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     Smartphone saves someone, p.8

       hardik patel
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I rummaged for the smartphone in my pocket. It was 04:30 p.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 6.’ It described:
‘Open the email app on this phone. Open my drafts folder and head towards the pinpoint location mentioned there.’
I followed the instructions. Opened the email app, drafts folder and viewed the address of the pinpoint location for my next task. For my amazement, the location showed 40.7, -74.54.
It not only confused me but also raised my heartbeats. What was it? Next second I thought it’s an address in latitude and longitude. I googled one in my phone how to find a pinpoint point location. It displayed download the pin locator app from its app store. I downloaded it in my phone and started using the app. I entered the numbers and it showed me directions. I walked for 15 minute turned left and right as the app prompted and reached the pin point location. It was a tree.
As usual I rested under its shadow. The new trend, the email and draft portion of the task puzzled me a bit. But later I found out that the earlier tasks were already planned by Mr. Wilson and email app tasks before some time only. He would have typed the updated location as directed by the kidnapper in a mail and saved it in drafts. With same accounts on this phone and his phone.
The kidnapper have chosen the right place. What you say?
Yes, yes. A silent, dark and scary place where he carry out his crime.
But don’t under estimate Mr. Wilson. He might have great working plans for this place too.
Ya, I don’t doubt his plans. Finger crossed. Let’s hope for the best.
Again? You had a gut and now you are having fingers. You never get frightened in any tough situation. Ha.. ha.. ha..
And my brain started to shy. I considered myself at Mr. Wilsons’ place and started thinking what I would have done to teach the kidnappers a lesson.
Planted many land mines.
Carry a gun with me and shoot all of em up.
Informed police as everyone as a good citizen could usually do.
Or else completed his demand and should not do anything.
No, seriously tell me what I would have done?
I can’t imagine. You can ask Mr. Wilson directly whenever you meet him.

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