my hand and pulled me to his lap. I slapped him with a hope other two will support me as all of them were unknown to each other till boarded the train.

  He told the other two persons also to join as they will also not going to get any opportunity to enjoy a young Anglo Indian fair girl.

  To my surprise the other two also joined him and I was repeatedly raped for next few hours. I was in a semiconscious state.

  The same person who took the lead in raping me, told the other persons, ‘we cannot leave this girl alive. She will complain to the police and all of us will be in jail. She does not have a valid ticket so let us kill him and throw her out of the train. Without waiting for the others, he suffocated me with a pillow and killed me within few minutes. Then with a torch he smashed my face beyond recognition. Finally, with a knife which he was carrying with him to protect himself from antisocial, he cut my body in such a way that even my body is beyond recognition. The other two was trembling with fear. On his instruction they helped him to throw my dead body out of the train and clean the coupe from blood stain. Though there blood stain remained, nobody cared at Giridih station from where blood stain had come and it was washed customarily by the sweepers at the station. The culprits had disembarked from the train long before arrival of their destination.

  Flesh of my dead body was eaten up by animals and few bones were left under the sky. My skull and major bones of my skeleton is still lying in the gorge.

  No missing report was lodged anywhere as no police station was ready to lodge the complaint as nobody knows wherefrom I was lost.

  As I mentioned to you, I did not have a valid ticket, my family and friends did not know from where and when I was missing till date. My parents and my brother, who is a full fledged doctor now, are still waiting for my return.

  After seeing my mutilated body, so far one had a heart attack and died. The person who died, wanted to rape me without any provocation from my side.

  Two others had also heart attack and not in position to tell anything about our meeting. These two persons, tried to rape me just after seeing my legs.

  Rest of the other four/ five person fainted and recovered after few days. These people tried to have physical contact after my seductive words. I spared them from my anger, as they may not be that bad persons. However, they were
so scared, so far, nobody could muster the courage to tell what had happened on that night.

  If you got a black envelope, you are not a good person but you somehow controlled yourself from an impending danger because somebody close to your heart, is very good person.

  If you find a blue envelope, you are good man. But you are lack of ability to help others.

  If you find a white envelope, then not only I shall be free from all earthly things but also, it will certify that you are a good man from core of your heart, you love your family and so far you have never betrayed your wife. You are also very helpful person. You are not swayed away by greediness. And above all, you are a god fearing man, always ready to help any person who needs help!

  I expect you will get a white envelope because, I found you are eager to help an unknown person not like another otherwise good man who closed the door on my face and was not ready to help an unknown girl. In your case, you offered to help me when I was in a different coupe. Then, when I wanted to shift to your coupe citing my fear to sleep alone, you allowed me shift to your coupe. When I wanted to test your integrity by showing my legs up to knee, you are able to control yourself from indulging any unethical things. Then i wanted to test further by apparently tried to seduce you, even then you did not sway. Therefore, I think you may get a white envelope and make me free from all pain I had been bearing for last ten years.

  I have a request for you, if, you have found a white envelope, please hand over the envelope to the police or to my family members to recover my skull for last rites. Address of my parents is given at the bottom the letter.

  (only for white envelope receiver)

  If you got a white envelope, I wish you all the best for your future life and hope, God always helps you.

  Sincerely your unknown sister,

  Shurti / Dr. Robert Dawson

  B/64 Azad Nagar, Ranchi, Bihar

  I was in a state of shock for minutes and then I discussed the matter with my wife what to do. If I go to police, I was not sure how they would react. Finally I decided to send the letter to the address of their parents.

  Next day keeping a photocopy of the letter I sent the original letter to Robert Dawson. I did not give my address at the place of sender‘s name and address to keep my identity a secret.

  I did not know what happened afterwards till I visited Ranchi on an official tour in 1991.

  After reaching Ranchi, I could not resist myself from knowing what happened to that letter which I had sent to Ranchi from Giridih four years ago. After attending office, I went to the purported Dawson’s residence at B/64 Azad Nagar, Ranchi.

  When I knocked the door of B/64, to my surprise, a young Anglo Indian lady came out. With a stammering voice I asked her, ‘Is it Dawson’s residence? I am Borah, an officer from Government of India.’

  With an extremely surprised look she asked me, ‘Yes it is Dawson’s residence. Whom do you want meet? You do not seem to be from Bihar or Karnataka?’

  ‘Yes madam, I am from Assam and presently posted in Assam. Presently I am on a two days’ tour to Ranchi.’ I told her.

  She invited to her drawing room and called her husband. A man of thirty came into the room and shook his hand with me and he saw to me question mark on his face.

  ‘A few years ago, I was posted in Giridih. During my stay at Giridih, I experienced an unbelievable incident while travelling from Kolkata to Giridih.’ I paused for moment to gauge his reaction.

  Before I open my mouth again he exclaimed, ‘Are you the person who had sent the white envelope of Shruti?

  I nodded.

  He stood up from the chair and hugged me. ‘I am Shruti’s brother.’ He started weeping and said, ‘We all are thankful to you. From the letter, you had sent, we recovered the remains of Shruti. With the help of a senior politician, we pressurised the Government to make a enquiry of the murder case and all three culprits were caught. The case is still going on in High court. Let me introduce other family members.’

  Robert Dawson became a devastated man on hearing the murder of his daughter after ten years. So was the case of Mrs Dawson. Both the old persons blessed me for a better future. This time I promised to keep a contact with them to know the court’s verdict.

  Finally, court verdict came in 2001. The main culprit was given life imprisonment and others two got seven years imprisonment.


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