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     Smartphone saves someone, p.7

       hardik patel
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The next one buzzed at 03:00 p.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 5.’ It described:
‘By this time you might be having a new gift wrapped box. Open the email app on this phone. Open my drafts folder and head towards the location mentioned there.’
I followed the instructions. Opened the email app, drafts folder and viewed the new location for my next task. Lord Irving Park. I googled one more time in my phone. It showed 1 hour by car. I managed a taxi and hurried of. I slept during the drive, my friend, my brain too. The taxi driver disturbed my sleep saying we arrived at your place sir. I thanked him and paid him. Went inside the park. It was empty, only densely placed trees with huge branches making the place darker even when the Sun was at its fullest. I sat beside one tree, molding my eyes and yawning.
What you think the plan might be?
I don’t know.
I think this box contains credit cards from which the kidnapper can withdraw his demanded money.
But I have seen in movies that the kidnappers demand money in cash.
Yeah you are right. May be something else. Like some antique historical important structure, having big market price.
The box may contain it. But you told it’s not much heavy.
I am confused now.
Don’t think much. You are on the verge of digging out the big suspense of this plan. Just wait and watch. Still you 3 more tasks left. Don’t judge now. Let it happen on its own.
Well said. I should stop day dreaming. And focus on next reminders.
I thought I should take a quick nap in between reminders and tasks under the cool shadow of the trees. But my brain diverted me and urged me to call Vini. I called her to hear her sweet childlike naughty voice.
‘Hi Hardy. Wassup?’
‘Nothing much Vini, taking some rest in a park. You say. What you did till now?’
‘Nothing much. I cleaned my room, washed some clothes, completed video meeting with my Hong Kong client and missed you.’
‘I miss you too dear.’ The next reminder started buzzing by then. ‘I will call you later, get to go. Bye.’

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