Smartphone saves someone

       hardik patel
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The next one buzzed at 02:30 p.m. ‘READ AND COMPLETE TASK 4.’ It described:
‘By this time you might be having a gift wrapped box of the above mentioned dimension after having some food and rest. After that I want you to visit Imp Parking LC, East 10th Street. On the first floor you will find a black Mercedes Benz E class with no number plate, parked at the end of the east block. Open the driver seat door and keep the gift box in the driver’s seat. Open the back door and take the other box already placed in the car with you. Don’t be afraid as it contains nothing dangerous inside.’
I once again googled the new place. It happened to be a mere 5 minute walk. I reached the first floor, found out the black Mercedes in the east block, placed the gift box with me on the driver’s seat and lifted out the other box, which was gift wrapped too and closed the door. I walk outside the parking lot and waited on the street for the next reminder to buzz.
Hey, I think I am blindly following the instructions from a stranger.
Me too.
This is getting worse now. Should I abort this mission or carry on, trusting the words of Mr. Wilson?
Your wish. If this task is not meeting the requirements of your ‘conditions apply’ then abort or else carry on.
Please help me find a way out of this puzzle.
Ok. You should see first what the new box contains and then decide.
No I can’t open it. It’s not at all a part of this task.
Then you only decide what to do.
The box weighs less. May be something important for next task. But it may too be carrying a bomb or anything harmful. May be something for the kidnappers or his wife. Or some chemical weapon. Or any such things.
Yeah, may be. But Mr. Wilson too informed you not to worry about the box and its contents. Then we should not be worried.
Yes, you are right. Let’s leave this matter and wait for the next reminder. Thank you for your company. You are working alright today, my champ.
Thanks for the compliment.
My brain blushed. Yeah it does so sometimes. A call from my mom, from India shocked me. At this time. Should I respond or not? I picked up the phone.
‘Hello my dear son. How are you? What are doing today?’ she asked
‘I am fine mom. Just roaming alone on the streets of NY.’ I replied and asked ‘How are you and how dad is doing?
‘We both are fine here. We are missing you.’ she said.
‘Is everything alright? You called at this time. So.’ I asked
‘No just like that. I thought you might be resting at your hotel room, spending some time with Vini. How is she?’ mom asked.
‘She is fine mom. I will tell her to call you.’ I said.
‘Ok. Take care my son. Carry on with your work. Bye.’ she said and hanged the phone.

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